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Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150108518

A semiconductor light emitting device includes: a nitride semiconductor light emitting element including a nitride semiconductor substrate having a polar or semipolar surface and a nitride semiconductor multilayer film stacked on the polar or semipolar surface; and a mounting section to which the element is mounted. The nitride semiconductor multilayer film includes an electron block layer. The electron block layer has a smaller lattice constant than the nitride semiconductor substrate. The mounting section includes at least a first mounting section base. The first mounting section base is located close to the nitride semiconductor light emitting element. The first mounting section base has a lower thermal expansion coefficient than the nitride semiconductor multilayer film. The first mounting section base has a lower thermal conductivity than the nitride semiconductor multilayer film.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150108249

A hydraulic circuit for a jet engine thrust reverser is disclosed. The hydraulic circuit may comprise a primary hydraulic actuator cylinder assembly and a secondary hydraulic actuator cylinder assembly. The primary hydraulic actuator cylinder assembly may be hydraulically coupled to the secondary hydraulic actuator cylinder assembly, in a master-slave relationship, and the secondary hydraulic actuator cylinder assembly may drive a thrust reverser blocker door. The primary hydraulic actuator cylinder assembly may comprise a rod, and the rod may comprise a channel through which hydraulic fluid is capable of flowing. The hydraulic circuit may further comprise a group of secondary hydraulic actuator cylinder assemblies, wherein the group of secondary hydraulic actuator cylinder assemblies may be coupled to the primary hydraulic actuator cylinder assembly.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150107085

A mandrel for supporting a stent and rollers for pressing a radiopaque marker into a stent are disclosed. The mandrel can have a forward portion for carrying the stent and a rear portion for urging the stent forward portion into a gap between the rollers. The mandrel may be pushed or pulled into the gap, which is sized to allow the rollers to press the marker into engagement with the stent. Prior to moving the mandrel into the gap, the marker may be placed on a surface of the stent or partially inside a recess in the stent. Several markers can be efficiently and uniformly pressed onto the stent by moving the mandrel into the gap in one continuous movement in an axial or lateral direction. Markers can also be pressed onto the stent by placing the stent in the gap and rotating the stent about its central axis.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150109475

A mobile electronic device comprising a processor configured to control the operation of said mobile electronic device, and a front-facing display screen coupled to said processor and arranged on a front side of said mobile electronic device. Also the mobile electronic device comprises a mechanically rotatable camera, said camera being rotatable around a rotation axis and configured to capture images around said rotation axis, and said camera being coupled to said processor, and a rotating motor coupled to said rotatable camera for mechanically rotating the mechanically rotatable camera and said rotating motor coupled to said processor, and wherein said processor is configured to control a rotational orientation of the mechanically rotatable camera by control of the rotating motor for mechanically rotating the mechanically rotatable camera.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150112731

A method, implemented in an electronic processing system that includes a memory and one or more processors, includes receiving, at the electronic processing system, operational data indicative of when a vehicle is driven according to an automated control mode in which an automated driving system of the vehicle is active, storing the received operational data in the memory, and determining, via the one or more processors and based on the stored operational data, a risk indicator representing a risk of loss associated with the vehicle.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150110243

The present invention is a self-contained mobile inspection system and method and, more specifically, improved methods and systems for detecting materials concealed within a wide variety of receptacles and/or cargo containers. In particular, the present invention is an improved method and system with a novel boom structure that reduces the weight of the boom. The single, light-weight boom of the inspection system is relatively compact in a stowed configuration and has a low height and center of gravity lending to greater maneuverability.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150109900

Provided is a linear protection switching method of a node, wherein the method includes selecting a local request based on a priority of at least one local request, determining a global request based on a priority between the selected local request and a remote message, and performing a state transition based on the global request.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150107049

A vacuum cleaner comprises a cleaning head having a suction nozzle adapted to be moved along a surface to be cleaned, and a hair collection assembly provided on the cleaning head and having a hair collection element adapted to collect hair from the surface to be cleaned as the cleaning head moves along the surface to be cleaned.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150112652

This invention provides a computational approach to identifying potential antibacterial drug targets based on a genome sequence and its annotation. Starting from a fully sequenced genome, open reading frame assignments are made which determine the metabolic genotype for the organism. The metabolic genotype, and more specifically its stoichiometric matrix, are analyzed using flux balance analysis to assess the effects of genetic deletions on the fitness of the organism and its ability to produce essential biomolecules required for growth.

