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Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180324899

Communication apparatus for a cellular communication system are disclosed. The communication apparatus comprises a controller and a transceiver. The controller is operable to control the transceiver to communicate with communication apparatus of a wireless local area network (WLAN) in pursuance of an interface setup procedure to setup an interface between the communication apparatus for the cellular communication system and the communication apparatus of the WLAN. As part of the interface setup procedure, the controller controls the transceiver to transmit an interface setup request message to the communication apparatus of the WLAN and receive, responsive to the interface setup request message, an interface setup response message including information identifying an access mode of at least one access point (AP) of the WLAN. The controller sets up the interface at the communication apparatus for the cellular communication system based on the interface setup procedure.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180323469

A method for preparing a solid electrolyte for an all-solid state battery, may include obtaining a slurry by dispersing a first raw material comprising lithium sulfide; and a second raw material selected from the group consisting of silicon sulfide, phosphorus sulfide, germanium sulfide, boron sulfide, and a combination thereof in a solvent; and drying the slurry.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180322790

This disclosure generally relates to a method and system for providing a ride for a third party rider at the request of a user ride requestor. In one embodiment, a driver device may be used to receive a ride request from one or more server computing devices for a third party rider. The driver device may receive information identifying the third party rider, including a password. Further, the driver device may transmit real time ride status information to the ride requestor directly or indirectly via the one or more server computing devices.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180318113

A stent (scaffold) or other luminal prosthesis comprising circumferential structural elements which provides high strength after deployment and allows for scaffold to uncage, and/or allow for scaffold or luminal expansion thereafter. The circumferential scaffold may be formed from degradable material, or may be formed from non-degradable material and will be modified to expand and/or uncage after deployment.

Compacted Stringer Packages

Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180319050

An illustrative embodiment of the present disclosure provides a method. A composite charge is placed over a forming and cure mandrel, a first radius filler, and a second radius filler. Mechanical pressure is applied to shape the composite charge to the forming and cure mandrel and a rigid base to form a stringer layup having a hat-shaped cross-section. Vacuum pressure is applied to the stringer layup to form a compacted stringer package.

Detection of Structural Forms of Proteins

Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180321261

The present invention relates to a method of detecting one or more tissue-derived aggregated proteins in a biological sample.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180318437

The present application relates to novel binder drug conjugates (ADCs), to active metabolites of these ADCs, to processes for preparing these ADCs, to the use of these ADCs for the treatment and/or prophylaxis of diseases and to the use of these ADCs for preparing medicaments for treatment and/or prophylaxis of diseases, in particular hyperproliferative and/or angiogenic disorders such as, for example, cancer diseases. Such treatments can be effected as monotherapy or else in combination with other medicaments or further therapeutic measures.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180321292

A portable anechoic chamber for testing a device under test, comprises a number of test antennas, each test antenna having at least one polarization, an antenna positioning means for positioning at least one of the test antennas in elevation direction relative to the device under test, and a device positioning means for positioning the device under test in azimuth direction.

Floor Cleaning Machines Having Intelligent Systems, Associated Sub-Assemblies Incorporating Intelligent Systems, and Associated Methods of Use

Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180317730

A floor cleaning machine having an intelligent system including a recovery tank sub-assembly, a vacuum fan sub-assembly, a solution tank sub-assembly, wherein the solution tank sub-assembly preferably includes a secondary electrochemical cell, a solution flow sub-assembly, a control console sub-assembly, a frame and wheel sub-assembly and/or a frame and transaxle sub-assembly, a scrub head sub-assembly, a scrub head lift sub-assembly, a squeegee sub-assembly, a solution flow sub-assembly, and an intelligent system associated with at least one of the above-identified sub-assemblies, wherein the intelligent system at least one of selectively gathers, obtains, monitors, stores, records, and analyzes data associated with components of the floor cleaning machine assembly, and at least one of controllably communicates and disseminates such data with at least one of another system and user.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180323343

