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Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180007318

The present disclosure is directed to a passive, enhanced MoCA entry device. The entry device includes an entry port, a broadband port, high-band ports, and a filter device. The entry device also includes a broadband path connecting the entry port to the broadband port and a high-band path connecting the entry port to the plurality of high-band ports. The filter device generates a broadband signal and a high-band signal. The filter device provides the broadband signal to broadband port via the broadband path. And, the filter device provides the high-band signal to the high-band ports via the high-band path.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180001840

A wall guard, monument, and vehicle are provided. The wall guard includes a retaining rail that is mountable to a wall surface of a monument in a vehicle. The retaining rail includes opposing edges that include outward-facing retention lips. A rub strip includes a resilient body and also includes a third lengthwise edge and a fourth lengthwise edge. The third lengthwise edge includes a first inward-facing retention tab and fourth lengthwise edge includes a second inward-facing retention tab. The inward-facing retention tabs engage the respective outward-facing retention lips to attach the rub strip to the retaining rail. The wall guard also includes end caps arranged at ends of the resilient body and the retaining rail. The end caps include an exterior profile that matches a profile of the rub strip. The end caps cover the ends of the rub strip and the retaining rail.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180002060

Wall panels for a corrugated paper board container have bulge control lines formed therein to control the bending of the wall panels as the container is loaded with contents, such as liquid containing contents. The bulge control lines are configured to control the bending of the wall panels to mitigate the possibility of undesirable spouting that makes the containers more difficult to store.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180001432

Method and apparatus for sharpening a cutting tool. In some embodiments, an abrasive endless belt is rotated in tension along a neutral plane between spaced apart first and second rollers. A guide assembly has spaced apart first and second guide surfaces which collectively converge to an intervening base surface to form a guide channel. Upon insertion of a blade of a cutting tool into the guide channel, a selected side of the blade contactingly slides against at least a selected one of the first or second guide surfaces and a first portion of a cutting edge of the blade contactingly engages the base surface to serve as a plunge depth limit stop for the blade. The endless belt is contactingly deflected by a second portion of the cutting edge away from the neutral plane to sharpen the second portion while the first portion remains in contact with the base surface.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180003179

An electric compressor includes a compression portion that compresses and discharges a drawn fluid, and a motor of the compression portion. The electric compressor includes an actuator that includes multiple electronic components and drives the motor, a first casing that accommodates the actuator, and a second casing that accommodates the compression portion and the motor. The second casing includes a discharge passage in which a high-temperature fluid compressed by the compression portion flows. A limiting structure that limits the heat transfer from the fluid flowing in the discharge passage is provided between one of the electronic components and the discharge passage. The limiting structure includes a seat portion that defines a gap between a bottom surface of the one of the plurality of electronic components and the discharge passage. According to the electric compressor, the heat transfer from the fluid to the electronic components can be limited.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180001936

A flooring product has multiple planar single piece substrate components, each with opposing straight longitudinal and lateral edges. A first lateral edge of a second of the substrate components abuts a first lateral edge of a first of the substrate components to form a common seam. The first and second of the substrate components are adjacent relative to a sequential array of multiple substrate components running parallel to the pair of longitudinal edges. The product has a pair of laminate component affixed to each side of each of the substrate components continuously over the sequential array thereof. The laminate components strengthen the product in relation to bearing a load applied to the second surface thereof and each of the common seams. The flooring product may be cut to lengths for accommodating overall lengths of recreational vehicles, trailers or manufactured housing units and thus reduces manufacturing costs associated therewith.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180006465

A method and apparatus are provided for determining, by a wireless power transmitter, whether a wireless power receiver is removed from a wireless power network managed by the wireless power transmitter. The method includes transmitting a command signal to report power information of the wireless power receiver at stated periods; determining whether a report signal corresponding to the command signal is received from the wireless power receiver; and determining that the wireless power receiver is removed from the wireless power network, if the report signal is not received after transmitting the command signal a predetermined number of times at the stated periods.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180002130

