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Mixed Cation Perovskite Material Devices

Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180030279

Photovoltaic devices such as solar cells, hybrid solar cell-batteries, and other such devices may include an active layer disposed between two electrodes. The active layer may have perovskite material and other material such as mesoporous material, interfacial layers, thin-coat interfacial layers, and combinations thereof. The perovskite material may be photoactive. The perovskite material may be disposed between two or more other materials in the photovoltaic device. Inclusion of these materials in various arrangements within an active layer of a photovoltaic device may improve device performance. Other materials may be included to further improve device performance, such as, for example: additional perovskites, and additional interfacial layers.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180031862

A pair of glasses includes frame including a first frame including a supporting portion and a second frame including a supporting portion, a pan of glasses legs mounted to the frame, and at least one pair of nose rest members. Each of the supporting portions defines a groove extending through the supporting portion, and each of the nose rest members is partly received in a corresponding groove. The nose rest members can be pulled out of the grooves by a hand of a user.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180033659

Embodiments disclosed herein generally relate to a system, method, and apparatus for controlling substrate outgassing such that hazardous gasses are eliminated from a surface of a substrate after a III-V epitaxial growth process or an etch clean process, and prior to additional processing. An oxygen containing gas is flowed to a substrate in a load lock chamber, and subsequently a non-reactive gas is flowed to the substrate in the load lock chamber. As such, hazardous gases and outgassing residuals are decreased and/or removed from the substrate such that further processing may be performed.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180027799

A tree stand may include a platform having a tree gripping portion, a support extension extending from the platform and an imperforate strap connected to the support extension so as to wrap about a tree.

Brake Pad Waste Collector

Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180031059

Improvements in collection of brake dust from a disc brake assembly are disclosed. The brake assembly includes a rotor, a caliper, brake pads and a filter. The filter is disposed within a shroud which covers at least 70% of the distal side periphery on both sides of the brake rotor. The housing can encompass the brake caliper so that the amount of brake residue captured and the air flow recycled on the brake rotor can be maximized. The brake dust waste collector can incorporate one or more magnets within the air stream to collect heavy particles smaller than 40 nm that can fall from gravity or vibration. The filters collect particles larger than 40 nm as the air is forced through the housings. The air is forced out of the impeller housing and onto the rotor to aid in cooling of the braking system.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180028816

Apparatus includes an implant and an introducer. The implant includes an injectable housing, an electrode disposed on an outer surface of the housing, and circuitry. The circuitry is configured to alternate between a first mode in which the circuitry drives the electrode to apply a first electrical current having a frequency of 1-100 Hz, and a second mode in which the implant applies a second electrical current having a frequency of 1-10 kHz. The introducer includes a tube that defines a lumen and is percutaneously-advanceable into tissue of the subject, the lumen being dimensioned to at least temporarily house the implant. The introducer is configured to deploy the implant from a distal end of the lumen by moving the implant and the distal end of the lumen relative to each other. Other embodiments are also described.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180032396

A device includes a memory device and a controller. The controller is configured to determine, based on data read from the memory device, a first count of bits of the data that are associated with at least a first number of unsatisfied parity checks of the data and a second count of bits of the data that are associated with at least a second number of unsatisfied parity checks of the data. The controller is further configured to perform one or more operations based at least partially on the first count and the second count.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180033093

Remotely modifying a display of a client. The server transmits first instructions to the client to modify the display to present, on a first area, a plurality of different taxable entities to which the client has access, and to modify the display to present, on a second area, a plurality of different report types. The server determines, based on input from the client, a plurality of different specific forms which relate only to a first subset and are also only within a second subset. The first subset is user input from the first area of a plurality of different taxable entities to which the client has information access. The second subset is user input from the second area of the display from the plurality of different report types. The server transmits second instructions to the client to modify the second area to display only the plurality of different specific forms.

In-Cell Touch Substrate and Method for Driving the Same, Display Panel

Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180032191

An in-cell touch substrate and a method for driving the same, and a display panel are provided. The in-cell touch substrate comprises a plurality of common electrodes time-division multiplexed as touch electrodes and a plurality of touch signal lines, each of the touch electrodes is stacked with at least one of the touch signal lines, a first insulation layer is provided between said each of the touch electrodes and the at least one of the touch signal lines, said each of the touch electrodes is electrically connected with one of the at least one of the touch signal lines through a first via hole in the first insulation layer, and is also stacked with at least one redundant line, redundant lines stacked with different touch electrodes are insulated with each other, said each of the touch electrodes is electrically connected with all of the at least one redundant line.

