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Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190273327

A terminal-equipped electric wire includes a terminal and an electric wire. The terminal includes a conductor bonding part and a sheath supporting part. The electric wire includes a conductor formed of a plurality of strands and a sheath covering the conductor such that the conductor is exposed to a predetermined length. The conductor exposed from the sheath is bonded to the conductor bonding part, and the sheath is supported by the sheath supporting part and is fixed in the terminal. The sheath supporting part is in a state where there is no permanent distortion with respect to a state when the terminal is present alone.

Method for Fast Judging and Optimizing Light Emitting Quality of Light Guide Plate Based on Image Processing Technology

Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190272629

The present invention discloses a method for fast judging and optimizing light emitting quality of a light guide plate based on an image processing technology. According to the method, an illuminance diagram of the light guide plate is regarded as a single-color image, illuminance information is converted into a gray level, gray levels of all pixel points are calculated through a gray level histogram, the light outgoing quality of the light guide plate is analyzed according to a discrete degree of the gray levels, positions of the gray levels discrete in distribution in the gray level histogram on the illuminance diagram are found out through programming, a net point filling rate in a corresponding area is directly optimized and is eliminated, and a uniformity degree evaluation formula with a precision P judgment criterion is given. The present invention effectively improves the optimizing efficiency of the light guide plate, and an optimized result is closer to an actual visual effect.

Integrated Magnetic Component and Switched Mode Power Converter

Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190272941

The invention related to an integrated magnetic component for a switched mode power converter. The integrated magnetic component comprises a single magnetic core structure formed by magnetic core elements, wherein at least one of the magnetic core elements is a leg-core-element with a flange and one or more legs are arranged on one side of the flange. The magnetic core elements of the single magnetic core structure are linearly stacked. The integrated magnetic component further comprises an isolating transformer with a higher current transformer winding arranged on at least one leg of the magnetic core elements, a lower current transformer winding arranged on at least one leg of the magnetic core elements and a first filter inductor comprising a first filter winding, arranged on at least one leg of the magnetic core elements. Herein the higher current transformer winding and the filter winding comprise at least an edgewise wound winding part. The invention further relates to a switched mode power converter.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190271987

A pool cleaning system for cleaning debris from a submerged surface of a swimming pool includes a self-propelled pool cleaner having rotatably-mounted supports for supporting and guiding the cleaner on the pool surface; an electric motor for enabling the rotation of the rotatably-mounted supports on the pool surface; at least one camera to capture imagery of the pool surface; a controller, in electronic communication with the at least one camera, to determine a cleanliness characteristic of the pool surface on which the cleaner has passed based on the camera imagery and generate a control signal to direct movement of the cleaner based on the cleanliness characteristic of the pool surface, and a portable electronic device configured to present a graphic on a display, the graphic depicting the submerged surface of the pool and those portions of the surface that remain uncleaned as the cleaner traverses the pool surface.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190272456

In one embodiment, an authentication area on a portable object comprises a random arrangement of printed LEDs and a wavelength conversion layer. The object to be authenticated may be a credit card, casino chip, or other object. When the LEDs are energized during authentication of the object, the emitted spectrum and/or persistence of the wavelength conversion layer is detected and encoded in a first code, then compared to valid codes stored in the database. If there is a match, the object is authenticated. The LED power may be remotely inductively coupled and may flash the LEDs, while the wavelength conversion layer emission slowly decays during its optical detection. The flash of blue LED light may be emitted from the edges of the object, which may act as a light guide, for optical feedback to the user that the object is being authenticated.

Safe Journey Seat Mount

Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190270426

A seat mount, to be used with a school bus restraint vest or harness that provides a means where the passenger seated in the restraint cannot easily remove himself or herself from the seat mount without the assistance of another individual. The upper attachment of the seat mount loops-through D-rings on the passenger's vest, and then returns and attaches to the backside of the seat, out of reach of the passenger. The straps of the upper attachment may also be independently adjusted after the seat mount is attached to the passenger wearing the vest. The lower attachment at the hips includes a deterrent in which the passenger cannot easily remove the snap hook from the D-ring. This is accomplished by using a metal O-ring that is slipped over the snap hook tongue preventing it from opening. These improvements to the upper and lower attachments of the seat mount inhibit a student from getting up from a school bus seat when the child is not permitted to do so, thus providing protection for the student, driver and other passengers on the school bus.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190273878

