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Scented Flower Pen Arrangement

Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190241007

A scented flower writing utensil arrangement has a vase, an artificial floral arrangement, a quantity of simulated water medium, a scented core, a writing utensil holder, and a plurality of decorative writing utensils. The quantity of simulated water medium is a self-curing agent at the base of the vase within which the stems of the artificial floral arrangement are affixed. The scented core and the writing utensil holder are disguised within the artificial floral arrangement. The scented core is a sponge or similar material to which scented oil is applied. Each of the plurality of decorative writing utensils has a flower end opposite the writing end, and is placed into the writing utensil holder.

Chiral compound, liquid crystal material, preparation method thereof, and display device

Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190241810

The present disclosure relates to a chiral compound of formula (I), wherein R 1 , R 1 , R 2 , R 2 , n, n, m and m are as defined in the specification. The present disclosure also relates to the preparation of the chiral compound. A cholesteric liquid crystal can be obtained by adding the compound to a nematic liquid crystal material, and the helical twisting power constant of the chiral additive can be changed by irradiating, so as to expand the reflection band width. As such, the present disclosure further relates to the use of the chiral compound in preparing a cholesteric liquid crystal material, a cholesteric liquid crystal material comprising the chiral compound of the present disclosure, and a display device comprising the cholesteric liquid crystal material.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190245976

The technology disclosed herein enables agent selection based on a likelihood that a received communication will change modes. In a particular embodiment, a method provides receiving a communication in a first mode directed to the contact center from a first user system operated by a first user. The method further provides determining a first likelihood that, at a time after the communication is established with an agent system, the communication will change from the first mode to a second mode. Responsive to the first likelihood satisfying a threshold likelihood, the method provides identifying a first agent of the plurality of agents for handling the communication based on the first mode and the second mode and establishing the communication in the first mode between the first user system and a first agent system operated by the first agent.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190243432

In example implementations, a computing system is provided. The computing system includes at least one electronic component, a fan and a filter. The electronic component generates heat that is cooled by an air flow within the computing system that is generated by the fan. The filter is located in a path of the air flow. The filter includes a filter mesh with a strain gauge that is encapsulated and incorporated into the filter mesh to measure an amount that the filter mesh is clogged.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190239884

A handle assembly includes two arms and a latching lever. An end effector includes two jaws. A firing assembly includes an actuating beam, a proximal body, and two levers. The actuating beam is slidable relative to the handle assembly and the end effector. The proximal body is coupled to the actuating beam and is housed within either the first arm or the second arm. The first lever is configured to move between a first laterally extending position and a first non-obtrusive position. The first lever is configured to drive the actuating beam and the proximal body relative to the handle assembly in the first laterally extending position. The second lever is configured to move between a second laterally extending position and a second non-obtrusive position. The second lever is configured to drive the actuating beam and the proximal body relative to the handle assembly in the second laterally extending position.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190244314

Systems and methods for a content exchange ecosystem are provided. A representative content exchange ecosystem includes a course manager, a content provider database, an approved provider database, and a content importer database. The course manager manages courses from and to various entities that participate on the content exchange ecosystem. The content provider database includes course catalogs of content providers on the content exchange ecosystem, wherein the content provider database provides educational content to the course manager for approval and/or importing. The approved provider database includes course catalogs of approved providers, wherein the approved providers receive the educational content from the content providers, and approve or reject the educational content, wherein the course manager receives the approved educational content. The content importer database includes course catalogs of content importers, wherein the content importers receive the educational content from the course manager and imports the educational content into course catalogs associated with the content importers.

