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Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150182340

The condylar prosthesis (10) for a temporo-mandibular joint includes a mandibular implant (12), which is intended to be rigidly attached to the branch of a mandible, and a joint head (16), which is intended to serve as a replacement mandibular condyle, the mandibular implant (12) including an anchoring stem (14) permitting the use of an intramedullary connection in the summit of the branch of the mandible, and the distal end of the anchoring stem (14) being offset towards the front of the prosthesis (10) with respect to the joint head (16) and in a median plane of the prosthesis (10), the condylar prosthesis (10) being characterized in that the anchoring stem (14) follows a curved profile along its length and in the median plane of the prosthesis, the direction of curvature of the anchoring stem being oriented towards the front of the prosthesis.

Image Forming Apparatus Having Photosensitive Drum and Transfer Belt

Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150185690

In an image forming apparatus, when a photosensitive drum is mounted to the main body, the photosensitive drum is disposed below a positioning member and a transfer belt is disposed above the photosensitive drum. A first urging member urges downward an end of the photosensitive drum that is defined in an axial direction of the first photosensitive drum. A second urging member urges the photosensitive drum when the photosensitive drum is mounted to the main body. The second urging member urges the photosensitive drum upward against an urging force of the first urging member, thereby causing the photosensitive drum to make contact with the positioning member. The first urging member is disposed at a position between the positioning member and the second urging member in the axial direction of the photosensitive drum.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150189396

Methods and apparatus for identifying, distributing, and/or utilizing data regarding audience qualities within an advertisement management system. In one embodiment, the methods and apparatus of the present invention provide a technique for classifying data collected about an audience, and creating and grouping qualifiers to those classifications. Methods and apparatus for managing an advertising inventory via a management system, and using the aforementioned audience data, are also disclosed. The inventory is defined in one variant by predicted secondary content insertion opportunities and a particular audience of the primary content associated with the insertion opportunity. Subscriber privacy and anonymity is also optionally maintained via e.g., hashing or encrypting data relating to the CPE and/or subscriber, thus ensuring that audience data is not traceable to a specific user account.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150185430

Disclosed is a terminal box for an optical fiber and power line composite cable. The terminal box includes a housing, a cable lead-in part provided at a side of the housing, a first intermediate connector provided in the housing, a second intermediate connector provided in the housing. The first intermediate connector and the second intermediate connector are provided on a base of the housing to have different heights.

Magnetic Golf Tee and Dual Ball Marker Combination

Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150182827

This invention includes a golf tee portion with a shaft and two ends. One end of that portion includes a ball receiving end and one end includes a cavity portion for receiving a magnetic material. There is a cylindrical ball marker portion that goes between the golf tee portion and the base and is attracted to both. Last there is a grounded cylindrical base with two ends. One end can include a stem or series of stems so it can adhere in the ground, and one end is equipped with two cavities. One cavity is larger for placing a magnetic material which is attracted to the golf tee portion, and the removable ball marker, and a smaller cavity for magnetic material so the material in the larger cavity is held but removable. This design allows less friction on golf drives, and dual usage as a ball marker on the green.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150187521

A rotary encoder switch includes a cover cap, a fixing sleeve, a first base board, an actuating device, and a second base board disposed under the actuating device. The actuating device includes a base seat and a rotary element rotatably connected to the base seat and mounted to the cover cap. The first base board is disposed on the actuating device and has multiple first lighting elements. The rotary element is rotatable in conjunction with rotation of the cover cap so as to generate encoding signals according to each rotary position of the cover cap for controlling functions of an applied product. The first lighting elements are capable of emitting light in sequence subject to the rotation of the cover cap, while the light being emitted is permeable to the cover cap for users to easily recognize the exact rotary position of the cover cap.

