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Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180355747

Systems and methods for controlling tip clearance in a gas turbine engine are provided. The system may include a distribution manifold positioned along an outer surface of an engine case of a gas turbine engine. The distribution manifold may include a plurality of outlets defined on the distribution manifold to direct a thermal fluid received by the distribution manifold onto an outer surface of the engine case of the gas turbine engine. The system may further include a variable blower configured to blow the thermal fluid into the distribution manifold at a flow rate controlled by the variable blower. The flow rate through the variable blower may be adjustable over a range of non-zero target flow rates.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180354187

A liquid blow molding apparatus including a support pin disposed in a blow mold. The support pin includes a head and a shaft. The support pin is configured to define a gap between the head and a bottom of the preform in a state where the preform is placed in the blow mold and is also configured to support the bottom of the preform at a time of a molding process and to be displaced downward in accordance with deformation of the preform.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180354064

A friction spot joining device configured to carry out friction spot joining of a pair of plates includes an advance-retreat drive configured to advance and retreat a tool to/from the plates a rotation drive configured to rotate the tool, and a controller configured to control the advance-retreat drive and the rotation drive. The controller executes a joining control in which the tool is caused to give pressure to the plates while the tool is rotated so that the tool is pushed into the plates, and a separating control in which the tool is separated from the plates when an integrated value (P=I D T) calculated using a current value (I D ) of the rotation drive during the joining control and a driving period of time (T) during the joining control is determined to be reached a target value.

Lighted Tumbler Holder

Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180356088

A lighted holding device is disclosed having at least one ring, having a hollow center, an outside surface, and an inside surface, said ring configured to receive a beverage container therein. The ring has a handle coupled thereto and a light source disposed opposite the handle. The device also has a power source coupled to the light source and a switch coupled to the power source and the light source.

Capture Probe

Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180356317

A system for sampling a sample material includes a device for directing sample into a capture probe. The device for supplying sample material to the probe can be a device for radiating energy to the surface to eject sample from the sample material. A probe includes an outer probe housing having an open end. A liquid supply conduit has an outlet positioned to deliver liquid to the open end. An exhaust conduit removes liquid from the open end of the housing. The liquid supply conduit can be connectable to a liquid supply for delivering liquid at a first volumetric flow rate to the open end of the housing. A liquid exhaust system can be in fluid connection with the liquid exhaust conduit for removing liquid from the liquid exhaust conduit at a second volumetric flow rate, which exceeds the first volumetric flow rate such that gas with sample is withdrawn with the liquid. The probe can produce a vortex of liquid in the liquid exhaust conduit. A method for sampling a surface and a sampling probe system are also disclosed.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180358998

A communication system includes a demodulator configured to demodulate an amplified modulated signal responsive to a first carrier signal. The demodulator includes a filter and a gain adjusting circuit. The filter is configured to generate a filtered first signal based on a first signal. The first signal is based on the first carrier signal and the amplified modulated signal. The filter has a gain adjusted based on a set of control signals. The gain adjusting circuit is coupled to the filter, and configured to generate the set of control signals based on at least a voltage of the filtered first signal or a voltage of a second signal. The gain adjusting circuit includes a first peak detector configured to output a peak value of the voltage of the second signal. The voltage of the second signal includes a voltage of the first signal or a voltage of a reference signal.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180353035

The present disclosure relates to a cleaner according to one embodiment, which includes a main body, a grip unit provided on the main body to be gripped by a user, a pressure sensor unit provided on the grip unit to detect pressure applied by the user to a part of an outer surface of the grip unit, a driving unit provided at a lower portion of the main body to move the main body, and a controller to control the driving unit based on the detected pressure.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180357008

Techniques for determining an age category for an object and identifying objects for memory leak analysis based on age categories are described. An age category classifier generates a set of age categories, each corresponding to a respective time interval. The age category classifier monitors garbage collection processes on the heap. The age category classifier determines a current age category based on a duration of time that has elapsed between (a) an initiation of a current garbage collection cycle and (b) a reference event. The age category classifier identifies objects transferred from one object group to another object group during the current garbage collection cycle. The age category classifier stores the current age category as the transfer age category in the headers of the transferred objects. The transfer age categories of the objects may be used for reducing the number of objects that are analyzed in a memory leak analysis.

Adjustably Bottomed Container

Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180354705

An adjustably bottomed container for maximizing usage of the contents of the container includes a cylinder that defines an internal space. The cylinder has a top and a bottom. The top and the bottom are open. A plate, which is complementary to an internal circumference of the cylinder, is slidably couplable to an interior surface of the cylinder. The plate is configured to be pushed from the bottom toward the top of the cylinder. Contents that are positioned in the internal space, such as paint, are compelled toward the top.

Antibodies to ICOS

Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180355041

Provided herein are various embodiments relating to antibodies. Some of the embodiments include agonist antibodies that bind ICOS. Such antibodies can be used in methods to treat, for example, cancer.

Polymer composition for selective sintering methods

Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180355123

A polymer composition can be used in selective absorbing sintering, SAS, or selective inhibition sintering, SIS, methods. The polymer of the polymer composition has open mesopores, where a cumulative pore volume distribution of the mesopores, measured according to DIN 66134, is at least 0.01 cm 3 /g.

