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Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130308315

A light-bulb (1) comprises: a connector (6) designed to connect the light-bulb (1) to a lamp holder or to a socket for electrically powering the said light-bulb (1); a body (5) with an elongated form along an axis (A) and a side wall (41) defining an inner space (90), said body (5) having a first end connected to the connector (6) and a second open end for defining an outer portion (43) opposite to the engaging connector (6); at least one lighting element (200) arranged inside the space (90); a receiver (15) arranged inside the space (90) and able to communicate wirelessly with a sound signal emitter (32); an amplifier (56) arranged inside the space (90) and connected to the receiver (15) and to the loudspeaker (16) in order to amplify the signal received from the receiver; an acoustic loudspeaker (16) arranged inside the space (90) and connected to the amplifier (56) so as to receive said signal and emit corresponding sound waves; an annular support (46) arranged inside the space (90) in said outer portion (43) and defining an opening (42) aligned in said direction (A) so as to allow the sound waves generated by the loudspeaker to pass out through the opening (42), said at least one lighting element (200) being associated with the annular support (46) and directed outwards.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130310311

The present invention relates to compounds of the formulae:


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130309556

An electrochemical device is claimed and disclosed, including a method of manufacturing the same, comprising an environmentally sensitive material, such as, for example, a lithium anode; and a plurality of alternating thin metallic and ceramic, blocking sub-layers. The multiple metallic and ceramic, blocking sub-layers encapsulate the environmentally sensitive material. The device may include a stress modulating layer, such as for example, a Lipon layer between the environmentally sensitive material and the encapsulation layer.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130306112

A force transducer is coupled to a distal portion of a shaft of a surgical instrument. The force transducer includes proximal and distal portions, radial ribs, and a plurality of strain gauges. The radial ribs form a plurality of through passages. The surgical instrument further includes a flush manifold that receives a liquid from a proximal portion of the shaft, and that directs the liquid along a first subset of through passages of the plurality of through passages toward the distal portion of the force transducer. A plenum at the distal portion of the force transducer collects the liquid from the first subset of through passages and redirects the liquid back toward the proximal portion of the shaft along a second subset of through passages of the plurality of through passages different from the first subset of through passages.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130308270

Disclosed are a cooling system for an electric vehicle and a control method thereof. The electric vehicle equipped with electronic parts including an electric motor. The electric vehicle includes a motor control unit to control the electric motor, a main control unit to control the electronic parts and the motor control unit, a water pump to circulate a cooling water cooling the electronic parts, the motor control unit, and the main control unit, and a temperature sensor to detect a temperature for an operation of the water pump and output the temperature to the motor control unit. The motor control unit generates a control signal to operate or stop the water pump according to a detection result of the temperature sensor.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130309814

Various methods of attaching a lid to an integrated circuit substrate are provided. In one aspect, a method of attaching a lid to a substrate that has an integrated circuit positioned thereon is provided. An adhesive is applied to the substrate and an indium film is applied to the integrated circuit. The lid is positioned on the adhesive. The adhesive is partially hardened and the indium film is reflowed. The adhesive is cured.

Multi Level Indirect Predictor using Confidence Counter and Program Counter Address Filter Scheme

Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130311760

The disclosure relates to predicting simple and polymorphic branch instructions. An embodiment of the disclosure detects that a program instruction is a branch instruction, determines whether a program counter for the branch instruction is stored in a program counter filter, and, if the program counter is stored in the program counter filter, prevents the program counter from being stored in a first level predictor.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130309150

A method is described to produce high purity rare earth oxides of the elements La, Ce, Tb, Eu and Y from phosphor, such as waste phosphor powders originating in various consumer products. One approach involves leaching the powder in two stages and converting to two groups of relatively high purity mixed rare earth oxides. The first group containing Eu and Y is initially separated by solvent extraction. Once separated, Eu is purified using Zn reduction with custom apparatus. Y is purified by running another solvent extraction process using tricaprylmethylammonium chloride. Ce is separated from the second group of oxides, containing La, Ce and Tb by using solvent extraction. Subsequently, La and Tb are separated from each other and converted to pure oxides by using solvent extraction processes. A one-stage leaching process, wherein all rare earths get leached into the solution and subsequently processed, is also described.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130307574

