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Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190107472

An actuator control system, mechanical testing system, and method for adaptive control of an actuator of a mechanical testing device is provided. The method may include applying a mechanical load to the specimen with the actuator, resulting in receiving a load sensor signal from a load sensor and a displacement sensor signal from a displacement sensor, determining a plurality of dynamic characteristics of the mechanical testing device throughout a length of the test from data received from the load sensor signal and the displacement sensor signal, and controlling the actuator based on the plurality of dynamic characteristics to adapt the actuator to track a desired performance of the actuator.

Pressure Sensing Systems and Methods

Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190107023

A pressure sensor includes: a housing; a substrate that is fixed within the housing, that includes a first side that is in contact with a fluid of an exhaust aftertreatment system, and that flexes based on a pressure of the fluid; a first voltage divider that is connected between a first reference potential and a ground potential and that varies a first potential based on flexing of the substrate; and a second voltage divider connected in parallel with the first voltage divider between the first reference potential and the ground potential and that varies a second potential based on flexing of the substrate. A pressure control module is configured to selectively switch switches to connect and disconnect different reference potentials to and from an amplifier, to sample an output of the amplifier, and to convert samples of the output of the amplifier into corresponding digital values.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190107349

Pistols have a body having a grip, the grip defining a magazine passage, the body having a trigger guard defining a trigger space, the body having an upper surface, the body having a first mounting facility, an upper frame assembly removably connected to the body in a connected position, the upper frame assembly including a trigger element extending into the trigger space when in the connected position, a protrusion extending upward from the upper surface of the body, the protrusion having a forward-facing first bearing surface, and the upper frame assembly having a rear-facing second bearing surface adapted to abut the first bearing surface when in the connected position to transmit recoil forces from the upper frame assembly to the body. The upper frame assembly may have a slide rail. The upper frame assembly may define a horizontal slide plane.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190107789

A photoconductor unit includes a photoconductor and an electrode. The photoconductor includes a base member that is cylindrical and has a hardness that decreases with increasing distance from a first end toward a second end in an axial direction, and a photosensitive layer formed on an outer peripheral surface of the base member. The electrode is in contact with an inner peripheral surface of an open end portion of the base member at the first end.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190108120

According to one embodiment, a memory system includes a nonvolatile memory including a plurality of blocks and a controller. The controller manages a garbage collection count for each of blocks containing data written by a host, the garbage collection count indicating the number of times the data in said each of the blocks has been copied by a garbage collection operation of the nonvolatile memory. The controller selects, as garbage collection target blocks, first blocks associated with a same garbage collection count. The controller copies valid data in the first blocks to a copy destination free block. The controller sets, as a garbage collection count of the copy destination free block, a value obtained by adding one to a garbage collection count of the first blocks.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190109242

A PIN diode has an anode spaced away from a central region of a top surface of a substrate, such that the anode is in a corner or at a side edge of the top surface. Alternatively, the PIN diode has an anode surrounded by a shield layer. The PIN diode reduces unwanted parasitic capacitance to increase the reverse isolation of RF switches and to reduce the diffusion capacitance to increase the f 3dB frequency specification of amplifier circuits. The PIN diode dramatically reduces the values of both parasitic and diffusion capacitances, which enables its application in switches and amplifiers under a wide variety of bias conditions including reverse, low-moderate forward, and large forward-bias; which enables bonding to a much larger metal area than the active electrode, with negligible increase in the parasitic capacitance; and which enables reliable wire-bonding by presenting a highly planar metal surface.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190105299

The present invention relates to compounds and their uses, in particular, compounds in the form of prodrugs that promote transport of a pharmaceutical agent to the lymphatic system and subsequently enhance release of the parent drug.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190107396

A methodology includes determining coarse location coordinates for a mobile device, anchoring the coarse location coordinates to a map, receiving inertial measurement unit data supplied by the mobile device, wherein the inertial measurement unit data is indicative of relative location coordinates of the mobile device, generating an unanchored path of the mobile device based on the relative location coordinates, and anchoring the unanchored path of the mobile device to the map in a position that optimizes a match between the coarse location coordinates and the relative location coordinates of the mobile device.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190109790

A system and algorithm configured to generate diversity at the traffic source so that packets are uniformly distributed over all of the available paths, but to increase the likelihood of taking a minimal path with each hop the packet takes. This is achieved by configuring routing biases so as to prefer non-minimal paths at the injection point, but increasingly prefer minimal paths as the packet proceeds, referred to herein as Increasing Minimal Bias (IMB).


