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Gel Soap Dispenser

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015211

Personal gel soap dispensers include a container, for example, having a size similar to a bar of hand soap or body soap, a quantity of gel soap in the container in an interior hollow space of the container, and at least one through opening, for example, a plurality of through openings extending from an interior hollow space of the container through the container.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015947

A method for access authorization includes: generating, by a mobile terminal, first location data in relation to the location of the mobile terminal; comparing the first location data with stored second location data and determining that the first location data matches the second location data; establishing, by the mobile terminal, a first connection to an authorization client using a mobile communication network comprising a base station; sending, by the mobile terminal, identification data to the authorization client to request access authorization; establishing, by a detection client, a second connection to the mobile terminal, wherein the second connection is a direct packet switched connection; and granting access to a user of the mobile terminal when a position of the user relative to the detection client matches a predefined position relative to the detection client.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130019086

Performance counters may be operable to collect one or more counts of one or more selected activities, and registers may be operable to store a set of performance counter configurations. A state machine may be operable to automatically select a register from the registers for reconfiguring the one or more performance counters in response to receiving a first signal. The state machine may be further operable to reconfigure the one or more performance counters based on a configuration specified in the selected register. The state machine yet further may be operable to copy data in selected one or more of the performance counters to a memory location, or to copy data from the memory location to the counters, in response to receiving a second signal. The state machine may be operable to store or restore the counter values and state machine configuration in response to a context switch event.

Method For Simulating Fractional Multi-Phase/Multi-Component Flow Through Porous Media

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018641

A method for computing or estimating fractional, multi-phase/multi-component flow through a porous medium employing a 3D digital representation of a porous medium and a computational fluid dynamics method to calculate flow rates, pressures, saturations, internal velocity vectors and other flow parameters is described. The method employs a unique method of introducing non-wetting and wetting fluids into the pores at the inlet face of the 3D digital representation of a porous medium and a novel process control application to achieve quasi-steady state flow at low inlet concentrations of non-wetting fluid. In addition, the method of the present invention reduces the time required to simulate to complete the fluid dynamic calculations. The resulting values of flow of non-wetting fluid, wetting fluid, saturation, and other parameters are used to generate plots of relative permeability imbibition and drainage curves. Computerized systems and programs for performing the method are also provided.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130014678

The invention relates to a method for drying pasty materials, in particular sludge from wastewater treatment plants, including a first indirect drying stage (1) supplied with a heat-transfer fluid, which outputs (1 a , 1 b ) pre-dried sludge and water vapour; a step (6) of forming sludge at the outlet of the first stage, and a second stage of drying (7) pre-dried sludge that is heated by means of a heating gas, in particular air, said second stage producing (7 b ) dried sludge; at least one portion of the dried sludge produced by the second stage is incinerated (23) to produce thermal energy, and at least one portion of said thermal energy is used to heat the heat-transfer fluid of the first drying stage.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018082

The present invention concerns methods and reagents useful in modulating gene expression in a variety of applications, including use in therapeutic, diagnostic, target validation, and genomic discovery applications. Specifically, the invention relates to synthetic chemically modified small nucleic acid molecules, such as short interfering nucleic acid (siNA), short interfering RNA (siRNA), double-stranded RNA (dsRNA), micro-RNA (miRNA), and short hairpin RNA (shRNA) molecules capable of mediating RNA interference (RNAi) against target nucleic acid sequences. The small nucleic acid molecules are useful in the treatment of any disease or condition that responds to modulation of gene expression or activity in a cell, tissue, or organism.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130016811

In a construction having a radiation tube in an envelope filled with an insulating liquid, a radiation generating apparatus which realizes a miniaturization of the apparatus, an improvement of a withstanding voltage between the envelope and the radiation tube, and a decrease in attenuation amount of the radiation and a radiation imaging apparatus using the radiation generating apparatus are provided. The radiation generating apparatus has an envelope 12 having a first window 27 for transmitting the radiation, a radiation tube 14 enclosed in the envelope 12 and having a second window 19 for transmitting the radiation at a position in opposition to the first window 27, and an insulating liquid 13 filled between the envelope 12 and the radiation tube 14. A solid-state insulating member 28 is placed between the first window 27 and its periphery and the second window 19 and its periphery.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130017325

A method for manufacturing a polarizing lens that can form a uniform polarizing element on a curved surface of a lens base is provided.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015547

Provided are a photoelectric conversion device capable of controlling an absorbance of the red region at a wavelength of 600 nm or more, and an imaging device having an improved color reproduction by using the photoelectric device. Provided are a photoelectric conversion device that includes a pair of electrodes, and a photoelectric conversion layer disposed between the pair of electrodes, in which the photoelectric conversion layer contains a p-type semiconductor compound and two or more different kinds of unsubstituted fullerenes, and an imaging device that includes the photoelectric conversion device.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018652

Diffusing evidence among candidate answers during question answering may identify a relationship between a first candidate answer and a second candidate answer, wherein the candidate answers are generated by a question-answering computer process, the candidate answers have associated supporting evidence, and the candidate answers have associated confidence scores. All or some of the evidence may be transferred from the first candidate answer to the second candidate answer based on the identified relationship. A new confidence score may be computed for the second candidate answer based on the transferred evidence.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130019123

Storage system arrangement wherein: when a transmission destination determines that a source-side serial number included in a received packet is the same as a current destination-side serial number in the transmission destination, the transmission destination processes a content of the received packet in accordance with a command included in the received packet; and when the transmission destination determines that the source-side serial number is not the same as the current destination-side serial number, the transmission destination does not process a content of the received packet.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130014394