SIM card holder, mobile terminal and method for identifying hotplug of SIM card

Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150111413

The disclosure provides a subscriber identity module (SIM) card holder, a base of the SIM card holder is provided with SIM card metallic contacts and first fixed metallic pins connected with the metallic contacts; the base of the SIM card holder is further provided with an additional metallic dome; the additional metallic dome is in uncompressed state and in contact with high level when the SIM card is not plugged in the SIM card holder, and is in compressed state and in contact with low level when the SIM card is plugged in the SIM card holder, delivering the high/low level with which it is in contact to a master chip of a mobile terminal to identify the plug-in and pull-out of the SIM card. The disclosure further comprises a mobile terminal and a method of identification of the hot-plug of a SIM card. With the help of the disclosure, problems of complex design, occupation of motherboard space, increased product cost in existing cell phones with hot-plug of SIM cards may be solved.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150108006

The invention relates to a process for electrolysis comprising a cathode and an anode comprising a catalyst, both the cathode and anode at least partly immersed in an electrolyte, the process characterised in that the electrolyte at least partly inhibits further oxidation of a product formed at the anode. Typically the catalyst comprises one or more metal-(Group VIb) semiconductors, and one or more metal-(GroupVIb))-phosphorous species.

Searching and Aggregating Web Pages

Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150112960

Systems and/or methods for searching and aggregating internet web page updates. The system and/or method may further allow for customization of topics to update. Additionally, social media aspects of the system and/or method may allow for voting and commenting as well as sharing.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150112213

A blood pressure meter includes a cuff serving as a blood pressure measurement cuff, a main body attached in an opposing manner to the cuff, a display unit having a rectangular width and being arranged along an external face of the main body on a side opposite to the cuff, and first to third light emitting elements serving as light emitting units arranged inside the main body at positions that are farther from the external face than the display unit is. The first to third light emitting elements serving as a light emitting unit are arranged in a row in the width direction of the cuff. The display unit has a cutout portion at the center of one end side with respect to the direction in which the cuff extends. The cutout portion is formed by cutting out a region corresponding to the first to third light emitting elements.

Channel State Information (CSI) Report Subsets Under Flexible Time Division Duplex (TDD) UL/DL Configuration

Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150109973

A method for flexible time division duplex (TDD) UL/DL configuration is provided. The method includes designating all subframes in a time division duplex configuration as downlink subframes, with the exception of any subframes scheduled for uplink data and control transmission. The method then includes monitoring downlink control channels in the subframes designated as downlink subframes, and defining at least two different channel state information (CSI) report subframe subsets according to interference levels.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150108528

Provided is a light emitting diode (LED) in which a side surface of a reflective metal layer has a predetermined angle, and occurrence of cracks in a conductive barrier layer formed on the reflective metal layer can be prevented. Also, an LED module using LEDs is disclosed. A reflection pattern electrically connected to a second semiconductor layer is partially exposed by patterning a first insulating layer. Accordingly, a first pad is formed through the partially opened first pad region. Also, a conductive reflection layer electrically connected to a first semiconductor layer forms a second pad region formed by patterning a second insulating layer. A second pad is formed on the second pad region.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150111788

The invention provides novel methods and materials for genetic and genomic analysis using single or multiplex isolation of protein-associated nucleic acids, including transposase-assisted chromatin immunoprecipitation (TAM-ChIP) and antibody-oligonucleotide proximity ligation. These methods comprise tagging and isolating chromatin or other protein-associated nucleic acids and using antibody-oligonucleotide complexes that recognize the proteins associated with such nucleic acids.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150111840

Pharmaceutical dosage forms useful for improving the cardiovascular and/or metabolic health of patients, particularly those suffering from type 2 diabetes, are disclosed, as well as methods of their manufacture.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150112668

Methods, apparatus, and systems for voice processing are provided herein. An exemplary method can be implemented by a terminal. A voice bit stream to be sent can be obtained. Voice control information corresponding to the voice bit stream to be sent can be obtained. The voice control information can be used for a voice server to determine a voice-mixing strategy. The voice bit stream and the voice control information can be sent to the voice server. At least one voice bit stream, returned by the voice server based on the voice-mixing strategy, can be received. The at least one voice bit stream can be outputted.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150111250

Antibodies which target clusterin, a protein involved in the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition of carcinoma cells, are identified and characterized. The antibodies may be used to modulate tumour cell activity through binding to clusterin.

Pharmaceutical preparation and method for treatment of diabetes

Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150110881

A pharmaceutical composition for use in oral medication for the treatment of diabetes mellitus can include an antacid agent with an enteric coating, which permits the antacid agent to be delivered in the small intestine where it reduces acidity thereby causing a lowering of blood sugar levels. The pharmaceutical composition can be packaged in various tablet forms, including standard tablets and multiple pellet tablets. The pharmaceutical composition can further include a composition for treatment of diabetes, such as metformin, in enteric or non-enteric formulations. The pharmaceutical composition can further include an enteric-coated gastric acid secretion inhibitor. Also disclosed are methods for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, using the pharmaceutical composition and its variants.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150107934

A power supply current monitoring device is used for a load drive apparatus with two systems to drive a load. Each system includes a drive circuit connected in parallel with a battery, a capacitor connected between the battery and the drive circuit, and a relay connected between the drive circuit and a point at which power of the battery is divided between the systems. When overcurrent is detected once in one system, a repetitive monitoring process is performed. The monitoring process finally determines that the overcurrent actually occurs when a predetermined condition is satisfied after repeating a monitoring cycle in which an overcurrent time during which the overcurrent continues after the relay is turned ON is accumulated. The condition is satisfied when the monitoring cycle in which the overcurrent time reaches a predetermined threshold is repeated a predetermined consecutive number of times.