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190108498

An example method of operation may include one or more of identifying a number of share chains from a smart contract stored in a blockchain, identifying a contributed block received from a miner entity associated with one of the share chains, determining whether the contributed block is valid for the one share chain, and updating the one share chain based on the contributed block.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190106265

In one aspect, the present invention features a blister card display package including a card containing a front sheet having a front outer face and a front inner face and a rear sheet having a rear outer face and a rear inner face, wherein at least a portion of the rear inner face is affixed to the front inner face; and a unitary blister pack mounted between the front inner face and the rear inner face and containing a plurality of blister portions for containing an article to be displayed and a rupturable film sheet covering the blister portions; wherein the rear sheet contains one or more openings that allow the blister portions to protrude through the rear outer face of the card and the front sheet contains an operable flap that allows access to the portion of the rupturable film sheet covering the blister portions.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190106720

Materials and methods are described to produce xylitol from a mixture of hemicellulosic sugars by several routes. Examples include either as a direct co-product of a biorefinery or ethanol facility, or as a stand-alone product produced from an agricultural or forestry biomass feedstock including using, e.g. ethanol waste streams.

Nanoparticle-Induced Fusogenicity between Liposome And Endosome Membranes For Targeted Delivery Through Endosomal Escape

Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190105271

The disclosure provides compositions and methods of use of formulations effective for the delivery of biologically active molecules and materials, including therapeutic and diagnostic agents, and combinations thereof, to cells, tissues, and living organisms. More particularly, the present invention is related to the incorporation of hydrophobic nanoparticles, such as hydrophobic metal nanoparticles, into the membranes of vesicular delivery vehicles. These hydrophobic nanoparticles enhance the endosomal membrane fusogenicity of the formulations through the promotion of inverted hexagonal phase formation in the lipid bilayers of the vesicular delivery vehicles. As a result, the vesicular delivery vehicles more readily fuse with the endosomal membranes, leading to enhanced endosomal escape of the vesicular delivery vehicle and its contents, thereby facilitating the delivery of the biologically active molecules and materials incorporated within the vesicular delivery vehicles to their sites of action.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190107568

A multichannel ground fault tester that can be connected to multiple individual circuits (or nodes isolated from each other within a circuit) at the same time. The circuits or nodes can be tested sequentially, or in any order, without manually disconnecting, moving and reconnecting the tester as is currently required when using a single-channel ground fault tester to test multiple circuits (or nodes isolated from each other within a circuit).


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190104719

An insect vacuum and trap attachment system can include a tubular member having an elongate channel that extends along an outer surface of the tubular member. The system can also include a suction member that slideably receives the tubular member. The suction member can have a narrowed open tip that receives insects and a stem that extends along at least an outer surface of the suction member. The stem can be slideably received by the elongate channel to enable the suction member to slide with respect to the tubular member. The system can include a catch that protrudes from the stem. The catch may be arranged and configured to receive a portion of an insect filter pod and thereby couple the insect filter pod between the tubular member and the suction member.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190106777

A method of refining a microstructure of a titanium material can include providing a solid titanium material at a temperature below about 400 C. The titanium material can be heated under a hydrogen-containing atmosphere to a hydrogen charging temperature that is above a transus temperature of the titanium material and below a melting temperature of the titanium material, and held at this temperature for a time sufficient to convert the titanium material to a substantially homogeneous phase. The titanium material can be cooled under the hydrogen-containing atmosphere to a phase transformation temperature below the transus temperature and above about 400 C., and held for a time to produce phase regions. The titanium material can also be held under a substantially hydrogen-free atmosphere or vacuum at a dehydrogenation temperature below the transus temperature and above the phase decomposition temperature to remove hydrogen from the titanium material.