Methods and Systems for Presenting Personas According to a Common Cross-Client Configuration

Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150188970

Disclosed herein are methods and systems for presenting personas according to a common cross-client configuration. An embodiment takes the form of a method that includes extracting a persona from video frames being received from a video camera. The method also includes transmitting an outbound stream of persona data that includes the extracted persona. The method also includes receiving at least one inbound stream of persona data, where the at least one inbound stream of persona data includes one or more other personas. The method also includes presenting a full persona set of the extracted persona and the one or more other personas on a user interface according to a common cross-client persona configuration. The method also includes presenting one or more shared-content channels on the user interface according to a common cross-client shared-content-channel configuration.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150187786

A method for forming separate narrow lines is described. A target layer is formed over a substrate. Base patterns are formed over the target layer. Target line patterns and connection patterns between the ends of the target line patterns are formed as spacers on the sidewalls of the base patterns. The base patterns are removed. The target line patterns and the connection patterns are transferred to the target layer to form target lines and connection segments between the ends of the target lines. At least a portion of each connection segment is removed to disconnect the target lines while other area of the substrate is subjected to a patterned removal treatment.

Docking Station for Portable Electronics

Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150185774

Disclosed is a docking station for an electronic device having a housing, a top surface of the housing for receiving the electronic device, a plurality of positioning members of the top surface for positioning the electronic device with respect to the top surface, a first sensor for detecting the presence of the electronic device, a first connector block, a first connector of the first connector block, a first arm of the first connector block, a motor connected to the first arm via one or more gears, and a security hole for attaching a lock.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150182000

Devices and/or methods for treating facial hair are provided in order to soften the feel thereof. The devices and/or methods generally alter the structure of the tips or ends of the hair follicles to enhance their feeling of softness. Some devices and methods employ a high speed impacting principle to split the ends of the hair follicles. Some devices and methods aim to reduce the thickness of hairs near the tips through abrasion. Some devices and/or methods employ both crushing/impacting and abrasion in order to soften the feel of a subject's facial hair.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150182809

A sports-training ball assembly including a ball having an outer surface. The ball is a manually operated sports ball. The assembly includes an elastic cover coupled about the ball, wherein the elastic cover has a resting volume smaller than the volume of the outer surface of the ball such that the elastic cover is tightly coupled thereto. The cover completely encloses the ball. The cover includes an outer surface having a coefficient of friction smaller than a coefficient of friction of the outer surface of the ball such that the cover is slick compared to the ball. The elastic cover includes an elastic aperture therethrough sized to permit entry and exit of the ball therethrough so that the ball may be removed from and installed within the cover. The elastic cover includes elastane fibers. The cover consists of a single layer of fabric.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150185460

An image forming method for a biological sample includes calculating a component corresponding to a phase distribution of the sample and a component corresponding to a matter other than the phase distribution according to a plurality of pieces of images with different image contrasts, to form a normalized phase component; separating the phase component image into a plurality of frequency components according to spatial frequencies of the image; merging the phase distribution of the refraction component and the phase distribution of the structure component calculated by applying a deconvolution process to each of the frequency components using an optical response characteristic corresponding to each, to calculate the phase distribution, and forming a phase distribution image from the calculated phase distribution; and merging the phase distribution image with an image of the sample in which a biochemical phenomenon and/or a physical phenomenon in the sample are visualized.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150189388

An exemplary method includes a media program guide system 1) providing, for display on a display screen, a media program guide user interface that includes a grid of cells representing scheduled-type media content and on-demand-type media content, and a selector window positioned relative to the grid of cells to select a cell included in the grid of cells, and 2) selectively configuring a feature of the selector window based on whether the cell selected by the selector window represents the scheduled-type media content or the on-demand-type media content. Corresponding systems and methods are also described.

Cosmetic container with multifunctional insert

Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150182003

A cosmetic container with a multifunctional insert neckpiece includes: a) a container having one of (a) a receiving groove and (b) a corresponding vertical one-way ratchet; and b) an integral multifunctional insert neckpiece having a downcomer extending down from a top orifice to establish a cosmetic wiper, and having an upper section with a cap attachment, and on its wall, the other of (a) the vertical one-way ratchet receiving groove and (b) the corresponding vertical one-way ratchet.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150187228

An interactive educational and decision making method and system predominantly pertains to information associated with the diagnosis, treatment, and continued learning that is associated with the innumerable forms of cancer and other diseases. Preferably, a web or mobile application is employed that allows users to quickly and simply understand a variety of highly technical molecular and genetic information pertaining to these cancers, and make calculated medical decisions. Physicians can upload patient specific data to a separate HIPAA compliant database. Specific patient data can then be used in conjunction with the application to arrive at an effective genomic or biomarker-based treatment. The decision making process may involve at least tumor types, pertinent genes, signaling pathways, targeted drugs, and genetic and other molecular tests. These tools provide information to administer targeted methodologies to treat and diagnose cancer based on genomic data by combining elements of pharmacology, biology, and pathology and laboratory medicine.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150186629