An ultraviolet light emitting diode is provided to comprise an n-type semiconductor layer disposed on a substrate; light emitting elements disposed on the n-type semiconductor layer, each comprising an active layer and a p-type semiconductor layer; an n-type ohmic contact layer contacting the n-type semiconductor layer around the micro light emitting elements; p-type ohmic contact layers contacting the p-type semiconductor layers, respectively; an n-bump electrically connecting to the n-type ohmic contact layer; and a p-bump electrically connected to the p-type ohmic contact layers, wherein each of the n-bump and the p-bump is disposed across over a plurality of micro light emitting elements. The micro light emitting elements may be arranged over a wide area of the substrate, and thus light output can be improved and a forward voltage may be lowered, in addition, the n-bump and the p-bump may be formed relatively widely.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180320865

A bulb changer according to the present invention is advantageous in that when a bulb having glass tubes with gaps therebetween is replaced, protrusions of a bulb insertion portion is inserted into the gaps of the bulb, such that the bulb is integrally fixed to the bulb insertion portion and then separated by being rotated, and as a result, it is possible to prevent withdrawal or swaying of the bulb when replacing the bulb. Therefore, a bulb positioned at a high place such as a ceiling may be advantageously replaced more easily and conveniently.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180323618

An electrical power system connectable to a power grid includes a cluster of electrical power subsystems, each of the electrical power subsystems including a power converter electrically coupled to a generator having a generator rotor and a generator stator. Each of the electrical power subsystems defines a stator power path and a converter power path for providing power to the power grid. Each of the electrical power subsystems further includes a transformer. The system further includes a subsystem breaker configured with each of the electrical power subsystems, and a cluster power path extending from each subsystem breaker for connecting the cluster of electrical power subsystems to the power grid. The system further includes a reactive power compensation inverter electrically coupled within the electrical power system, the reactive power compensation inverter operable to increase the reactive power level in the electrical current flowing to the power grid.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180320740

Aspects of the disclosure can relate to an apparatus including a first member having a first bearing surface formed from a hard material (e.g., a diamond-based material, such as a polycrystalline diamond material), and a second member coupled to an input shaft to translate (e.g., rotate, slide, etc.) with respect to the first member. The second member has a second bearing surface formed from a hard material, and the second bearing surface is to bear against the first bearing surface. In embodiments of the disclosure, the first and second members can be for devices including, but not necessarily limited to: solenoids, generators and/or motors (e.g., out-runner radial flux generators, axial flux generators, radial flux generators/motors, roller vane motors, etc.), gearboxes, rotary data swivels, digital actuators, filters (e.g., inner rotating filters), valves (e.g., proportional valves), sensors (e.g., pressure differential sensors), and so forth.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180317781

In one aspect, a photoplethysmograph system to measure a user's heart rate includes one or more light-emitting diodes (LED) that provide a constantly-on light signal during a measurement period. The one or more light-emitting diodes are in optical contact with an epidermal surface of the user. The one or more light-emitting diodes emit a light signal into the tissue of the user, and wherein the tissue contains a pulsating blood flow. A light-intensity sensor circuit converts the reflected LED light from the tissue into a second signal that is proportional to a reflected light intensity. The second signal includes a voltage or current signal. A computer-processing module calculates the user's beat-to-beat heart rate from the second current signal.

Knife With Mechanical Fuse

Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180317916

A knife member that can have a blade portion configured operation within a surgical stapling device. A first frame portion can extend from the blade portion to a first connection portion. A second frame portion can extend from the first frame portion to a second connection portion. At least one of the first and second frame portions can include a fused portion. The fused portion can be configured to fail when a predetermined amount of force is applied to the fused portion.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180323161

A semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device. As a non-limiting example, various aspects of this disclosure provide a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising forming interconnection structures by at least part performing a lateral plating process, and a semiconductor device manufactured thereby.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180322376