Immunity of Phase Change Material to Disturb in the Amorphous Phase

Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150109857

Disturb from the reset to the set state may be reduced by creating an amorphous phase that is substantially free of crystal nuclei when programming the reset state in a phase change memory. In some embodiments, this can be achieved by using a current or a voltage to program that exceeds the threshold voltage of the phase change memory element, but does not exceed a safe current voltage which would cause a disturb.

Combinations of an Opioid/TLR4 Antagonist and an Alpha-2-Delta Ligand for Use in the Treatment of Pain

Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150111917

Disclosed are compositions for treatment of pain comprising, a first compound and a second compound, the first compound is an opioid antagonist that treats pain by blocking Toll-like receptor (TLR4) and the second compound is an alpha-2-delta ligand that enhances the pain treatment effect of the first compound. Examples of opioid antagonist include naltrexone, naloxone and nalmefene. Examples of an alpha-2-delta ligand include gabapentin and pregabalin, synergistic pharmaceutical compositions thereof, and their use in the treatment, prevention, and reversal of neuropathic pain.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150107462

A control device for gas appliances (1) comprises:

Method for a Reader to Provide Service, Reader and Computer-Readable Storage Medium

Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150113525

Disclosed are a method for a reader to provide a service, a reader and a computer storage medium. The method includes: obtaining and displaying, by a reader, at least one piece of plugin information, the plugin information including at least a plugin name; determining plugin information selected by a user from the at least one piece of plugin information, and downloading a corresponding plugin file according to the selected plugin information; and installing a plugin according to the downloaded plugin file, and invoking the plugin installed to provide a corresponding service. By enabling the reader to download a corresponding plug-in file according to plug-in information selected by a user, i.e., downloading the corresponding plug-in file according to the user's needs, the size of a reader installation package in the present disclosure can be controlled effectively, thereby saving traffic. In addition, by invoking an installed plug-in to provide a corresponding service, the types of services provided by the reader can be expanded, thereby satisfying the personalized need of a user and enhancing the reading experience.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150113228

A processor capable of storing trace data is disclosed. The processor includes a core adapted to execute programs, as well as a cache memory electrically connected to the core. The cache memory includes a core way and a trace way. The core way is adapted to store data that is required when the core executes the programs. The trace way is adapted to store data that is generated during debugging operations of the core. A control method of the processor is also disclosed.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150109392

A medium transport device includes a medium transport pathway that inverts a medium that is supplied from a processing unit and is capable of transporting the medium to the processing unit again, a plurality of supply units that supply media, and a plurality of convergence units at which the plurality of supply units and the medium transport route converge. A transport roller is provided in each convergence unit.

In-Vehicle Electronic Device and Vehicle Having the Electronic Device

Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150109747

An in-vehicle electronic device is provided which can ensure resistance to static electricity for the in-vehicle electronic device covered with a resin case, is more downsized smaller in the number of components, and inexpensive. An in-vehicle electronic device 43 includes: a resin housing (resin case) 5; a control board 7 that is covered with the housing, and accommodated within the housing a battery harness 27 that is a power wiring which supplies power to the control board; a signal harness 31 that is an input/output signal wiring that transmits an input/output signal to the control board; and a metal bracket 1 that fixes the resin housing to a vehicle main body. In the device, a distance between a projection 35 of the metal bracket 1 and the battery harness 27 is set to be shorter than a distance between the projection 25 of the metal bracket 1 and the signal harness 31 to form a discharge gap 33.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150112989

An approach for managing much information of many of controllers at multiple locations. A configuration map regarded as a dataset may be used for identifying and retrieving a group of data being sought in the form of instances of the dataset. The instances may be stored. A report may be used to select certain instances of the data according to a format of the report. The report may be manually or automatically provided. A profile may be developed to obtain instances of a dataset that match the profile and show instances that do not necessarily match the profile. The instances that do not match the profile may be reset to settings of the profile or be noted as approved exceptions and should not be reset.


Pub Date: 2015-04-23

Pub Number: US20150109245

A touch panel including a substrate, first electrodes and second electrodes is provided. The first electrodes and the second electrodes are electrically insulated from each other and are disposed on the substrate. Each first electrode includes first electrode pads and first connecting lines, and the first connecting lines connect adjacent two of the first electrode pads in series. Each second electrode includes second electrode pads and second connecting lines, and the second connecting lines connect adjacent two of the second electrode pads in series. An outer contour of each first electrode pad is defined by a first zigzag line, an outer contour of each second electrode pad is defined by a second zigzag line, and the first zigzag line and the second zigzag line located at a boundary between the first electrode and the second electrode are parallel or partially parallel to each other.