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Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120158225

A system includes a hybrid power train having an internal combustion engine and an electrical torque provider that combine to provide a total machine torque. The system includes a controller that functionally executes operations to control the hybrid power train. The controller interprets a total machine torque target value and determines a torque contribution for each of the internal combustion engine and the electrical torque provider in response. The controller interprets a supplemental torque contribution value, and controls the internal combustion engine and the electrical torque provider in response to the torque contributions and the supplemental torque contribution value. The supplemental torque contribution value is applied as a limiting value, a target value, or a prescribed ratio for one or both of the torque contributions.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120156761

The technology relates in part to biological methods for producing adipic acid and engineered microorganisms capable of such production.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120156197

Provided is a method of treating a proliferative disease, condition, or disorder in a subject by administering a combination of an inhibitor of p53 and MDM2 binding and an EGFR inhibitor. Various embodiments of the disclosed methods provide a synergistic anti-proliferative or anti-apoptotic effect compared to administration of one agent alone.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120153352

The present disclosure relates to the field of microelectronic transistor fabrication and, more particularly, to the formation of high mobility transistor channels from high indium content alloys, wherein the high indium content transistor channels are achieved with a barrier layer that can substantially lattice match with the high indium content transistor channel.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120153474

A method of manufacturing an integrated circuit system includes: providing a substrate; forming a polysilicon layer over the substrate; forming an anti-reflective coating layer over the polysilicon layer; etching an anti-reflective coating pattern into the anti-reflective coating layer leaving an anti-reflective coating residue over the polysilicon layer; and etching the anti-reflective coating residue with an etchant gas mixture comprising hydrogen bromide, chlorine, and oxygen to remove the anti-reflective coating residue for mitigating the formation of a polysilicon protrusion.

Repeated Lost Packet Retransmission in a TCP/IP Network

Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120155458

Periodically retransmitting of multiply lost TCP/IP packets until either an ACK is received or the timeout finally occurs. By retransmitting the packet more than the once as done with prior art SACK approaches, there is a possibility of not having to wait until the timeout period elapses if one of the other retransmissions successfully transits the network. If the packet is successfully received and acknowledged before the timeout period ends, then the more extensive timeout procedures need not be invoked and traffic is much less affected.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120155050

An exemplary electronic device includes a housing, a left rail and a right rail assembled in the housing, and a holder assembled on the left and right rails and received in the housing. The holder can slide out from the housing for securing a functional module thereon. The holder includes a bottom plate glidingly assembled on the left and right rails, and front and rear plates both pivotally secured on the bottom plate. The front and rear plates are both elastically biased to rotate about the bottom plate. When the holder is at least partially received in the housing, the front and rear plates are in original closed positions. When the holder is almost totally slid out from the housing, the front and rear plates rotate about the bottom plate to be in open positions for providing resilience to secure the functional module.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120156174

The present invention relates to a novel bacteriophage, more particularly, a bacteriophage that has a specific bactericidal activity against Salmonella enteritidis, Salmonella typhimurium, Salmonella gallinarum and Salmonella pullorum , a composition for the prevention or treatment of infectious diseases including salmonellosis and Salmonella food poisoning caused by Salmonella enteritidis or Salmonella typhimurium , Fowl typhoid caused by Salmonella gallinarum , and Pullorum disease caused by Salmonella pullorum, which comprises the bacteriophage as an active ingredient, and an animal feed, drinking water, cleaner, and sanitizer which comprise the bacteriophage as an active ingredient.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120156112

A microfluidic cartridge including on-board dry reagents and microfluidic circuitry for determining a clinical analyte or analytes from a few microliters of liquid sample; with docking interface for use in a host workstation, the workstation including a pneumatic fluid controller and spectrophotometer for monitoring analytical reactions in the cartridge.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120155129

An example power supply includes an energy transfer element, a switch, and a controller. The controller includes a modulator, a drive signal generator, a comparator, and a variable current limit generator. The modulator generates an enable signal having logic states responsive to a feedback signal. The drive signal generator either enables or skips enabling a switch of the power supply during a switching period in response to the logic state of the enable signal. The comparator asserts an over current signal to disable the switch if the switch current exceeds a variable current limit. The variable current limit generator sets the variable current limit to a first current limit in response to one logic state of the enable signal and sets the variable current limit to a second current limit if the enable signal transitions logic states and the over current signal is asserted during the switching period.