Disclosed is a verification device and the like that suppress an erroneous determination upon determining a difference between input patterns based on a similarity to a reference pattern recorded under a specific condition. A verification device 100 includes a similarity calculation unit 6 calculating similarities S7 between a set of input information x 110 and y 111 indicating features related to input patterns that are objects of verification and a plurality of types of reference information 112 indicating features related to a reference pattern to be a reference of the verification by using the set of input information x 110 and y 111 and the plurality of types of reference information 112. The calculated similarities S7 are presented to an external device or a user.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150184022

A high refractive index molecule and high refractive index polymers comprising such monomers. The high refractive index monomer comprises a carrier atom having a high refractive index group attached thereto, the high refractive index group comprising a heterocyclic compound comprising at least one sulfur atom.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150186746

A method generates a three-dimensional map of a region from successive images of that region captured from different camera poses. The method captures successive images of the region, detects a gravitational vertical direction in respect of each captured image, detects feature points within the captured images and designates a subset of the captured images as a set of keyframes each having respective sets of image position data representing image positions of landmark points detected as feature points in that image. The method also includes, for a captured image (i) deriving a camera pose from detected feature points in the image; (ii) rotating the gravitational vertical direction to the coordinates of a reference keyframe using the camera poses derived for that image and the reference keyframe; and (iii) comparing the rotated direction with the actual gravitational vertical direction for the reference keyframe to detect a quality measure of that image.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150182438

Provided is a cleansing composition for skin or hair capable of bringing about a good rinse feel and durability of foam and, in regard to hair, imparting finger combability during rinsing as well as softness to hair during rinsing and after towel drying, and further, imparting a sufficient moist feeling also to skin after application. A cleansing composition for skin or hair, comprising the following (A) and (B): (A) an internal olefin sulfonate having 12 or more and 24 or less carbon atoms; and (B) a cationic polymer or an amphoteric polymer.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150182385

A method of dispensing adhesive onto a stretched elastic strand includes applying a first volume of adhesive onto a first portion of the elastic strand, applying a second volume of adhesive onto a second portion of the elastic strand, and applying a third volume of adhesive onto a third portion of the elastic strand. The second volume is less than the first and third volumes. When the elastic strand is adhered to a substrate to form a personal disposable hygiene product, the first and third portions of the elastic strand define opposing ends of the elastic strand, which are adhered with a larger amount of adhesive to resist creep at the opposing ends. The reduction of adhesive in the second or central portion between the opposing ends significantly reduces the adhesive add on in the personal disposable hygiene product.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150182099

A dish washing machine includes a plurality of spray nozzles to spray wash water, a sump to store wash water, a pump to pump wash water stored in the sump, and a distribution device to distribute wash water pumped by the pump into the plurality of spray nozzles. The distribution device includes a cylindrical housing having an inlet formed in one axial end portion thereof and a plurality of outlets that are arranged in a circumferential surface of the cylindrical housing in an axial direction and connected to the plurality of spray nozzles, an opening/closing member rotatably disposed within the cylindrical housing to open and close the plurality of outlets, and a motor to rotate the opening/closing member. Wash water may be independently sprayed from a plurality of nozzles, a wash tank may be dividedly washed, and loss of pressure of wash water may be reduced, thereby increasing washability.

Methods, Systems, and Media for Managing Notifications Directed to Multiple Applications Installed on a User Device

Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150188871

Methods, systems, and media for managing notifications directed to multiple applications installed on a user device are provided. In some embodiments, a method for managing notifications is provided, the method comprising: receiving, using a hardware processor, a first notification for a first application; determining a first user device associated with the first application; receiving a second notification for a second application; determining a second user device associated with the second application; determining that the first user device and the second user device are the same device; determining that the first notification and the second notification are corresponding notifications; determining that the first notification has priority over the second notification; sending the first notification to the first user device upon determining that the first notification has priority over the second notification; and inhibiting the second notification from being sent to the first user device.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150185859

