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Illuminated Emblem

Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150241016

An emblem device includes a back plate, an emblem and a lighting device. The emblem overlies the back plate, and has a translucent portion and an opaque portion. The lighting device is disposed between the emblem and the back plate, and is configured and arranged to be able to disperse light though the translucent portion of the emblem.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150241425

Methods, compositions, and kits for performing analyte detection in a lateral flow assay.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150242276

A transactional memory system salvages a hardware lock elision (HLE) transaction. A processor of the transactional memory system executes a lock-acquire instruction in an HLE environment and records information about a lock elided to begin HLE transactional execution of a code region. The processor detects a pending point of failure in the code region during the HLE transactional execution. The processor stops HLE transactional execution at the point of failure in the code region. The processor acquires the lock using the information, and based on acquiring the lock, commits the speculative state of the stopped HLE transactional execution. The processor starts non-transactional execution at the point of failure in the code region.

Program Optimization via Compile Time Execution

Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150242193

When compiling high level, graphical code (e.g. LabVIEW code) representative of a design, parts of the code that do not depend on external input data may be executed during the compilation process. Specific variables and/or value traces of specific variables in the program, e.g. constant values and/or repeating patterns may be recorded then analyzed, and certain transformations may be applied in the compilation process according to the results of the analysis, thereby optimizing the design. In one approach, the graph may be dynamically stepped through one node at a time, and it may be determined whether all inputs to the stepped-through node are known. If those inputs are known, type conversion and the operation corresponding to the stepped-through node may be dynamically performed. In another approach, a subset of the graphical code not depending on external data may be compiled and executed, thereby obtaining the same results as described above.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150241037

A self-centering hyperbolic trim assembly is provided for a recessed light fixture. The trim assembly includes a mixing chamber, a hyperbolic reflector and a reflector mounting assembly to mount the hyperbolic reflector without rigid attachment in an optic housing of the recessed light fixture. The mixing chamber is top mounted by its chamber holder portion over an LED light source in the optic housing. The mixing chamber has a light transmitting chamber body held within the chamber holder portion, whereby a space is formed between the chamber holder and the light transmitting chamber body. This space is sufficient to accept the free upper end of the hyperbolic reflector therein, thus creating a self-centering interference fit between the mixing chamber and the reflector, while protecting the LED light source, when the light fixture is assembled, thereby maintaining consistent light output and patterning.

Brown Adipocyte Progenitors in Human Skeletal Muscle

Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150240206

This invention relates to brown adipose tissue (BAT) progenitor cells and methods for isolating BAT progenitor cells from skeletal muscle. BAT progenitor cell surface markers and medium and agents for inducing cell differentiation into brown adipocytes are also provided. In some embodiments, the BAT progenitor cell expresses a first cell surface marker associated with endothelial cells, the first cell surface marker being detectable in an antibody based assay using a first antibody. In addition, the BAT progenitor cell can be substantially free of a second cell surface marker associated with endothelial cells, the second cell surface marker being substantially undetectable in said antibody based assay using a second antibody. The BAT progenitor cell can also be substantially free of additional cell surface markers.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150241956

A memory device includes a voltage regulator, whose output provides a voltage supply for various other components of the memory device, including a command user interface. The memory device is placed into an ultra-deep power-down mode by providing to the memory device a software command, which causes the output of the voltage regulator to be disabled. To bring the memory device out of the ultra-deep power-down mode, a chip select signal is provided to the memory device, which includes a wake-up circuit that remains powered on even when the memory device is in the ultra-deep power-down mode. Receipt of the chip select signal while the memory device is in the ultra-deep power-down mode causes the output of the voltage regulator to be enabled, thereby providing power to the components that were completely powered down.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150238891

The present invention relates to a backing net for a media pack. The backing net comprises a plurality of longitudinal beams and at least one vane and the longitudinal beam has first and second ends and is arranged to be mounted to the media pack in the longitudinal direction. The vane is attached to longitudinal beams and arranged to extend in the lateral direction of the media pack and adapted to direct an air flow passing through the backing net in a preferred direction. The invention further relates to a media pack with a backing net and a V-type filter having a plurality of media packs.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150239774

