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Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130019120

A system and method for reducing heat in a portable computing device includes clocking a processor such that it is provided with a full frequency over time t 0 to t 1 . A timer is set to trigger a forced power collapse (FPC) that removes all power to the processor from time t 1 to time t 2 . At time t 2 , the processor may be awakened such that it can resume processing at the full frequency. Advantageously, during the FPC, no leakage power (P L ) is consumed by the processor between t 1 and t 2 . The result is that the processor averages the same processing efficiency over time t 0 to t 2 as it otherwise would have if a reduced frequency had been provided to it. However, because no P L was consumed during the FPC, the generation of heat between time t 1 and t 2 that is related to P L is avoided.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130017507

Drilling of an implant shaft is carried out with a handpiece tool whose location and angular orientation with respect to a radiographic working guide is updated in real time with respect to the radiographic working guide and anatomical structures of the patient, free of viewing obstructions. Prior to the drilling, the radiographic working guide is fitted to a particular patient. Real-time imaging support is provided on a display of a computer, wherein the radiographic workpiece guide includes a plurality of fiducial markers that define a substantially planar reference surface of the radiographic workpiece guide. The radiographic workpiece guide also includes an alignment structure located a predetermined distance from a pilot hole proximate the work site. The image is updated based on an initial radiographic scan and updated position information from the handpiece tool as to location and angular orientation of the handpiece tool relative to the workpiece guide.

Visually Representing How a Sentiment Score is Computed

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018892

A method of visually representing how a sentiment score is computed comprises, with a sentiment scoring device, determining a number of sentiment scores for each of a number of attributes within a forum, writing a visualization file in a database based on metadata representing the sentiment scores, and outputting, to an output device, a representation of how the sentiment score was computed based on the visualization file. A system for displaying to a user how a sentiment score is computed comprises a sentiment scoring device, a forum source communicatively coupled to the sentiment scoring device, and an output device communicatively coupled to the sentiment scoring device, in which the sentiment scoring device obtains text from the forum source, determines sentiment scores for a number of attributes within the text, and outputs, to the output device, a representation of how the sentiment score was computed.

Method of Handling Random Access Procedure with Deactivation Timer

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130016659

A method of handling random access procedure on secondary cell in a wireless communication system is disclosed. The method comprises starting a deactivation timer for a secondary cell, performing a random access procedure for the secondary cell, and when the deactivation timer expires during the random access procedure, aborting the random access procedure or completing the random access procedure unsuccessfully.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130017768

An outrigger grinding fixture to support a workpiece on a manual surface grinder having a worktable and a grinding wheel. The outrigger grinding fixture comprises a base member maintained on the worktable. A slide member has a V-shaped slot formed on an upper edge. A mechanism is for horizontally adjusting the slide member on the base member. Another mechanism is for preventing vibration of the workpiece when the grinding wheel engages with the workpiece.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015718

A wireless power transmitting device for a wireless power communication system. The wireless power transmitting device includes: a circuit board including an insulating layer and a ground formed on the insulating layer; a core of a magnetic substance disposed on the circuit board to have a concave portion; a wire-wound coil accommodated in the concave portion to have one end for receiving a power through the circuit board and the other end connected to the ground; and a metal layer disposed between the core and the insulating layer to be connected to the ground.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130016951

Fiber optic cable mounting adapters and related fiber optic cable assemblies and methods for attaching an external mounting device to the fiber optic cable are disclosed. The fiber optic mounting adapters can be configured to be secured to a portion of a fiber optic cable. The fiber optic mounting adapters can also be configured to be secured to external mounting devices compatible to be secured to fiber optic equipment, to secure the fiber optic mounting adapter, and in turn the fiber optic cable, to the fiber optic equipment. Securing a portion of a fiber optic cable can reduce or prevent bending strain from being propagated along the fiber optic cable. Undesired bending strain of a fiber optic cable can cause undesired optical attenuation. Bending strain can also risk damaging optical fibers, such as furcated legs, exposed from the end portion of the fiber optic cable.

Test Circuit With Sense Elements Having Associated And Unassociated Primary Windings

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130014589

An apparatus for the nondestructive measurement of materials that includes at least two layers of electrical conductors. Within each layer, a meandering primary winding is used to create a magnetic field for interrogating a test material while sense elements or conducting loops within each meander provide a directional measurement of the test material condition. In successive layers extended portions of the meanders are rotated so that the sense elements provide material condition in different orientations without requiring movement of the test circuit or apparatus. Multidirectional permeability measurements are used to assess the stress or torque on a component. These measurements are combined in a manner that removes temperature effects and hysteresis on the property measurements. This can be accomplished through a correction factor that accounts for the temperature dependence.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130016090

A single polygonal navigation mesh in a virtual space by which objects of varying sizes can traverse may be provided. This may allow the navigation mesh to be used in determining appropriate paths for objects having a wide range of object sizes. The objects may include objects having a continuous range of possible object sizes. The use of a single navigation mesh for a range of object sizes may reduce the amount of storage needed to store separate navigation meshes for different object sizes. According to some implementations, constraints at outer boundaries of the navigation mesh may be determined based on a given object size allowing a single navigation mesh to be used for objects of any size.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015675