An apparatus for coating a part that has an asymmetrical edge. The apparatus includes a film dispenser, a film retriever, a mandrel; and a part holder. Preferably one or both of the mandrel and the part holder move in an angular relationship to one another, and the film dispenser and the film retriever move co-operatively in at least two dimensions with respect to the part holder. There is further provided a film having a first edge and a second edge, and the film can be a decorative coating, a protective coating or combinations of these. The film dispenser holds the first edge of the film, the film is positioned between the mandrel and the part holder and the film retriever holds the film second edge.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180000790

Disclosed are compounds of Formula (I)


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180000449

A catheter-based imaging system comprises a catheter having a telescoping proximal end, a distal end having a distal sheath and a distal lumen, a working lumen, and an ultrasonic imaging core. The ultrasonic imaging core is arranged for rotation and linear translation. The system further includes a patient interface module including a catheter interface, a rotational motion control system that imparts controlled rotation to the ultrasonic imaging core, a linear translation control system that imparts controlled linear translation to the ultrasonic imaging core, and an ultrasonic energy generator and receiver coupled to the ultrasonic imaging core. The system further comprises an image generator coupled to the ultrasonic energy receiver that generates an image.

Aircraft lighting system

Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180000062

The present invention is a helicopter lighting system. In particular, the present invention is directed to a helicopter lighting system with light that is directed toward a helicopter's rotors to deter bird strikes. The helicopter lighting system preferably has at least one light mounted on the helicopter's tail aimed at the tail rotor, where illumination from the at least one light comprises ultraviolet light between 300 and 400 nm in wavelength and the at least one light flashes at a pre-determined frequency, preferably between 1 Hz and 3 Hz. The light system further preferably comprises at least one roof light mounted on the roof, where illumination from the roof light shines on the main rotor and vertical shaft of the helicopter. The lighting system also preferably has a belly light mounted on the belly of the helicopter.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180005153

An example system for debugging transformed code includes a computer processor and computer memory including instructions that cause the computer processor to receive an error corresponding to a transformed code from a production service. The instructions also cause the processor to correlate the error to a symbol generated for the transformed code. The instructions further cause the processor to query a repository storing a source code corresponding to the transformed code using the symbol. The instructions also further cause the processor to assign the error to a developer based on a version history of the source code in the repository.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180003676

The present invention relates to a magnetic nanoparticle having a Curie temperature which is within a biocompatible temperature range, a method for preparing same, and a nanocomposite and a target substance detection composition comprising the magnetic nanoparticle. As the magnetic nanoparticle of the present invention has a Curie temperature within the temperature range of 0 degrees centigrade to 41 degrees centigrade, the ferromagnetic and paramagnetic properties of the magnetic nanoparticle may be controlled within a biocompatible temperature range at a temperature at which a biological control agent is not destroyed, and the temperature of the magnetic nanoparticle is adjusted to control the magnetic properties thereof such that the properties of the magnetic nanoparticle may be used only when ferromagnetic properties are required, such as in the case of signal amplification in detecting, separating, and delivering biological control agents. Accordingly, the magnetic nanoparticle of the present invention can minimize adverse effects of ferromagnetic properties thereof, and can be used in the effective detection and separation of biological control agents.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180004835

Various embodiments include a classification platform system. A user can define a classification experiment on the classification platform system. For example, the user can define an input data space by selecting at least one of data sources interfaced with the classification platform system and defining a directed graph (DG) connecting a plurality of transformation blocks to represent an experiment workflow. The DG can specify how one or more outputs of each of the transformation blocks are fed into one or more other transformation blocks. At least one of the transformation block can dynamically modify the DG. The classification platform system can schedule the experiment workflow to be executed on a distributed computation platform according to the input data space and the DG.

Organic Light Emitting Display Device, Method of Manufacturing the Same, and Head Mounted Display Including the Same

Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180006258

In one embodiment, a display device comprises: a substrate including an emissive area that emits light and a non-emissive area that does not emit light; a transistor over the substrate; a light emitting device over the transistor, the light emitting device including a first electrode, a light emitting layer on the first electrode, and a second electrode on the light emitting layer; a contact hole in the emissive area of the substrate, the contact hole positioned between the transistor and the light emitting device; and an auxiliary electrode in the contact hole, the auxiliary electrode electrically connecting together the first electrode of the light emitting device and the transistor.

