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Flow Shut-Off Valve For Sprinkler

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015273

In one embodiment, a sprinkler valve includes an actuator member that is rotatably disposed within a sprinkler head and restricted from vertical movement. The inside of the actuator member includes a helical groove within an inner cavity. A plunger at least partially fits within the actuator member's inner cavity and further includes a thread that mates with the helical groove of the actuator member. As the actuator member is rotated by a user, its helical groove causes the plunger to move downwards toward the top of a tube or water passage. If fully extended downward, the flat portion of the plunger fully covers and seals the top of the tube, preventing water from escaping from the sprinkler.

Apparatus And Method For Controlling Relative Particle Concentrations In A Plasma

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130014897

An apparatus for controlling a plasma etching process includes plasma control structure that can vary a size of a plasma flow passage, vary a speed of plasma flowing through the plasma flow passage, vary plasma concentration flowing through the plasma flow passage, or a combination thereof.

Dynamically Allocating Business Workflows

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018694

Dynamically allocating business workflows, including: receiving, by a workflow orchestrator, a request for a business transaction that includes one or more desired result parameters; determining, by the workflow orchestrator, a desired result for the business transaction in dependence upon the request; and iteratively, until a selected workflow produces interim results that conform to the desired result parameters or until no other workflow is available: selecting, by the workflow orchestrator, a workflow from a set of available workflows in dependence upon the request and the desired result; and executing, by the workflow orchestrator, the selected workflow, thereby producing interim results.

System and Method for Providing an Application to a Device

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018970

The disclosed embodiments include a system and method for providing at least one electronic application to at least one device. In one embodiment, the method includes acquiring device information that relates to the device and determining whether the device supports the at least one application based on the device information. The method may further include generating an electronic message for the device wherein the message contains at least one link for acquiring the at least one application when the device supports the application.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018852

In one embodiment, a system includes a data storage device for storing one or more storage volumes, logic adapted for associating an indicator with a data set on the one or more storage volumes, wherein the indicator is in a first state indicating that the data set is accessible, logic adapted for storing the indicator associated with the data set in a data set descriptor record, wherein the record is stored in at least one mapping of the one or more storage volumes, logic adapted for receiving a request to delete the data set, logic adapted for changing the indicator to a second state indicating that the data set is inaccessible in response to the request to delete the data set, with the proviso that the data set is unchanged, logic adapted for receiving a request to restore the deleted data set, and logic adapted for restoring the indicator from the second state to the first state in response to the request to restore the deleted data set.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015036

A recognition machine 40, 90 connected to a pneumatic tube 14 is provided separately from a money change machine 20, 70. The recognition machine 40, 90 includes a recognition unit 46, 96 configured to recognize a paper sheet or a coin having been put thereinto, and a storing mechanism 48, 98 configured to store the paper sheet or the coin having been recognized by the recognition unit 46, 96, into a storing member for pneumatic tube 16 to be transported by a pneumatic tube 14. A control unit 60, 100 is configured to calculate a deposit amount of the paper sheet or the coin, by adding up information relating to the paper sheet or the coin stored in the money change machine 20, 70 and information relating to a paper-sheet recognition result or coin recognition result by the recognition unit 46, 96 of the recognition machine 40, 90.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130017577

The present invention provides a method of increasing protein production in a cell culture by growing cells that produce the protein (e.g., the growth phase) in a perfusion cell culture to a high cell density (i.e., at least above about 4010 6 cells/N mL) and then switching to a protein production phase, wherein the cells are cultured in a fed-batch cell culture. The present invention further provides a method for clarifying a protein from a cell culture by adjusting the pH of the cell culture to below neutral pH (i.e., below a pH of 7) and settling the cell culture, such that the cell culture separates to form a supernatant layer and a cell-bed layer, wherein the protein is in the supernatant layer.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015299

The invention relates to an adapter for fastening a support profile, comprising a profile receptacle having a supporting section, and a fastening side which at least in some areas is spaced from the supporting section, wherein a cable maneuvering compartment is formed between the supporting section and the fastening side and is spatially connected to a feedthrough of the supporting section and at least one cable feedthrough. Using said design, cables coming from a wide variety of directions can be fed to the adapter in a simple and organized manner.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130014838

A relief device includes a relief housing constituted by a relief inflow portion, a valve passage portion, a recess, and an oil discharge portion having a relief hole; a relief valve having a small-diameter portion between a first large-diameter portion and a second large-diameter portion; and a spring elastically biasing the relief valve toward the relief inflow portion. The recess is formed at a position that is closer to the relief inflow portion side than to the oil discharge portion, the axial length of the recess is larger than the axial length of the first large-diameter portion of the relief valve, and the shortest axial distance between the recess and the relief hole is less than the axial length of the small-diameter portion.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130014798

A thermoelectric conversion element is provided as an element module with improved utility having an enhanced performance index and utilizing Fe 2 VAl type alloy thin-film under the condition of the drop in thermal conductivity. The structure of thermoelectric conversion element is comprised of a conductive buffer layer and plural repeating stages of single structures including thermoelectric conversion material layer and a conductive buffer layer, over a buffer layer formed on a substrate; and each of the thermoelectric conversion material layers is comprised of Full-Heusler alloy or Full-Heusler alloy thin film in a thickness range between 1 nm to 200 nm.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130014989