An apparatus for picking and placing a layer of product, comprising: a frame, the frame movable from a first position above and clear of the layer of product to a second position over and enclosing the layer of product; paddles mounted on internal sides of the frame, each paddle moveable from a first position in which the paddle is clear of the layer of product to a second position in which the paddle engages and grips a respective side of the layer of product by applying mechanical force thereto; a vacuum duct mounted in the frame over the layer of product, the vacuum duct moveable from a first position in which the vacuum duct is clear of the layer of product to a second position in which the vacuum duct engages and grips a top of the layer of product by applying vacuum force thereto; and, a control system adapted to selectively control respective mechanisms for positioning of the frame, paddles, and vacuum duct to thereby pick and place the layer of product.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015031

A torque limiter mounted on a hybrid vehicle includes an output plate, an input plate including a first region facing a first main surface of the output plate and a second region facing a second main surface of the output plate, a friction member provided on the first main surface of the output plate and disposed between the first main surface and the first region, and a biasing member being in contact with the second main surface of the input plate, for biasing the output plate toward the first region.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018713

Systems and methods for e-commerce promotional activities are provided via an analytics server, which provides real-time information concerning customer visits to an e-commerce Website to a merchant that operates the Website, for example via a dashboard or other user interface. The real-time information allows the merchant to monitor and optionally interact with customers visiting the Website, for example by offering customized promotions designed to influence purchasing decisions. Real-time telemetry concerning the customer visits is provided to the analytics server, which then presents the information in meaningful fashions via the dashboard or user interfaces for review by the merchant. Merchant responses to the information is facilitated via deal engines, recommendation engines, and other components, which may operate according to customized rule sets to implement merchant-desired promotions or policies.

System and Apparatus for Linking Multiple Rewards Programs to Promote the Purchase of Specific Product Mixes

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018706

A method and system for linking multiple pre-existing reward programs is disclosed. The method includes receiving information about a first pre-existing reward program for a first product, where the first reward program provides for a first reward, and receiving information about a second pre-existing reward program for a second product, wherein the second reward program provides a second reward. A combination reward program is provided, and the combination reward program provides a combination reward that is greater than each of the first reward and the second reward.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130016083

Compensate for the variations of threshold voltage of a driving transistor. During the period of the reference signal voltage Vref being set to the signal line DTC, voltage between the gate and source of the driving transistor IOC is made equal to or greater than the threshold voltage of the driving transistor IOC, and the difference in voltage of the reference signal voltage Vref and the reference power supply voltage VreCr is charged to the retentive capacitance IOB. At the same time, the voltage of the source of the said driving transistor IOC is set to the reference power supply voltage VreCr to make the voltage applied to the said light emitting elements equal to or lower than its threshold voltage. Subsequently, while maintaining the voltage applied to the said light emitting elements IOE equal to or lower than its threshold voltage.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130016400

A communication device has an interface for receiving coded image data, and a decoder for decoding the received image data. The interface receives a first signal including a first parameter of a coding system by which the image data are coded and then receives a second signal including a second parameter of the coding system. The decoder decodes the coded image data according to the second parameter, regardless of whether the second parameter is consistent with the first parameter or not.

Corrugated Paperboard Laminate Trays and Displays

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015093

A stackable display tray made of laminated plies of paperboard includes first and second vertical walls extending upwardly from a base wall. First and second upper ends of the walls have first and second tips in line with first and second channels in a bottom of the tray. The upper ends may be tapered. The tips may include tip cross sections and the channels may include channel cross sections with the tip cross sections generally conforming in size and shape to the channel cross sections. The paperboard may be double walled corrugated paperboard including flutes of a first one of each pair of adjacent ones of the plies angled with respect the flutes of a second one of the pair such as at 90 degrees. Product such as bottles may loaded in the tray wrapped with plastic shrink wrap film.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130019070

A detection module selects logically adjacent first and second control areas of a cluster. The detection module further determines that the first and second control areas satisfy a migration test wherein the first control area has free space exceeding a free threshold, the free space is at least equal to a space requirement for each second control area control interval, and the second control area has fewer control intervals than a control interval threshold. In addition, a copy module copies each second control area control interval to the first control area in response to determining that the first and second control areas satisfy the migration test.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130016943

Various optical isolator embodiments are disclosed. Embodiments comprise a waveguide section utilizing materials that induce a propagation constant shift that is propagation-direction-dependent. Embodiments are characterized by a cutoff frequency for forward propagating waves that is different than the cutoff frequency for reverse waves. A particular embodiment is constructed as a single-mode waveguide on a substrate. The cross-section of the waveguide is inhomogeneous in terms of materials. This inhomogeneity induces a propagation constant shift, which is propagation-direction-dependent. This device works as an optical isolator from the cut-off frequency of the lowest forward wave (lower frequency) to one for the lowest reverse wave (higher frequency). Various configurations consistent with the principles of the invention are disclosed.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015402

