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Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150068190

A thrust reverser device for a turbojet engine nacelle includes a mobile cowl movably mounted to translate between a closed position which the mobile cowl covers grids deflecting some of the air flow of the turbojet engine and an open position in which it opens a passage and uncovers the grids. The mobile cowl is associated with a blocking flap to pivot between a retracted position and a blocking position corresponding to the open position of the mobile cowl. The blocking flap is fitted with at least one lever forming a drive mechanism which includes at least one adjustable-stiffness shock absorber.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150070689

A method of determining the orientation of a grain structure of a turbine blade or vane using an optical technique, illuminates a surface with a beam from a light source and then manipulates the relative orientation of the surface, a light beam and detector to determine the relative orientation which provides the peak reflectance of the beam from the surface to the detector. Further surfaces of the component are similarly manipulated and illuminated and the orientation of the grain structure calculated from the determined relative peak reflectance orientations of the surface, first further surface and second further surface. Determination of the grain orientation allows the value of high angle boundaries to be determined. Also disclosed is apparatus suitable for performing the method.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150069609

Embodiments of the present invention provide a crackstop and seal ring for 3D chip stacked wafers. A continuous through-silicon trench (TST) spans multiple wafers of a 3D chip stacked wafer, and forms a closed shape around a functional circuit or die, protecting the chip during subsequent fabrication such as dicing and packaging.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150068457

A method of producing silicon carbide is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of providing a sublimation furnace comprising a furnace shell, at least one heating element positioned outside the furnace shell, and a hot zone positioned inside the furnace shell surrounded by insulation. The hot zone comprises a crucible with a silicon carbide precursor positioned in the lower region and a silicon carbide seed positioned in the upper region. The hot zone is heated to sublimate the silicon carbide precursor, forming silicon carbide on the bottom surface of the silicon carbide seed. Also disclosed is the sublimation furnace to produce the silicon carbide as well as the resulting silicon carbide material.

Self Opening Bag Pack, Apparatus and Method of Making Same

Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150072849

An apparatus for making a self-opening bag pack includes a supply of film material. An extruder forms a continuous tube of film. A flattener flattens the tube. A corona treater treats at least one surface of the flattened tube. A first sealer forms a bottom seam across a width of the flattened tube. A cutter cuts the flattened tube into bag blanks at a predetermined distance from the bottom seam. A stacker forms the bag blanks into a bag pack. An adhesion knife penetrates the bag pack and adheres adjacent bag blanks together in the bag pack. An aperture maker forms means for suspending the bag pack from a dispensing rack. The pack is attached to the dispensing rack and the front wall of the subsequent bag will be adhered to the rear wall of a first bag, thereby causing the first bag to open when pulled from the rack.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150074497

A method for characterizing at least one signal source is disclosed. In one aspect, the method includes measuring, from a set of sensors, a set of technical data specific to the signals emitted by the signal source, grouping together the technical data in a set of classes depending on the correlations on the data and characterizing the signal source from technical data having been grouped together. The grouping step includes calculating correlations on the data n-tuples with n2 and calculating a global partitioning error for different distributions of the data in classes. The global partitioning error is defined as a sum of the partitioning costs for all the n-tuples. The grouping further includes retaining as a grouping of data, the distribution in the classes minimizing the global partitioning error.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150069512

A fin type transistor includes a dielectric layer on a substrate surface which serves to isolate the gate of the transistor from the substrate. The dielectric layer includes a non-selectively etched surface to produce top portions of fin structures which have reduce height variations across the wafer. The fin type transistor may also include a counter doped region at least below the S/D regions to reduce parasitic capacitance to improve its performance.