A cutter for woven belts includes a handle having two ends respectively defined to be a first end and a second end. The handle has a circumferential side provided with a cutting opening located close to the first end, extended in a direction from the second end toward the first end and having an opposite sealed end connected with two guide grooves. A blade deposited in the handle is exposed in the cutting opening. Thus, when a woven belt is being cut by the cutter, the cut-off portion of the woven belt will be guided by the guide grooves to be separated from the original woven belt so that the woven belt cut apart can be prevented from being accumulated at the cutting opening or being hindered by a user's hand, enabling the cutter to effectively cut off woven belts for facilitating sequent work of removing the woven belts from goods.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130014519

A frozen beverage device to convert a liquid beverage into a semi-frozen or frozen form has inner and outer walls forming a refrigerant cavity containing a refrigerant material with a freezing point below the freezing point of the liquid, the refrigerant material occupying at least 80% of the volume of the refrigerant cavity. The outer wall has a base portion which can be moved from a first position, where the liquid is at least semi-frozen, to a second position where the internal pressure in the refrigerant cavity urges the inner wall outwardly towards the outer wall so that the refrigerant material contacts a maximum area of the surface of the inner wall in the refrigerant cavity for maximum heat transfer and to minimise constriction of access to the frozen beverage. Alternative methods to seal the inner and outer walls to close the refrigerant cavity are also disclosed.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015021

An adjustment device for controlling the electric drive of an elevator in connection with a voltage reduction of the supplying network is disclosed. The electric drive of an elevator includes an electric motor and a power supply apparatus of for adjusting the supply voltage of the electric motor. The adjustment device includes a device configured to control the power supply apparatus and also a speed regulator for adjusting the speed of the electric motor. The adjustment device is arranged to determine the output voltage of the power supply apparatus of the electric motor in relation to the permitted maximum value of the output voltage, and the adjustment device is arranged to interrupt the operation of the speed regulator but to continue the operation of the power supply apparatus of the electric motor when the output voltage of the power supply apparatus of the electric motor reaches the permitted maximum value.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018546

The invention relates to a windshield wiping device (1), in particular for a motor vehicle, comprising at least one driving device (2) which can be controlled by a control device (3), said control device (3) controlling a power and torque requirement of the windshield wiping device (1) dependent on at least one or more parameters influencing the power and torque requirement of the driving device (2). The invention is characterized in that the control device (3) has at least parameters for determining the current position of the motor vehicle to reduce the power and torque.

Self-Energized Wireless Sensor and Method Using Magnetic Field Communications

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130017783

Manufacturing processes monitor forces or pressures within a machine. Metal within machines affect wireless communications within the machines for reporting monitored data. An embodiment of the present invention is a sensor that provides wireless communications unaffected by metals and with less electrical noise than slip rings. An embodiment can monitor manufacturing processes, such as by employing a piezoelectric transducer to measure forces or pressures in a machine and generate an electrical signal representing, for example, forces measured by the piezoelectric transducer. A threshold modulator circuit converts the electrical signal into a series of electrical pulses, which can be transmitted as a corresponding series of magnetic field pulses to a wireless receiver. The receiver reconstructs the original electrical signal, thereby enabling a receiver system to determine physical activities in the machine. The embodiment may be self-powered through use of power generated by the piezoelectric transducer.

Driving and Controlling Method for Biomimetic Fish and a Biomimetic Fish

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130017754

An aquatic toy that is a biomimetic fish with a watertight body portion. The body portion contains a battery electrically connected via a controller to at least one coil. The coil is positioned relative to a magnet and the coil can be caused to oscillate by virtue of a controller defined alternating current passing through the coil. The oscillation of the coil causes movement of a tail fin that is engaged to said watertight body to cause the fish to move forward through a body of water.

Systems and Methods for Providing a Spam Database and Identifying Spam Communications

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018906

Systems and methods are provided for identifying unsolicited or unwanted electronic communications, such as spam. The disclosed embodiments also encompass systems and methods for selecting content items from a content item database. Consistent with certain embodiments, computer-implemented systems and methods may use a clustering based statistical content matching anti-spam algorithm to identify and filter spam. Such a anti-spam algorithm may be implemented to determine a degree of similarity between an incoming e-mail with a collection of one or more spam e-mails stored in a database. If the degree of similarity exceeds a predetermined threshold, the incoming e-mail may be classified as spam. Further, in accordance with other embodiments, systems and methods may be provided to determine a degree of similarity between a query or search string from a user and content items stored in a database. If the degree of similarity exceeds a predetermined threshold, the content item from the database may be identified as a content item that matches the query or search string provided by the user.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130017448

In a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery including a positive electrode (11) whose surface has a positive electrode mixture layer containing a mixture of a conductive carbon material and a positive electrode active material containing a lithium-containing transition metal composite oxide having a layer structure and represented by the general formula Li a Ni x M (1-x) O 2 (where M represents one or more kinds of elements, and a and x satisfy the conditions 0a1.2 and 0.4x1, respectively), the proportion of carbon atoms relative to the total atoms on the surface of the positive electrode is made to be not less than 80%.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018326

A medical fluid injection device and/or medical fluid vial are disclosed. The medical fluid vial includes an outer body with a mouth and an inner member having a resilient expandable container portion and an access portion normally sealing the container portion. The injection device has a housing or needle holder mounting an access member for accessing the vial contents and a needle for injection into a patient. The housing may include a needle shield movable relative to the needle holder.