A rare earth ion doped lanthanum gallate luminous material containing metal particles and preparation method thereof are provided. The chemical formula of the lanthanum gallate luminous material is La 1-x GaO 3 :Ln x ,M y , wherein Ln is one or more of Tm 3+ , Tb 3+ , Eu 3+ and Sm 3+ , M is one of Ag, Au, Pt and Pd, the value range of x is 0.001 to 0.1, and the value range of y is 0.00002 to 0.01. The luminous performance of the lanthanum gallate luminous material can be greatly improved under the same excitation condition and the wavelength of emission light doesn't change, due to the introduction of metal particles into the rare earth ion doped lanthanum gallate luminous material. The lanthanum gallate luminous material has excellent luminous performance, and its emitting photochromic purity and light emitting luminance after excitation are high, so it can be used widely in various kinds of light emitting devices.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015598

The imprint apparatus of the present invention includes a controller that has a first servo controller configured to servo-control a first drive unit; a second servo controller configured to servo-control a second drive unit; and a correction controller configured to execute calculation processing for calculating a correction value for correcting a force, which is applied to a mold or a substrate when the mold is brought into contact with the substrate via an imprint material, based on a relative position between a mold holding unit and a substrate holding unit in a contact direction and correct at least one of command values to be transmitted to the first or second drive unit by the first or second servo controller based on the correction value.

Communication System and Communication Device

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018980

A communication system includes a communication device and a communication network configured to communicate with the communication device. The communication network includes a storage unit configured to store first communication information related to a communication to the communication device that is generated when communications with the communication device are unattainable; and a notifying unit configured to send the first communication information stored in the storage unit to the communication device when communications with the communication device become attainable. The communication device is configured to receive the first communication information sent from the notifying unit, and includes a restraining unit configured to restrain function of a local device based on the first communication information.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015134

There is provided a carbon membrane formed by carbonizing a phenol resin having at least one kind of atomic groups selected from the group consisting of a methylene bond, a dimethylene ether bond, and a methylol group, wherein the total mole content rate of the atomic groups is 100 to 180% with respect to the phenolic nuclei.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130017162

The invention relates to a cosmetic composition, especially a hair composition, and to a method for the cosmetic treatment of keratin materials, especially of the hair, employing compounds of formula:

Stay Cable for Structures

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015661

A mast is erected to support a load. At least one stay cable supports the mast. The stay cable has an end and an opposite end. The end of the stay cable attaches to an upper region of the mast. The opposite end of the stay cable anchors at earth. The stay cable is oriented at an angle not exceeding ten degrees.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018204

Disclosed is an edge-functionalized graphitic material manufactured by using a mechanochemical process. The edge-functionalized graphitic material is manufactured by pulverizing graphite in the presence of a variety of atmospheric agents in the form of gas phase, liquid phase, or solid phase. The edge-functionalized graphitic material, which is a precursor applicable into various fields, is expected to replace the prior art oxidized graphite.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130014885

A process for producing a shell-shaped hollow body composed of fibre-reinforced plastic in which, in a first step, a continuous hollow body made of fibre-reinforced plastic is produced. In a second step, the continuous hollow body is separated into a plurality of shell-shaped hollow bodies. Such a shell-shaped hollow body is applicable in vehicle construction, for example, as chassis or bodywork.

Quinoline and Quinoxaline Derivatives as Kinase Inhibitors

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018057

A series of quinoline and quinoxaline derivatives, substituted by a fused bicyclic pyridine or pyrimidine moiety attached via an alkylene chain optionally linked to a heteroatom, being selective inhibitors of P13 kinase enzymes, are accordingly of benefit in medicine, for example in the treatment of inflammatory, autoimmune, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, metabolic, oncological, nociceptive or ophthalmic conditions.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015940

A disconnect switch includes an enclosure containing a fusible switch disconnect assembly, and a switch mechanism and handle associated with the switch mechanism for opening and closing current paths in the fusible switch disconnect assembly. The fusible switch disconnect assembly may receive a plurality of retractable rectangular fuse modules having terminal blades. Switch contacts are provided in the fusible switch disconnect assembly and are positionable with rotary switch actuators, all of which may be operated via the handle and the switch mechanism.

Sensor or detector device with an improved cable guide plug

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130017727

A sensor or detector device includes a box in the form of a tubular hollow body, through whose opening a connecting cable passes and that is sealed by a connected plug. The device also includes a card or an analogous substrate, carrying the electronic components of the sensor or detector and mounted in the box, by being coated by an insulating filler material filling approximately the entire remaining inside volume of the latter. The Device (1) is characterized in that it includes a mechanical element for the positioning with wedging of the card (6) in the box, preferably along a median plane or with longitudinal symmetry (PM) of the latter, with at least a portion of the element being integrated in the plug (5).


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130017906

The present invention relates to golf balls and golf ball components comprising a blend of one or more ionomers mixed with one or more metal or ammonium salts of chelating agent. The resulting modified ionomer compositions have improved proccessability as shown by the increase in melt flow index (12) as compared to the unmodified ionomer analogs while demonstrating an increase in resiliency or speed as shown by increasing COR, while maintaining or showing only a slight increase in hardness as measured by Shore D.