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Dual Path Level Shifter

Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130241624

Dual path level shifter methods and devices are described. The described level shifter devices can comprise voltage-to-current and current-to-voltage converters.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130245944

Embodiments of the present invention relate to a navigation system, comprising data storage means arranged to store at least digital map data, traffic state information, and places of interest data, and a route planning module operably coupled to the data storage means and arranged to provide access to the digital map data and calculate a route to a destination, a traffic state interrogator operably coupled to the data storage means and arranged to access said traffic state information and to determine traffic status information relevant to said calculated route to the destination, a places data interrogator operably coupled to the data storage means and arranged to access said places of interest data and to determine relevant information portions about places of interest on the calculated route dependent on the determined traffic status information, and a navigation instruction generator operably coupled to the data storage means and arranged to generate navigation instructions including the relevant information portions about places of interest on the calculated route in response to the determined traffic status.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130246180

Systems, methods, and a user interface for automatically scheduling a media play is disclosed. The user can specify criteria for play of the media play, including times, stations, and/or external criteria such as a weather condition or the occurrence of an event. Information relevant to the entered criteria is received and assessed against the criteria to determine if the criteria are met. Responsive to the received information meeting the criteria for play of the media play, an accessor accesses the media play inventory and inserts the media play into a media feed.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130243557

Provided is a hybrid construction machine capable of letting the operator immediately stop the swing structure by performing a stopping operation for ordinary construction machines even when the swing structure moves differently from the operator's will for some reason. The hybrid construction machine comprises: an inverter controller which outputs a PWM signal to an inverter and thereby controls the revolution speed of an electric motor; a first electric circuit including blocking means which blocks the PWM signal outputted from the inverter controller to the inverter in response to either an immobilization selection inputted through a gate lock lever switch or an OFF selection inputted through an ignition switch; and a second electric circuit including a swing brake solenoid valve which activates a swing brake in response to either the immobilization selection inputted through the gate lock lever switch or the OFF selection inputted through the ignition switch.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130242060

A multiscale imaging system including microcameras having controllable focus, dynamic range, exposure, and magnification is disclosed. The objective lens forms a three-dimensional image field of a scene. Image regions of the image field are relayed by the microcameras onto their respective focal-plane arrays, which collectively provide a plurality of digital sub-images of the scene. The digital sub-images can then be used to form a composite digital image of the scene that can have enhanced depth-of-field, enhanced dynamic range, parallax views of the scene, or three-dimensionality.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130239339

A method of delivering a primary active agent and a secondary active agent to a locus. The method uses a polymersome containing composition. The composition comprises a plurality of polymersome vesicles containing the secondary active agent and a liquid matrix comprising the primary active agent. The polymersome vesicles are capable of being disrupted by the application of mechanical shear.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130246235

Various techniques can be used to customize payroll element templates. One method involves accessing a predefined payroll element template; receiving a template modification value, which is input by a payroll user in response to a question in a predefined payroll questionnaire; customizing the predefined payroll element template, based upon the template modification value, to create a customized payroll element template; and storing the customized payroll element template.

Eraser Bracelet

Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130239362

A flexible eraser bracelet fabricated from an elastomeric compound, capable of erasing marks, such as pencil markings, ink markings, the like, or indicia from a surface.

Secondary Spectrum Use

Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130242932

The invention relates to apparatuses, methods, computer programs and computer-readable media.

Variable Speed Compressor Protection System And Method

Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130240043

A system and method for a compressor includes a compressor connected to a condenser, a discharge line temperature sensor that outputs a discharge line temperature signal corresponding to a discharge line temperature of refrigerant leaving the compressor, and a control module connected to the discharge line temperature sensor. The control module determines a saturated condenser temperature, calculates a discharge superheat temperature based on the saturated condenser temperature and the discharge line temperature, and monitors a flood back condition of the compressor by comparing the discharge superheat temperature with a predetermined threshold. The control module increases a speed of the compressor or decreases an opening of an expansion valve associated with the compressor when the discharge superheat temperature is less than or equal to the predetermined threshold.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130243211

In a sound processing apparatus, a likelihood calculation unit calculates an in-region coefficient and an out-of-region coefficient indicating likelihood of generation of each frequency component of a sound signal inside and outside a target localization range, respectively, according to localization of each frequency component. A reverberation analysis unit calculates a reverberation index value according to the ratio of a reverberation component for each frequency component. A coefficient setting unit generates a process coefficient for suppressing or emphasizing a reverberation component generated inside or outside the target localization range, for each frequency component of the sound signal, on the basis of the in-region coefficient, the out-of-region coefficient and the reverberation index value. A signal processing unit applies the process coefficient of each frequency component to each frequency component of the sound signal.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130244313