An imaging device includes: a solid-state imaging element that includes a plurality of pixels arranged in rows and columns and configured to be read out nondestructively; and an image processor that performs image processing on a current image using an analysis result of a suitable image. The suitable image is obtained from the solid-state imaging element when an amount of signal charge accumulated in the plurality of pixels is greater than or equal to a first threshold that is predetermined, and the current image is obtained from the solid-state imaging element after a first exposure corresponding to conditions of image capturing.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190270119

The invention relates to a detection system in a screening device for screening material, e.g. aggregate, ore or similar, comprising at least one screening decks, the at least one screening deck having a screening surface comprising one or more screening modules. The system comprises a sensor arranged at or near at least one screening deck of the screening device. The sensor is arranged such that it can detect objects present leaving the at least one screening deck. The invention also relates to a method for detection of objects in a screening device, and use of the detection system.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190274044

Disclosed herein is a device and method for validating users, such as for entry into a given area. The method includes transmitting a plurality of access control tokens from an access control system to a portable device, and detecting proximity a user portable device associated with one of the plurality of access control tokens to the portable device. A symbolic representation of the access control token associated with the user portable device is generated by and displayed on the portable device. Selection of the displayed symbolic representation is accepted at the portable device. The access control system is notified of selection of the displayed symbolic representation, thereby indicating identification of a user associated with the access control token symbolically represented by the symbolic representation. The venue symbolic representation includes at least one pictograph.

Fence Batten Having Penetrated Angular Slots for Wire Retention

Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190271172

A fence batten is formed from an elongated post having an outer surface surrounding a longitudinal axis. An angled slot is formed through the outer surface of the post. The angled slot defines an upper slot surface and a lower slot surface. The upper slot surface lies in a plane defining an acute angle with respect to the longitudinal axis. A first hole penetrates the outer surface and the upper slot surface, and a second hole concentrically aligned with the first hole penetrates the lower slot surface, so that barbed wire may be pulled into the angled slot and anchored therein by a pin passing through the first and second holes. A system for forming the aforesaid fence batten is also disclosed.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190271231

A blisk for a turbine engine is provided, the blisk includes a hub, a rim positioned radially outward from the hub, and a blade. The rim an outer surface facing radially outward from the hub and an inner surface. The blade is integral to the rim and includes a leading end, a trailing end, an interior surface, and a radially inward end. A cooling passage extends from an inlet in the inner surface of the rim, from the inlet through a channel enclosed within the rim and extending along the outer surface of the rim, and from the channel through an opening at the trailing end of the blade into a chamber defined by the interior surface of the blade.

Link Aggregation for Mesh Networks

Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190274084

A method for determining a route from a mesh network to an external network includes identifying route segments from a user equipment (UE) to the external network. The route segments comprise at least a first route segment from the UE to a first mesh access point (AP), a second route segment from the first mesh AP to the external network through a wide area cellular wireless network (WACWN), and a third route segment from the first mesh AP to the external network through an alternative network. The method further includes determining respective bandwidth of at least the first, second and third route segments and selecting the route based on the bandwidth of the first, second and third route segments, wherein the route comprises at least two of the route segments. The method also includes routing data between the UE and the external network via the selected route.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190272924

An apparatus 1 comprises a subject data obtaining unit 11 for obtaining subject data M4 of an inter-organ cross talk indicator in each organ other than a specific organ, a pattern similarity calculation unit 12 for calculating, by comparing the subject data M4 with standard data 1 of the inter-organ cross talk indicator, similarity of patterns of the inter-organ cross talk indicators, and a prediction unit 13 for predicting the presence of a specific disease and/or the stage of the specific disease by using the similarity as a measure.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190269242

A household appliance includes a connection mechanism fixing a door and a main body. The connection mechanism includes first and second components fixed by first and second fixing mechanisms. The first mechanism includes a first fixing member, a first hole on the first component and a second hole on the second component. The second mechanism includes a second fixing member, third holes elongated in a second direction at intervals on the first component and fourth holes at intervals in a first direction on the second component. When the second fixing member passes through a third hole and a fourth hole, the third and fourth holes define a distance between centers of remaining third holes and centers of remaining fourth holes in the first direction. The fourth holes adjust positions relative to the third holes in the second direction, causing the first and second components to relatively rotate.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190270998

