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Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190241756

An example of a shipping fluid for a printhead device includes at least one solvent, at least one additive, at least one surfactant, and water. The solvent includes at least one carbohydrate in an amount of about 10 wt % or more based on the total weight of the shipping fluid. The shipping fluid does not contain a visible colorant, which absorbs light in wavelengths of greater than 400 nm and wavelengths of less than 700 nm. The shipping fluid is free of n-alkyl pyrrolidone.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190242691

An angle sensor system includes a magnetic field generation unit for generating a rotating magnetic field, and an angle sensor for detecting the rotating magnetic field to generate a detected angle value. The rotating magnetic field contains first and second magnetic field components orthogonal to each other. Each of the first and second magnetic field components contains an ideal magnetic field component and an error magnetic field component. The error magnetic field component causes an angular error that varies with the predetermined period. The angle sensor includes first and second detection signal generation units. Each of the first and second detection signal generation units includes a magnetic layer whose magnetization direction varies according to the direction of the rotating magnetic field. The magnetic layer is provided with a magnetic anisotropy that is set to reduce the angular error resulting from the error magnetic field component.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190241506

The present invention relates to inhibitors of histone deacetylases, in particular HDAC8, that are useful for the treatment of cancer and other diseases and disorders, as well as the synthesis and applications of said inhibitors.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190243519

This disclosure describes a scrolling graphical user interface element that displays, in real time or substantially real time, search requests that are received by a system. For example, when a query is received, details about the query are stored and subsequently used to generate a selectable item that is provided on the scrolling graphical user interface element. The scrollable graphical user interface is provided on a webpage and is updated with selectable items each time a new query is received. Thus, any user accessing the webpage can view, in real time or substantially real time, other queries that are being submitted by other users.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190239973

Systems and methods for providing assistance to a surgeon for minimizing errors during a surgical procedure are disclosed. A method includes creating a Three-Dimensional (3D) model of a patient using at least one image of an affected area of the patient. Surgical paths are retrieved for performing a surgical procedure. A surgical path, selected by a surgeon, may be displayed as overlaid on the 3D model. A haptic barrier and a hard barrier may be defined for different types of tissues and feedbacks may be associated with the haptic barrier and the hard barrier. Position of a surgical tool of a robotic surgical system may be monitored in real-time during a surgical procedure. Movement of the surgical tool into one of the haptic barrier and the hard barrier may be detected and a suitable feedback may be provided, based on the movement.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190245775

A packet-based software-defined data network supporting multicast, unicast and/or broadcast packet-based data traffic types comprises a software defined network (SDN) controller; and a network of one or more packet switches arranged to route, under the control of the SDN controller, data packets from one or more packet sources to one or more packet receivers, in which the SDN controller is responsive to data defining a topology of interconnections between the plurality of packet switches, packet sources, and packet receivers, to select a route for packets from a packet source to a packet receiver; the SDN controller being configured to select the route in dependence upon the traffic type of the packets to be routed, using a respective one of a set of route selection algorithms each applicable to one of multicast, unicast and broadcast packet-based data traffic types.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190246453

Disclosed is a scheme of transmitting various types of radio signals for which interference between adjacent cells is considered in a radio communication system (for example, dynamic TDD) in which uplink communication and downlink communication can be dynamically switched. A feature of the present invention relates to user equipment including a transceiver that performs transmission and reception of a radio signal with a base station in accordance with a communication scheme in which uplink communication and downlink communication are dynamically switched and a signal processor that processes the radio signal, wherein the transceiver transmits a connection request signal generated by the signal processor in fixed uplink radio resources of the communication scheme.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190242111

The present invention relates to metal framed wall components with self-locking fixed and sliding connections between support members and crossing connecting members without using fasteners to connect the two crossing metal framing members together. Different variations of the shapes of the connecting members as well as the location and shape of the notches, ledges, tabs and notched-tabs are used between the members at the holes, punch-outs or indentations all determine the self-locking connections.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190240997