An apparatus for testing electrical characteristics of a device, having one or more testing sites. The apparatus comprises a nonconductive plate having a through-hole. The through-hole is positioned such that it at least partially overlays one of the one or more testing sites when at least a portion of the bottom surface of the nonconductive plate is adjacent to the device to be tested. The apparatus also comprises an adhesive on at least a portion of the bottom surface of the nonconductive plate for attaching the bottom surface of the nonconductive plate to the device to be tested. The apparatus also comprises a probe positioning body protruding from the top surface of the nonconductive plate and having a through-hole. The probe positioning body is positioned such that the through-hole of the probe positioning body at least partially aligns with the through-hole of the nonconductive plate.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130306561

A water treatment system having modular-filter based residential reverse osmosis (RO) system that passes a stream of purified water through an ultraviolet light (UV) filter twice to ensure the water is sterile, while using only one UV filter, thereby forcing the water through a UV filter twice in a modular-filter based RO system. The water treatment system also includes a system whereby water passes through the UV filter at both points using only one UV filter by employing a system whereby a purified water stream is passed through a single remineralization module twice. The present invention also includes the method for treating water through such double forced sterilization system.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130309580

The problem of the present invention is to provide a coated active material capable of restraining interface resistance from increasing. The present invention solves the above-mentioned problem by providing a coated active material used for a battery, including an active material and a coating layer for coating the above-mentioned active material, characterized in that the above-mentioned coating layer includes a substance containing a tungsten element.

Disposable Absorbent Pants With Advantageous Stretch And Manufacturability Features, And Methods For Manufacturing The Same

Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130310793

A disposable absorbent pant that includes a central chassis and a belt structure is disclosed herein.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130311267

The present invention provides methods and apparatus for associating Emotional Motivators with a Product. The Emotional Motivators associated with the Products are correlated with Emotional Motivators associated with a Purchaser. Advice regarding a Purchase may be provided based upon the correlated Emotional Motivators.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130305980

The present invention pertains to a critical temperature indicator and a manufacturing method thereof. The critical temperature indicator may be mass-produced and indicates a red warning mark in the case of an improper maintenance state by monitoring a maintenance temperature profile from the first manufacturing instant to the final use of a frozen or chilled food as time lapses. An upper section is formed of a base film. A developing media member is formed of a micro-porous film to be positioned correspondingly to the upper section such that the developing media member is joined with the upper section. A time control section is formed by engraving a movement path of developing media on the developing media member by means of a printer, cutter or the like. At least one or more cutaway sections and a plurality of transparent members are positioned on the time control section, wherein the cutaway sections are positioned at both side surfaces of the time control section corresponding to the movement path so as to temporarily store the developing media, and the transparent members have linear-shaped first display windows so as to display the arrival of the developing media, which indicates the end of the movement of the developing media. An upper section is formed of a plurality of upper films and the upper films have second display windows and molded portions, wherein the second display windows are formed at positions in accordance with those of the first display windows, and the molded portions are formed to receive a developing material member.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130306650

There is provided a method of and apparatus for, measuring the mass of a gas under pressure using a piezoelectric oscillator. The gas is contained within a pressure vessel (100) having a fixed internal volume (V) and the piezoelectric oscillator (202) is immersed in the gas within the pressure vessel (100). The method comprises: a) utilising said piezoelectric oscillator (202) to measure the density of the gas within the high-pressure vessel (100); b) determining, from the density measurement and from the internal volume (V) of said pressure vessel, the mass of the gas within the pressure vessel (100). By providing such a method, the true contents (i.e. mass) of fluid in a pressure vessel such as a cylinder can be measured directly without the need to compensate for factors such as temperature or compressibility. This allows a determination of mass through direct derivation from the density of the gas in the cylinder, reducing the need for additional sensors or complex calculations to be performed.