Assessment of a drug eluting bioresorbable vascular scafford

Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150073536

A method of treating vascular disease in a patient is disclosed that comprises deploying a bioabsorbable polymer scaffold composed of a plurality of struts at a stenotic segment of an artery of a patient, wherein after the scaffold supports the segment at an increased diameter for a period of time the polymer degrades and is progressively replaced by de novo formation of malleable provisional matrix comprising proteoglycan, wherein as the scaffold becomes more malleable and becomes disconnected as it degrades, wherein following coverage of the struts by a neointima layer and loss of mechanical support provided by the scaffold, the scaffold is pulled outward by positive remodeling of the vessel wall of the scaffolded segment.

Method and Apparatus for Communicating to UE an Indication of Available RS, Based on MIMO Mode Settings

Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150071106

The present solution ensures that the UEs are able to make use of all the available reference signals that can be used in a cell for performing UE measurements, estimations or demodulations. That is achieved by indicating on a downlink common or shared channel, the MIMO mode settings associated with a specific network node. The indicated MIMO mode settings explicitly or implicitly indicate available common reference signals and/or dedicated reference signals to be used for said UE measurements, estimations or demodulations, which implies that measurements, estimations or demodulations can be performed based on said received indication.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150067964

A reciprocating ejector mechanism for an electric bed comprising an aperture formed on a bed board. An ejector mechanism is mounted in the aperture. The ejector mechanism includes an ejected part, which is arranged parallel to the bed board. At least one first connecting rod with one end is connected with the ejected part and another end is hinged with a slider. The slider may slide along the guide bar fixed on the bed board. A second connecting rod with one end can be hinged with the middle part of the first connecting rod and another end hinged with the bed board. The ejector mechanism may have a driving device fixed on the bed board and connected with the linkage to drive the first connecting rod to rotate, so that the ejected part is driven to move parallel to the bed board.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150071339

A method and apparatus are described for performing video encoding mode decisions. A down-scaled frame is received that includes a macroblock corresponding to a first subset of macroblocks of a first area in a full-scale frame. A first average motion vector is calculated for the first subset of macroblocks, and a second average motion vector is calculated for a second subset of macroblocks of a second area surrounding the first subset of macroblocks. A comparison of a threshold to a distance measure between absolute values of the first and second average motion vectors is performed. A prediction mode for the macroblock in the down-scaled frame is determined based on the comparison to generate predicted blocks.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150071084

This disclosure describes techniques for operating a client device to communicate with a wireless access point to validate data within a frame by comparing channel quality metrics and duration metrics to thresholds. Information received within a validity window may be treated as correctly received even if the frame fails a subsequent verification process or if reception of the frame is terminated prior to the end of the frame.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150068513

The solar concentrator includes a base with a support frame that is rotatably connected thereto. A torsion box is tiltably mounted to the support frame to provide a wide range of movement of the torsion box and the finish surface thereon, which is preferably of a single plane parabolic shape that carries a layer of highly reflective chrome material. A receiver is mounted above the surface of the chrome layer at the focus of the parabola by a bracket to optimize reflection of radiation thereto. Plumbing transports liquid, such as water, through the receiver for heating thereof for various purposes, such as water desalinization. Thus, the solar concentrator is an optimized low cost and easy to manufacture solar concentrator.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150073093

The present invention provides a polymer composition having a low water absorption (i.e. being dampproof), excellent electrical insulation, high adhesion to various substrates, and excellent thermal stability. The present invention relates to a polymer composition comprising (A) a dimer acid-based polyamide and (B) an olefin-based-modified polymer, wherein the olefin-based-modified polymer (B) comprises a chemical structure derived from an olefin and a chemical structure derived from an amide.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150071209

The present invention relates to a transmission time interval (TTI) bundling method in wireless access systems and to an apparatus for same. In particular, the TTI bundling method includes the following steps: a terminal receives information indicating the bundling size value from a base station; the terminal automatically re-transmits packets through a predetermined number of TTIs following four TTIs without the reception of Acknowledgement/Negative-ACK (ACK/NACK) information for the packets from the base station; the terminal receives the ACK/NACK information for the packets from the base station; and the terminal retransmits packets in a Hybrid Automatic Repeat and Request (HARQ) scheme when receiving the NACK, wherein the predetermined number of TTIs is determined according to the bundling size value.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150069928