Communication Method, Terminal Device, and Network Device

Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190246376

A communication method, a terminal device and a network device are provided. The method includes: determining, by a terminal device, a target resource pool from at least two resource pools according to a condition parameter of each resource pool in the at least two resource pools, wherein the condition parameter is used for indicating a resource usage condition of the resource pool; and communicating, by the terminal device, with a network device by using a resource of the target resource pool.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190241258

A rotor blade deflection sensing system including a rotor blade having a first surface, a second surface, a third surface and a fourth surface. At least two fiber optic sensor arrays are mounted to the rotor blade. At least one of the at least two fiber optic sensor arrays is mounted to one of the first surface, the second surface, the third surface and the fourth surface and another of the at least two fiber optic sensor arrays being mounted to another of the first surface, a second surface, a third surface and a fourth surface. A controller is operatively connected to the at least two fiber optic sensor arrays. The controller determines one or more of a flapwise and an edgewise displacement based on inputs from the at least two fiber optic sensor arrays.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190239889

A surgical clip applier includes a drive housing, an elongate shaft that extends from the drive housing, and an end effector operatively coupled to a distal end of the elongate shaft. The end effector includes jaws that comprise a one-piece body having opposed first and second jaw members. The first jaw member provides a first inner surface and the second jaw member provides a second inner surface opposite the first inner surface. The first and second inner surfaces remain parallel to each other as the first and second jaw members move from an open position to a closed position.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190239664

A sleeping bag may include a top flap with a head opening for the user's head to fit through and the opening may form a comfortable seal around the user's neck. The top flap may transition over the user's shoulders, transition down underneath the user's head, and extend beyond the top of the user's head. Advantageously, the sleeping bag may offer a unique way to comfortably close the top of a sleeping bag to prevent air draft and heat loss. The sleeping bag may allow users to more comfortably sleep in multiple positions, including side sleepers, stomach sleepers, back sleepers, fetal sleepers, etc. The sleeping bag may provide a soft place to lay one's head while allowing the user to sleep in a position with their hands and arms above their shoulders, while still keeping them under cover of the top layer of the sleeping bag.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190243577

A data structure is maintained for performing a program operation that is allowed to be suspended to perform reads in a NAND device, where the data structure indicates a plurality of tiers, where each tier of the plurality of tiers has a number of allowed suspends of the program operation while executing in the tier, and where a sum of the number of allowed suspends for all tiers of the plurality of tiers equals a maximum allowed number of suspends of the program operation. In response to performing a resume of the program operation, after performing a read following a suspend of the program operation, a determination is made of a tier of the plurality of tiers for the program operation and a subsequent suspend of the program operation is performed only after a measure of progress of the program operation has been exceeded in the determined tier.

Methods And Program Products For Building A Workout

Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190240536

Methods and program products for building a workout are disclosed. In an embodiment, a method for generating a workout includes the steps of receiving user input indicating features of a desired workout, generating a workout, wherein the workout comprises a plurality of intervals, and wherein a first interval comprises an interval intensity and an interval duration, and initiating a graphical display that conveys the number of intervals making up the workout and the interval intensity and the interval duration of the first interval.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190246164

One or more embodiments of the disclosure provide systems and methods for providing media presentations to users of a media presentation system. A media presentation generally includes a one or more media streams provided by one or more capturing users of the media presentation system. In one or more embodiments, a user of the media presentation system may share a media presentation with a viewing user. The media presentation system can provide a number of features to produce a media stream within a media presentation.

Energy-Saving Hub

Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190245376

An energy-saving hub is connected to an electronic device, an AC power source and a mobile device. The energy-saving hug includes a power supply interface, a power module, an upstream connector, a downstream connector, a main control circuit, and a system circuit. The power supply interface is used to connect to the AC power source, the power module is connected to the power supply interface, the upstream connector and the downstream are connected to the power module, and the main control circuit is connected to the power module and the upstream connector. The system circuit is connected to the upstream connector, the downstream connector and the main control circuit, wherein the system circuit is maintained in a sleep mode. When the energy-saving hub connects to the electronic device or the mobile device, the main control circuit transmits a wake-up signal to the system circuit to wake up the system circuit.