An asset tag adapted to be mounted to an asset. The asset tag comprises a first component encoded with a first ID unique to the asset tag, the first component having a first wireless interface and transmitting first broadcast signals via said first wireless interface over a first range, the first broadcast signals including the first ID. The asset tag further comprises a user-actuatable button. The asset tag further comprises processing circuitry, coupled to the button and to at least the first wireless interface. The processing circuitry is configured for (i) determining whether a predetermined gesture has been performed by a user using the button and (ii) if the predetermined gesture has been performed, transmitting via the first wireless interface to a wireless access point a restock message, the restock message including the first ID and indicating that restocking is required of assets corresponding to the first ID.

Coating for Limiting Substrate Damage Due to Discrete Failure

Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180324944

An apparatus is configured with a component having a coating comprising a material in a first phase (e.g., solid and/or liquid phase) with a transition temperature. The component is mechanically and/or electrically attached to a substrate. Exposure of the coating to a temperature that meets or exceeds the transition temperature causes the material to undergo a phase change. The phase change of the material alters the position of the component, including separation of the component from the substrate. The separation disrupts the attachment, thereby mitigating damage to the substrate and/or component.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180324848

The present aspects relate to device-to-device (D2D) relaying in a wireless communication system. In an aspect, a relay UE receive at least one message including a radio network temporary identifier (RNTI) of at least a remote UE and transmit, on a sidelink channel, a sidelink grant associated with the RNTI to the remote UE. In another aspect, a remote UE may receive an indication to establish a connection with a relay UE on a sidelink channel, establishing the connection with the relay UE on the sidelink channel, and receive, from the relay UE on the sidelink channel, a sidelink grant associated with a RNTI of the remote UE


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180324180

To provide an access control system for performing access control, etc., in a case of detecting irregular behavior in a network, an access control system includes a message-obtainment-processing unit configured to obtain from an email server an email message including information for identifying a suspect-terminal that has conducted irregular behavior, the email message being generated in a security system located inside or outside a private network constituted by use of a software defined network (SDN) to be received by the email server. The message-obtainment-processing unit causes an SDN controller in the private network to provide, to the suspect-terminal or an edge network device that controls communication of the suspect-terminal, a control instruction based on the obtained email message, so as to cause the suspect-terminal or the edge network device to execute a process for access control against the suspect-terminal.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180318995

The electric stapler includes a main body, a striking device, a pivot element, and a switch. The main body encloses a receiving space and has a front opening. The striking device is arranged in the receiving space and includes a movable striking mechanism. An end of the pivot element is pivotally connected to the striking mechanism, and an other end of the pivot element has a pressing portion. The switch is arranged in the receiving space of the main body and is connected to the striking device. The striking mechanism is driven to move to a striking position to strike a nail out when the switch is triggered. The switch is triggered when the pressing portion is pushed toward the switch by a papersheet.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180318164

A wearable apparatus comprises a passive artificial knee that comprises first and second links coupled at a knee joint, a passive compressive force generator coupled to the second link, and a release mechanism coupled to the first link. When an angle of the first and second links is less than a toggle angle, the release mechanism locks in a first operational mode, and the force generator compresses, resisting flexing of the second link. When the angle is larger than the toggle angle, the force generator decompresses and encourages flexion of said second link. When the force generator is extended and said compressive force is small, the release mechanism moves into a second operational mode, wherein the force generator neither resists nor encourages extension and flexion of said second link from said first link. The wearable apparatus comprises an exoskeleton trunk configured to couple to an upper body of a user.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180319921

Provided is a multi-component copolymer capable of improving the rollability of a rubber composition while having excellent low heat generating property. The multi-component copolymer comprises conjugated diene units, non-conjugated olefin units and aromatic vinyl units, wherein: a ratio among all of the aromatic vinyl units of at least one aromatic vinyl unit existing in amorphous parts inclusive of the conjugated diene units is less than 50%.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180318745

A filter element includes a filter media having opposite first and second faces, and an outer face extending in a longitudinal direction perpendicular from the first face to the second face. An undulating sealing element is directly bonded to the outer face at a location closer to and offset from the first face. The undulations of the sealing element define an offset region of the outer face of the filter media from the first face, the offset region being defined by an amplitude of the undulations. The filter element may be incorporated into a filter assembly including the filter element enclosed by a filter housing. The sealing element may be made of urethane and be compressible within a mating groove in the filter housing.