In an image projection device in which a projected image can be controlled or operated by gesture, the responsiveness (operability) and/or the usability are improved. The image projection device includes a sensor element to detect a gesture and a control section to generated an operation signal to control (for example, to scroll images or to feed image frames) a projected image projected according to a gesture detected by the sensor element, wherein the control section generates the operation signal when the sensor element detects a gesture in a first direction parallel to the projection surface of the projected image, and when the sensor element detects a gesture in a second direction perpendicular to the projection surface, the control section suspends generation of the operation signal.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150187461

Method, apparatus, and electrical cable for high-speed connections. The apparatus can include an electrical cable, a wire sorter, an electrical mating paddle, and a cable assembly. The wire sorter can be coupled to an end of the electrical cable, and configured to receive wires extending from the end of the electrical cable and position the wires relative to one another in a predetermined arrangement to yield sorted wires. The electrical mating paddle card can then be coupled to the sorted wires according to the predetermined arrangement. The cable assembly can be configured to house the wire sorter and at least a portion of the wires. Moreover, the cable assembly can include a hot-melt injection chamber configured to at least partially immobilize the wires relative to the cable assembly when hot-melt is injected into the hot-melt injection chamber.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150182593

The present invention relates to a composition for preventing or treating hyperlipidemia, fatty liver disease or arteriosclerosis, comprising an oxyntomodulin derivative as an active ingredient. The oxyntomodulin derivative has a high ability to activate GLP-1 receptor and glucagon receptor compared to native oxyntomodulin and has the effects of reducing the blood total cholesterol, low-density cholesterol and triglyceride levels that were increased by high-fat diet, and increasing high-density cholesterol levels and the high-density cholesterol/low-density cholesterol ratio. Thus, the oxyntomodulin derivative can be effectively used for the treatment of hyperlipidemia and related diseases.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150182914

According to one embodiment, an membrane electrolysis (ME) unit is configured with a first cell frame, a second cell frame each having a compartment. The collective compartments of these cell frames houses an anode, a cathode, a first membrane positioned between the anode and the cathode, and a plurality of screen spacers. A first screen spacer is positioned between the anode and the first membrane while a second screen spacer is positioned between the cathode and the first membrane.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150189238

The present invention addresses the problem of providing technology that makes it possible to perform verification for the purposes of distribution management, authenticity assessment, and the like of merchandise without building an RFID chip into each of a plurality of fasteners. The present invention is characterized in that image characteristics of a component of a product to be verified are acquired and the product to be verified is verified on the basis of the acquired image characteristics of the component.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150184758

A system, including a first flow control element configured to couple to a stem, and a second flow control element coupled to the first flow control element, wherein the first and second flow control elements are configured to expand relative to one another to create a seal in a closed position between a chamber and a flow path in a valve body, and wherein the first and second flow control elements are configured to enable fluid flow between the chamber and the flow path in an open position.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150189699

An electric heating device (20) is described which has at least one first electrically conductive component (21), at least one heating layer (22) and at least one second electrically conductive component (23). According to the invention, it is envisaged that the first electrically conductive component (21) and/or the second electrically conductive component (23) is/are produced and/or arranged on the heating layer (22) by means of a thermal spraying process. Alternatively or additionally, according to the invention, it is envisaged that the electrically conductive components (21, 23) and the heating layer (22) are arranged with respect to one another in such a way that a current flow perpendicularly to the plane of the heating layer (22) and/or in the direction of the plane of the heating layer (22) is realized or can be realized. In order to produce an assembly (10), such a heating device (20) can preferably be arranged on a substrate element (11). Furthermore, a suitable production method is described.


Pub Date: 2015-07-02

Pub Number: US20150185253

A probe module including a housing, a PCB, three probes, a resonating member, and a signal connector. The housing has a room therein, a first opening, and a second opening at opposite ends thereof. The PCB is received in the room of the housing, and has a substrate, on which a circuit and two groundings are provided. The probes are electrical connected to the circuit and the groundings of the PCB respectively, and then extend out of the housing via the first opening. The resonating member has a chamber, and is attached to the PCB. The signal connector is connected to the PCB, and extends out of the housing via the second opening. The signal connector has a signal transmission portion electrically connected to the circuit of the PCB, and a grounding portion electrically connected to the at least one grounding of the PCB.