A cable connector includes four first male connectors of a first type, a second male connector of a second type, and four third male connectors of the first type. The first male connectors compose a first input/output terminal The second male connector and the four third male connectors compose a second input/output terminal Each first male connector is electrically connected to the second male connector and a corresponding third male connector.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130016327

The invention relates to a lithography system for patterning a target, said system comprising a feedback control system comprising an actuator for displacing the target, a measurement system for measuring a position of said target, and a control unit adapted for controlling the actuator based on the position measured by the measurement system, said feedback control system having a first latency being a maximum latency between measuring and controlling the actuator based on said measuring, a storage system for storing the measured positions, comprising a receive buffer and a storage unit with a second latency being an average latency between receiving measured positions in the receive buffer and storing said measured positions in the storage unit, wherein the first latency is at least an order of magnitude smaller than the second latency, the feedback control system comprising a unidirectional connection for transmitting said measured positions to the storage system.

Systems, Devices, Components and Methods for Bone Conduction Hearing Aids

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018218

Various embodiments of systems, devices, components, and methods are disclosed for hearing devices and systems.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130016537

A method for controlling a frequency converter is provided. The converter includes a rectifier, an inverter which is connected via a DC link to the rectifier, a rectifier controller and an inverter controller. A minimal rectifier DC link voltage for the rectifier controller is determined, a minimal inverter DC link voltage for the inverter controller is determined, a minimal DC link voltage as the maximum of the minimal rectifier DC link voltage and the minimal inverter DC link voltage is determined, and an optimal DC link voltage reference based on the minimum of the minimal DC link voltage and a maximal allowed DC link voltage is determined. The rectifier controller and/or the inverter controller is/are controlled based upon the optimal DC link voltage reference.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130016055

A wireless transmitting stylus configured to a touch control apparatus includes a motion sensing unit and a wireless transmitting unit. The motion sensing unit senses the motion of the wireless transmitting stylus so that the wireless transmitting stylus generates a motion signal. The wireless transmitting unit transmits the motion signal to the touch control apparatus, so that the touch control apparatus to trigger the execution. Accordingly, a user can grab the wireless transmission stylus and make a hand gesture to control the touch control apparatus.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018559

In a method for implementing an emergency braking operation with the aid of a brake assistance system in a vehicle, a brake actuation specified by the driver is amplified, the deactivation of the brake force amplification taking place in at least two stages.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130016895

A system and method for fail pattern analysis for a memory device is disclosed. The peripheral circuits of a memory device are divided into different zones based on circuit design and layout. Defects are detected by inline inspection of multiple SRAM devices at various stages in the manufacturing process and saved into a database. When the devices are fabricated, electrical tests are then performed. Electrical failure patterns are also recorded and saved in the database. A correlation between the zone in which a visual defect resides and an electrical failure is recorded in computer storage. Visual defects found during inline inspection are then associated with an electrical failure in the memory device.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130017676

An embodiment of an integrated circuit includes first and second semiconductor layers and a contact region disposed in the second layer. The first semiconductor layer is of a first conductivity, and the second semiconductor layer is disposed over the first layer and has a surface. The contact region is contiguous with the surface, contacts the first layer, includes a first inner conductive portion, and includes an outer conductive portion of the first conductivity. The contact region may extend deeper than conventional contact regions, because where the inner conductive portion is formed from a trench, doping the outer conductive portion via the trench may allow one to implant the dopants more deeply than conventional techniques allow.

Sputtering Target of Nonmagnetic-Particle-Dispersed Ferromagnetic Material

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015061

A sputtering target of nonmagnetic-particle-dispersed ferromagnetic material is provided having a phase (A) such that nonmagnetic particles are dispersed in a ferromagnetic material formed from a CoCr alloy containing 5 at % or more and 20 at % or less of Cr and Co as the remainder thereof, and schistose textures (B) with a short side of 30 to 100 m and a long side of 50 to 300 m formed from a CoCr alloy phase in the phase (A); wherein each of the foregoing nonmagnetic particles has such a shape and size that the particle is smaller than all hypothetical circles with a radius of 1 m around an arbitrary point within the nonmagnetic particle, or a shape and size with at least two contact points or intersection points between the respective hypothetical circles and the interface of the ferromagnetic material and the nonmagnetic material.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018678

Family protection insurance provides for a flexible and adjustable insurance policy that can be adjustable to be consistent with changes in the adult's insurance needs. The insurance policy is a term policy where, at predefined intervals, the policy owner may increase the policy value without requiring additional underwriting. The policy owner may also, at any time, convert all or a portion of the term policy to permanent insurance, while still maintaining the term policy and replenish the death benefit amounts of the term policy through the intermittent value increments. Thus, adults may adjust the death benefits of the term policy and convert the term policy death benefits to permanent insurance consistent with changing insurance needs.

