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Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190078044

A cell culture container includes a storage container, a cell culture area, a culture solution supply unit, and a discharge unit. The cell culture area is a region for culturing cells, and is provided in the storage container. The culture solution supply unit supplies the culture solution into the cell culture area at a flow rate equal to or less than a predetermined flow rate. The discharge unit discharges the liquid in the cell culture area to the outside of the storage container. A rectification unit is a structure in which a plurality of outflow ports are uniformly arranged in a direction perpendicular to the flow direction of the culture solution from the culture solution supply unit to the discharge unit.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190081286

An electrical storage device includes a case having first and second opposed main walls which face one another and at least one side wall coupled the first and second main walls. The case having a generally rectangular shape with outer corners and includes a cutout part having inner corners. An integrated electrode body is located in the case and is joined to the first main wall. The integrated body includes a first electrode, a second electrode, and a separator disposed between the first and second electrodes. The electrode body has a bending strength which is higher than a bending strength of the first main wall. An electrolyte fills the case.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190077858

The present invention relates to a human anti-human IL-18 antibody which reacts with human interleukin-18 (human IL-18) and does not react with a K53A variant of human IL-18.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190077867

The present invention relates to the biomedicine field, in particular to an anti-human PD-L1 humanized monoclonal antibody and its applications. The invention obtains an anti-human PD-L1 humanized monoclonal antibody with good specificity, high affinity and stability by screening, and the antibody can specifically bind to human PD-L1 instead of binding to members of B7 family, and it can bind to active T-cells to strengthen the activation of T-cells, so it can significantly inhibit the growth of tumor.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190079362

A display device comprises: a control unit; a display panel, including a display area and a wiring area; a plurality of gate driving chips, located in the wiring area, and coupled to a plurality of scan lines; a plurality of source driving chips, located in the wiring area, and coupled to a plurality of data lines; at least one repair module, located in the wiring area of the display panel, the repair module including: a plurality of operational amplifiers; a repair line, connected to the control unit and the operational amplifiers, wherein there is an overlap region in the repair lines, the scan lines, and the data lines; wherein, the control unit is coupled to the gate driving chip and the source driving chip, and provides a repair signal, and the repair signal is amplified by the operational amplifiers and transmitted through the repair line.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190077276

Apparatuses, systems, and methods of controlling of an energy storage unit are detailed herein. A cold plate can be thermally coupled with an energy storage unit for powering the electric vehicle. The cold plate can have a bottom layer. The bottom layer can have a channel spanning across a top surface of the bottom layer to circulate coolant to transfer heat away from the energy storage unit. The top layer can be flush with a bottom surface of the energy storage unit. The top layer can define openings each extending between the top surface and the bottom surface. The cold plate can have inserts sealing the openings. The inserts can have a melting temperature lower than a melting temperature of the top layer to expose at least one opening when heated the melting temperature to allow release of the coolant from the channel onto the energy storage unit.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190080174

Embodiments are directed toward analyzing images of cables or electronic devices to augment those images with information relating to the installation or troubleshooting of such cables and electronic devices. The images are analyzed to determine non-text characteristics of a connector of the cable or non-text characteristics of at least one port on the electronic device. These non-text characteristics can be compared with non-text characteristics of known connectors or ports to determine a type of the connector or a type of the ports on the electronic device. The images are then modified or overlaid with information identifying the type of connector or port.

Predictive Session Analyzer for a Network System

Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190080340

A travel coordination system uses historical data describing a geographic region over a set of time periods to predict the value a provider might receive for providing services within the geographic region during the set of time periods. The travel coordination system assigns a potential value score to each predicted value, and presents the potential value scores to providers via a user interface. Potential value scores are presented in a bar graph format, regional heat map, or any other interface used to present projected compensation to a provider. The travel coordination system may present previous services rendered by the provider so the provider might analyze the previous services to estimate compensation for future services. By generating potential value scores for geographic regions over various time periods, the travel coordination system makes potential compensation to providers more explicit, encouraging providers to modify their behavior in desirable ways to increase their compensation.

Sanitary Tissue Product with a Shaped Line of Weakness

Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190078265

A web of toilet tissue that includes a shaped line of weakness, wherein toilet tissue exhibits a LWP Factor of greater than about 7.

Architectures and Layouts for an Array Of Resistive Random Access Memory Cells and Read and Write Methods Thereof

Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190080753

Various architectures and layouts for an array of resistive random access memory (RRAM) cells are disclosed. The RRAM cells are organized into rows and columns, with each cell comprising a top electrode, a bottom electrode, and a switching layer. Circuitry is included for improving the reading and writing of the array, including the addition of a plurality of columns of dummy RRAM cells in the array used as a ground source, connecting source lines to multiple pairs of rows of RRAM cells, and the addition of rows of isolation transistors.