Mailbox Punching Device

Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190105796

The invention discloses a mailbox punching device, comprising a baseplate, two frames which are correspondingly arranged at the two ends of the top of the baseplate, and a box arranged between the two frames on the two ends through a lifting device. The inner bottom of the box is provided with a first steering cavity with a an opening facing downward, and a second steering cavity extends vertically is up and down extended in the box above the first steering cavity. A first sliding groove is connectedly set on the one inner wall of a the second steering cavity, and a steering platform, through bearings, is rotatably mounted in the first steering cavity. A first steering shaft which extends into the second steering cavity, is fixedly arranged on the top of the steering platform, and a first cone pulley bevel gear is fixedly mounted on the first steering shaft in the second steering cavity.

Contour Sheets and Methods of Making Thereof

Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190104870

Contour sheets or fitted sheets having a mattress cover surface and a plurality of side surfaces are provided with at least one resilient member extendible in a vertical direction along the depth of a mattress in at least a portion of one of the side surfaces. Alternatively, sets of resilient members sandwiched between one or more layers of fabrics can be provided to prevent direct exposure to heat and other detrimental conditions that the contour sheets may be subjected to during routine wear and laundry. A method of making such contour sheets can include steps of cutting a generally polygonal shaped cut-out to form an opening at the corners of a base fabric, coupling at least one resilient member along at least one edge of the opening and sewing adjacent edges of the opening together.

Fabrication of Luminescent Quantum Dot Thiol-yne Nanocomposites With Tailorable Optical, Thermal and Mechanical Properties

Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190106624

This disclosure concerns a method of making a ligand for Quantum Dot functionalization, a method of making a functionalized Quantum Dot (QD) with a ligand, and a method of making a transparent luminescent quantum dot thiol-yne nanocomposite with tailorable optical, thermal, and mechanical properties. The prepolymer solution and functionalized Quantum Dot can be used in additive manufacturing.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190109388

An apparatus and method for fastening dissimilar materials like steel, plastic and aluminum. A resistance welding fastener having multiple layers may be used with or without a sealant. The fastener may be used to form an aluminum covered steel laminate via a hemming pattern of attachment. The fastener may have a solid shaft or have an extended reach and have features for interacting with the welding electrode. A variety of electrode tips may be employed to cooperate with the fastener.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190106510

Provided herein, in one aspect, are antibodies that immunospecifically bind to a human KIT antigen comprising the fourth and/or fifth extracellular Ig-like domains (that is, D4 and/or D5 domains), polynucleotides comprising nucleotide sequences encoding such antibodies, and expression vectors and host cells for producing such antibodies. The antibodies can inhibit KIT activity, such as ligand-induced receptor phosphorylation. Also provided herein are kits and pharmaceutical compositions comprising antibodies that specifically bind to a KIT antigen, as well as methods of treating or managing a KIT-associated disorder or disease and methods of diagnosing a KIT-associated disorder or disease using the antibodies described herein.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190106844

The present invention discloses a manufacturing method for a paper protective shell of a mobile device, comprising: selecting a paper material, and mixing the paper material with water to form a paper pulp; performing a mould press manner to press the paper pulp to form a shell by using a mold, and separating the shell from the mold to dry the shell; and performing an appearance color treatment to color an outer surface of the shell; wherein the colored shell is a final product after finishes the appearance color treatment, and the final product is the paper protective shell of the mobile device, and the paper protective shell is used to combine with the mobile device.

Method and Apparatus for Accelerated Format Translation of Data in a Delimited Data Format

Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190108177

Various methods and apparatuses are described for performing high speed format translations of incoming data, where the incoming data is arranged in a delimited data format. As an example, the data in the delimited data format can be translated to a mapped variable field format using pipelined operations. A reconfigurable logic device can be used in exemplary embodiments as a platform for the format translation.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190109244

According to one embodiment, a semiconductor light receiving element includes at least a first periodic structure, a semiconductor multilayered film, and a light confinement layer. The first periodic structure is provided in a light incident portion, and splits and converts, into non-perpendicular light in two or more directions, light incident from a direction perpendicular to the light incident portion. The semiconductor multilayered film includes a light absorption layer and is provided on the first periodic structure in contact with the first periodic structure. The light confinement layer is provided on the semiconductor multilayered film. A refractive index of the light confinement layer is lower than a refractive index of the semiconductor multilayered film.

