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Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180253421

A method of forming parallel corpora comprises receiving sets of items in first language and second languages, each of the sets having one or more associated descriptions and metadata. The metadata is collected from the two sets of items and are aligned using the metadata. The aligned metadata are mapped from the first language to the second language for each of the sets. The descriptions of two items are fetched and the structural similarity of the descriptions is measured to assess whether two items are likely to be translations of each other. For mapped items with structurally similar descriptions, the mapped item descriptions are formed into respective sentences in first language and in the second language. The sentences are parallel corpora which may be used to translate an item from the first language to the second language, and also to train a machine translation system.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180251133

An apparatus for controlling a vehicle, comprising: an upper level controller connected to a vehicle CAN (Controller Area Network) bus communication network by using a CAN bus communication mode, configured: to control a first control element connected to a vehicle CAN bus via the CAN bus communication network; and to control a second control element connected to a non-vehicle CAN bus via a hardwired connection.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180250797

A ratchet wrench includes a body, a ratchet wheel, a pawl, a top ring, a top clip, bottom ring and a bottom clip. The body includes a through hole defined through the top and the bottom of the body. A top recessed area and a bottom recessed area are respectively defined in the top and the bottom of the body. A recess is defined in the inner periphery of the through hole. A protrusion with a receiving slot extends from one end of the recess. A resilient member is received in the receiving slot to bias the pawl to engage with the ratchet wheel. The top ring is engaged with the top recessed area. The bottom ring is engaged with the bottom recessed area. The top clip and the bottom clip are respectively engaged with the top and bottom recessed areas. The opt ring is pressed by the top clip.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180255582

A wireless communication node includes a transmitting portion configured to transmit over a wireless communication channel a plurality of data packets to a first neighboring node, a receiving portion configured to detect the first neighboring node, and a processor configured to calculate a beamforming vector for the first neighboring node and direct the transmitting portion to transmit the plurality of data packets to the first neighboring node with beamforming based on the calculated beamforming vector.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180250515

Examples are described for configuring cardiac pacing circuitry of an implantable medical device. Circuitry that is configurable to control delivery of therapy or sense signals in accordance with a plurality of vectors may determine that one or more pins, for therapy delivery or sensing in accordance with a first subset of vectors of the plurality of vectors, are in an electrically floating state. Circuitry may selectively close one or more switches to couple at least a subset of the one or more pins to one or more set voltage levels, and deliver therapy in accordance with a vector of a second subset of vectors of the plurality of vectors, wherein the second subset of vectors is different than the first subset of vectors.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180252167

An internal combustion engine includes an intake passage of the internal combustion engine, an exhaust passage of the internal combustion engine, and an EGR passage connecting the intake passage and the exhaust passage. The internal combustion engine further includes a throttle valve provided downstream of a connected part to the EGR passage in the intake passage, and configured to control an intake air quantity toward a downstream side of the connected part, and an intake throttle valve provided upstream of the connected part to the EGR passage in the intake passage. In a control device of the internal combustion engine, an opening degree of the intake throttle valve is determined on the basis of an opening degree of the throttle valve.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180249957

A monitoring device suitable for attachment to a surface of a subject, the device having a data collector and a processor. The data collector includes a flexible foil attached to a less flexible socket, where the foil forms a dermal side surface of the data collector for adhesion to a skin surface of a subject to be monitored. To enable communication of electrical signals between the data collector and the processor, the data collector includes a distribution structure formed as a pattern of an electrically conductive material on an outer surface of a foldable sheet. The foldable sheet forms a layer in the flexible foil and having an interface portion which is folded into an aperture in the socket to form a coupling inside the cavity for electrical communication with a matching coupling of the processor when the processor is received in the cavity.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180254157

A rotatable switching member comprises a support bracket having a first arm, a second arm, and a middle portion, and a switch flange. The rotatable switching member further comprises a switch bracket connected to the middle portion of the support bracket having an attachment portion and an engagement portion. A handle is fixed to the first arm of the support bracket to rotate the rotatable switching member.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180251116

