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Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180190343

A memory array and an integrated circuit are disclosed. The memory array includes first and second banks of memory elements and five switches. Each memory element of the first bank of memory elements is coupled to an upper rail and to a first node, while each memory element of the second bank of memory elements is coupled to a second node and to a lower rail. The first switch is coupled between the first node and the second node; the second switch is coupled between the first node and the lower rail; and the third switch is coupled between the second node and the upper rail. A fourth switch is coupled between the first node and a voltage that is one diode drop above the lower rail, and a fifth switch is coupled between the second node and a voltage that is one diode drop below the upper rail.

Machine-learned virtual sensor model for multiple sensors

Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180189647

The present disclosure provides systems and methods that leverage machine learning to refine and/or predict sensor outputs for multiple sensors. In particular, systems and methods of the present disclosure can include and use a machine-learned virtual sensor model that has been trained to receive sensor data from multiple sensors that is indicative of one or more measured parameters in each sensor's physical environment, recognize correlations among sensor outputs of the multiple sensors, and in response to receipt of the sensor data from multiple sensors, output one or more virtual sensor output values. The one or more virtual sensor output values can include one or more of refined sensor output values and one or more predicted future sensor output value.

Quantification of Topologically Arranged Luminescent Dyes

Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180188176

A sensor device for quantifying luminescent targets configured in an at least one dimensional pattern. The sensor device comprises a detector for obtaining an at least one dimensional pattern of measured signals, wherein the detector is adapted for detecting the luminescence of the luminescent targets, resulting in a measured pattern. The sensor device moreover comprises a processor configured to correlate the measured pattern with at least one reference pattern, so as to generate a measurement signal representative for the quantification of luminescent targets. The at least one reference pattern is a recorded pattern or an expected pattern. A recorded pattern is a pattern which is obtained by the detector before the measured pattern is obtained.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180187722

Provided is a retainer (7), including a pair of annular members (8, 8), the pair of annular members (8, 8) being coupled to each other so that semispherical bulging portions (9, 9) which are opposed to each other form pockets (11) configured to retain balls (6). The pockets (11) each include a ball-opposed surface (12) having a ball non-contact portion (14) that is recessed toward a side opposite to the ball side. The ball non-contact portion (14) is formed outside a predetermined region (A) of the ball-opposed surface (12), which includes an intersection (P) of a pitch circle (PCD) of the balls (6) and a straight line (L) extending in a radial direction through a central portion of the ball-opposed surface (12) in a circumferential direction, and has an end portion on a radially outer side which is opened in a radially outer surface (8 a ) of the annular member (8).

High Pressure Flow Line

Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180187507

Flowline components are assembled into high-pressure fluid transportation systems by a flange union. The flowline component comprises a body defining a substantially cylindrical central conduit. The conduit extends between first and second flat union faces and is adapted to conduct fluids through the body. The union faces are adapted to provide a mating surface for a flange union between the component and another flowline component. Accordingly, the union faces have a plurality of holes adapted to accommodate threaded connectors for forming the flange union. The holes are arranged in a defined array extending angularly around the conduit. Importantly, the array of holes on the first union face and the array of holes on the second union face are offset angularly relative to each other by an angle . It will be appreciated that such components may allow changes in the direction of a flow line.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180190252

The invention describes the design and the technique for creating the ideal bed and for positioning sensors to the neck of a stringed instrument, such as a guitar. The problem solved addresses the need of the performer to easily identify, activate or deactivate one or more sensors while, at the same time, playing the instrument and without, for instance, unnatural or uncomfortable torsions of the hand or unwanted pauses. The solution provided consists on an ad-hoc chamfered flat surface on the back part of the guitar's neck; such flat surface is the ideal bed where sensors can be located and accessed.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180189445

A process includes receiving information associated with a target molecule to be synthesized via a synthetic pathway engine user interface. The process also includes determining, using a synthetic pathway engine, synthetic pathway data for synthesis of the target molecule. In some cases, the process further includes generating a synthetic pathway report user interface that includes information associated with the synthetic pathway data. In other cases, the process further includes initiating automated synthesis of the target molecule using automated chemical synthesis equipment according to the synthetic pathway data.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180185921

A sheet metal system having incremental forming and direct metal deposition, includes a plate. A groove is created in the plate. A direct metal deposition tool is positioned within the groove. A material is deposited by the direct metal deposition tool onto a surface within the groove creating a rib.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180184757

A plate for an article of footwear includes a substrate, a first strand portion attached to the substrate via first stitching, and a second strand portion disposed on the first layer. The first strand portion includes first segments that each extend between two different locations along the substrate to form a first layer on the substrate. The second strand portion includes second segments that each extend between two different locations along the substrate to form a second layer on the first layer.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180188033

The present disclosure discloses a navigation method and apparatus. A specific implementation of the method comprises: sending an image captured by a terminal used by a user in an indoor environment to a server, the image comprising an identification object; receiving navigation information associated with a position of the user in the indoor environment returned from the server, the position being determined by the server based on a preset identification object matching the identification object and a position in the indoor environment corresponding to the preset identification object; and presenting at least a portion of the navigation information in the image by adopting an augmented reality mode. The navigation method and apparatus provided here achieves a comparatively accurate location of the position of the user in the indoor environment by the user photographing the image with the terminal only, enhancing the accuracy of the navigation and possessing a strong applicability.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180186027