Instruments, Tools, and Methods for PressOn Pedicle Screws

Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190105085

Instruments, tools, and methods assist in assembling components of a surgical construct, for example, a press-on rod to a pedicle screw. A includes an elongate driving rod having a distal tip adapted to engage and transfer a rotational force to a surgical screw and a driver connection at a proximate end thereof, a first elongate shaft having a distal end, a proximal end, and a generally U-shaped channel adapted to receive the elongate driving rod therein, and a retention mechanism to retain the elongate driving rod in the generally U-shaped channel. A tool includes an elongate hollow rod having a collapsible distal tip, an elongate shaft slidingly disposed within the elongate hollow rod, the elongate shaft having a distal end comprising a driving feature, and a locking mechanism to prevent the distal end of the elongate shaft from being inadvertently removed from the distal tip of the elongate hollow rod.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190105178

A surgical instrument comprises a first member defining a cavity configured for disposal of a plurality of implants and including a distal portion that retains the implants with the first member. An element is configured to urge the implants in a first, release direction and the first member having at least one tab movable to prevent movement of at least one of the implants in a second direction. A second member is engageable with the at least one tab. Systems, spinal implants and methods are disclosed.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190104730

An insect repellent system including a jewelry item, wherein the jewelry item includes at least one bead adaptable to at least one of adsorb and absorb at least one essential oil. The at least one essential oil is capable of repelling at least one insect and is present in an effective amount to repel the at least one insect. The system may further include a dish for receiving the jewelry item and the at least one essential oil. The jewelry item is placed in contact with the at least one essential oil in the dish.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190105166

A total joint replacement system comprising a first and a second implant system. The first implant system includes a first implant having a first load bearing surface based on a first removed portion of an articular surface of a patient's first bone, and a first anchor having a first threaded region configured to be secured into the first bone, wherein the first anchor is configured to be secured to the first implant. The second implant system includes a second implant having a second load bearing surface based on a second removed portion of an articular surface of a patient's second bone, and a second anchor having a second threaded region configured to be secured into the second bone, wherein the second anchor is configured to be secured to the second implant.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190105581

A process of mass transfer is described which utilises latent heat transfer with little or sensible heat transfer. In a preferred process microbubbles are used under certain conditions of contact with a liquid phase to ensure highly effective mass transfer between a gaseous and liquid phase with significantly less than expected or little or no sensible heat transfer. The present invention in part provides a means by which the known state of a cold liquid of varying depths can be changed using a hot gas injected via a micro bubble inducing internal mixing without allowing the resultant mixture to reach equilibrium thereby ensuring the transfer process becomes continuous. Thus a process is described wherein at least one gaseous phase is contacted with at least one liquid phase such that the heat ratio of the system (AA) is maintained at an a value of greater than 0.5, and the mass transfer is effected by passing a gaseous phase comprising microbubbles through a liquid phase of thickness no more than 10 cm.


Pub Date: 2019-04-11

Pub Number: US20190105639

Provided is a metal-containing CHA-type zeolite in which a ratio of a maximum intensity of an absorption peak in a range of 3685 cm 1 or more and 3750 cm 1 or less to a maximum intensity of an absorption peak in a range of 1800 cm 1 or more and 1930 cm 1 or less is less than 1.5 in an IR spectrum. A method for producing the metal-containing CHA-type zeolite includes a metal incorporation step of mixing a metal source and a CHA-type zeolite in which a ratio of a maximum intensity of an absorption peak in a range of 3665 cm 1 or more and 3750 cm 1 or less to a maximum intensity of an absorption peak in a range of 1800 cm 1 or more and 1930 cm 1 or less is less than 1.5 in an IR spectrum.