Systems and Processes for Operating a Digital Marketplace Exchange that Transacts the Offer and Sale of Golf Products and Services for Future Redemption

Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190244265

A computer-based digital marketplace exchange is disclosed, providing the functionality of offering rounds of golf for sale, as well as conducting the sale of the rounds of golf. Customers can use the system to build, purchase, and redeem rounds, subject to at least one rule uploaded by the course. Once an order is purchased with the system, a customer's account is credited. When the customer seeks to redeem the round, the system can be configured to access a real-time positioning component and temporal component of a customer's mobile computer device. The system determines whether the time/location of the customer violates the rules placed on the round. If the rules are violated, then the system notifies the customer that he/she is prohibited from redeeming the round. Conversely, if the rules are not violated, then the round is redeemed and the course notified of the customer's arrival.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190244441

Apparatus, device, methods and system relating to a vehicular telemetry environment for monitoring vehicle components and providing indications towards the condition of the vehicle components and providing optimal indications towards replacement or maintenance of vehicle components before vehicle component failure.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190242349

A fuel supply system is provided, which supplies fuel to a longitudinal engine having a plurality of cylinders disposed in front-and-rear directions of a vehicle, and a side surface to which a mount member is coupled, the mount member fixing the engine to a vehicle frame. The system includes a fuel supply piping configured to guide fuel from a lower part of the engine to the plurality of cylinders located in an upper part of the engine. The fuel supply piping is disposed at least partially rearward of a front end of an engine auxiliary machine that is disposed rearward of the mount member and that has a higher rigidity than the mount member.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190245594

Provided are a method and a device for transmitting a feedback frame in a wireless LAN system. Particularly, a first wireless station receives, from a second wireless station, a feedback request field including an LTF. The first wireless station configures feedback information on a wireless channel corresponding to a preset frequency band by using the feedback request field. The first wireless station transmits the feedback information to the second wireless station.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190246179

A media system employs techniques to identify relevant gameplay content in a game environment using a vector-space framework. These techniques include generating a user query based on feature-values for features associated with a user frame of a user stream, mapping the user query to a user vector in a vector-space, selecting relevant content streams from a plurality of content streams based on a proximity between the user vector and position vectors mapped to the plurality of content streams, and presenting at least a portion of the relevant content streams.

Top of a convertible vehicle and convertible vehicle having such a top

Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190241051

A top for a convertible vehicle, having a top cover and a top linkage which can be displaced between a covering position, in which a vehicle interior is covered, and a storage position, in which the vehicle interior is open at the top, and which may have, on either side of a vertical longitudinal center plane of the top, a link assembly having a four-bar linkage comprising a first main link, a second main link, and a coupling link, the first main link and the second main link each being pivotably mounted on a vehicle-attached main bearing, and a front bow which fixes the top to a front header of the vehicle in the covering position extending between the two link assemblies. The front bow is rigidly attached to the first main link of the respective four-bar assembly on either side.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190241143

A driver seat airbag may include: a mounting plate seated on a wheel armature; a cover coupled to the mounting plate so as to be lifted and lowered; an elastic member installed between the mounting plate and the cover to apply an elastic force to the cover; an electrode unit installed in the mounting plate; and a connector installed on the cover and connected to the electrode unit when the cover is lowered.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190245417

A control device moves a split claw (11) holding a projecting portion (4 d ) of an eighth-layer coil segment (4) in a counterclockwise direction D1. At this time, the control device moves first to third extended blades (13 a ) to (13 c ) in an outward direction D3 so that the projecting portion (4 d ) of the eighth-layer coil segment (4) is bent in the outward direction D3. Then, the control device moves the first to third extended blades (13 a ) to (13 c ) in an inward direction D4. Through the above steps, the projecting portion (4 d ) of the eighth-layer coil segment (4) is bent in the counterclockwise direction D1 while being bent in the outward direction D3. As a result, a return force tending to return in the inward direction D4 is generated by an elastic deformation force.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190242937

A programmable load transient circuit includes a switchable power device for coupling a DUT output to its non-control node in series with a current sense device. A feedback loop is between the current sense device and the power device's control node that includes an integrator including an amplifier coupled to receive a signal that is a function of an average load current (I Davg ) supplied by the DUT from the current sense device and to receive a reference voltage (Vref). The integrator provides an output drive voltage that is coupled to an input of a level shifter which receives a pulse signal or DC level at another of its inputs. The level shifter provides an output waveform or DC voltage to the power device's control node that is a function of I Davg .