A switched capacitor power converter comprising a set of at least two capacitors; an input for receiving an input voltage an output for outputting an output voltage different to the input voltage, a plurality of switches configured to arrange the set of capacitors into a plurality of different subcircuit arrangements between the input and output for converting the input voltage to the output voltage; wherein the set of capacitors is configured to adopt a first subcircuit arrangement in which the set is connected to the input, a second subcircuit arrangement different to the first subcircuit arrangement and a third subcircuit arrangement, different to the first and second arrangements, in which the set is connected to the output, the subcircuit arrangements configured such that each of the capacitors in the set acts as a floating capacitor.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150072419

The invention describes methods for production of novel composition of glycans, glycomes, from human multipotent stem cells. The invention is further directed to methods for modifying the glycomes and analysis of the glycomes and the modified glycomes. Furthermore the invention is directed to stem cells carrying the modified glycomes on their surfaces.

Tool Holder and the Method of making Thereof

Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150068936

A tool holder includes a foldable plastic sheet being folded and configured to include a hanging end and a holding end. The hanging end and the holding end integrally form a one piece structure. The holding end having a first edge, a second edge, a first lateral edge, and a second lateral edge, with the first and second edges and the first and second lateral edges delimiting a circumferential periphery of a receiving space in which the first and second edges are opposite each other and the first and second lateral edges are opposite each other and respectively extend from two lateral sides of the first edge to two lateral sides of the second edge. A joint edge is distal the first lateral edge extending therefrom and adhered to the second lateral edge.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150072859

This document discloses molecules having the following formula (Formula One):


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150074676

A plurality of tasks are processed simultaneously in a plurality of CPUs. A task control circuit is connected to the plurality of CPUs, and when executing a system call signal instruction, each CPU transmits a system call signal to the task control circuit. Upon receipt of a system call signal from a CPU 0, the task control circuit 200 refers to a processor management register, identifies a RUN-task of the CPU 0, selects a READY-task that is to be executed next, switches process data of the RUN-task and process data of the READY-task, and updates processor management information.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150070593

A backlight device includes a light guide plate, a first light source, a second light source, and a positioning portion. The light guide plate has at least one end surface as a light entrance surface and one plate surface as a light exit surface. The first light source is opposed to a first light entrance surface that is a first end surface of the light guide plate. The second light source is opposed to a second light entrance surface that is an end surface opposite from the first light entrance surface of the light guide plate. The second light source is arranged to have a distance from the second light entrance surface relatively greater than a distance between the first light source and the first light entrance surface. The positioning portion is configured to position the light guide plate in a direction in which the first light source, the light guide plate, and the second light source are arranged, and to position the light guide plate with respect to the first light source and the second light source. The positioning portion is arranged to have a distance from the second light entrance surface relatively greater than a distance from the first light entrance surface.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150068871

An object of the invention is to provide a zone controller and a conveyor device which facilitate identification of a defective part when a defect occurs in a distributed control type conveyor device. There is provided a zone controller (10) which is used for a conveyor device (1) in which a plurality of zone conveyors (2) are arranged in series, which manages one or a plurality of the zone conveyors (2) to control an operation thereof, and which is configured to receive a signal from a different zone controller (10) and transmit a signal to the outside. The zone controller (10) includes: a signal creation function that creates a predetermined abnormality alarm signal and transmits the created abnormality alarm signal to the outside when an abnormality occurs in a zone managed by the zone controller itself; a signal reception function that receives the abnormality alarm signal from the different zone controller (10); a signal processing function that applies certain processing to the received abnormality alarm signal; and a processed signal transmission function that transmits the signal processed by the signal processing function to the outside as the abnormality alarm signal.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150073039