Assortment optimization

Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180032934

A scalable architecture to solve assortment problems. Relevant data is loaded into various data stores throughout the architecture. A user specifies the problem using an interactive user interface. A dispatcher process takes the problem and delegates it to individual data stores. The data stores solve their delegated problems and return the results to the dispatcher, which aggregates the results and presents them to the user as an optimal solution to the assortment problem.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180027925

There are disclosed high heel shoes where separate components combine to create load balancing internal footwear technology. A two-piece system includes interlocking toe bed and shank constructed of complex three dimensional curved surfaces which create an intricately sculpted volume to provide structural support down the length of the entire foot. The toe bed provides a wide base and keeps the big toe pointed straight (at an approximately 10 angle). A heel maximizes the surface area of the bottom of the heel at the point of strike with the ground while retaining a minimal and aesthetically appealing silhouette from the side view. The toe bed and shank feature a composition of layered materials which when combined work to provide both stability and shock absorption to the ball of the foot during the foot strike of walking. An internal support structure provides a padded barrier and intermediary between the rigidity of the shank and the softness of the shoe upper.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180027844

A clear beverage containing a fruit flavoring is provided that is capable of masking an off-flavor from the fruit flavoring. Vanillin, maltol, ethyl maltol, ethyl octanoate or 2-undecanone is incorporated in the clear beverage containing a fruit-like aroma/taste component, with their respective amounts being 5 ppb or more, 500 ppb or more, 100 ppb or more, 3 ppb or more, or 50 ppb or more.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180030604

A carbon dioxide-reduction device including an anode, a liquid-retaining film capable of retaining an electrolytic solution, a proton-permeable membrane, and a cathode, wherein the cathode includes a metal-containing member and an adsorbent, where the metal-containing member includes a metal capable of reducing carbon dioxide and has pores through which carbon dioxide can pass in a thickness direction of the metal-containing member, and the adsorbent is capable of adsorbing carbon dioxide, and is disposed at a surface of the metal-containing member at a side of which the proton-permeable membrane is present.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180032836

A method of defining a path model from a set of realistic paths is provided, where each path in the set of realistic paths is expanded on piece-wise polynomial basis, and a respective centroid function and sequence of eigenfunctions calculated for each expanded representation. A set of principle paths representing the major variation of this set of paths is obtained describing the variations of the set of realistic paths with respect to the centroid. The path model thus comprises a linear combination of said principle paths. The path model may be used as the basis for the generation of new curves having similar characteristics to the original set of realistic paths.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180031086

An auto tensioner is mounted on a rotating shaft of an engine auxiliary device rotating about the rotating shaft by a power transmitted through a power transmission belt. The auto tensioner pivots about a pivot shaft. The auto tensioner has one side rotatably fastened to the pivot shaft and another side fastened to a driving member, and pivots about the pivot shaft in accordance with an operation of the driving member


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180031967

A photoacid generator (PAG) and a photoresist composition, the PAG being represented by the following Chemical Formula (I):


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180030327

A thermal interface material that is useful in transferring heat from heat generating electronic devices, such as computer chips, to heat dissipating structures, such as heat spreaders and heat sinks. The thermal interface material includes at least one silicone oil, and at least one thermally conductive filler.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180032656

A piezoelectric open-circuit output voltage profile simulator including a capacitor; at least first, second and third switches; and a controller for controlling the first, second and third switches.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180031729

A memristor element is used to create a spectrally programmable optical computing device for use in, for example, a downhole environment. An electromagnetic field is applied across the memristor element in order to alter its spectral properties. In turn, the spectral properties of sample-interacted light optically interacting with the memristor element are also altered. This alteration in spectral properties allows the memristor to be programmed to achieve a variety of transmission/reflection/absorption functions.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180032703

An apparatus for assisting a user in establishing a record of a clinical trial is disclosed. The apparatus has: a receiving device for receiving data and/or process elements as a basis for the clinical trial; and a processor, which is configured to establish the record on the basis of the data and/or process elements and to thereby administer trial-specific data and/or process elements separately from trial-independent or generalized data and/or process elements. Also disclosed are a computer-readable storage medium storing a program, and a software program, for assisting a user in establishing a record of a clinical trial.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180032007

An apparatus includes a fuser assembly including a heat transfer member. The heat transfer member includes a substrate, first and second resistive traces disposed on the substrate, and a temperature sensor disposed on the substrate for sensing an end portion thereof. A controller is coupled to the fuser assembly and is operative to control a fusing temperature of the heat transfer member during a fusing operation when a temperature sensed by the temperature sensor falls outside a predetermined range by gradually changing a set-point temperature for at least one of the first and second resistive traces from an initial set-point temperature to an adjusted set-point temperature such that an amount of heat generated by the at least one of the first and second resistive traces is adjusted without changing a fusing speed of the fuser assembly.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180027797

An operating device creating a rising heated vapor which passes through a grill having a concave surface enabling the condensate formed on the grill to migrate towards the center of the grill and away from the periphery of the grill which prevents condensate from dropping onto the operating device interfering with its operation.