Combinations and multiplications of foldable modules and their modifications

Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180319538

An article or portion of an article comprising a combination of at least two foldable modules that mutually hinder either their folding or unfolding during normal operation until additional force is applied on particular spots along the mutual foldable edges that connect the modules. The article or the portion of the article not only can perform almost as well as non-folding equivalents but also can have the advantages that foldability offers. Such foldable modules can define not only tubular cylindrical shapes but also conical ones and mixtures between them. They can also be built as closing collapsible modules.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180321028

An inspection device for contactless three-dimensional inspection of a blade for a turbomachine. The device includes at least one first pair of laser measurement modules to scan the blade and a rotational drive to rotate, about the main axis, the blade relative to the modules along the main axis of the blade. The device then rebuilds a three-dimensional virtual representation of the blade using data coming from the scan and performs a dimensional inspection using the three-dimensional representation. Each pair of modules includes a first module oriented towards a first face of the blade and a second module oriented towards a second face of the blade. The modules are oriented relative to the blade so that during rotation, the modules scan the faces of the blade on the entire rim of the blade, and during translation of the blade along the main axis, the faces are scanned throughout their height.

Personalized Gift System and Method

Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180322554

A system and method for giving a physical gift such as a coffee cup, item of clothing or jewelry to another with an associated website that contains information about the gift. A gift item has a unique identification stamped or permanently printed on it. Each gift item can also have the URL of a webpage as well. Upon gifting the item, extra data such as wishes, photos and the like may be logically attached to the particular physical gift through the website. Any owner of the gift, past, current or future will be able to access all of the information concerning that particular gift. The invention encourages recipients to contribute their own pictures and commentary thereby facilitating communications back to the gift giver like a chain letter that provides feedback to the original letter writer inducing them and new recipients to continue to participate in the gift giving cycle.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180322586

A commodity sales data processing apparatus includes an input module, an extraction module, a summing module, and a print control module. The input module receives input of identification information capable of identifying transaction information, stored in a storage section. The extraction module extracts the transaction information relating to the identification information received by the input module from the storage section. The summing module sums a plurality of the transaction information extracted by the extraction module. The print control module prints a summation receipt in which the plurality of the transaction information summed by the summing module is arranged chronologically, and prints a summation origin receipt that cannot be summed as the summation origin receipt relates to the transaction information that has been summed by the summing module.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180317871

A workstation includes a receiver configured to receive identification information of an X-ray detector from the X-ray detector; a controller configured to set assign indicator information of the X-ray detector, based on the received identification information of the X-ray detector; an output unit configured to display the set assign indicator information of the X-ray detector; and a transmitter configured to transmit the set assign indicator information of the X-ray detector to the X-ray detector. The X-ray detector includes a transmitter configured to transmit the identification information of the X-ray detector to the workstation; a receiver configured to receive the assign indicator information from the workstation after the transmitter transmits the identification information of the X-ray detector to the workstation; and an output unit configured to display an assign indicator based on the received assign indicator information.


Pub Date: 2018-11-08

Pub Number: US20180323279

A semiconductor may include a semiconductor substrate including a first region and a second region disposed at opposite sides of the first region, a first trench formed in the first region, a buffer layer filling a portion of the first trench, a first semiconductor layer formed on the buffer layer, a second semiconductor layer forming a hetero-junction with the first semiconductor layer on the first semiconductor layer of the first region and a gate electrode formed on the second semiconductor layer of the first region.