A device for analyzing an analyte in a sample includes a first substrate, a second substrate, a fluidic channel, an inlet port and an outlet port. Each of the first substrate and the second substrate has an inner surface and an outer surface, the inner surface of the first substrate forming, at least in part, the lower wall of the fluidic channel, and the inner surface of the second substrate forming, at least in part, the upper wall of the fluidic channel. The fluidic channel is connected to the inlet port and the outlet port. The fluidic channel includes a reagent region and a detection region, at least a portion of the reagent region being coated with one or more dried reagents. The device further includes a wicking pad located on the outer surface of the second substrate, the wicking pad being positioned at a pre-determined distance from the outlet port.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130245378

The invention is a rotating tip catheter-imaging probe where electromagnetic energy is delivered to the distal end of a catheter and converted to mechanical energy using a light drive apparatus. The mechanical energy is then used to rotate a mirror that redirects light in fixed pattern on a sample. The rotating element of the light drive apparatus contains vanes, which rotate about an axis and positioned with bearings to minimize friction. A chamber encompasses the rotating element and is set to a vacuum pressure. The rotational speed of the catheter tip can be controlled by varying the optical power delivered to the vanes, the vacuum pressure in the chamber, or by a braking mechanism applied to the rotating element. The vanes may be shaped in a particular geometry to increase forces on the vanes from thermally driven gas flow.

Method and System for Configuring and Managing Third Party Software, and Management Server

Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130247031

Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and system for configuring and managing third party software and a management server. The method includes registering, by a management server, third party software provided by each service provider and a configuration template corresponding to the third party software. After an application by a user for a service via a customer service terminal succeeds, the management server receives, a configuration instruction delivered by the customer service terminal. The configuration instruction includes information about a service provider providing the service and includes third party software corresponding to the service. The management server notifies a user equipment of downloading the third party software from the service provider.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130240610

A solder paste transfer process is provided and includes defining multiple arrangements of solder pad locations on a surface, applying solder paste onto multiple transfer tools coupled to a fixture in a pre-defined configuration reflective of the multiple arrangements, disposing the fixture such that the multiple transfer tools are disposed in an inverted orientation proximate to the surface and reflowing the solder paste to flow from the multiple transfer tools to the solder pad locations.

Fluid Extrusion Bottle

Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130240567

The present application is directed to a fluid extrusion bottle, including a flexible bottle body which includes an interior container, a bottom section of the bottle body includes a fluid exit tunnel, a bottom end of the fluid exit tunnel and the interior container are connected, a upper end of the fluid exit tunnel includes a fluid exit mouth. The bottle body includes a temperature elevation storage space that neighbors the fluid exit tunnel, including a medium interchangeable tunnel that connects to the fluid exit tunnel, the medium interchangeable tunnel includes a gas changeable tunnel that is proximal to the fluid exit mouth and a fluid changeable tunnel that is distal from the fluid exit mouth. The fluid extrusion bottle can raise the fluid extrusion efficiency of the bottle and reduce remains. The structure of the bottle is simple, the production cost is low and is convenient to recycle.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130242996

Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method and related network node including one or more of the following: receiving, at the first network device, a message to be forwarded; determining a destination address for the message; determining whether the destination address is assigned to the first network device; if the destination address is not assigned to the first network device, querying a second network device for a next hop of the destination address; receiving, in response to the query, an indication of the next hop for the destination address; and forwarding, by the first network device in response to the indication of the next hop, the message to the next hop.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130245106

The present disclosure provides, inter alia, formulation compositions comprising modified nucleic acid molecules which may encode a protein, a protein precursor, or a partially or fully processed form of the protein or a protein precursor. The formulation composition may further include a modified nucleic acid molecule and a delivery agent. The present invention further provides nucleic acids useful for encoding polypeptides capable of modulating a cell's function and/or activity.

Composition, System, and Method for Treating Water Systems

Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130239991

A composition for treating a water system to remove scale, microorganisms and biofilm, and corrosion by-products. The composition comprises chelating agents and a surfactant. Depending on the water system being treated, the composition may be a solid dissolved by water in the system being treated or may be a pre-mixed foam or aerosol. A treatment system particularly suitable for flowing water systems comprises a container for holding such a treatment composition and mixing it with a portion of water from the water system, a filter for removing solids dislodged during treatment, and a corrosion monitor. A method for using such a treatment composition comprises draining substantially all existing water in the water system, filling or rinsing the system with fresh water, contacting the treatment composition with substantially all parts of the water system, and draining the treatment composition from the system before resuming normal operations.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130241389

