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Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120218765

A light emitting device comprises: a surface light source for a surface-emission; a CPC lens having a light receiving surface, a side reflective surface, and a light emitting surface, the light receiving surface receiving a part of light from the surface light source, the side reflective surface reflecting the light from the light receiving surface, and the light emitting surface facing the light receiving surface and emitting the light; and a reflector containing the surface light source and the CPC lens, and having a concaved reflective surface for reflecting forward the light deviating the light receiving surface from the surface light source, wherein a ratio of a illumination area of the surface light source to an area of the light receiving surface of the CPC lens is not less than 0.63 and not more than 2.93.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120218868

An inspection apparatus for detecting defects in a rail joint bar includes an ultrasonic transducer mounted on an actuator for moving the transducer into and out of engagement with a vertical surface of the head of the joint bar. A laser profile system and an encoder output linear position data corresponding to the position of a joint bar relative to the position of the inspection apparatus. A system controller responsive to the identification of the presence of a joint bar or obstructions, outputs control information to the transducer actuator assembly to position the transducer assembly relative to the joint bar.

Roll Cleaning Apparatus

Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120216978

A roll cleaning apparatus for a paper making machine has a cleaning member that is mounted to a support member that extends lengthwise relative to a first roll. The cleaning member has a pad and is moveable between an engaged position against the roll during operation, and a disengaged position spaced away from the roll in a non-operating condition. The roll cleaning apparatus includes a drive connected to cause linear reciprocation of the cleaning member and a drive or actuator mounted to move the cleaning member between the engaged and disengaged positions, and operable to bias the cleaning member against the roll in use.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120219702

A film can be patterned with a nanomaterial. Such patterning can, in various embodiments, be performed by applying a uniform mixture of a solute in a solvent to a surface of the film to form a coating of a soluble material on the surface of the film in a pre-defined pattern that defines coated parts of the film and uncoated parts of the film, depositing an aqueous dispersion, including the nanomaterial and a surfactant, on the defined coated and uncoated parts of the film, washing the film to remove the coating of the soluble material and the nanomaterial from the defined coated parts of the film, but not removing the nanomaterial from the defined uncoated parts of the film, along with removing the surfactant from the defined coated and uncoated parts of the film, and leaving a pattern of the nanomaterial on the defined uncoated parts of the film.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120218969

The present invention discloses a method and a device for allocating a Control Channel Element (CCE) resource. The method includes: a network allocates the CCE resource according to the CCE aggregation level and the current use information of the CCE resource. Through the present invention, the problem of resource waste in the allocation of idle CCE resource in the related art is solved, thereby achieving the effect of effectively using the idle CCE resource.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120221436

An electronic textbook system allows instructors to create custom coursebooks by integrating various materials from disparate sources. Instructors can arrange the materials, format them, provide tables of contents and indices. Payment mechanisms as well as policies for the components are integrated automatically so that the final book satisfies policy requirements for each of its component parts.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120217779

Describes are passenger seats including a seat pan assembly with a reclining mechanism, a seat back pivotally coupled to the aft end of the seat pan assembly, and a lumbar mechanism coupled to the seat back and/or the seat pan assembly. As examples, the seat pan assembly includes at least one track having a reclining path and a sleeper path, and a sleeper selection control configured to pull a diverter into a position substantially blocking the opening to the reclining path and to push the diverter into a position substantially blocking the opening to the sleeper path. In certain cases, the seat pan assembly also includes a tilting mechanism with a fixed component and a variable component adjustably engaged with each other.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120217734

A bound block of detachable sheets is disclosed, including a plurality of individual sheets, the edges of which are aligned, where the individual sheets are bound to a binding sheet, which is furnished with an adhesive, where the butt-edges of the individual sheets are adherent to the binding sheet, forming the block, and where a bracket is introduced onto the bound block, effectively restricting the bound block from over-opening.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120220024

A reaction vessel assembly for use with thermal cyclers is described. The assembly includes a reaction vessel and a casing defining a cavity. In a first configuration, the casing receives the reaction vessel within the cavity, to act as a protective casing for the reaction vessel. In a second configuration, the casing engages with a mouth of the reaction vessel, to close the vessel. In this configuration, the casing may also act as a handle. In preferred embodiments, the reaction vessel is in the form of a capillary tube, and/or may include an integrated collimating lens. Certain embodiments also include an RFID tag.