A chainsaw which has a low profile chain cover and a chain bar tightening clutch system. The chain bar tightening clutch system can have a bar tightening knob which drives a clutch which governs the amount of pressure applied to the chain bar by operating the bar tightening knob. The chainsaw can have a chain bar tensioning system which can have a tensioning drive member in an offset position from the tensioning post which positions the tensioning post to achieve a chain tension and compact chainsaw design. The chainsaw can also have an oil cap with a lock channel having a detent with produces a sound when moved from a disengaged to an engage position with an oil reservoir.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180187268

The present invention relates to methods and compositions for determining whether a subject having prostate cancer is at greater risk of developing progressive disease, and methods of treating the subjects. It is based, at least in part, on the discovery that approximately 90% of men carrying at least one of the following fusion genes: TRMT11-GRIK2, SLC45A2-AMACR, MTOR-TP53BP1, LRRC59-FLJ60017, TMEM135-CCDC67 and CCNH-05orf30 experienced prostate cancer recurrence, metastases and/or prostate cancer-specific death after radical prostatectomy (each examples of progressive prostate cancer), while these outcomes occurred in only 36% of men not carrying any of these fusion genes. It is also based, at least in part, on the discovery that no patient studied survived five years without recurrence if their primary prostate cancer contained a TRMT11-GRIK2 or MTOR-TP53BP1 fusion gene. It is also based, at least in part, on the discovery that the protein encoded by the MAN2A1-FER fusion gene exhibits kinase activity.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180185938

A circular saw blade to cut electric resistance welded pipes in the electric resistance welded pipe production line experiences an excessive load on hard tips thereof because of the limited cutting time, which results in reduced durability and chipping.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180192204

A micromechanical sound transducer system includes a substrate that includes (a) a cavity with a cavity edge area, (b) a front side, and (c) a rear side; a piezoelectric vibrating beam that is elastically suspended on the front side and that extends across the cavity; and, for the piezoelectric vibrating beam, a respective deflection limiting device that is on a front edge area of the respective vibrating beam and that is configured to limit a deflection of the respective vibrating beam to a limiting deflection by causing the respective front edge area of the respective vibrating beam to interact with the cavity edge area or an opposing front edge area of another vibrating beam.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180191376

A method of decoding a received message includes: determining a weighting vector corresponding to at least one bit of the received message according to a syndrome and a parity check matrix; determining a bit state of the bit according to a bit value of the bit; changing the bit state according to the weighting vector and a flipping threshold, wherein a change range of the bit state is variable; and flipping the bit according to the bit state.

Foaming Agent Masterbatches for Foaming Thermoplastic Vulcanizates

Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180186961

The present disclosure relates to thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) compositions and foaming agent masterbatches suitable for foaming, as well as foamed TPV compositions, methods of making the foregoing, and applications of various foamed TPV compositions. In particular, the present disclosure provides foaming agent masterbatches having unconventionally lower loading of foaming agent in carrier polymer. The carrier polymer may advantageously comprise or be a plastomer and/or propylene-based elastomer that is also suitable for inclusion in the TPV composition, and foaming the TPV composition may include the use of relatively greater amounts of foaming agent masterbatch. The use of greater amounts of foaming agent masterbatch with lower loading may allow for superior distribution of the foaming agent in the TPV composition during foaming, leading to greater uniformity of extent of foaming (e.g., as may be shown through greater uniformity of specific gravity in the foamed TPV composition).

Methods Comprising Continuous Administration of a GLP-1 Receptor Agonist and Co-administration of a Drug

Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180185451

Provided is a method for administering to a subject, via an implantable delivery device, a continuous subcutaneous dose of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analog, where the subject is orally co-administered a drug after implantation of the implantable delivery device and during continuous subcutaneous dosing of the GLP-1 analog.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180186591

A sheet processing apparatus includes a first holding unit configured to hold one or more sheets and movable in a sheet transport direction, a first drive unit configured to move the first holding unit in a first direction along the sheet transport direction, a biasing member that biases the first holding unit in a second direction opposite to the first direction, and an energy storage unit that stores energy discharged from the biasing member.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180191421

An electronic apparatus is provided. The electronic device includes a plurality of multi-band antennas configured to transmit and receive data to and from an access point, and a processor configured to transmit and receive predetermined data to and from the access point through each of the plurality of multi-band antennas and calculate a data transmission rate of each of the plurality of multi-band antennas, and to select at least one multi-band antenna for transmitting and receiving data to and from the access point based on the calculated data transmission rates.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180186553

A retaining system for a collection of absorbent articles such as tissues, wipes, towels, cloths, napkins, or similar materials or combinations thereof is described. The articles can be packaged or unpackaged, and held together with a coupling component. The retaining system also includes one or more accessory articles attached to the coupling component. The retaining system may also include an optional waste receptacle attached to the coupling component.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180189092

The invention relates to a method and a system for secure execution of virtual machines by a set of interconnected programmable devices, each including at least one processor, each programmable device being able to execute applications of a plurality of virtual machines and including a hardware portion for standard security level execution and a secure hardware portion for a security level higher than the standard security level.