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190241960

The present disclosure provides methods of administering chimeric and hybrid Factor VIII (FVIII) polypeptides comprising FVIII and Fc to subjects at risk of developing inhibitory FVIII immune responses, including anti-FVIII antibodies and/or cell-mediated immunity. The administration is sufficient to promote coagulation and to induce immune tolerance to FVIII. The chimeric polypeptide can comprise full-length FVIII or a FVIII polypeptide containing a deletion, e.g., a full or partial deletion of the B domain.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190242404

A fan assembly may include a base securable to a surface. The base may include a cavity and an inlet in fluid communication with the cavity. The fan assembly may also include a motor assembly disposed in the cavity. The motor assembly may be operable to draw air in through the inlet and into the cavity. The fan assembly may further include a nozzle coupled to the base. The nozzle may define a central axis oriented at an oblique angle relative to the surface and an outlet in fluid communication with the cavity of the base. The outlet may direct the air out of the nozzle in a direction generally parallel to the central axis.

Graphical User Interface for Map Search

Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190243595

In one embodiment, a method includes accessing location data of a first user including multiple geographic locations, wherein each geographic location is associated with a timestamp. The method includes determining a path of travel of the first user based on the geographic locations and their respective timestamps. The method includes identifying a plurality of second geographic locations based in part on a proximity of the second geographic locations to the path of travel of the first user. The method includes ranking the second geographic locations based on the proximity of each second geographic location to the path of travel of the first user and one or more social factors associated with the respective second geographic location. The method includes providing a list of one or more of the second geographic locations for display, wherein the second geographic locations are displayed in the list in an order according to their rankings.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190240230

The present invention relates to methods of treating cancer by administering an EZH2 inhibitor or a pharmaceutical composition thereof to the subject in need thereof.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190240456

A catheter that has a catheter tube everting inside-out during the process of catheterization. The catheter tube has a plurality of longitudinal protrusions extending from the first end of the catheter tube through at least a portion of the catheter tube, and forming an angle of 0 degrees to 45 degrees with respect to the longitudinal axis of the catheter tube and facing radially inwards, and provides for dilating a circumference of the catheter tube upon everting the catheter tube inside-out from the first end of the catheter tube.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190244680

Machine-learning (ML) techniques and systems are advantageously employed in areas such as psychiatric genetics, and analysis of gene expression. Generative ML may be performed over large datasets to infer new pleiotropic effects of genetic variants in multiple neuropsychiatric diseases. Deep ML may infer information about psychiatric genetics. ML may realize an efficient estimation of multi-disease genetic and environmental correlation matrices. ML may obtaining protein expression data and generating a mapping between the protein expression data and at least one disease. ML may be performed on a data that that jointly models multiple diseases. Quantum processing can be advantageously employed in ML scenarios.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190245559

A transmitter is provided. The transmitter includes: a Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) encoder configured to encode input bits to generate parity bits; a parity permutator configured to perform parity permutation by interleaving the parity bits and group-wise interleaving a plurality of bit groups including the interleaved parity bits; and a puncturer configured to select some of the parity bits in the group-wise interleaved bit groups, and puncture the selected parity bits, wherein the parity permutator group-wise interleaves the bit groups such that some of the bit groups are positioned at predetermined positions, respectively, and a remainder of the bit groups are positioned without an order within the group-wise interleaved bit groups so that the puncturer selects parity bits included in the some of the bit groups positioned at the predetermined positions sequentially and selects parity bits included in the remainder of the bit groups without an order.