Polymeric Stents and Method of Manufacturing Same

Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130310921

A pattern is used to form a stent scaffold from a polymeric precursor tube having a particular outer diameter. A new pattern can be derived from a base pattern, wherein the new pattern can be used to form a stent scaffold from a precursor tube having an outer diameter OD PR smaller than that needed for the base pattern. The new pattern can be derived by determining the shape of a stent scaffold, having the base pattern, after having been radially compressed to OD PR . The radially compressed shape is used to design the new pattern, which is applied to a precursor tube having an outer diameter OD PR . The new pattern can have a plurality of W-shaped closed cells, each W-shape closed cell bounded by struts oriented in such a way to form interior angles from about 80 degrees to about 95 degrees between every two adjacent struts.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130312046

A smart stream delivery server, a system, and methods are described herein for assembling a mix of services (e.g., linear channels, video on demand, broadcast television, and recordings) which are to be delivered over one or more networks to a premises (e.g., home, business) of a subscriber. In one embodiment, the system includes a smart stream delivery server that assembles the mix of services which are to be delivered over the at least one network to the home of the subscriber based at least on a subscriber policy which is provided by the subscriber. The subscriber policy includes equipment priorities for a list of devices which consume the services, and service priorities for a plurality of services which are available for consumption by the devices.

Graphene-Based Nanopore and Nanostructure Devices and Methods for Macromolecular Analysis

Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130309776

Provided are graphene-based nanopore and nanostructure devices, which devices may include an insulating layer disposed atop the graphene, which can be in a planar shape or nanostructured into a ribbon or other shapes, containing a single graphene layer or several layers. Graphene layers and nanostructures can be placed nearby horizontally or stacked vertically. Also provided are related methods of fabricating and processing such devices and also methods of using such devices in macromolecular analysis.

Balloon Mitral Spacer

Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130310925

A heart valve implant according to one embodiment may include a shaft and an anchor disposed on one end of the shaft, the anchor configured to engage tissue. The heart valve implant may further include an expandable member disposed over at least part of the shaft, the expandable member comprising a resiliently deformable internal layer and a resiliently deformable external layer disposed over the internal layer, the expandable member defining a chamber and being configured to receive an inflation medium in the chamber to expand the expandable member, the expandable member further configured to deform upon contact with at least a portion of at least one leaflet of a heart valve to at least partially conform to the shape of the leaflet.

Simulated Blood Pumping System For Realistic Emergency Medical Training

Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130309643

A casualty simulation and training tool for emergency medical response training, includes a simulated-blood pumping system contained within a backpack that supplies simulated blood to wound appliances worn by the injured person that provide realistic simulations of actual wounds. The wound appliances bleed upon activation of the system by the injured person or a remote operator, and provide a realistic simulation of injuries for emergency medical response training.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130307453

A variable gain amplifier includes: a first input terminal, a second input terminal and an output terminal; an operational amplifier; a first resistor interposed between the first input terminal and an inverted input terminal of the operational amplifier; second and third resistors interposed between the inverted input terminal and the output terminal; and a fourth variable resistor having a first terminal connected to a node between the second resistor and the third resistor and a second terminal connected to the non-inverted input terminal, wherein the fourth variable resistor includes a resistance pass including a resistor and a switch.

Dynamic Ultraviolet Lamp Ballast System

Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130309131

Exemplary embodiments are directed to lamp ballast systems, generally including a lamp, at least one temperature sensor, a ballast and a processor. The at least one temperature sensor can be positioned proximate to the lamp or incorporated into the lamp. The ballast provides an electrical current to the lamp. The processor receives a sensed temperature from the at least one temperature sensor and, in response to the sensed temperature, directs a control signal to the ballast to regulate the electrical current provided to the lamp to maintain the lamp at an optimal operating temperature. Exemplary embodiments are also directed to methods of maintaining a lamp at an optimal operating temperature, generally including providing a lamp ballast system, receiving a sensed temperature, and directing a control signal to the ballast to regulate the electrical current provided to the lamp to maintain the lamp at the optimal operating temperature.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130310053

Example methods, apparatuses, or articles of manufacture are disclosed herein that may be utilized, in whole or in part, to facilitate or support one or more operations or techniques for creating geofence assistance information, such as for use in or with a mobile communication device. Briefly, in accordance with at least one implementation, a method may include determining a geofence boundary; and identifying transmission cells forming a loop of contiguous cell coverage areas approximating the geofence boundary. In some instances, a loop of contiguous cell coverage areas approximating a geofence boundary may comprise a loop of contiguous cell coverage areas approximating a perimeter of the geofence boundary, for example.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130306576