Imaging Lens, Imaging Optical Device, and Digital Equipment

Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130016278

An imaging lens system has, from an object side, at least one positive lens element convex to the object side, a negative lens element, and at least one lens element having an aspherical surface. The positive and negative lens elements are arranged next to each other. The formulae 0.1Ton/Dopn7, 0.1(RonaRonb)/(Rona+Ronb)1.5, and 0.3Y/TL0.9 are fulfilled, where Ton represents the axial thickness of the most object-side negative lens element, Dopn represents the axial distance between the most object-side negative lens element and the positive lens element located to the object side of and next to that negative lens element, Rona represents the paraxial radius of curvature of the object-side surface of the most object-side negative lens element, Ronb represents the paraxial radius of curvature of the image-side surface of the most object-side negative lens element, Y represents the maximum image height, and TL represents the axial distance from the vertex of the most object-side lens surface to the image surface (in a case where a parallel-plane plate is included, the air equivalent length).


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015936

A converter includes a main board, at least one first connecting member, and a magnetic component. The first connecting member is defined on a surface of the main board. The magnetic component is assembled with the main board. The magnetic component includes a winding board, at least one second connecting member and a core. The second connecting member is defined on a surface of the winding board, and the second connecting member is in electrical contact with the first connecting member. The core is assembled with the winding board. A method for manufacturing a converter is also disclosed herein.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018724

A system and method for providing a demand driven promotion system supporting social networking and searching, substantially as shown in and/or described in connection with at least one of the figures, as set forth more completely in the claims.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130016598

An objective optical system for an optical information recording/reproducing apparatus, at least one surface of the objective optical system being configured to be a phase shift surface having a phase shift structure, wherein: the phase shift surface has a first area contributing to converging first, second and third light beams onto recording surfaces of first, second and third optical discs, respectively; in the first area, the phase shift surface has at least two types of phase shift structures including a first phase shift structure having first steps and a second phase shift structure having second steps; the phase shift surface has a plurality of combinations of annular zones which satisfy a condition:


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130015855

According to one embodiment, a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes an imaging unit and a strain correction unit. The imaging unit is configured to acquire frames of diffusion weighted image data corresponding to different b-values by diffusion weighted imaging with applying MPG pulses corresponding to the different b-values of which application axes are same. The strain correction unit is configured to calculate a strain correction coefficient for diffusion weighted image data to be a target of a strain correction based on diffusion weighted image data corresponding to a b-value different from a b-value corresponding to the diffusion weighted image data to be the target of the strain correction among the frames of the diffusion weighted image data to generate image data after the strain correction by the strain correction of the diffusion weighted image data to be the target of the strain correction using the calculated strain correction coefficient.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130018656

A method for facilitating mobile phone messaging, such as text messaging and instant messaging, includes receiving audio data communicated from the mobile communication device, the audio data representing an utterance that is intended to be at least a portion of the text of the message that is to be sent from the mobile phone to a recipient; transcribing the utterance to text based on the received audio data to generate a transcription; and applying a filter to the transcribed text to generate a filtered transcription, the text of which is intended to mimic language patterns of mobile device messaging that is performed manually by users. The method may also be applied to the audio data of a voicemail, with the filtered, transcribed text being communicated to a mobile phone as, for example, an SMS text message.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130014452

Protective shelters for enclosing one or more persons and/or animals are described. A capsule can be a spherical or substantially spherical, water-tight shell surrounding a frame and forming an interior portion which accommodates the one or more persons and/or animal; and at least one sealable entry door configured to seal at least one opening formed in the shell.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130014732

Disclosed herein is a class of gas carburettor (9) for low calorific value gas for A/F ratio control to be used engines operating on producer gas with a load following capabilities. The gas carburettor has A/F ratio from 1.2:1 for producer gas to about 5:1 for biogas. The gas carburettor of the present invention has right A/F control at varying load conditions due to its optimized dimensions at the throat (7) and area ration control flapper (6) along with the zero pressure regulators. Additionally, using a by-pass facility starting the engine is established. By the use of a zero pressure regulator on the gas line, the gas pressure in the air and gas lines are maintained nearly the same downstream of the carburettor which helps in managing the appropriate air-to-fuel ratio based on the gas and air passage areas.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130016176

A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, obtaining first images that are captured by a first camera system at a first location associated with a live presentation by the first user, transmitting first video content representative of the first images over a network for presentation by a group of other processors that are each at one of a group of other locations associated with corresponding other users, receiving second video content representative of second images that are associated with each of the other users, and presenting the second video content in a telepresence configuration that simulates each of the other users being present in an audience at the first location. Other embodiments are disclosed.


Pub Date: 2013-01-17

Pub Number: US20130016707

A method and apparatus for transmitting an uplink Scheduling Request (SR) are provided. The method includes, obtaining a SR subframe configuration by receiving signaling, and transmitting SR information to a Base Station (BS) by using physical resources of another non-SR channel for transmitting other uplink control information. By applying the present invention, the SR, ACKnowledgement/Non-ACKnowledgement (ACK/NACK) or Channel Quality Indicator (CQI) information is returned to a BS when low Constant Modulus (CM) characteristic of an uplink Component Carrier (CC) is ensured.