An embodiment of the invention provides a method of preventing or treating a viral infection of a host, comprising administering to the host an effective amount of an inhibitor of the protein LSD1 and/or a monoamine oxidase inhibitor. Another embodiment of the invention provides a method of preventing or treating reactivation of a virus after latency in a host, comprising administering to the host an effective amount of an inhibitor of the protein LSD1 and/or a monoamine oxidase inhibitor. Another embodiment of the invention provides a method of preventing or treating a viral infection in a mammal that has undergone, is undergoing, or will undergo an organ or tissue transplant, comprising administering to the mammal an effective amount of an inhibitor of the protein LSD1 and/or a monoamine oxidase inhibitor before, during, and/or after the organ or tissue transplant. The viral infection may be due to a herpesvirus, such as herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) or type 2 (HSV-2), varicella zoster virus (VZV), or cytomegalovirus (CMV). The viral infection may also be due to an adenovirus, including types 1-5.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150069990

A embodiment relates to a current estimation circuitry for a converter comprising: an integrator for integrating a voltage across an inductor of the converter; a current sense unit for obtaining a signal that is associated with the current flowing through at least one of the electronic switches of the converter; and a control unit for adjusting at least two parameters of the integrator based on comparing the output of the integrator with the signal provided by the current sense unit.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150071189

Disclosed are a method for performing and supporting device to device direct communication (D2D communication) in a wireless communication system and a device therefor. The method for performing D2D communication of a terminal comprises the steps of: transmitting a first message, which is a request from a terminal operated in an idle state for connecting D2D communication and the base station, to a base station; and receiving a second message as a response to the request from the base station, wherein the second message includes a C-RNTI (Cell-Radio Network Temporary Identifier) allocated in the terminal to be connected with the base station, a D2D-RNTI (Device to Device RNTI) allocated in the terminal for D2D communication, and/or peer discovery configuration information.

Enlarged Pool Filtering System with Skimmer and Pre-Filter

Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150068961

The present pool filtering system provides an elongated fine mesh filter with a large surface area; which can be removed and inserted through a standard filter access port found on pool decks. Because the filter assembly length is at least twice the diameter measurement, a large surface area is possible while remaining compact. The filter assembly includes a cylindrical porous filter basket that is completely lined with a filter bag. The filter bag can filter particulate matter as fine as three hundred microns or less. The present filtering system can provide preliminary filtering before water is delivered for further conditioning by secondary filters, heater, or the like. The present filter permits fine filtering without constant clogging or maintenance. When maintenance is required, there is easy access for cleaning and replacement. The elongated weir housing and weir door allows for a greater operating range of pool water level.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150071161

The amplify and forward relay method enhances QOS in wireless networks and is based on the switch-and-examine (SEC) and SEC post-selection (SECps) diversity combining techniques where only a single relay out of multiple relays is used to forward the source signal to the destination. The selection process is performed based on a predetermined switching threshold. Maximal-ratio combining (MRC) is used at the destination to combine the signal on the relay path with that on the direct link.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150072055

A gyro-style pita dessert with an example of its method of preparation including a recipe and an apparatus for use in holding a chocolate cone at a desired temperature for preparing the dessert.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150073269

A system for light based interrogation of a lung includes a memory, an electromagnetic (EM) board, an extended working channel (EWC), an EM sensor, a light source, a light receptor and a processor. The memory stores a 3D model and a pathway plan of a luminal network and the EM board generates an EM field. The EWC navigates a luminal network of a patient toward a target in accordance with the pathway plan and the EM sensor extends distally from a distal end of the EWC and is configured to sense the EM field. The light source is located at or around the EWC and is configured to emit light, and the light receptor is located at or around the EWC and is configured to sense reflected light from airway of the luminal network. The processor converts the reflected light into light based data and identifies a type of tissue.


Pub Date: 2015-03-12

Pub Number: US20150070609

The present invention relates to a liquid crystal (LC) medium comprising a polymerizable compound, to a process for its preparation, to its use for optical, electro-optical and electronic purposes, in particular in an LC display, especially in an LC display of the PSA (polymer sustained alignment) type, and to an LC display comprising the LC medium.