A system and method of controlling regenerative braking of an eco-friendly vehicle are provided. The system eliminates a motor over-temperature state during regenerative braking, effectively prevents a chattering phenomenon in which regenerative braking torque is repeatedly increased and reduced after the motor over-temperature state, and consequently, improves the braking safety and operability of the vehicle. A torque output rate for motor regenerative braking torque limitation is determined from a current motor load and motor temperature using setting information when a motor over-temperature state is detected. Then, a final regenerative braking torque is determined by multiplying a motor regenerative braking torque, calculated from information including battery chargeable power and a driver braking operation value, by the determined torque output rate. Thereafter, regenerative braking of a motor is adjusted based on the determined final regenerative braking torque.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180255066

Systems, methods, and apparatus, including computer-readable storage media storing executable instructions, for enhanced authentication security. In some implementations, an authentication request associated with a first communication session is received. A second communication session having parameter values derived from parameter values for the first communication session. An authorization code corresponding to the second communication session is generated. The first communication session as closed. The authentication code is provided to the device in response to the authentication request.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180253073

The system generally includes a crosspoint switch in the local data collection system having multiple inputs and multiple outputs including a first input connected to the first sensor and a second input connected to the second sensor. The multiple outputs include a first and second output configured to be switchable between a condition in which the first output is configured to switch between delivery of the first sensor signal and the second sensor signal and a condition in which there is simultaneous delivery of the first sensor signal from the first output and the second sensor signal from the second output. Each of multiple inputs is configured to be individually assigned to any of the multiple outputs. Unassigned outputs are configured to be switched off producing a high-impedance state. The local data collection system is configured to manage data collection bands and includes a neural net expert system using intelligent management of the data collection bands that define a specific frequency band and at least one of a group of spectral peaks, a true-peak level, a crest factor derived from a time waveform.

Shuttle Valve Stabilization Through Pressure Differential and Shuttle Valve with Hollow Poppet with Weep Hole

Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180252323

A shuttle valve has a valve body including a first valve seat defining a first fluid inlet, a second valve seat defining a second fluid inlet, and a center portion that is connected to the valve seats, the center portion defining a fluid outlet and a bore. A moveable member is moveable within the bore between a first position against the first valve seat and a second position against the second valve seat to control the flow of fluid from either of the first or second inlet to the outlet. The moveable member may be configured to have a unitary construction formed of a single component, by which a unitary shell defines a substantially hollow interior. The moveable member has a hollow interior and a weep hole for equalizing pressure between the hollow interior and exterior of the moveable member.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180253284

The disclosure relates to technology for generating random numbers that are distributed by the population distribution. An empirical cumulative distribution function is constructed from random samples of the population, and a first random number is generated that is uniformly distributed over a first interval. A second interval in the empirical cumulative distribution function is found such that a range of values of the second interval cover the first random number. A second random number is then generated as an approximation to the random number drawn from the population, where the second random number is employed as part of a testing process.

Novel Alpha-Hydroxy Carboxylic Acid And Derivatives And Other GRAS-Based Prodrugs Of Oxymorphone And Uses Thereof

Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180250288

The invention describes pharmaceutical compounds and compositions comprised of a ligand attached to the opioid oxymorphone, in a manner that substantially decreases or deters the potential for opioid abuse, addiction, illicit and illegal use, and overdose. When delivered at the proper dosage, the pharmaceutical composition provides therapeutic activity similar to that of the parent active agent.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180254111

Nuclear fuel assemblies include fuel elements that are sintered or cast into billets and co-extruded into a spiral, multi-lobed shape. The fuel kernel may be a metal alloy of metal fuel material and a metal-non-fuel material, or ceramic fuel in a metal non-fuel matrix. The fuel elements may use more highly enriched fissile material while maintaining safe operating temperatures. Such fuel elements according to one or more embodiments may provide more power at a safer, lower temperature than possible with conventional uranium oxide fuel rods. The fuel assembly may also include a plurality of conventional UO2 fuel rods, which may help the fuel assembly to conform to the space requirements of conventional nuclear reactors.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180254771

