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Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190076643

A peripheral device for regulating neural correlates of arousal and emotion regulation to be worn or held against the body is disclosed. The device can be triggered by either physiological signs or manual intervention and produces cutaneous signals such as vibration or electricity using novel combinations of physiologically reactive frequencies without effort on the part of the user. One embodiment includes combining sensors that measure changes in physiological signals of stress such as speech rate and pitch, galvanic skin response, or heart rate variability, and, using a machine learning algorithm on personalized data, can determine whether these changes are likely to benefit from regulation. If they are outside an idiosyncratic predetermined range, the device produces stimulation and the person will feel regulated if they are touching/wearing the device, or can choose to use the device if it is not currently being touched or worn.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190078872

Disclosed herein is a simultaneous orthogonal scanning dual beam OCT system. The simultaneous orthogonal scanning dual beam OCT system includes: a light source 10; a light distribution unit 20; a sample arm 40; a reference arm 50; a interference unit 60; and a detection unit 70.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190076708

A golf club head including a body having a front portion, a rear portion, a toe portion, a heel portion, a top portion, and a bottom portion. The body further includes a cavity in the front portion. The cavity having a protrusion and a step configured to receive a strikeplate, such that a gap exists between the strikeplate and the inner surface of the cavity.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190078809

A solar collector arrangement comprises at least two solar collectors, each solar collector comprising at least one collector element with at least one flow channel for receiving heat transfer medium to be heated in the solar collector. The at least two solar collectors are arranged in parallel connection relative to each other and the heat transfer medium to be heated in the solar collectors and the heat transfer medium heated in the solar collectors are arranged to flow into the solar collectors and out of the solar collectors in turns one or some solar collectors of the solar collector arrangement at a time.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190081960

A system for in-vehicle network intrusion detection includes: (i) an anomaly detection module configured to obtain one or more network messages from one or more communication buses of a vehicle describing one or more events associated with the vehicle and detect whether at least some of the one or more events constitute an anomaly based on predefined rules to provide detected anomaly event data; (ii) a resident log generation module configured to generate one or more resident incident logs based on the detected anomaly event data, wherein the one or more resident incident logs comprise metadata associated with one or more detected anomalous events; and (iii) a transmitted log generation module configured to generate one or more transmitted incident logs based on the one or more resident incident logs, wherein each of the one or more transmitted incident logs corresponds to a resident incident log.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190077373

A system includes an optical sensor defining a field of view. The system includes a first transparent shield within the field of view. The system includes a second transparent shield movable between a first position and a second position, the first position being within the field of view and spaced from the first shield to define a gap therebetween, the second position being outside the field of view. The system includes a nozzle positioned to direct fluid into the gap.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190081728

Method disclosed is applied to an OFDM wireless transmission system which includes at least two OFDM symbols, and includes: adding a zero power padding ZP to a tail end of each of the at least two OFDM symbols; adding data of N w consecutive points at one end of a first OFDM symbol of the at least two OFDM symbols to the ZP at the other end of the first OFDM symbol, so that the data of the N w points is a prefix and/or a suffix of the first OFDM symbol, where the first OFDM symbol includes data of N points, NN w ; and performing point multiplication processing with symmetric time domain window function on the data of the N w points at the two ends of the first OFDM symbol to which the prefix and/or the suffix is added, so that a sum of point coefficients corresponding to the symmetric time domain window function is 1.

Channel Contention Method and Apparatus

Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190082466

Embodiments provide a channel contention method and apparatus. The channel contention apparatus belongs to a basic service set (BSS). The BSS includes an access point (AP) and at least one first station (STA). Both the AP and the at least one first STA participate in channel contention. The apparatus is the AP or any first STA. The apparatus includes a sensing module configured to sense a channel. The apparatus also includes a contention module configured to contend for the channel. The AP centrally performs control and scheduling so that all of at least one network device in the BSS can transmit data using the channel.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190078302

A boom is attached to a body. A boom pin supports the boom while being swingable with respect to the body. A through-hole is made in the body. The through-hole is made such that a member (for example, the boom pin or a boom angle detector) that recognizes a position of the boom pin can be observed through the through-hole from a side of a hydraulic excavator.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190077890

Element tags based on novel metal-polymer conjugates are provided for elemental analysis of analytes, including ICP-MS. A polymer backbone is functionalized to irreversibly bind metals that are selected prior to use by the user. The polymer is further functionalized to attach a linker which allows for attachment to antibodies or other affinity reagents. The polymer format allows attachment of many copies of a given isotope, which linearly improves sensitivity. The metal-polymer conjugate tags enable multiplexed assay in two formats: bulk assay, where the average biomarker distribution in the sample is diagnostic, and single cell format to distinguish a rare (for example a diseased) cell in a complex sample (for example, blood).