A glazing unit includes a glass substrate equipped on one of its faces, intended to form the face of the glazing unit in the use position, with a thin-film multilayer comprising, from the substrate, a film of a transparent electrically conductive oxide based on indium tin oxide of physical thickness e 1 included in a range extending from 50 to 200 nm, a silicon-nitride barrier film of physical thickness e 2 , then a film based on silicon oxide, the thicknesses e 1 and e 2 , expressed in nanometers, being such that 0.11e 2 /e 1 0.18.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150242389

Techniques to identify user interface elements associated with model violation events. These techniques may involve a user interface component configured to perform client-side validation of data objects that are generated by an application running on a client device. This application may communicate with another application operative on a server and the client device. The application may generate a user interface to facilitate user inputs into user interface elements. The server may provide the client device with validation logic that is operative to process any input data directed towards the application via the user interface and identify any violation event of a model shared between the server and the client device.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150240260

Reagents and methods are provided that allow for an improved expression of a recombinant protein in an insect, More specifically, the introduction of recombinant DNA elements into an insect larva allows for the increased expression of a recombinant protein, an improvement of the correct folding of said protein and an increase in the survival rate after infection of the insect These recombinant DNA elements can be introduced, for example, into insect larvae via a recombinant baculovirus, which has incorporated said elements. The recombinant DNA elements include nucleic acids encoding transcriptional regulators, such as IE-0 and IE-1, transcriptional, enhancer elements, such as the homologous region (hr) and promoters.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150240219

Vectors, such as retroviral vectors and transposon-based nonviral vectors, are disclosed herein that can be used to target transgene expression to the proliferating periosteal cells and cells in the marrow space after bone fracture. In one embodiment, these vectors include a human Cox-2 gene that is modified to improve mRNA stability and protein translation by truncating the 3 untranslated region (UTR). In addition, in some embodiments, the native translation signal is replaced with an optimized Kozak sequence. These vectors can be used alone or with vectors expressing BMP2/4, FGF-2, or LMP-1 gene to repair bone fractures and increase prostaglandin secretion. Methods for identifying agents that accelerate bone repair are also disclosed.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150242595

A portable data storage device includes a first portable storage identification (PSID) parameter unique thereto, one or more data storage media in which the first PSID parameter is stored, and control logic coupled to the one or more data storage media. The data storage media include a data file section to store therein a data file, which includes data and a rights object. The rights object contains a second PSID parameter. The control logic controls access to the data storage media by a user. The control logic determines whether or not the first PSID parameter and the second PSID parameter are equal. If they are equal, it causes the data in the data file to be provided to the user in response to a request from the user. A method for realizing the device is also provided.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150245392

An apparatus is configured to perform a method for optimized route mobility. The method includes determining that a mobile node moves from a first network to a second network. The method also includes, in response to determining the movement of the mobile node, receiving, at an access/gateway router of the second network, a prefix delegation message from a router of the first network, the prefix delegation message configured for movement of an IP prefix associated with a communication session of the mobile node from the first network to the second network, the prefix delegation message comprising the IP prefix previously allocated to the first network. The method further includes updating a routing table to reflect the moved IP prefix.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150239471

Even if an adjustable speed limitation function (ASL) sets a vehicle speed upper limit to a relatively low vehicle speed, a control unit 10 is configured to, in order to suppress the problem of a decrease in fuel efficiency while the ASL is executing the vehicle speed limitation, suppress an output of an engine 2 so that the vehicle speed does not exceed the vehicle speed upper limit, and cause a gear stage of an automatic transmission 3 to be shifted up to a higher speed side gear stage having higher fuel efficiency than a gear stage that is set based on the driving state of a vehicle 1, when a deviation between the vehicle speed detected by a vehicle speed sensor 21 and the vehicle speed upper limit that is set by a vehicle speed upper limit setting switch 24 becomes less than a predetermined threshold.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150245242

There are provided measures for event based quality of service adjustment. Such measures exemplarily comprise applying a traffic management rule comprising a filter and first quality of service settings including a bandwidth amount, receiving a data packet of a service data flow, matching said data packet with said filter, and reserving, based on said bandwidth amount, bandwidth resources for a transport connection associated with said service data flow based on a matching result.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150240130