Beta-Hydroxyketones as topical active ingredients for the prevention or treatment of photodermatoses

Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180353442

The present invention relates to specific -hydroxyketones of the formula (I) for use in the prevention and/or treatment of photodermatoses and to the use of specific -hydroxyketones of the formula (I) as active ingredient in typical compositions for the prevention and/or non-therapeutic treatment of photodermatoses, in particular of polymorphic light eruption.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180355985

A valve housing for a check valve comprises a housing body defining a valve opening and a first pin extending across the valve opening defining a pin axis (A). The valve housing further comprises a pair of first pin support elements provided on the housing body on opposing sides of the valve opening and extending towards the first pin, the first pin support elements for contacting and supporting an under side of the first pin. The valve housing further comprises a pair of first pin location elements provided on the housing body on opposing sides of the valve opening, each first pin location element comprising a strip element having a mounting portion mounted to the housing body and a locating portion which extends over an upper side of the first pin and around at least an upper circumference thereof to locate the first pin.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180353769

A system (1) for treating and monitoring the condition of an eye (6) includes a light source, preferably a non-lasing LED (2), for irradiating the eye at a wavelength sufficient to reverse eye damage. The system also includes an excitation light source, preferably a non-lasing LED (4), for exciting fluorescence in the eye and a detector (22) for detecting fluorescence stimulated by the excitation LED (4). The system may also include a second non-lasing light source, preferably a non-lasing LED, for irradiating the eye; and a detector for detecting scatter of light from the eye. Methods for monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions such as cataracts are also provided.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180352719

Methods and systems to improve application of seed applied components to seeds are disclosed. Environmentally controlled enclosures to test, evaluate and develop seed treatment solutions for certain geographical locations are provided. Controlled environments during seed treatment application process in a production location improves the overall seed treatment efficiency and uniformity.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180355974

A tadpole-type gasket and a method of fabrication. The gasket includes a core and a jacket. One embodiment of the jacket includes a woven fabric strip in which the warp threads are omitted from the strip in two separated portions to form first and second longitudinally extending drop warp portions with weft yarns joining completely woven portions on either side. The strip is wrapped about the core so that the drop warp portions overlie each other, and completely woven portions of the strip overly each other. Portions of the completely woven portions are secured together. The weft yarns in the overlying drop warp portions are readily separated to push a fastener therethrough. In another embodiment, the jacket includes slitted portions which overlie each other, which are readily separated by a fastener.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180355713

Underground storage caverns are widely used for the bulk storage of petroleum products, in particular, crude oil. These caverns can store millions of barrels of hydrocarbon liquid safely for long periods of time at low cost. The caverns are accessed through a casing in a borehole down to the cavern. The lower end of the casing opens into an upper region of the cavern termed the chimney. The chimney provides a transition from the casing into the cavern body. The lower end of the casing has a structure termed a casing shoe which seals the earth formation around the casing from the interior of the chimney. The chimney region needs to be periodically inspected to determine if it is stable. The salt structure of the cavern is subject to erosion and collapse of sections of the wall. Deterioration of the physical structure of the chimney can also lead to the opening of cracks which may allow the stored liquid to leak into the formations around the casing and the chimney. The invention presents a process of injecting a gas into the well while measuring the gas pressure and optionally measuring the volume of injected gas. The gas drives down an interface between the gas and hydrocarbon liquid. By monitoring the rate of change of the gas pressure, and detecting a sudden decrease in the rate of change, it can be determined when the interface has been driven down to the region immediately below the bottom of the casing at the upper end of the chimney. This determines a critical location for the interface. Further steps of injecting gas and measuring gas pressure are used to determine the profile of the chimney.

Gaming System

Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180353854

Methods and systems for providing gaming services are provided. One system embodiment includes an operating system for executing a first and second instance of game logic for defining a game environment for a video game. The first and second instances game logic process game commands for a first and second user, respectively. A hardware GPU is configured for rendering video frames of a first video stream for the first game logic and video frames of a second video stream for the second game logic. Video frames of the first video stream are configured to be rendered on a display associated with the gaming system, and in some embodiments, without being encoded. An encoder of the system encodes the video frames of the second video stream, which are transmitted to a client device of the second user for game play.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180355345

A method of stabilising genetic material in a sample, the method comprising steps of: (a) contacting the sample with a composition comprising a quaternary ammonium compound or a precursor thereof.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180359736

To solve a problem that although the increase of the number of frequency blocks by allocating discontinuous subcarriers (RBs) as in OFDM enables an increase in multi-diversity effect and an improvement in throughput, the number of RB allocation patterns increases with the increase of the number of frequency blocks, resulting in an increase in the amount of information relating to the allocated RBs, the resource block allocation unit is determined when resource blocks discontinuous on the frequency axis are allocated to a terminal, and the number of bits of scheduling information indicating the allocated resource blocks by using Tree Based is set to the number of bits corresponding to the determined allocation unit.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180356772