A voltage comparator (1) has a high switching speed and simplicity of design. It minimizes pulse-width distortion of input digital signals when functioning as a digital input buffer in high speed communications applications. In addition it provides a simple hysteresis circuit (31) that is easily tuneable with a reference current. The hysteresis circuit (31) is dependent on a reference current. This current may be chosen to have a proportionality to temperature, supply, or another selectable parameter, and may be programmable, in order to create the desired hysteresis performance.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180254513

Provided herein are methods of forming solid-state ionically conductive composite materials that include particles of an inorganic phase in a matrix of an organic phase. The methods involve forming the composite materials from a precursor that is polymerized in-situ after being mixed with the particles. The polymerization occurs under applied pressure that causes particle-to-particle contact. In some embodiments, once polymerized, the applied pressure may be removed with the particles immobilized by the polymer matrix. In some implementations, the organic phase includes a cross-linked polymer network. Also provided are solid-state ionically conductive composite materials and batteries and other devices that incorporate them. In some embodiments, solid-state electrolytes including the ionically conductive solid-state composites are provided. In some embodiments, electrodes including the ionically conductive solid-state composites are provided.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180253391

A multiple channel memory controller includes: an application adaptor that transfers a command or data received from a host to the outside, and transfers a response associated with the transferred command or data to the host; a plurality of memory adaptors that are respectively connected one-to-one to a plurality of memory devices to form corresponding physical channels; and a virtual channel controller that is located between the application adaptor and the plurality of memory adaptors, and transfers the command or data to at least one physical channel allocated to the virtual channel.

Seed Pack, Plant Seed and Seed Marker System, Apparatus and Method

Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180253995

A seed pack, plant seed and marker system and related apparatus and method, comprising: a seed pack; a plurality of plant seeds contained within the seed pack; identifying information pertaining to the plant seeds printed on an outside surface of the seed pack; growing guidelines pertaining to the plant seeds printed on the outside surface of the seed pack; a plurality of preprinted seed markers integrally packaged together with the seed pack and the seeds; at least some of the identifying information pertaining to the seeds also preprinted on the preprinted seed markers; and at least some of the growing guidelines pertaining to the seeds also preprinted on the preprinted seed markers.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180254231

A semiconductor device includes: a semiconductor element; a frame which has a first surface, holds the semiconductor element on the first surface, and is electrically connected with the semiconductor element; and a seal which has electrical insulation properties and seals the semiconductor element and the frame, wherein a through-hole is formed in the seal, the through-hole has a hole axis which extends in a direction intersecting with the first surface, and an inner peripheral end surface of the seal exposed inside the through-hole is inclined with respect to the hole axis.

Ophthalmic Drug Compositions

Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180250224

The present invention provides a composition for treatment of ophthalmic disease comprising a solid or semi-solid containing drug shaped as an elongated body for injection or delivery into tissue spaces of the eye. The composition may comprise a plurality of drug-containing particles and at least one excipient to form the drug particles into a flexible solid or a semisolid. The excipient comprises a substance that undergoes dissolution in the physiological conditions of the tissue space after injection to allow the microspheres to disperse and migrate in the tissue space. Formulations for the drug containing compositions, methods of fabrication and methods of use are also disclosed.

Simulation Method and Apparatus for Watching Together in Live Broadcast

Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180255360

Disclosed is a simulation method and apparatus for watching together in live broadcast, including: acquiring a launching instruction acted on a live broadcast interface to select a target user; sending a watching together invitation to the target user; according to a confirmation response to the watching together invitation returned from the target user, establishing a video chat connection with the target user; and creating a display window at a preset position of the live broadcast interface to display a video chat screen. A friend who wants to watch the live broadcast together can be selected as a target user on the live interface of the live broadcast based on the user's choice, thereby the user can see an image of the friend watching together without switching to other software or leaving the live broadcast interface and perform an interaction such as chat, comment, etc.