System, Method and Terminal for Forwarding Incoming Call

Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120157054

The present invention discloses a system, method and terminal for implementing the forwarding of incoming call, wherein the method comprises: a terminal A with Wireless LAN Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure (WAPI) function establishing a connection with another terminal B with the WAPI function through a WAPI module; when either the terminal A or terminal B has an incoming call, the terminal having the incoming call forwarding the incoming call to another terminal which has established the connection with the terminal having the incoming call. In the present invention, the incoming calls on the terminal A can be forwarded to the terminal B, and the phone calls on the terminal B also can be forwarded to the terminal A, which is convenient for users to answer the phone calls and can solve the phenomenon of the users missing calls due to various reasons very well.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120152047

A braking device for a rotating shaft and a gear motor system using the same. The braking device includes a brake subassembly, a rotating shaft, and a sleeve. The rotating shaft is sheathed with the sleeve. The brake subassembly includes an adjustable screw, a spring, and a brake disc. One end of the spring presses on top of the brake disc and the other end presses at the bottom of the adjustable screw. After the adjustable screw is fixed, the bottom surface of the brake disc is tightly against the outer surface of the sleeve. When the adjustable screw is adjusted, the amount of compression of the spring is changed and the pressure imposed on the brake disc by the spring varies accordingly such that the friction between the brake disc and the sleeve is changed.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120155150

A semiconductor storage device with a novel structure, which can retain stored data even when power is not supplied (i.e., is non-volatile) and has no limitation on the number of write cycles. The semiconductor storage device includes a memory cell array in which a plurality of memory cells are arranged in matrix, a decoder configured to select a memory cell to operate among the plurality of memory cells in accordance with a control signal, and a control circuit configured to select whether to output the control signal to the decoder. In each of the plurality of memory cells, data is held by turning off a selection transistor whose channel region is formed with an oxide semiconductor.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120152026

A gage pressure transducer comprising a first pressure sensing assembly exposed to a main pressure and a second pressure sensing assembly exposed to a reference pressure. The pressure sensing assemblies comprise half-bridge sensors and means for using an alignment glass plate with each sensor which reduces the amount of oil required for operation, which consequently reduces the back pressures caused by large volumes of oil. The pressure sensor assemblies are hermetically sealed using glass frits, therefore enabling the gage pressure transducer to robustly and accurately measure pressure in harsh environments.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120159554

An Internet based television program delivery server, coupled to a plurality of television source devices and a plurality of recipient devices, that receives a plurality of Internet protocol television programs, buffers them, converts recipient device selected Internet protocol television programs to preview Internet television programs and transmits the preview Internet protocol television programs to the recipient device, until full scale Internet protocol television programs become available for viewing on the recipient device. A video conversion circuitry built into the Internet based television program delivery server performs the conversion of some of the television video content to preview television video content, to compensate for delay in full scale television program delivery. The conversion itself includes reductions in frame rate, color and pixel resolutions, screen size and aspect ratio such that it produces lower bandwidth Internet protocol television program packets, during channel changing.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120154955

A magnetic layered structure is presently disclosed comprising a pinned layer, a first anti-ferromagnetic layer that defines a magnetic orientation of the pinned layer, a free layer, a second anti-ferromagnetic layer that biases the free layer to a magnetic orientation approximately perpendicular to the magnetic orientation of the pinned layer, and a tuning layer positioned between and in contact with the second anti-ferromagnetic layer and the free layer that tunes free layer bias to a desired level.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120153083

Optimisation of structures subjected to hot gas streams. The invention refers to a fairing (10) for aircraft horizontal stabilizer (3) comprising a front part (11) and a rear part (12), the front part (11) covering a limited extent of the fairing (10) surface, which is the part of the fairing (10) receiving hot air stream (6) coming from the aircraft engines (4), this front part (11) being made of an anti-erosion material, the rear part (12) covering the rest of the surface of the fairing (10), this rear part (12) being made of a material resisting the aerodynamic loads existing on the fairing (10). The invention also refers to an aircraft comprising a horizontal stabilizer (3) with a fairing (10) such as the one described.

Curable Adhesive Compositions

Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120154739

Curable adhesive compositions comprising a urethane pre-polymer are provided that exhibit a high refractive index.

Injection Locked Long Josephson Junction Pulse Source

Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120157321

A superconducting circuit, and a method, are disclosed for generating pulses with stable frequency. The circuit includes an annular Long Josephson Junction (LJJ) capable of producing electrical pulses of a desired frequency due to a steady bias current applied to the LJJ. The circuit further includes an electrical interface for injecting an RF signal of a first frequency into the annular LJJ, resulting in the desired frequency locking onto the first frequency. Typically the first frequency substantially equals the desired frequency. The injection of the RF signal further results in the decrease of the frequency jitter of the desired frequency. The pulses generated in the loop section of the LJJ are outputted through a tail section of the LJJ, and through transmission lines which couple to the tail section.

Formation of High Electrical Conductivity Polymer Composites with Multiple Fillers

Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120153239

Electrically conductive compositions and composites, and methods of making the same are disclosed herein. An exemplary electrically conductive composite includes a polymer and a filler comprising a porous particle at least partially coated with metal. Additional fillers may be added, including metal particles such as acicular copper. Also disclosed are articles including the polymers and fillers and methods for their manufacture, where such articles may include an interconnect, circuit board, semiconductor, radio frequency identification tag, printed circuit, flexible circuit, tape, film, adhesive, gasket, sealant, ink, or paste.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120157326

The invention is in the field of nucleic acid amplification, hi particular, methods are described which utilise stem primers that improve the rapid and specific amplification of a test sample.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120159501

A synchronization scheduling apparatus and method in a real-time multi-core system are described. The synchronization scheduling apparatus may include a plurality of cores, each having at least one wait queue, a storage unit to store information regarding a first core receiving a wake-up signal in a previous cycle among the plurality of cores, and a scheduling processor to schedule tasks stored in the at least one wait queue, based on the information regarding the first core.