An ACF comprising a substrate, a layer of an adhesive on the surface of the substrate, the adhesive optionally having conductive particles dispersed therein, at least one tier of conductive particles arranged in a non-random array, the tier being formed by transfer of conductive particles from a carrier belt having a stitching line to the surface of the adhesive layer wherein the portion of the tier corresponding to the stitching line is free of conductive particles, and the adhesive layer being overcoated with a second tier of conductive particles arranged in a non-random array at least in the area of the first tier corresponding to the stitching line. The tiers may be at the same or different depths within the adhesive layer. More than two tiers of conductive particles may be present in the ACF.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150239602

Packaging which has at least one lamina removable from the packaging and wherein said lamina is also convertible to a cone having retention means that ensure the maintenance of the adopted shape. The lamina is a deformable lamina, which may be of any material, but preferably plastics and the like, and furthermore, has a means of retention for ensuring the maintenance of the adopted shape as a cone. The means of retention may be a flap and a tab which fits into a grove or a slit for that purpose. The cone obtained from the removable lamina of the container allows either products from the container/packaging itself, or from another place to be held. This facilitates their consumption in a simple manner, because it allows one hand to hold the cone while the other hand takes the food contained therein.

Wing Tip Device

Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150239549

A wing tip device for fixing to the outboard end of a wing, the wing defining a wing plane, the wing tip device comprising: an upper wing-like element projecting upwardly with respect to the wing plane and having a trailing edge; and a lower wing-like element fixed with respect to the upper wing-like element and having a root chord and a trailing edge, the lower wing-like element root chord intersecting with the upper wing-like element, and the lower wing-like element projecting downwardly from the intersection, wherein the upper wing-like element is larger than the lower wing-like element and the trailing edge of the lower wing-like element is adjacent the trailing edge of the upper wing-like element at the intersection, and wherein an included angle between the upper and lower wing-like elements at he intersection is less than, or equal to 160 degrees. Also, a wing with the wing tip device; an aircraft with the wing; a method of fitting, or retro-fitting, the wing tip device to a wing; a method of modifying an existing wing tip device; and a method of operating a wing with the wing tip device.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150241850

Representative implementations of devices and techniques provide bipolar time-to-digital conversion. For example, either a positive time duration or a negative time duration may be converted to a digital representation by a linear time-to-digital converter (TDC). A set of logic functions may be applied to the input of the TDC to provide start and/or stop signals for the TDC. Further, a correction component may be applied to an input or an output of the TDC to compensate for a delay offset of the TDC.

Shower ladder and/or foot and leg rest, prop and stabilizer for shaving and personal hygiene in a shower or bath

Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150238052

A device consisting of a frame with rungs that rests against a shower or bath wall in order to allow the foot and leg to be propped and stabilized in a comfortable position for shaving legs, washing and stoning feet, and other personal hygiene uses. The device allows for placement of the foot in a position which does not require bending over very far, and allows the user to rotate his or her foot and leg at an optimum angle for shaving, washing and stoning feet, and/or clipping toenails. The device is lightweight and small enough that it does not take up much room in the shower or bath, but can also be easily removed from the shower or bath and stored when not in use.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150245518

An electronic device that can be attached to a cover and an electronic device attached to a cover are provided. The electronic device includes an electronic device body, a recess formed in an outer surface of the electronic device body, a movable member placed in the recess, an elastic member placed in the recess and supporting the movable member, and a retaining member placed in the recess and disposed around the movable member. The elastic member and the movable member are disposed to elastically bias the movable member from an inside of the recess to the outer surface of the electronic device body.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150243956

To provide an electric-connector attachment structure of a battery pack for an electric vehicle, which can attach an electric connector to a battery pack even when the height of the battery pack for an electric-vehicle is set low, the electric-connector attachment structure includes: a battery pack 3 for an electric vehicle including a tray 4 of a box-like shape which accommodates a battery and has an opening on an upper side, and a cover 5 of a box-like shape having an opening on a lower side, the tray 4 and the cover 5 being joined at a horizontal plane; and an electric connector 6 to which an electrical cable 61 is connected. It further includes an inclined portion 441, 551 to which the electric connector 6 is connected, disposed at an inner side of the battery pack 3 with respect to a joint surface 461 at which the tray 4 and the cover 5 are joined, extending over lower and upper regions across the horizontal plane H passing through the joint surface 461; and a protruding portion 443, 553 disposed between the joint surface 461 and the inclined portion 441, 551 so as to protrude from the horizontal plane passing through the joint surface 461 in a direction opposite to the electric connector 6. The inclined portion 441, 551 is formed so as to be continuous from the protruding portion 443, 551.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150243051