Delivery-And-Fluid-Storage Bridges For Use With Reduced-Pressure Systems

Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190076586

Systems, methods, and apparatuses are presented that facilitate the provision of reduced pressure to a tissue site by using a delivery-and-fluid-storage bridge, which separates liquids and gases and provides a flow path for reduced pressure. In one instance, a delivery-and-fluid-storage bridge includes a delivery manifold for delivering reduced pressure to a treatment manifold at the tissue site and an absorbent layer proximate the delivery manifold adapted to receive and absorb liquids. The delivery manifold and the absorbent layer are encapsulated in an encapsulating pouch. A first aperture is formed proximate a first longitudinal end of the delivery-and-fluid-storage bridge for fluidly communicating reduced pressure to the delivery manifold from a reduced-pressure source, and a second aperture is formed on a patient-facing side of the delivery-and-fluid-storage bridge. Reduced pressure is transferred to the tissue site via the second aperture. Other systems, apparatuses, and methods are disclosed.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190082261

A microphone apparatus is disclosed. A microphone apparatus according to an exemplary embodiment includes a vibration membrane disposed inside a case and formed on an upper surface of a main substrate; an acoustic component including an absorbing unit cut over a predetermined section toward the outside of a fixed membrane and having a predetermined pattern; a microphone module including a semiconductor chip electrically connected to the acoustic component inside the case; and a printed circuit board on which the microphone module is mounted.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190080902

Disclosed are an anhydrous substrate cleaning composition, a substrate treating method, and a substrate treating apparatus. The anhydrous substrate cleaning composition includes an etching composite that provides fluorine, a solvent that dissolves the etching composite, and a binder that is a composite including phosphorous.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190078509

The present invention relates to a bearing device comprising: a rotating shaft (14); journal bearings (21, 22) in each of which the outer circumferential surface and the inner circumferential surface do not communicate with one another, the journal bearings being provided to the rotating shaft (14) and rotatably supporting the rotating shaft (14) at at least two sites in the axial direction; a bearing housing (16) that forms a space (16A) for housing the journal bearings (21, 22); a third supply passage (43) and a fourth supply passage (44) which are outer circumferential surface-side lubricating oil supply passages that respectively communicate, in the space (16A), with locations of the outer circumferential surface of the respective journal bearings (21, 22); and a sixth supply passage (46) which is an intermediate-section lubricating oil supply passage that communicates, in the space (16A), with a location between the journal bearings (21, 22). Thus, the invention is capable of supplying an appropriate amount of lubricating oil.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190076109

A radiography supporter supports a radiography system including a radiation generator and a radiography apparatus in taking radiographic images, and the radiography supporter includes a hardware processor that: acquires an examination order; transmits corresponding radiation irradiation conditions to the radiation generator, for each examination order; and restricts transmission of irradiation conditions corresponding to a second examination order to be executed after a specific first examination order in a case where a plurality of the examination orders has been acquired for a same examination object, and the irradiation conditions corresponding to the first examination order have been changed.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190075911

Apparatuses and methods of attaching a first cosmetic bottle to a second cosmetic bottle are described. The first bottle includes a container arranged to hold a cosmetic product and a cover that is removably attached the container. The cover includes one or more magnetic elements arranged to attach the cover of the first bottle to a cover of a second bottle. In some embodiments, the one or more magnetic elements may include one or more magnets.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190076621

A dialysis catheter includes an entirely subcutaneous first section, with an exterior interface via penetration of the overlying subcutaneous skin layer. In addition the first section of the dialysis catheter includes a detachable portion that enables insertion via a guidewire instead of a peel-away sheath. The dialysis catheter has a layered design that minimizes risk of infection.

Automated tamper proof fluid dispensing arrangement

Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190077579

A system arranged for providing controlled discharge of gaseous and fluid elements sequentially into any of a wide variety of individual fluid and gas such as for example, whipped cream dispensing units, while preventing misuse of that system, and also reporting any needs of that system for management or resupply.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190076995

A socket wrench for turning sockets has a handle joined to a head having an inside wall accommodating a body including a socket holder. A permanent magnet attached to the socket holder holds a socket on the socket holder. The body has a plurality of ramps facing the inside wall of the head. Rollers engage the ramps and inside wall. A member mounted on the body engages the rollers to selectively shift the rollers relative to opposite end sections of the ramps. First and second permanent magnets on the body and member maintain the member in selected shifted positions to retain the rollers adjacent the end sections of the ramps.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190079635

The present disclosure provides a method and a device for responding to a touch operation, belonging to the field of man-machine interface. The method includes the followings. A usage scenario of a mobile terminal is determined. A first touch operation and a second touch operation applied on a touch display screen within a predetermined duration are received. A first operation type of the first touch operation is determined. A second operation type of the second touch operation is determined. It is determined whether to respond to the first touch operation and/or the second touch operation based on the first operation type, the second operation type and the usage scenario.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190082495

Disclosed are a method for direct communication and a rely UE, the method comprising: in the process of configuring a direct communication with a remote UE, receiving, from the remote UE, a direct communication request message comprising information on a maximum inactivity period; starting a timer corresponding to the maximum inactivity period when data transmission or signaling via the direct connection with the remote UE is completed; and if no message is received from the remote UE by the time the timer expires, locally releasing the direct connection with the remote UE.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190082069