Provided are compositions and methods for used in solubilizing, stabilizing and expressing proteins. The proteins are fusion proteins that contain a protein of interest. The fusion proteins contain segments of Ribose Binding Protein (RBP) or Maltose Binding Protein (MBP). The fusion proteins can have the RBP or MBP segments flanking the target protein, and the RBP or MBP segments can be in the fusion protein in the same orientation as they normally occur (except for being interrupted by the target protein) or the segments can be permuted. Novel segments of the RBP and MBP are provided and result in improved expression and/or solubility of the proteins. Some examples include one or a combination of two complete or partial Histidine tags. Some examples allow for the target protein to be separated from all or a part of the fusion protein such as by enzymatic or non-enzymatic cleavage.

Subsea Gas Quality Analysis

Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190271678

Apparatus for monitoring the quality of gas in a process stream at a subsea location comprises: a container for permanent installation at the location; one or more devices for analysing gas quality, said devices being located in the container; and means for supplying a sample of gas from the process stream to the said one or more devices; wherein the pressure within the container is maintained at or near to atmospheric pressure. The invention also extends to a method of monitoring the quality of gas in a process stream at a subsea location.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190273352

A method is disclosed in which a self-healing layer is disposed over a conductive connection interface between a conductive terminal and a conductive cable core. The self-healing layer is the product of a free radical polymerization reaction of a coating composition that is applied over the conductive connection interface by depositing a coating by spray application of a fluid coating composition having a viscosity of 200 to 2500 centipoise over the conductive connection interface. The coating composition comprises (1) a polymerizable compound comprising an unsaturated bond and (2) greater than 4 parts per hundred by weight of a free radical photoinitiator, based on the total weight of polymerizable compound.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190273024

A method of making a semiconductor device that includes forming a dielectric stack over a substrate and patterning a contact region in the dielectric stack, the contact region having side portions and a bottom portion that exposes the substrate. The method also includes forming a dielectric barrier layer in the contact region to cover the side portions and forming a conductive blocking layer to cover the dielectric barrier layer, the dielectric stack, and the bottom portion of the contact region. The method can include forming a conductive layer over the conductive blocking layer and forming a conductive barrier layer over the conductive layer. The method can further include forming a silicide region in the substrate beneath the conductive layer.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190270562

A hydration reservoir is provided. The hydration reservoir may include at least two panels of resilient material joined together at edges to define a bladder and a bladder volume for storing a liquid. The at least two panels may be deformable as the bladder is emptied of liquid. One of the at least two panels may be molded into a three-dimensional shape.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190271511

A vapor chamber includes a housing including first and second sheets that face each other and that include respective outer edge portions joined to each other, supports that support the first and second sheets from inside and that are disposed therebetween, and a hydraulic fluid enclosed in the housing. The first and second sheets do not include an angled portion having an angle of about 90 or less between a joint and a support nearest to the joint. The expression 0.02b/a0.3 is satisfied, where a is a distance from an outer edge of the outermost support to an inner edge of the joint between the first and second sheets, and b is a distance between the first and second sheets at the outer edge of the outermost support.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190273852

A camera is provided having an image sensor for generating image data from received light from a detection zone; having a lighting unit having at least one light source for illuminating the detection zone with transmitted light; and having a polarization filter that polarizes the transmitted light and the received light. The polarization filter is configured as an additional module subsequently replaceable from the outside.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190273290

Examples are disclosed of methods to recycle positive-electrode material of a lithium-ion battery. One example provides a method including relithiating the positive-electrode material in a solution comprising lithium ions and an oxidizing agent, and after relithiating, separating the positive-electrode material from the solution.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190270481