A field emission device includes a substrate and a plurality of wires embedded in the substrate. The plurality of wires has at least a field emitter cathode wire; a control grid wire array; and a collector anode array. The field emitter cathode wire, control grid wire array, and collector anode array are embedded in and extend through a nonconductive substrate matrix. A method for making a vacuum field emission device is also disclosed.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130243394

A system and method for altering images using predetermined parameters is provided, through the use of a record associated with a digital video file. The record contains a number of parameters about insertion opportunities, including the location, time span, and shape of such opportunities. When a digital video file is requested, the record is accessed, and a determination is made as to whether the file should be altered. Should the determination be made for an alteration, a distinctive image is selected based on the information, including the parameters in the record, and an insertion or substitution is made.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130239403

In one embodiment, an implantable pulse generator for electrically stimulating a patient comprises: a metallic housing enclosing pulse generating circuitry; a header mechanically coupled to the metallic housing, the header adapted to seal terminals of one or more stimulation leads within the header and to provide electrical connections for the terminals; the header comprising an inner compliant component for holding a plurality of electrical connectors, the plurality of electrical connectors electrically coupled to the pulse generating circuitry through feedthrough conductors, wherein the plurality of electrical connectors are held in place in recesses within the compliant inner component, the header further comprising an outer shield component adapted to resist punctures, the outer shield component fitting over at least a portion of the inner compliant component.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130244827

A toroidal traction drive has an axial loading system with a primary loading component and a non-linear cam roller loading component.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130241953

The number of times of designation with respect to a position on a map is counted, and the number of times of designation is managed in association with the position and the map. If the number of times of designation with respect to a position of interest on the map exceeds a threshold value, a position that is managed in association with a large-area map including an area shown by the map is specified, and an object in the specified position on the large-area map is highlighted on the large-area map.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130242019

A nail print apparatus includes a print apparatus body and a leg. The print apparatus body includes a first insertion section having an insertion opening from which a printing finger/toe is inserted, and a print head which performs printing on a nail of the printing finger/toe inserted in the first insertion section. The leg is extendable below the first insertion section and creates a second insertion section in an extended state.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130240714

An optical sensor is described herein. By way of example, the optical sensor comprises a first light filter on a first light-receiving surface of an image sensor, and a second light filter on a second light-receiving surface of the image sensor. The second light-receiving surface is on an opposite side of the image sensor from the first light-receiving surface. The characteristics of the first light filter are different than characteristics of the second light filter.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130240320

A system for and method of providing overload protection for actuators, such as shape memory alloy wires, including and utilizing a magnetorheological fluid mechanism connected in series with or parallel to the load driven by the actuator, and operable to effect tunable protection.

System For Presenting Scripts To A Contact

Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130243181

A system is disclosed for presenting a plurality of scripts to a contact. A system includes a dialer, controller, Input/Output devices, and a memory containing modules for execution on a processor. A script player module plays a plurality of prerecorded audio file scripts. A presentation module presenting a plurality of script options to an agent. An input module receives an agent input corresponding to at least one of the script options. A profile module stores a contact profile reflecting contact-specific data, and the presentation module presents script options to the agent based upon the profile for outputting contact-specific scripts.


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130240722

An algorithm-based system and method for tandem mass spectrometry data acquisition in which multiple precursor ion attributes, such as mass, intensity, mass-to-charge ratio and charge state, as well as results from previously performed mass spectrometry scans, are used to determine the likelihood of identification for each precursor ion. This information is then used to prioritize subsequent tandem mass spectrometry events, such as which precursor ions are to be fragmented and undergo further mass spectrometry analysis. By interrogating precursor ions in order of probability of successful identification, an increase in identified proteins and peptides is achieved


Pub Date: 2013-09-19

Pub Number: US20130245187

Organosiloxane block copolymers, curable compositions, and solid compositions derived from these block copolymers are disclosed. The organosiloxane block copolymers comprise: 40 to 90 mole percent disiloxy units of the formula [R 1 2 SiO 2/2 ] 10 to 60 mole percent trisiloxy units of the formula [R 2 SiO 3/2 ] 0.5 to 35 mole percent silanol groups [SiOH] where R 1 is independently a C 1 to C 30 hydrocarbyl, R 2 is independently a C 1 to C 20 hydrocarbyl, wherein; the disiloxy units [R 1 2 SiO 2/2 ] are arranged in linear blocks having an average of from 10 to 400 disiloxy units [R 1 2 SiO 2/2 ] per linear block, the trisiloxy units [R 2 SiO 3/2 ] are arranged in non-linear blocks having a molecular weight of at least 500 g/mol, and at least 30% of the non-linear blocks are crosslinked with each other, each linear block is linked to at least one non-linear block, and the organosiloxane block copolymer has a molecular weight (M w ) of at least 20,000 g/mole.