Sheet Feeder and Image Forming Apparatus

Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120217696

A sheet feeder includes a casing having a loading surface, a supply roller, a drive mechanism, a blocking member, and an interlocking mechanism. The supply roller is configured to feed recording sheets on the loading surface toward the image forming unit. The drive mechanism is configured to move the supply roller. The blocking member is disposed upstream from the supply roller in a sheet feed direction and includes a block surface configured to be moved between a first position and a second position. The block surface is configured to block insertion of a recording sheet to a downstream side when in the first position, and configured to allow insertion of the recording sheets on the loading surface when in the second position. The interlocking mechanism is configured to receive a drive force from the drive mechanism to move the blocking member.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120217517

An organic light emitting device according to one or more embodiments includes a gate line, a data line intersecting the gate line, a switching thin film transistor connected to the gate line and the data line, a driving thin film transistor connected to the switching thin film transistor, and a light emitting diode (LED) connected to the driving thin film transistor. The switching thin film transistor includes a control electrode connected to the gate line, a crystalline semiconductor overlapping the control electrode, and an input electrode and an output electrode are spaced apart from each other on the crystalline semiconductor, wherein the control electrode and the gate line are respectively disposed under and on the crystalline semiconductor and include different materials.

Slow-Release Fertilizer and Method of Making and Using Same

Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120222170

There is disclosed a fertilizer composition comprising a water-insoluble slow-release reacted nitrogen fertilizer and an effective amount of a water-soluble, non-aromatic poly(amino acid) of the group poly(aspartic acid), poly(glutamic acid), poly(glycine), poly(lysine) a copolymer of cystein and glutamic acid and a terpolymer of cystein and glutamic acid and aspartic acid, wherein the poly(amino acid) has a molecular size larger than that which can be absorbed by a plant. A method of making and using the fertilizer composition is also disclosed.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120219628

There is provided a fast dissolving solid dosage form adapted for the release of a biologically active material in the oral cavity wherein the dosage form comprises at least one biologically active material, and at least one matrix forming agent, wherein the dosage form substantially dissolves in the oral cavity. A method of producing the same and a kit comprising the same are also provided.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120217241

A cup lid is composed of a lid body. The lid body includes a fastening portion extending downward from a peripheral edge thereof for fastening the cup lid onto a cup body. The lid body includes a drinking hole and a vent hole. The drinking hole protrudes upward from a top side of the lid body to form a drinking portion. The drinking portion is provided with an opening formed on a top side thereof and with a through hole formed at an internal lower side thereof. The opening is bigger than the through hole in diameter. A guiding portion is mounted between the opening and the through hole. Additionally, a plug can pluggably jam the drinking hole.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120218768

According to one embodiment, a lighting apparatus includes a board, a base, a globe, a housing, and a cap part. The board is provided with a light emitting element to emit light. The board is thermally connected to the base. The globe is provided on the base to cover the light emitting element. The globe includes a maximum diameter part in which an external diameter of the globe is maximum. The housing is thermally connected to the base. The housing includes a cylindrical radiator through which air flows. The cap part is attached to the housing. One end part of the radiator is located between the cap part and the maximum diameter part.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120216848

Embodiments of a thin-film heterostructure thermoelectric material and methods of fabrication thereof are disclosed. In general, the thermoelectric material is formed in a Group IIa and IV-VI materials system. The thermoelectric material includes an epitaxial heterostructure and exhibits high heat pumping and figure-of-merit performance in terms of Seebeck coefficient, electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity over broad temperature ranges through appropriate engineering and judicious optimization of the epitaxial heterostructure.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120216669

A ballistic-resistant molded article having a compressed stack of sheets including reinforcing elongate bodies, where at least some of the elongate bodies are polyethylene elongate bodies that have a weight average molecular weight of at least 100,000 gram/mole. Methods for manufacturing ballistic-resistant molded articles are also provided.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120219246

It is desired to prevent generation of negative pressure in the bearing space and to prevent entry of foreign matter such as water into the bearing. A bearing is provided which includes an inner race (1), an outer race (3), rolling elements (5) disposed between raceways (2 and 4) of the inner and outer races and retained by a retainer (6), and seal assemblies (7) provided at the respective ends of the outer race (3). Each seal assembly (7) includes a seal case (9) fitted on one end of the outer race (3), and an oil seal (11) mounted in the seal case. A check valve (20) is mounted in the seal case (9) which allows only a flow of gas from outside the bearing into the bearing space. A filter (29) is mounted in a flow passage in the check valve which allows passage of gas and prevents passage of liquid and solids.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120217039

A hybrid cable has optical conductors and electrical conductors. The electrical conductors are selected to have varying resistances per unit length, depending upon the distance from a power source at which the conductor is expected to terminate. The use of varying resistance conductors can be used to balance the power supplied to external devices and to lower cable cost, size, and weight.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120218258

A display apparatus that displays a three dimensional image configured by a plurality of viewpoint images, the display apparatus comprising: an image display unit having a plurality of pixels arranged in horizontal and vertical directions; and an image control unit that controls the image display unit, wherein each of the plurality of pixels includes a plurality of sub-pixels arranged in the vertical direction, and the image control unit controls the image display unit so as to sequentially display a plurality of the viewpoint images along the horizontal direction, using a plurality of pixel units, provided that each of the pixel units is regarded as a single unit configured by a plurality of pixels neighboring the horizontal direction.