An apparatus and a method for controlling steering of a vehicle can use an Electronic Steering Column Lock (ESCL) system to lock a steering wheel of a vehicle in a situation where a steering direction of a wheel of a vehicle cannot be further changed. The apparatus may comprise: a processor connected to the ESCL system; and memory storing executable instructions that, if executed by the processor, configure the processor to: receive information associated with a vehicle from at least one sensor associated with the vehicle; determine an obstacle condition, whether at least one vehicle wheel is obstructed, based on the information received from the sensor; determine a locking operation of a steering wheel, whether the steering wheel is to be locked, based on the determined obstacle condition; and generate an ESCL control signal for controlling the ESCL system based on the determined locking operation of the steering wheel.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190273608

The present teaching relates to exchanging a key with a device. In one example, a secret value is generated. A message is transmitted to the device. The message includes information related to the secret value based on which the device is to create a cryptographic key. A visual code displayed on the device is captured. The visual code includes a first piece of information and a second piece of information. A key value is generated based on the first piece of information and the secret value. A test value is calculated based on the key value. It is determined whether the device is securely connected based on the test value.

Navigation Control Method and Apparatus in a Mobile Automation System

Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190271984

A control method in a mobile automation apparatus includes: storing a plurality of parametric path definition identifiers and respective corresponding sub-region identifiers identifying sub-regions in a facility; receiving a task command containing (i) a task identifier, and (ii) a target one of the sub-region identifiers identifying a target one of the sub-regions; retrieving a selected one of the parametric path definition identifiers corresponding to the target sub-region identifier; obtaining a selected one of a plurality of parametric path definitionsincluding a shape parameter and a reference parameter namecorresponding to the selected parametric path definition identifier; obtaining a reference parameter value, and generating a sequence of mobile automation apparatus poses according to the parametric path definition; each pose corresponding to a location in the facility; and controlling a locomotive assembly of the mobile automation apparatus to traverse the target sub-region according to the sequence of poses.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190272485

The invention is a computer-based method of saving for and booking travel arrangements. The method generally includes a full service travel website and computer accessible interest bearing bank account that is set up for the express purpose of saving funds for future travel. The method preferably includes a reward system that allows users to pay for travel with the savings account funds, interest from the account, and the rewards points. The method also preferably includes notification mechanisms and gifting mechanisms to allow the transfer of funds between users for the booking of travel.

Semiconductor Constructions, Methods of Forming Vertical Memory Strings, and Methods of Forming Vertically-Stacked Structures

Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190273161

Some embodiments include methods of forming vertical memory strings. A trench is formed to extend through a stack of alternating electrically conductive levels and electrically insulative levels. An electrically insulative panel is formed within the trench. Some sections of the panel are removed to form openings. Each opening has a first pair of opposing sides along the stack, and has a second pair of opposing sides along remaining sections of the panel. Cavities are formed to extend into the electrically conductive levels along the first pair of opposing sides of the openings. Charge blocking material and charge-storage material is formed within the cavities. Channel material is formed within the openings and is spaced from the charge-storage material by gate dielectric material. Some embodiments include semiconductor constructions, and some embodiments include methods of forming vertically-stacked structures.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190272041

A method, system, apparatus, and/or device that may include a sensor configured to obtain position information of at least a portion of a hand in a space relative to a first axis and a second axis. The method, system, apparatus, and/or device may include a processing device configured to: determine that fingers and a thumb of the hand are located within the defined area based on the position information; determine a first position of the fingers and a second position of the thumb based on the position information; in response to the fingers being in a clenched position, generate hand position information that only includes position information of the thumb; and in response to the position information of the thumb indicated the thumb is extended and oriented in a first direction along a first axis or a second axis, execute a first instruction.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190269785

Compounds having cytotoxic and/or anti-mitotic activity are disclosed. Methods associated with preparation and use of such compounds, as well as pharmaceutical compositions comprising such compounds, are also disclosed. Also disclosed are compositions having the structure: (T)-(L)-(D), wherein (T) is a targeting moiety, (L) is an optional linker, and (D) is a compound having cytotoxic and/or anti-mitotic activity.


Pub Date: 2019-09-05

Pub Number: US20190273638

A receiver device comprises one or more differential receivers configured to respectively output single ended signals, one or more delay compensation circuitries configured to delay the single ended signals, clock recovery circuitry configured to generate a recovered clock signal based on a compensated single ended signals respectively outputted from the delay compensation circuitries, and one or more latch circuitries configured to respectively latch the compensated single ended signals in synchronization with the recovered clock signal.