Extensible Pipeline for Data Deduplication

Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120158672

The subject disclosure is directed towards data deduplication (optimization) performed by phases/modules of a modular data deduplication pipeline. At each phase, the pipeline allows modules to be replaced, selected or extended, e.g., different algorithms can be used for chunking or compression based upon the type of data being processed. The pipeline facilitates secure data processing, batch processing, and parallel processing. The pipeline is tunable based upon feedback, e.g., by selecting modules to increase deduplication quality, performance and/or throughput. Also described is selecting, filtering, ranking, sorting and/or grouping the files to deduplicate, e.g., based upon properties and/or statistical properties of the files and/or a file dataset and/or internal or external feedback.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120154906

The current invention is a new glass windshield with a transition-lens type composition layer between the glass substrates for use in vehicles (airplanes, ships, boats, sailboats, steamers, yachts, jets, and cars) or residential and commercial buildings to protect against sun glare and provide an overall cooling effect on the passengers or inhabitants. Rather than permanently tinting the glass of windshields and windows, the current invention works only when needed. It activates in the presence of sunlight. By not darkening unnecessarily, it avoids the consistent darkening of the interior of a vehicle (airplanes, ships, boats, sailboats, steamers, yachts, jets, and cars), viewing panel of an accessory such as a motorcycle or skydiving helmet, or residential and commercial buildings, as is the problem with tinted glass. The new glass windshield can be used as is or as a detachable or attachable unit.

Methods for Assembling Disposable Diaper Pants

Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120152436

A method for assembling diaper pants is disclosed. Each diaper pant may include a chassis and two side panels extending from the chassis. The side panels join a first waist region and a second waist region of the chassis. The method may include the steps of connecting first end regions of the side panels with a first waist region of the chassis, advancing the chassis in a machine direction, folding the chassis about its lateral axis, transferring the folded chassis to a drum comprising a first folding member and a second folding member, moving the first and second folding members toward each other and radially outward relative an outer surface of the drum to position second end regions of the side panels in contact with a second waist region of the chassis, and connecting second end regions of the side panels with the second waist region.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120154746

A fundus imaging apparatus includes an aberration measurement unit adapted to measure an aberration of reflected light obtained by irradiating an object to be examined with measurement light; an aberration correction unit adapted to correct an aberration of light in accordance with the measured aberration; a control unit adapted to repeatedly control processing of the aberration measurement unit and the aberration correction unit; and a changing unit adapted to change a first function of a predetermined order representing the aberration to a second function including an order higher than the predetermined order in accordance with at least one of a measurement result obtained by the aberration measurement unit and a control result obtained by the control unit. The aberration correction unit corrects an aberration expressed by the second function.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120157575

The present invention relates to a polymer composition containing (A) an elastomer that has a reactive functional group on a main chain, (B) an inorganic filler, and (C) a coupling agent that has one or less on average per molecule of a modification functional group having binding reactivity with the reactive functional group on the main chain of the elastomer as the component (A), and has a functional group having affinity with the component (B) or being capable of being bonded to the component (B), a rubber composition containing the polymer composition, and a tire containing the rubber composition, and provides a polymer composition that provides a rubber composition capable of enhancing fuel consumption efficiency of a tire and imparting sufficient wear resistance and rupture resistance to a tire, a rubber composition that has the aforementioned properties, containing the polymer composition, and a tire containing the rubber composition.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120158780

An information processing method for defining a data structure for pattern matching, the method executed by an information processing apparatus, comprises generating, by the apparatus, an ordered tree structure by defining transition edges between nodes using, as transition conditions, respective constraints from one or more constraint patterns each including plural constraints; searching, by the apparatus, for a second substructure similar to a first substructure from a root node by determining a set relation between transition conditions of respective transition edges; and defining, by the apparatus, an additional transition link from a tail node of the second substructure to a child node at a tail end of the first substructure, the additional transition link adding a constraint to be met by an indeterminant identified from the set relation.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120155484

A dual homing technique for ensuring loop free transmission of traffic between telecommunication networks such as VPLS by utilizing a loop protocol in the dual homed connection. The technique also provides selective handling of VPLS data streams protected and non-protected by the dual homing loop protocol.


Pub Date: 2012-06-21

Pub Number: US20120159426

Certain example embodiments described herein relate to systems and/or methods for systems and/or methods for improved creation of metamodels. More particularly, certain example embodiments described herein relate to automating the creation of metamodels from one or more example models. In certain example embodiments, nodes, edges, and multiplicities of at least one model are automatically identified. A preliminary metamodel is created by adding a metaclass for each automatically identified node and edge. A connection is made between each said added metaclass edge to at least two said added metaclass nodes via first and second associations. Detection of multiple relations is performed by determining whether any of said added metaclass edges are connected to more than two added metaclass nodes. The preliminary metamodel is refined or optimized, e.g., so as to reduce the occurrence of multiple relations.