An inkjet printing device includes a vacuum-belt and vacuum-table including a flat area positioned between a first and second air-groove aligned along a conveying direction. The vacuum belt includes a first column of vacuum-belt-air-channels connected to the first air-groove, a second column of vacuum-belt-air-channels connected to the second air-groove, and a third column of vacuum-belt-air-channels connected to the flat area by a plurality of air channels formed by a rough layer at the back-side of the vacuum-belt and/or a rough layer on the flat area.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190243783

Techniques are provided to adjust the behavior of a cache based on a count of cache misses for items recently evicted. In an embodiment, a computer responds to evicting a particular item (PI) from a cache by storing a metadata entry for the PI into memory. In response to a cache miss for the PI, the computer detects whether or not the metadata entry for the PI resides in memory. When the metadata entry for the PI is detected in memory, the computer increments a victim hit counter (VHC) that may be used to calculate how much avoidable thrashing is the cache experiencing, which is how much thrashing would be reduced if the cache were expanded. Either immediately or arbitrarily later, the computer adjusts a policy of the cache based on the VHC's value. For example, the computer may adjust the capacity of the cache based on the VHC.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190240605

A ceramic foam filter for use in filtering non-ferrous metals and manufacturing method for same are disclosed. The ceramic foam filter includes calcined alumina as a core material and silica as a binder. Alternatively, the ceramic foam filter includes calcined alumina as a core material and boric oxide as a binder.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190244741

A common mode choke coil includes a multilayer body obtained by stacking insulating layers, first and second coils inside the multilayer body, and first to fourth outer electrodes on outer surfaces of the multilayer body. The first and second outer electrodes are respectively connected to first and second ends of the first coil. The third and fourth outer electrodes are respectively connected to first and second ends of the second coil. The first coil includes first to third spiral conductors connected to one another through via conductors. The second coil includes fourth to sixth spiral conductors connected to one another through via conductors. The first spiral conductor is adjacent to the second and fourth spiral conductors. The fourth spiral conductor is adjacent to the first and fifth spiral conductors. The distance between the first and fourth spiral conductors is smaller than the distances between other spiral conductors.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190242918

A computer-implemented method for performing photometric cuvette mapping includes detecting edges associated with a plurality of gaps between a plurality of vessels in a reaction ring during a complete rotation of a reaction ring. Each gap is determined according to an edge detection process which includes identifying: a vessel interior in response to detection of a first predetermined number of photometer device control manager (DCM) measurements below a threshold value; a rising edge in response to detection of a second predetermined number of photometer DCM measurements above the threshold value; and identifying a falling edge in response to detection of a third predetermined number of photometer DCM measurements below the threshold value. The edge detection process further includes recording the rising edge and the falling edge as being indicative of one of the plurality of gaps.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190242221

Methods may include calculating a formation permeability for a subterranean formation from a combination of dielectric measurements and acoustic measurements, wherein the formation permeability is calculated according to the formula: k g =a(V x w / r ) b , where V x is either V p , V s , or V p /V s , is formation conductivity, w is water-filled porosity, and a and b are constants that are empirically determined for the frequency selected with respect to V x ; and creating a design for a wellbore operation from the calculated formation permeability. Methods may also include obtaining a dielectric measurement from a downhole formation; obtaining an acoustic measurement from a downhole formation; and calculating a formation permeability from a combination of the dielectric measurement and the acoustic measurement.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190242972

A radar method is described herein. In accordance with one embodiment the method includes receiving a plurality of chirp echoes of transmitted radar signals, generating a digital signal based on the plurality of chirp echoes, and calculating a range map based on the digital signal. The range map includes a plurality of values, each value is represented by an amplitude value and a phase value, and each value is associated with one frequency bin of a set of frequency bins and one chirp echo of the plurality of chirp echoes. The method further includes identifying chirp echoes which are affected by interference and determining, for one or more selected frequency bins, corrected phase values based on phase values that are associated with chirp echoes not identified as affected by interference.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190244668