Playback Device Synchrony Group States

Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180253277

A system is described for maintaining synchrony of operations among a plurality of devices that have independent clocking arrangements. The system includes a task distribution device that distributes tasks to a synchrony group comprising a plurality of devices that are to perform the tasks distributed by the task distribution device in synchrony. The task distribution device distributes each task to the members of the synchrony group over a network. Each task is associated with a time stamp that indicates a time, relative to a clock maintained by the task distribution device, at which the members of the synchrony group are to execute the task. Each member of the synchrony group periodically obtains from the task distribution device an indication of the current time indicated by its clock, determines a time differential between the task distribution device's clock and its respective clock and determines therefrom a time at which, according to its respective clock, the time stamp indicates that it is to execute the task.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180249976

Improvement of a frame rate and suppression of power consumption are intended. A radiological-image acquisition device (100) includes a plurality of pixels, a capacitive element (1 a ) that accumulates electric charge corresponding to a dose (X) of radiation, and a read control unit (read element control unit 22, reset element control unit 23) that reads, from at least one pixel (active pixel 10) that is not subjected to initialization in two or more frames, an output (output voltage Vout) corresponding to the electric charge.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180253112

In order to restrain generation of a peak in the measured flow rate, a fluid control unit measures a flow rate of a fluid in a channel and outputs a signal indicating a valve operation amount of a fluid control valve obtained based on a deviation between a preset flow rate and a measured flow rate and a control coefficient, and the control coefficient for a stable state and the control coefficient for a transitional state are so set to moderate fluctuation of the valve operation amount to the deviation more in the transitional state than in the stable state. At or shortly after a timing when the stable state is switched to the transitional state, a signal is output that indicates an operation amount for a switching time calculated based on each of the operation amounts output at a plurality of timings in the stable state.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180252862

A cover plate structure for a display device is provided. The cover plate structure includes a light-transmitting substrate, a light-shielding layer, and a light-transmitting covering layer. The light-transmitting substrate has a flat upper surface and a lower surface. The light-shielding layer is disposed on an edge of the flat upper surface of the light-transmitting substrate and in direct contact with the flat upper surface. The light-transmitting covering layer is located on the light-shielding layer and the light-transmitting substrate.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180251810

This disclosure relates to methods for isolating bacterial cells, fungal cells, and single-celled parasites present in a blood sample containing higher eukaryotic cells; particularly wherein the microorganisms are present at a concentration significantly lower than the eukaryotic cells in the sample.

Gerbera plant named 'Garsweetmemo'

Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180255688

A new and distinct cultivar of Gerbera plant named Garsweetmemo, characterized by its compact, broadly upright and uniformly mounding plant habit; dense and bushy appearance; numerous inflorescences with pink-colored ray florets; upright and strong scapes; and good garden performance.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180250277

The present invention relates to compounds useful in therapy, to compositions comprising said compounds, and to methods of treating diseases comprising administration of said compounds. The compounds referred to are positive allosteric modulators (PAMs) of the nicotinic acetylcholine 7 receptor.


Pub Date: 2018-09-06

Pub Number: US20180252684

The present disclosure relates to methodologies, systems and apparatus for controlling pressure in a CO 2 -based chromatography system. A first CO 2 pump operates in constant flow mode and delivers CO 2 to a chromatography column, and liquid modifier is introduced to the chromatography column according to a gradient. A second CO 2 pump is disposed downstream of the column and operates in constant pressure mode to introduce CO 2 into a flow stream at an output of the column. Liquid modifier is also introduced into the flow stream at the output of the column according to a reverse gradient compared to the gradient entering the chromatography column.