Acoustic Representations of Environments

Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180033337

Concepts and technologies are disclosed herein for acoustic representations of environments. A processor can execute an acoustic representation service. The processor can receive a request to provide acoustic representation data to a device. The processor can obtain input data from the device. The input data can include captured data. The processor can analyze the input data to recognize an object represented in or by the input data and a path associated with the object. The processor can generate acoustic representation data representing the object and the path, and provide the acoustic representation data to the device.

Apparatus, System and Method for Sensor Relays Facilitating the Transfer of Information via a Movement Device and Output Device

Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180033321

The present disclosure contains embodiments of an apparatus, system and method designed to facilitate learning or efficient multitasking involving movement while one or more user's or users' movement devices process or respond to different stimuli to facilitate users moving while learning, working, or participating in a simulation. In some embodiments this may be accomplished with the aid of a circular treadmill, spherical walkway, or combinable modular trackpads that may be linked to allow a user to lay the apparatus in a path suited for a plurality of environments. The embodiments of the disclosure involve the user moving while processing information (via: learning; creating through typing, moving, talking; or being entertained) and receiving feedback, assistance related to that movement, processing, or any combination thereof while combining the motion of the movement device with the feedback loop sent from sensor relays a user may receive an optimal experience for learning while moving.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180027899

A maintenance-free respirator 10 that includes a mask harness and a mask body 11. The mask body 11 has at least one layer of filter media 56 and has a perimeter 32 that includes an upper segment 34. The upper segment 34 includes first and second concave segments 36, 38 that are located, respectively, on first and second sides of a central plane 40, when viewing the mask body from a top view. A maintenance-free respirator 10 of this configuration is comfortable to wear and can provide a snug fit to a wearer's face, particularly beneath each of the wearer's eyes, while at the same time having an ability to improve compatibility with various protective eyewear.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180029389

A thermal printer includes a head block having a head support plate and a thermal head fixed to the head support plate, a platen roller brought into abutment against the thermal head through intermediation of recording paper, a wiring board drawn from the thermal head, a frame supporting the platen roller and the head support plate, and a recording paper sensor mounted to the wiring board and detecting the recording paper. The frame includes a guide wall arranged on upstream of the thermal head in a conveyance direction of the recording paper, the guide wall guiding the recording paper to the thermal head. The head block including a sensor holder mounted thereto, the sensor holder holding the recording paper sensor at a portion which is located between the thermal head and the guide wall in the conveyance direction.

Method and System for Generating a Subsurface Model

Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180031719

A method and system are described for creating a subsurface model. In this method, a framework is obtained that includes various objects associated with a subsurface region. A background mesh is generated to enclose the framework and then cell splitting is performed to modify the background mesh into a watertight model. The watertight model may be assigned properties and utilized in simulations to assist in performing hydrocarbon operations.


Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180028869

The present invention provides a method for arranging dimples on a golf ball surface in which the dimples are arranged in a pattern derived from at least one irregular domain generated from a regular or non-regular polyhedron. The method includes choosing control points of a polyhedron, generating an irregular domain based on those control points, packing the irregular domain with dimples, and tessellating the irregular domain to cover the surface of the golf ball. The control points include the center of a polyhedral face, a vertex of the polyhedron, a midpoint or other point on an edge of the polyhedron and others. The method ensures that the symmetry of the underlying polyhedron is preserved while minimizing or eliminating great circles due to parting lines.

Method for Processing a Food Product and Corresponding Processing Apparatus

Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180027847

A method for processing food products is disclosed that comprises a step of preparing a food product during which one or more raw materials, which constitute the food product to be obtained, are worked, a cooking step during which the food product previously processed during the preparation step is cooked in vacuum mode, a cold pasteurization step during which the food product is subjected to a pressure of at least 3,000 bar, a packing step during which the food product is put in a pack, and a step of preserving the food products at a temperature comprised between 0 and 4 C.

Power Management Of A Personal Area Fabric

Pub Date: 2018-02-01

Pub Number: US20180035370

A power management system for a personal area fabric having a plurality of nodes is presented. The system implements power management functions at the fabric-level via fabric-level power profiles reflecting the aggregated power profiles from some or all of the nodes in the fabric. The fabric-level power profiles are used to trigger the implementation of fabric power configurations that cause the individual nodes to modify their operations in the interest of a fabric-level power management plan.