System for Cooling Components Arranged within an Enclosure

Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180191043

A method of cooling a rack of heat dissipating components comprises cooling air, and porting the cooled air into a volume in front of the rack from above the volume. The method further comprises moving the cooled air from the volume in front of the rack to a plenum at a rear portion of the rack to pressurize the plenum. The cooled air is moved with an air mover disposed at a bottom portion of the rack, The method also comprises flowing air from the pressurized plenum past or through heat dissipating components in the rack to the volume in front of the rack, by force of pressure in the plenum through air-directing ports in the plenum. The air may be flowed through the heat dissipating components, around the heat dissipating components, or both. The method further comprises drawing warm air from an upper portion of the volume in front of the racks to cool it again.

Device and Method for Handling a New Radio Connection in Inter-System Mobility

Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180192455

A new radio (NR) network for handling mobility fora communication device from the NR radio network to a LTE network comprises a storage device for storing instructions and a processing circuit coupled to the storage device. The processing circuit is configured to execute the instructions stored in the storage device. The instructions comprise connecting to the communication device; communicating a NR connection identity (ID) identifying a NR connection with the communication device; communicating data of the NR connection with the communication device; receiving a context request message for the communication device from the LTE network; and transmitting a context response message comprising an evolved packet system (EPS) bearer context of the communication device to the LTE network, wherein the EPS bearer context comprises an EPS bearer identity and a first plurality of quality-of-service (QoS) parameters.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180185325

The present invention provides compounds of the following structure,


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180186807

Provide herein are compounds and pharmaceutical compositions suitable as modulators of hemoglobin, methods and intermediates for their preparation, and methods for their use in treating disorders mediated by hemoglobin and disorders that would benefit from tissue and/or cellular oxygenation.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180184678

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a pulverulent emulsified composition in which a soybean protein material is used as a protein material constituting part of the pulverulent emulsified composition, the pulverulent emulsifier composition having excellent color tone and exhibiting no feathering or oiling-off when added to, e.g., coffee. A pulverulent emulsified composition that contains, in proportion by dry weight, 0.3-7.0% by weight of a soybean protein material, 10-40% by weight of oils/fats, 0.01 to less than 1.0% by weight of a buffer salt, 40-70% by weight of sugars, and 0.8-5.0% by weight of an emulsifier, and is characterized in that when 5 g thereof is dispersed into coffee obtained by dissolving 2 g of instant coffee in 150 mL of 80 C. water, the lightness (L* value) of the dispersion is at least 35, makes it possible to obtain excellent color tone and exhibits no feathering or oiling-off when added to coffee.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180185077

The invention features bone screws having a threaded screw body and a screw head attached to one end of the screw body, the bone screw further including: a) an interior channel extending longitudinally through the screw head and through at least a portion of the screw body, wherein the interior channel has a width of less than 5.0 millimeters; and b) a plurality of radially-disposed delivery channels connecting the interior channel to the exterior of the screw body, each delivery channel having exterior openings. The invention further features devices that include a bone screw and a delivery manifold detachably attached to the screw head of the bone screw. In addition, the invention features methods of treating a patient having a bone defect by using a bone screw described herein.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180185955

Ultrasonic filament modeling systems and methods may be utilized to achieve room-temperature 3-D printing of solid (95%) metal materials. A vibrating tool is applied to a metal filament to form a voxel, inducing mechanical deformation as well as inter-and intra-layer mass transport. Desired structures may be built on a voxel-by-voxel basis. Additionally, by varying the applied ultrasonic energy, the microstructure of the resulting structure may be controlled.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180186459

A support structure for a flight attendant seat, the support structure having supporting elements arranged at an upper and a lower end of the support structure. The supporting elements connect the support structure to an aircraft structure via fastening points, the support structure having receiving elements for receiving the flight attendant seat. The support structure has at least two substantially vertical elements and at least one substantially horizontal element. The vertical elements have at least one upper and one lower end, the supporting elements being attached to respective ends of the vertical elements and forming lattice struts. The support elements are designed to be connected to the aircraft structure at at least two attachment positions, at least two upper and two lower fastening points being selectable in their respective attachment position to the aircraft structure, at least one cabin element being adaptively attached to the support structure.


Pub Date: 2018-07-05

Pub Number: US20180188175

The present invention relates to devices and methods for spectrometric analysis of light-emitting samples. The device comprises a particle beam source, which generates a primary particle beam directed to the sample in such a way that the primary particle beam is incident on the sample and photons are released from the sample due to the interaction between primary particle beam and sample material. Moreover, the device comprises a plurality of light-pickup elements, which are suitable for capturing the photons released from the sample, wherein the light-pickup elements capture the photons emitted in the respectively assigned solid-angle range. Furthermore, the device comprises conduction elements, which are embodied to forward captured photons to an evaluation unit, and an analysis system, which comprises a plurality of evaluation units in such a way that photons captured by each light-pickup element are analyzed spectrally.