The inventions comprises a computer implemented method for generating control signals adapted to be sent to actuators, such as gates and pumps, in a water drainage network DN in an area, said method comprisingreceiving DN data comprising one or more of DN topology of the area, rain intensity measures, water level measures, from the sensors or from an external source,generating or receiving objective functions to optimize,receiving a selection of a multi-objective optimization method, this multi-objective optimization preferably comprising lexicographic method or weighted sum method,generating an optimization problem,solving the optimization problem thereby generating the strategies to be sent to actuators in the water drainage network DN.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180358048

According to the type of an image stored in an information recording medium and display function information of a display device, an displayable image is acquired from the recording medium and output to the display device. A data processing unit configured to reproduce data from an information recording medium inputs display function information for each of the HDR 1, HDR 2, and SDR images from a display device configured to display reproduction data, acquires HDR identification information indicating whether image data recorded in the information recording medium includes each of the HDR 1, HDR 2, and SDR images from a database file recorded in the information recording medium, and reads image data displayable on the display device from the information recording medium on the basis of results of comparison between the acquired display device function information and the HDR identification information, and outputs the same to the display device.

Dummy Head for Sprinkler Systems

Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180353788

A dummy head temporality replaces a sprinkler head in a sprinkler system. The dummy head provides for accurate alignment and sizing of a hole in a drywall and in relation to a sprinkler conduit in the sprinkler system. The dummy head is used to prevent breaking an actual sprinkler head while construction workers do an installation of a ceiling to be painted or covered by drywall joint compound of mud, which saves in service fees and redoing the location of the drywall hole for the inner ring to be placed in the drywall hole.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180359203

Disclosed is an information processing apparatus including a display unit displaying information on a display screen, an operation unit including a text input key, and a control unit. The control unit displays text in response to input from the operation unit in a state of displaying an initial screen on the display screen, shows an application using text to a user for selection, starts up the application in accordance with the user's selection, and executes the application, using the text inputted from the operation unit.

Process For Forming Pre-Cut Model Specific Gun Wraps

Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180356176

The herein disclosed processes provide a methodology for forming pre-cut gun wraps that may be formed specifically for a particular make and model of firearm or firearm accessory, and may be packaged and shipped to customer in a pre-cut form that allows for easy and adjustable non-permanent application to a firearm or firearm accessory. An exemplary embodiment of the herein disclosed processes includes the steps of: drawings a digital outline of a specific make and model of firearm; measuring a gun wrap surface area; translating the gun wrap surface area into a vector template; combining the vector template with digital artwork to determine a cut path; printing on an adhesive with the digital artwork; laminating the adhesive; cutting the pre-cut model specific gun wrap from the adhesive on a plotter/cutting machine using the cut path; and removing excess material from the pre-cut model specific gun wrap. The adhesive may be a pressure sensitive adhesive vinyl material.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180357906

A method for an autonomous vehicle to perform an autonomous parking maneuver is provided. The method includes operating the autonomous vehicle to a destination and then operating the autonomous vehicle to a first parking location at the destination utilizing stored first coordinates of the first parking location. Next the autonomous vehicle determines whether the first parking location is available and performs the autonomous parking maneuver at the first location when the first parking location is available.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180357494

Systems and methods for automatic calibration of a monitor of a driver include receiving an indication that the driver is driving a car and determining a typical orientation of the driver in a first set of images, the first set captured after receiving the indication. An orientation of the driver in a second set of images, which is captured after the first set, is compared to the typical orientation and a command is generated based on the comparison.

Device for Producing Energy by Salinity Gradient Through Titanium Oxide Nanofluid Membranes

Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180353906

The present invention relates to a device for producing electrical energy, including two vessels A and B intended for each receiving a concentrated electrolyte solution C A and C B in the same solute and each including an electrode arranged so as to come into contact with the electrolyte solution, a membrane separating the two vessels, said membrane including at least one nanochannel arranged to allow the diffusion of the electrolytes from one vessel to the other through said one or more nanochannels, and a device making it possible to supply the electrical energy spontaneously generated by the differential in potential that exists between the two electrodes, characterised in that at least one portion of the inner surface of the one or more nanochannels is essentially made up of at least one titanium oxide. The present invention likewise relates to a method for producing electrical energy using said device.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180355398

A method of enumerating gas-producing coliform bacteria present in a cultured dairy product is provided. The method can comprise forming a mixture that comprises a predefined quantity of the dairy product and a predefined volume of a diluent; inoculating a thin film culture device with the mixture to form a hydrogel comprising a nutrient medium for growing coliform bacteria, an effective concentration of lactose, and an effective concentration of MOPS; incubating the inoculated thin film culture device under conditions that facilitate growth of a coliform bacterium; and identifying and counting a gas-producing colony present in the inoculated culture device.


Pub Date: 2018-12-13

Pub Number: US20180355150

A liquid crystal polyester composition containing a liquid crystal polyester and a glass fiber is provided. The amount of the glass fiber is at least 10 parts by mass but not more than 70 parts by mass per 100 parts by mass of the liquid crystal polyester, and the glass fiber contains a glass fiber (1) having a number average fiber diameter of at least 15 m but not more than 25 m and a glass fiber (2) having a number average fiber diameter of at least 10 m but not more than 12 m.