In an image-encoding scheme, an input image is decomposed into several image blocks comprising multiple image elements. The image blocks are encoded into encoded block representations. In this encoding, color weights are assigned to the image elements in the block based on their relative positions in the block. At least two color codeword are determined, at least partly based on the color weights. These codewords are representations of at least two color values. The original colors of the image elements are represented by color representations derivable from combinations of the at least two color values weighted by the assigned color weights.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150237929

Systems and methods are provided for protective devices. A protective equipment device may include a high mass member; and a nanoparticle shock wave attenuating material layer disposed on the high mass member. The nanoparticle shock wave attenuating material layer may include a gradient nanoparticle layer including a plurality of nanoparticles of different diameters that are arranged in a gradient array; and a carbon allotrope layer disposed in proximity to the gradient nanoparticle layer, the carbon allotrope layer comprising a plurality of carbon allotrope members suspended in a matrix.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150239697

A tractor unit has first and second tractors with tractor pins that engage sprocket holes on opposites sides of continuous paper. A tractor support shaft supports the tractors movably in the device width direction. A frame supports the tractor support shaft movably in the device width direction. A clamping mechanism is provided for fixing the second tractor on the tractor support shaft. The first tractor 31 is disposed at a reference position in the device width direction. A biasing member biases the tractor support shaft in a second direction when the tractor support shaft moves in a first direction opposite to the second direction.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150241733

A displaying apparatus includes a displaying panel, aback light device disposed below the displaying panel, and a structural frame. The displaying panel has a first and a second side and includes a first substrate, a second substrate disposed on the first substrate and covering the whole first substrate, a light-masking structure located between the first and second substrates, a plurality of light modulation units located between the first and second substrates, and a connection circuit formed on the protruding portion of the second substrate. The structural frame supports the first and second sides of the displaying panel. An edge of the second substrate is near or aligned with a side surface of the structural frame. Therein, a projection of the light-masking structure can cover portions of the structural frame, supporting the first and second substrates, and the connection circuit.

Address Translation

Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150244841

An apparatus, method, system and computer-readable medium are provided for converting traffic of a first communication type to traffic of one or more additional communication types. In some embodiments, the communication types may comprise IP communications, such as IPv4 and IPv6 communications. In some embodiments, multicast communications may be supported. For example, one or more tunnels or channels may be established to support transmitting data, such as content, to one or more destination addresses. In some embodiments, a destination address may be associated with a user device. One or more messages may comprise an address that may be extracted by a device, such as a router, to determine a destination. The one or more messages may comprise a request for service or a request to join a service group.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150242752

According to an aspect of the present invention, similarity centrality measures that are centrality measures of proteins that a protein similarity network includes are calculated, interaction centrality measures that are centrality measures of the proteins that the protein-protein interaction network includes are calculated, a rejection score that represents probability of a compound to be validated to be classified as a rejected drug is calculated using classifiers that use, as training data, the approval attributes of the respective drugs, the sum and average of the similarity centrality measures per target for each drug, and the sum and average of the interaction centrality measures per target for each drug, and the rejection score is output.


Pub Date: 2015-08-27

Pub Number: US20150237799

A hydraulic system for use with an agricultural harvester header is provided. The hydraulic system includes a reversible hydraulic pump that drives a reversible hydraulic motor in a forward or harvesting direction and a reverse or header cleaning direction. The system can further include a second reversible pump similarly driving a second reversible hydraulic motor in forward and reverse directions. The pumps and motors can be used to operate various header implements, e.g., the first pump and motor may be used to operate at least a crop cutting knife and the second pump and motor can be used to operate at least one conveyor. The pumps and motors operate within hydraulic circuits which share their hydraulic fluid with the harvester's hydraulic fluid reservoir, thereby reducing system weight, complexity and maintenance requirements.