Case for a Personal Electronic Device and Method for Creating Same

Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180006675

A personal electronic device case, and method for making such personal electronic device case, created by a method of bonding a resin-type material to a selected material otherwise unsuitable for protection of a personal electronic device, and carving the resulting composition into a desired shape of personal electronic device case. The resulting phone case is both aesthetically pleasing and offers improved protection for the personal electronic device.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180005602

Embodiments disclosed herein are related to systems and methods for implementing a customizable compact overlay window in a display. In one embodiment, a computing system includes one or more processors and a storage device that stores computer executable instructions that can be executed by the processors to cause the computing system to perform the following. The system receives from an application running on the computing system customization parameters that define how the application is to be configured in a compact overlay window. The system generates the compact overlay window so that the compact overlay window is customizable according to the customization parameters. The system positions the compact overlay window in a portion of a display of the computing system.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180007181

There is disclosed a mobile terminal including a case comprising an electric control unit in which electronic components are loaded; a display unit coupled to a front surface of the case; a frame coupled to the case and supporting a rear surface of the display unit, the frame comprising a metallic material; a mainboard loaded in the case; a drive chip loaded in the mainboard; a shield can covering components loaded in the mainboard, the shied comprising a hole formed, corresponding to the drive chip; a thermal conductivity sheet comprising one surface in contact with a top surface of the drive chip and the other surface in contact with an inner surface of the frame; and a flexible material insertedly filling in a space formed between the thermal conductivity sheet and the frame, so that the heat generated in the drive chip of the mobile terminal may be effectively emitted and that only the portion of the mobile terminal, where the drive chip is loaded, may be prevented from being heated when the user is using the mobile terminal and the other components may be prevented from being damaged by the heat.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180007121

Systems and methods for performance-based content delivery are disclosed. A performance management service can define client performance categories based on performance data regarding content requesting, delivery and rendering, and thereby enable content providers to generate or update content based on characteristics of different performance categories in order to improve user experience. The performance management service may also predict performance categories for clients with respect to their currently submitted content requests based on applicable client classification criteria. The performance management service can provide the category prediction to content providers so that a version of the requested content appropriate for the predicted category is transmitted to the client.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180004728

The present disclosure is descriptive of discovering structure, content, and context of a media event, e.g., a live media event, using real-time discussions that unfold through short messaging services. Generally, a sampling of short messages of a plurality of users is obtained. The sampling of short messages corresponds to a media event. A segment in the media event is identified using the sampling of short messages, and at least one term taken from the sampling of short messages is identified. The at least one term is indicative of a context of the identified segment.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180006207

A light emitting device includes: a first support member having an opening; a second support member disposed in the opening of the first support member; an adhesive member disposed between the first and second support members; a first lead electrode disposed on the second support member; a second lead electrode disposed on at least one of the first and second support members; a light emitting chip disposed on the first lead electrode, the light emitting chip being electrically connected to the second lead electrode; and a conductive layer disposed under the second support member, wherein the first support member includes a resin material, the second support member includes a ceramic material, and the first lead electrode is disposed between the light emitting chip and the second support member.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180007390

Approaches for processing video in a smart small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceiver. The smart SFP transceiver may dynamically select, from a plurality of codecs available to the smart SFP transceiver, an appropriate codec for use in processing the video prior to the video being transmitted over a link. The selection of the codec may be based, at least in part, on assessed environmental attributes. The smart SFP transceiver may then use the codec selected by the smart SFP transceiver to process the video, e.g., the video may be encoded, compressed, or timing information generated.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180005287

A system may transmit a first indication to initiate a transfer of a first set of payment profiles from a first computer of a first payment service provider to a second computer of a second payment service provider. The system may cause the second computer to execute, in response to the first indication, a profile migration to generate a new set of payment profiles corresponding to the first set of payment profiles. The system may receive, from the second computer, an error indication corresponding to the profile migration. The system may select, in response to the error indication, an action from a set of available actions to perform with respect to the profile migration. The system may cause the second computer to execute the action to transition the profile migration from a first state to a second state.