A cell strainer for separating particles from a cell suspension, having an upper portion with at least one filter area lying essentially perpendicular to the direction of flow of the suspension and a lower portion adapted to fit into the openings of at least two sample tubes with different sized openings. The lower portion has a first section with shoulders or flanges having the diameter of the opening of a first tube and a second section having an inner and outer wall serving as a receptacle for the neck of a second tube, where the diameter of the first section is larger than the diameter of the second section.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130311477

A method and apparatus for determining a class reference data record for classifying documents of value includes creating a class reference image using a multiplicity of reference images of already classified documents of value in the same class; and creating a class reference data record having at least one class reference parameter using the class reference image. The pixel and intensity values of the respective pixel in the class reference image are a function of the pixel values of the relevant pixels in the multiplicity of reference images of already classified documents of value in the same class. The method includes determining at least one quantitative property of a document of value to be classified; and classifying the document of value to be classified on the basis of a comparison between the quantitative property of the document of value to be classified and the class reference data record.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130305480

A drive provides rotational movement and linear movement to an output. A first gear is operatively connected to the output, such as a roller. A drive assembly comprises a first cam surface, a second cam surface and a second gear. The first cam surface engages a first follower where the first follower is operatively connected to the output such that linear movement of the first cam follower results in linear movement of the output. The second cam surface engages a stationary follower. The second gear engages the first gear. The drive assembly rotates over a range of motion such that for a first portion of the range of motion the drive assembly causes the rotational and linear movement of the output and rotation of the drive assembly for a second portion of the range of motion causes only the rotational movement of the output.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130306999

An LED lighting module includes a substrate and an LED chip mounted on the substrate. The substrate includes a base made of metal and an insulating layer. The base includes a principal surface and a raised portion above the principal surface. The insulating layer covers the principal surface of the base and exposes at least a part of the raised portion. The LED chip is supported on the raised portion.

Amorphous Besifloxacin Solid

Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130310557

Amorphous solid-state form of (R)-(+)-7-(3-amino-2,3,4,5,6,7-hexahydro-1H-azepin-1-yl)-1-cyclopropyl-8-chloro-6-fluoro-1,4-dihydro-4-oxoquinoline-3-carboxylic acid is characterized by at least one of: (a) an X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) spectrum that comprises peaks at 2 angles of 6.9-7.1, 9.4, 10.6-10.7, and 13.4-13.70.2, and a diffuse halo pattern at 11-30 and (b) a DSC (differential scanning calorimetry) melting peak at about 267-272 C. The amorphous solid is prepared by rapid precipitation from a saturated or supersaturated solution of besifloxacin free base in a solvent comprising at least benzyl alcohol.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130311522

A computer implemented method and system provide for automatic selection and extraction of metadata and media content from projects in a craft tool. Automated identification, classification and management of such metadata and content is provided using including techniques such as pattern recognition for audio and visual content. The automatic tracking and centralised storage of metadata and content for compliance purposes can be facilitated, and can enable querying of organised metadata stored in a central database. In an example, metadata and media content are extracted automatically from a project in a craft tool at a client system and are forwarded to a host system for the creation of a cue sheet including timings for media files from timing metadata in a project file to create the timings on the cue sheet.


Pub Date: 2013-11-21

Pub Number: US20130310217

The clutch control device for a hybrid vehicle comprises an engine, an automated manual transmission, a clutch device and a clutch actuator concluding an output rod and a master cylinder which generates a hydraulic pressure therein by closing an idle port in response to the stroke of the output rod, a slave cylinder in fluid communication with the master cylinder through a passage and controlling the clutch device to be in engagement state or disengagement state operated by the hydraulic pressure generated by the master cylinder and a clutch engagement state holding control portion for temporarily holding the clutch device to be in the engagement state by operating the master cylinder to close the idle port after the engagement state under the vehicle being running under a motor drive mode continued for a predetermined time.