Organizational System for Personal Effects

Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120216928

An organizational system including an outer bag body and a rigid storage basket configured to fit within the outer bag body. The outer bag body may be styled as a conventional purse, etc. The storage basket preferably includes multiple individual storage compartments arranged adjacent one another with a respective open end of each storage compartment arranged adjacent one another so that all individual storage compartments are readily accessible from an opening at the top of the purse/bag when the basket is positioned within the bag body. Optionally, the storage basket is readily removable from the purse so that it may be placed on a kitchen countertop, etc. to provide organization to the basket's contents without the need for any support from a bag body. Optionally, the organizational system includes one or more interchangeable bag bodies configured to fit the same storage basket.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120216981

The present invention relates to a thermal energy storage material (TESM) system (and associated methods). The TESM system comprises i) a container having a wall surface; and ii) a TESM in at least partial contact with the wall surface. The TESM may include, consist essentially of, or consist of a metal containing compound comprising at least two different metal cations and one or more polyatomic anions. The at least two metal cations may include lithium cations. The TESM may have a liquidus temperature, T L , from about 100 C. to about 250 C. The TESM may exhibits a heat storage density from 300 C. to 80 C. of at least 1 MJ/l. The TESM system may be free of water. If any water is present in the TESM system, the water concentration preferably is less than about 10 wt. %. Preferably, the TESM system is generally resistant to corrosion at temperatures of about 300 C.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120219683

The invention relates to an adsorbent comprising a clay material and activated carbon. Further the invention relates to an animal feed comprising such adsorbent and to the use of such adsorbent for the adsorption of microbial toxins, in particular mycotoxins.

Polypeptides Having Detergency Enhancing Effect

Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120220513

The present invention relates to the use of glycosyl hydrolase family 61 polypeptides as enhancers of enzyme benefits in detergents as well as a detergent composition comprising glycosyl hydrolase family 61 polypeptides in combination with detergency enzymes.

Method for Obtaining Brighter Images from an LED Projector

Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120218283

A method for improving brightness of projected images from an LED projector employing a plurality of LEDs of different colors by determining, from a histogram of a frame of an image to be projected, an effective maximum saturation. A plurality of main channels and a plurality of subchannels are created, one main channel and at least one subchannel for each color LED. Then the amplitude of the main channel and a subchannel for each color are determined based upon the effective maximum saturation of the frame of the image, followed by using the main channel and the at least one subchannel for a color to drive an LED of that color to generate the image.

Chemical reactor featuring heat extraction

Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120216501

A chemical reactor of a technical plant, in particular a power plant system is provided. The chemical reactor includes a gas-tight wall forming a gas channel, wherein heat exchanger surfaces that are permeable with a first fluid and at least partially include a catalytically active surface are located in the gas channel. A method for converting CO using such a reactor is also provided.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120221064

Exemplary protective barriers may be provided that house at least a portion of a medical device to prevent contamination of the medical device when it is used for treatment or testing. The protective barriers are removable from the medical device after use so that disinfection of the medical device is not required.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120221074

An electrical stimulation system provides stimulation therapy to a patient. The system includes a neurostimulation lead that contacts patient tissue and couples with an implantable stimulation device, such as an implantable pulse generator, that receives stimulation parameters for providing stimulation therapy to a patient. The implantable stimulation device includes a header with a plurality of connector assemblies that receive an end of the neurostimulation lead, and a case containing a charging coil and a telemetry coil coupled to programming circuitry on a printed circuit board, which is in turn coupled to the connector assemblies via a feedthrough assembly. The telemetry coil receives data from an external programmer and transmits the data to the programming circuitry, which in turn uses the data to communicate to the connector assemblies and the neurostimulation lead to provide stimulation therapy to a patient.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120221313

A computer aided design system determines the acceptable timing for a flip-flop cell. The system generates a search window having a pass edge and a fail edge and divides the search window into four sections using three quadsection values. For each of the quadsection values, the system simulates a timing analysis of the flip-flop and determines if each of the quadsection values pass or fail the analysis. The analysis may be done in parallel. If at least one of the quadsection values passes the analysis, the system causes one of the passed quadsection values to be a new pass edge for the search window. If at least one of the quadsection values fails the analysis, the system causes one of the failed quadsection values to be a new fail edge for the search window. If the search window is less than a predetermined window width, the system assigns the new pass edge as the determined timing. If the search window is not less than the predetermined window width, the system repeats the above, starting with dividing the new search window into four sections using three quadsection values.


Pub Date: 2012-08-30

Pub Number: US20120217936

The present invention discloses a power management circuit, including: a first voltage regulator, which converts an input voltage to an output voltage; a second voltage regulator coupled between the output voltage and a battery; and a voltage difference control circuit, which receives the output voltage and a voltage of the battery, and outputs a voltage difference control signal to control the first voltage regulator. The voltage difference control circuit includes: a battery reference voltage determination circuit, which generates a battery reference voltage related to the battery voltage, and an error amplifier, which receives the output voltage and the battery reference voltage and generates the voltage difference control signal.