Corpus Quality Analysis

Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180005117

A mechanism is provided in a data processing system for corpus quality analysis. The mechanism applies at least one filter to a candidate corpus to determine a degree to which the candidate corpus supplements existing corpora for performing a natural language processing (NLP) operation. Responsive to a determination to add the candidate corpus to the existing corpora based on a result of applying the at least one filter, the mechanism adds the candidate corpus to the existing corpora to form modified corpora. The mechanism performs the NLP operation using the modified corpora.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180004524

In an example, there is disclosed an apparatus, including a binary translator (BT) including circuitry to: analyze a code block; determine that an architectural register mapped to a physical register in the physical register file is available for early reclamation; and insert a reclamation hint into the code block. There is also disclosed a processor to reclaim the physical register based at least in part on the reclamation hint.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180001959

A bicycle frame is disclosed, having at least one frame portion which is configured for the removable mounting of at least one separate energy storage device, in particular a battery pack. According to the invention, the frame portion configured for the removable mounting of the energy storage device has an asymmetric cross section with respect to a frame centre plane. An electric bicycle according to the invention has a frame portion which is configured for the removable mounting of at least one separate energy storage device, the frame portion having an asymmetric cross section with respect to a frame centre plane. Furthermore, an energy storage device is disclosed, having an asymmetric cross section with respect to an energy storage device centre plane.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180003628

A spectroscopic measuring device includes a halogen lamp as a light source, a lens of an irradiating system, a mirror, and a spectrometer. The lens of the irradiating optical system emits light from the halogen lamp to a measurement object. The mirror is an optical member, and the mirror is arranged coaxial with the lens and conducts detecting light between the halogen lamp and the measurement object, to the spectrometer. The spectrometer is an analyzing part and analyzes material of the measurement object on the basis of the light received via the mirror. The light from the halogen lamp to the measurement object passes through the peripheral part of the optical axis of the lens, and the light to be received by the spectrometer passes through the center part of the optical axis of the lens, at the position of the mirror.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180005753

A permanent magnet drive on-load tap-changing switch including a changing switch circuit that includes structurally identical odd- and even-numbered tap-changing circuits. The circuits include working contactors and dual-contact synchronous transition contactors made of primary and secondary contactors. The contactors each face directly a moving contactor, which are connected in parallel. A permanent magnet is fixed on each moving contactor and face directly on the other extremity thereof a moving contactor driving mechanism. The mechanism changes a force applied to the magnets, allowing the moving contactors to come into contact with or be separated from the working and transition contactors, thus implementing changeover from one tap to another tap. The switch is structurally simple and convenient to use, obviates the need for a high-speed mechanism, implements changing by the direct actions of the contactors, operates at high speed and reliably, and has a low failure rate and an extended service life.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180000769

A method of stimulating ventilatory and/or respiratory drive in a subject in need thereof includes administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount of a composition comprising a cystine ester or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. Embodiments described herein relate to compositions and methods of stimulating ventilatory and/or respiratory drive in a subject in need thereof, and particularly relates to compositions and methods of treating breathing diseases and/or disorders associated with paired ventilatory and/or respiratory drive.


Pub Date: 2018-01-04

Pub Number: US20180001860

A side air bag device is described which is disposed in a space between a vehicle body and a back seat and for which rigidity of attachment to a vehicle body member is improved. The side air bag device provided between a vehicle body and a back seat includes: a base member including a base storage configured to store an air bag and an inflator and a base attachment portion attached to the vehicle body; and a retainer member configured to hold the base storage from a vehicle back side. The retainer member extends from a portion holding the base storage while being bent along the shape of the vehicle body. The retainer member is attached to the vehicle body together with the base attachment portion while being overlapped with the base attachment portion.