Disclosed are a semiconductor memory device, a memory system including the semiconductor memory device, and a method of operating the same. The memory system includes a controller receiving a host command and program data from a host, queueing a command in response to the host command, and generating grouping information by grouping a plurality of program states into two or more program groups, and a semiconductor memory device receiving a queued command, the program data, and the grouping information from the controller, performing a program operation, and sequentially programming the two or more program groups on the basis of the grouping information.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190242432

The invention relates to a rolling bearing arrangement with: a housing (10), a shaft (20), a first rolling bearing and a second rolling bearing for rotatably supporting the shaft in the housing, wherein the first rolling bearing is designed as a fixed bearing in which an outer ring (32) of the first rolling bearing is positionally fixed in the housing and an inner ring (34) of the first rolling bearing is rigidly connected to the shaft, wherein the second rolling bearing is designed as a floating bearing in which the outer ring (42) of the second rolling bearing is arranged axially displaceably in the housing and the inner ring (44) of the second rolling bearing is connected axially displaceably to the shaft, and wherein both the outer ring (42) and the inner ring (44) of the second rolling bearing are each pressed in the axial direction towards the first rolling bearing by a pre-tensioning means in order to prevent a rotation of the outer ring (42) relative to the housing and a rotation of the inner ring (44) relative to the shaft.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190240955

Nonwoven fabrics are provided that include (i) at least one disposable-high-loft nonwoven layer having a plurality of crimped multi-component fibers and (ii) a scrim. A first side of the scrim may be bonded directly or indirectly to a first disposable-high-loft nonwoven layer and optionally a second side of the scrim may be bonded directly or indirectly to a second disposable-high-loft nonwoven layer. The first disposable-high-loft nonwoven layer has a first density and the scrim has a scrim density, in which the scrim density is larger than the first density.

Two-Stage IP De-Jitter Algorithm in a Multiplexer for a Group of Statistically Multiplexed Single Program Transport Streams

Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190245677

A system and method are provided for encoding and decoding multiplexed video signals to de-jitter the content. A first de-jitter operation is performed on incoming signals and a second de-jitter operation is performed on PCR modified outbound packetized signals after sequencing of the packetized signals has been determined. In one case the second de-jitter operation can be performed using a PLL that is based, at least in part, on the output hardware limitations.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190240853

A rotary cutter insert can include a body configured to cover a first portion of a surface of a rotary blade. Further, the body of the rotary cutter insert can have an angled cutout configured to expose a second portion of the surface of the rotary blade so a rotary cutter can be used while the rotary cutter insert is in place. The rotary cutter insert reduces the area of exposed rotary blade that could potentially injure a user, thus making the rotary cutter significantly safer.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190239694

A food processor includes a base, a motor disposed within the base, an output shaft operatively connected to the motor and extending outwardly from the base, the output shaft being rotatable about a shaft axis upon actuation of the motor, a work bowl received on the base, the work bowl having a receiving channel on an upper portion thereof, and lid removably connected to the work bowl and having a coupling member received in the receiving channel. The lid is pivotable between a first position, in which the lid rests atop the work bowl and substantially encloses an interior of the work bowl, and a second position, in which the lid is pivoted out of alignment with the work bowl to provide access to the interior of the work bowl.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190239457

A system and method for calibrating an irrigation system to account for variations in flow rates caused by field elevation changes, pipe friction losses, water emitter nozzle wear, pressure-regulator inaccuracies, and other factors. A calibration map is created to account for the flow rate variations and then consulted to control operation of the irrigation system.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190241279

An aircraft landing light with static function switching for producing at least two beams having different characteristics, in particular different orientations and/or openings, comprises an array of light-emitting diode lighting modules (6) each comprising at least two sets of at least one light source (S1, S2), operable selectively and statically to provide at least one of the lighting functions. Each lighting module (6) comprises a common converging lens (L) for the light sources, the converging lens comprising a light input optical surface (Li) and a light output optical surface (L 2 ), said light sources being positioned in relation to the light input optical surface.