In accordance with an embodiment, an image forming apparatus comprises an image reading section, a size detection section, and a reading controller. The image reading section reads image information of a reading object. The size detection section detects a size of the reading object. The reading controller has a first mode in which the image reading section reads the image information of the reading object at the size detected by the size detection section and a second mode in which the image reading section reads the image information of the reading object at a maximum size at which the image reading section can read the reading object as operation modes, and generates image information of the size detected by the size detection section based on the image information read by the image reading section if the second mode is selected.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190082336

Techniques described herein relate to performing wireless diagnostic analyses including execution and evaluations of interactive content resources executed by execution devices on and/or for separate content receiver devices. A multi-phrase diagnostic session may proceed with an execution of an initial set of diagnostic modules on an execution device, during which interactive content is transmitted/received from a connected receiver device. The results of the diagnostic modules may be evaluated in real-time and transmitted to a diagnostic analyzer server to select additional diagnostic modules for execution during the diagnostic session. The diagnostic analyzer server may select the additional diagnostic modules based on based on response data received via the content execution device to the interactive content of the previously executed diagnostic modules, and/or data received from additional data sources related to the content receiver.

System for Effecting Smoke Detector Data using an Emergency Personnel Router

Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190080589

An improved system for effecting smoke detector data using an emergency personnel router is disclosed herein. A smoke detector can comprise a smoke detection system, a smoke detection memory, and a microprocessor. The smoke detector memory can comprise a smoke detector application, and a connection protocol for an emergency personnel router. The microprocessor can, according to instructions from the smoke detector application receive smoke alarm data, and detect a wireless emergency personnel router. Moreover the microprocessor can, according to instructions from the smoke detector application connect to the wireless emergency personnel router using the connection protocol, and send the smoke alarm data via the emergency personnel router.

Method and Apparatus for Network Fraud Detection and Remediation Through Analytics

Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190081968

A system and method for assessing the identity fraud risk of an entity's (a user's, computer process's, or device's) behavior within a computer network and then to take appropriate action. The system uses real-time machine learning for its assessment. It records the entity's log-in behavior (conditions at log-in) and behavior once logged in to create an entity profile that helps identify behavior patterns. The system compares new entity behavior with the entity profile to determine a risk score and a confidence level for the behavior. If the risk score and confidence level indicate a credible identity fraud risk at log-in, the system can require more factors of authentication before log-in succeeds. If the system detects risky behavior after log-in, it can take remedial action such as ending the entity's session, curtailing the entity's privileges, or notifying a human administrator.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190079160

A position detection system includes a mobile station, a reference station, fixed stations to, and a server. The mobile station transmits a first radio signal S1 and the reference station transmits a second radio signal S2 multiple times. Each of the fixed stations extracts a first phase difference based on the first radio signal S1 and extracts second phase differences based on the second radio signals S2. The server calculates time variations of the second phase differences based on the multiple second phase differences to calculate a third phase difference. The server cancels phase offset by the respective fixed stations using phase difference information between the mobile station and the respective fixed stations and phase difference information between the reference station and the respective fixed stations and acquires distance information between the respective fixed stations and the mobile station to calculate the position of the mobile station.

Systems And Methods For Anomaly Detection

Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190081969

The present disclosure describes systems and methods that provide a hybrid framework for augmenting statistical anomaly detection with contextual features, machine learning and human Subject Matter Expert (SME) input to learn significant characteristics of true anomalies for which alerts should be generated. The framework presented herein is domain agnostic and independent of the underlying statistical anomaly detection technique or the machine learning algorithm. The framework described herein is therefore applicable and adaptable to a number of real world service provider systems and applications, such as, for example, detecting network performance degradation in a service provider network or detecting anomalous conditions from data received from a sensor while filtering out false positives.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190076534

The invention provides a composition containing hyaluronic acid (HA) or a pharmaceutically-acceptable salt thereof preserved with a cationic preservative and related methods. In one embodiment, the pharmaceutically-acceptable salt is sodium hyaluronate. In another embodiment, the cationic preservative includes benzalkonium chloride (BAK).


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190076938

A machine is disclosed for use in duplicating features of an existing key within a key blank. The machine may have an identification module configured to capture data associated with the features of the existing key, a fabrication module configured to cut the features in the key blank based on the data, a user input device, and a controller in communication with the identification module, the fabrication module, and the user input device. The controller may be configured to regulate operation of the identification module and the fabrication module, and to receive input from a user via the user input device. The input may be indicative of the user being a first type of user or a second type of user. The controller may also be configured to selectively implement one of a first mode of operation or a second mode of operation based on the input.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190075955

The present invention relates to an assembling curtain rail including at least two corresponding fast-assembling rails and a rail connection piece used for connecting the two fast-assembling rails. An upper end and a lower end of the two sides of the fast-assembling rails are connected with upper fixing plates and a lower fixing plate, respectively. An inner side wall of the lower fixing plates has a guiding recess, and the rail connection piece is provided with a guiding protruding block cooperating with the guiding recess correspondingly. The guiding protruding block is located in the lower guiding slot. Via the connection and cooperating between the guiding recess and the guiding protruding block, the connection of the curtain rail is more firm, stability is better, and the usage safety is ensured.