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190075891

A snap hook assembly includes a base assembly that has a hook at one end. A lever assembly including an actuation mechanism and an arm assembly fits through an opening defined through the base assembly. The arm assembly is positioned on one side of the base assembly and the actuation mechanism of the lever assembly is positioned on the opposite side of the base assembly. The actuation mechanism is fit within a housing so that the lever assembly may pivot with respect to the base assembly. A clasp is attached to the base assembly so that an end of the clasp is biased to contact the hook of the base assembly. When the lever assembly pivots, the arm assembly contacts and rotates the clasp to create a gap between the clasp and the hook.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190078033

Disclosed is a method for preventing or reducing low speed pre-ignition in an engine lubricated with a formulated oil. The formulated oil has a composition comprising at least one oil soluble or oil dispersible cobalt-containing compound.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190081915

Systems, methods, and software are disclosed herein to launch embedded extensions in the context of an e-mail application. In an implementation, a user may interact with an e-mail application. An e-mail message is received into an inbox of the e-mail application. The e-mail message may include an embedded extension. The user opens the e-mail, including the embedded extension, for viewing. While viewing the e-mail message, the user clicks on the embedded extension, which launches the embedded extension within the context of the e-mail application.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190082193

A video coder, such as a video encoder or a video decoder, may use reference pixels in a first picture to pad pixels outside a picture boundary of a second picture. The second picture is a different picture from the first picture. The padded pixels are in a padding area surrounding the second picture. The video coder may encode or decode one or more blocks of the video data based on the padded pixels.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190079655

An example electronic device includes a touch screen and a processor configured to display a stroke on the touch screen corresponding to a gesture inputted to the touch screen and delete at least a portion of the displayed stroke from a first point of the stroke according to a delete input inputted through an external device.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190078442

A turbine blade for a gas turbine employs film cooling to enhance cooling performance. The turbine blade includes an outer surface; and at least one film cooling hole formed in the outer surface, each film cooling hole including a cooling channel extending inside the turbine blade to guide cooling air toward the outer surface, an outlet communicating with one end of the cooling channel to discharge cooling air to the outer surface, and a plurality of protrusions formed on an inside surface of the outlet and arranged along a longitudinal direction of the outlet. The protrusions protrude inwardly to a predetermined height from the inside surface of the outlet and extend from the cooling channel to the outer surface, in an arrangement of at least one protrusion formed on an inside wall of the outlet or on each of two opposing inside walls of the outlet.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190077128

A laminated tubular container is made of a laminated sheet comprising an evaporated film with an evaporated side made of a metal, metal-oxide or an inorganic substance, wherein the evaporate side of the evaporated film is adhesive-laminated with linear low-density polyethylene by using an adhesive agent and is laminated with an adhesive agent and is laminated with another linear low-density polyethylene layer, while the other side of such evaporated film is laminated with films selected from the group consisting of polyethylene, an aluminium foil, a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl alcohol, and any combinations thereof. This invention relates to a laminated tubular package capable of packaging contents, such as liquid or creamy cosmetic products and toothpastes.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190077845

The present disclosure provides methods for capturing recombinant collagen 7 from cell culture and methods of purifying recombinant collagen 7. Also provided are compositions comprising purified recombinant collagen 7 that may be used for administration to humans.

Motion Sensor for Occupancy Detection and Intrusion Detection

Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190080573

A motion sensor has an infrared detector with a first set of detector elements coupled to a first channel and a second set of detector elements coupled to a second channel. A first optical subsystem directs infrared radiation from a first number of monitored volumes to the infrared detector and a second optical subsystem directs infrared radiation from a second number of monitored volumes to the infrared detector. Intrusion detection circuitry is coupled to both channels of the infrared detector and selects a set of peaks in the first channel and the second channel. It then calculates an alternation score based on a number of alternating peaks in the set of peaks, and indicates an intrusion detection based, at least in part, on the alternation score. The circuitry also determines a peak-to-peak period for the first channel and calculates a slope-synchrony measurement to modify the alternation score.

Stiffened Panels

Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190077093

A method for fabricating a stiffened panel. Layers of composite material are placed on a surface of an inner-mold-line tool having protrusions that extend from the surface of the inner-mold-line tool. The layers of composite material laid-up on the surface of the inner-mold-line tool are compacted to form compacted layers of composite material. The compacted layers of composite material are cured to form an inner-mold-line layer having corresponding protrusions. The inner-mold-line layer is joined to an outer-mold-line layer.

Device and Method for the Application of a Curable Fluid Composition to a Bodily Organ

Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190076137

The invention relates to a device suitable for application of a curable fluid composition to encircle a bodily organ. The device comprises a monolithic piece of a flexible material having a length dimension with an inner surface and an outer surface, a first end and a second end, a width dimension, and two spaced-apart sides, wherein a portion of the length dimension proximal to the first end is configured to contact a portion of the length dimension proximal to the second end, the inner surface defining a hollow area between the two spaced-apart sides; and at least one inlet providing fluid communication between the outer surface and the inner surface, for introduction of the fluid into the hollow area. The device deployable around the bodily organ such that when the portion of the length dimension proximal to the first end contacts the portion of the length dimension proximal to the second end, an outer surface of the bodily organ and the hollowed area define an enclosed volume encircling the bodily organ, the enclosed volume suitable for containing the fluid therein.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190079458

A micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) driving arrangement for an electronic device, the micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) driving arrangement including a driven wheel; a driving actuation assembly for causing rotation of the driven wheel; an indicator assembly including an indicator; and a force absorbing assembly coupled intermediate the indicator assembly and the driven wheel; whereby a force acting upon the indicator assembly is absorbed by the force absorbing assembly so as to inhibit rotation of the driven wheel relative to the driving actuation assembly.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190081157

A vertical fin field-effect-transistor and a method for fabricating the same. The vertical fin field-effect-transistor includes a substrate, a first source/drain layer including a plurality of pillar structures, and a plurality of fins disposed on and in contact with the plurality of pillar structures. A doped layer epitaxially grown from the first source/drain layer is in contact with the plurality of fins and the plurality of pillar structures. A gate structure is disposed in contact with two or more fins in the plurality of fins. The gate structure includes a dielectric layer and a gate layer. A second source/drain layer is disposed on the gate structure. The method includes epitaxially growing a doped layer in contact with a plurality of fins and a plurality of pillar structures. A gate structure is formed in contact with two or more fins. A second source/drain layer is formed on the gate structure.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190080447

There are provided system and method of generating an examination recipe usable for examining a specimen, the method comprising: capturing images from dies and obtaining noise map indicative of noise distribution on the images; receiving design data representative of a plurality of design groups each having the same design pattern; calculating a group score for each given design group, the group score calculated based on the noise data associated with the given design group and a defect budget allocated for area of the given design group; providing segmentation related to the dies, comprising: associating design groups with segmentation labels indicative of different noise levels based on the group score, thereby obtaining a set of die segments each corresponding to one or more design groups associated with the same segmentation label and segmentation configuration data; and generating an examination recipe using the segmentation configuration data.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190076525

The present invention generally provides a therapy for effectively treating and/or preventing diseases associated with cells expressing CLDN18.2, in particular cancer diseases such as gastroesophageal cancer. Data are presented demonstrating that administration of an anti-CLDN18.2 antibody to human patients with gastroesophageal cancer is safe and well-tolerated up to a dose of at least 1000 mg/m 2 . Furthermore, data are presented demonstrating that the antibody is fully functional in these patients to execute anti-tumor cell effects and evidence for antitumoral activity was obtained.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190079927

One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for facilitating information in multiple languages based on an optical code. During operation, the system scans an optical code accompanying a text phrase and receives a location of a conversion server embedded in the optical code. The system then determines one or more target languages for obtaining the text phrase in the target languages and sends a query message to the conversion server based on the retrieved location. The query message comprises a list of the one or more target languages.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190077524

Enclosures for facilitating activities in space, and associated systems and methods, are disclosed. A representative system includes a spacecraft having an enclosed interior volume (which can be formed by an inflatable membrane) and one or more unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) carried by the spacecraft and positioned to deploy into the enclosed interior volume. The system can include a remote-control system to control the one or more UAVs from a terrestrial location while the spacecraft is in space. A wireless charging system can provide electrical power to the one or more UAVs. A representative method includes configuring one or more controllers to launch a first spacecraft to a first orbit, launch a second spacecraft to a second orbit, move the first spacecraft to the second orbit, dock the first spacecraft with the second spacecraft, and broadcast an event within an interior volume of the first spacecraft to a terrestrial location.

Soft Bit Computation Unit for MIMO Detection and Error Correction

Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190081824

A method, system, and apparatus are provided for computing soft bits in a non-linear MIMO detector which decodes a signal received at a plurality of receive antennas using channel estimate information and a decoding tree to produce output data for a bit estimation value which includes a maximum likelihood solution along with a naturally ordered vector identifying all explored node metrics and node indices, where soft bits are computed for each bit estimation value by determining a set of bit-masks through repetition and indexing operations applied on the explored node indices, masking the naturally ordered vector with the set of bit-masks to generate masked node metrics, determining candidate soft bit values by subtracting metrics of all nodes that form the maximum likelihood solution from the masked node metrics, and determining a final soft bit value by identifying which of the candidate soft bit values has a lowest value.


Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190080528

Vehicle bus data is collected from an electronic control unit. User input is received to initiate creation of a vehicle health report for describing a vehicle diagnostic event. A voice message descriptive of a context of the diagnostic event is recorded. The telematics controller sends, to a sever, the vehicle health report including the voice message and a subset of the vehicle bus data including a time of the user input.

Workload Shifting in a Database System Using Hint-Based Routing

Pub Date: 2019-03-14

Pub Number: US20190079841

Systems, techniques, and articles are described herein for workload shifting in a database system. A computer system is configured to provide a database system and includes one or more processors, a primary database system implemented by the one or more processors, and a secondary database system implemented by the one or more processors. The secondary database system is configured as a hot-standby system for the primary database system and is capable of providing at least a minimum amount of essential functionality of the primary database system during a disruption. The primary database system is configured by programming instructions, executable on the computer system, to cause the one or more processors to determine from a query request from a client application directed to the primary database system that workload from a query may be shifted to the secondary database system and instruct the client application to execute the query.