Extendable Air Outlet Device embed an extendable wind tunnel tube system to use air condition system as Dryer In The Vehicle and Transportation

Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190241046

Extendable Air Outlet Device to redistribute air outlet's blow directions the cold or hot air from air condition system to allow passenger use as Dryer In The Vehicle, Transportation. The device has embed an extendable wind tunnel tube system to allow passenger pulling out the 1st air outlet front section from the air outlet's body chamber, and passenger moving the front section freely blow air any direction on surrounding area, head, face, shoulder and especially passenger in sitting position, the device can directly blow hot or cold air on passenger body's under belly area and between legs, lower body locations where normal vehicle fixed style air outlet are not able to. 2 styles Extendable Air Outlet Device can be build as portable platform that attached on air outlet as external attachment device, and manufacture new outlet device use as dryer system for self driving car passengers needs.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190243427

Provided is an image display device which includes an image pickup camera and makes it possible to prevent an image pickup window part from reducing a display area. The image display device which includes the image pickup camera is configured such that: the image pickup window part for the image pickup camera is disposed in an image display region; and a diameter p of the image pickup window part is set so as to satisfy a specific condition which is based on an angle of view of the image pickup camera.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190246455

A bath water heating device for use in a small water environment, such as a bathtub or the like, that is operable to maintain water in the small water environment at a desired temperature. The device may filter water as it is pumped through the device. Additionally or alternatively, the device may provide ambient relaxation and/or entertainment content to a user, such as a bather or the like. The device may be wirelessly connectable to external input/output devices.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190241848

An active solid state fermentation bioreactor for producing gases, liquid(s) or solids from gaseous or gaseous and liquid starting materials and a fermentation process using the reactor are disclosed. The bioreactor includes three major phases; a solid phase including the porous solid support, a liquid phase comprising liquid, and a gaseous phase. The solid phase includes a porous solid support, in which at least 20% of the pore volumes have a size resulting in a liquid suction of about 0.01 to about 0.1 bars if these pores are filled with liquid, the porous solid support is inoculated with desired micro-organisms, the volume of the gaseous phase is 20% to 60% of the volume of the bioreactor, and the liquid phase is at least 20% of the reactor volume. The unsaturated capillary conductivity of filling/packing solid material of the bioreactor is at least 0.1 cm/h. The solid state fermentation bioreactor enables a large gas-liquid interface, in which the filling material has a good capillary conductivity despite the unsaturated state.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190246275

A method performed by a network node (106) of a serving public land mobile network, PLMN, (112) associated with a user equipment, UE, (102) comprising: obtaining a secret identifier (110) that uniquely identifies the UE, wherein the secret identifier is a secret that is shared between the UE and at least a home PLMN of the UE and that is shared by the home PLMN with the network node; and performing an operation (108) related to the UE using the secret identifier. Other methods, computer programs, computer program products, network nodes and a serving PLMN are also disclosed.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190243298

An image forming apparatus includes: an image carrier to which a lubricant is applied; a developing device that develops an electrostatic latent image carried on the image carrier with toner, and includes a casing accommodating a toner-containing developer and a developing sleeve supplying the image carrier with the toner contained in the developer accommodated in the casing; and a hardware processor that detects information indicating a state of lubricant adhesion to the developing sleeve, and performs, based on a result of the detection by the hardware processor, a lubricant removing operation as an operation for removing the lubricant adhering to the developing sleeve.


Pub Date: 2019-08-08

Pub Number: US20190246110

Aspects of the disclosure provide method and apparatus for video encoding/decoding. In some examples, an apparatus includes processing circuitry for video decoding. The processing circuitry decodes prediction information of a block in a current picture from a coded video bitstream. The prediction information is indicative of an affine model in an intra block copy mode. The processing circuitry determines parameters for the affine model that transforms between the block and a reference block in a region of the current picture that has been reconstructed. Then, the processing circuitry reconstructs at least a sample of the block based on the affine model.