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Method for transmitting data

Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120076146

A method is described for transmitting data between participants of a serial, ring-shaped communications arrangement in which the participants are serially connected to one another, wherein a data packet is passed from a participant provided as a master to further participants provided as slaves, wherein the data packet is passed from slave to slave, and wherein address information of the data packet is altered by each slave.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120074862

A lamp and an illumination system and a driving method thereof are provided. The lamp includes a lighting unit, a conversion unit, and a driver. The conversion unit is capable of receiving an input pulse width modulation (PWM) signal and converting the input PWM signal into an output PWM signal, wherein a frequency of the input PWM signal and a frequency of the output PWM signal are different. The driver is coupled between the lighting unit and the conversion unit. The driver is capable of receiving the output PWM signal and generating a driving signal to drive the lighting unit according to the output PWM signal.

Dynamically controlled cross flow instability inhibiting assembly

Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120074263

A cross flow instability inhibiting assembly generates periodic aerodynamic disturbances on a swept wing. The cross flow instability inhibiting assembly is dynamic in that it can be selectively turned on and off as needed. The cross flow instability inhibiting assembly is a strip of material separating a set of electrodes from a set of electrodes. When energized, the fields created between the electrodes and electrodes create plasma disturbances around the electrodes. The electric fields and plasma create heating and body force disturbances on the air or surrounding fluid. These plasma generated disturbances disrupt development of unstable voriticity due to cross flow, inhibiting transition to turbulent flow of the wing to which it is attached. The electrodes may be connected to electrical power in series or they may be connected to an alternating configuration. The system allows for various uses based on the design of the wing and the conditions in which the host aircraft is flying.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120077414

The present invention provides a brassiere comprising one or a pair of breast supporting cups and of the type where at least one of the breast-supporting cups has a frontal opening to expose the breast, the breast-supporting cup comprising a panel/flap that covers the opening and a part of which is releasably attachable to the shoulder strap of the brassiere when closing the opening and so that on release the opening may be uncovered, wherein the means by which the panel/flap is releasably attachable to the shoulder strap comprises a clasp on the shoulder strap that is movable up and down the shoulder strap to a selected position and having a clamping part so that it may be clamped at the selected position, thereby providing adjustment of the breast-supporting cup, the clasp incorporating co-operative engagement means thereon for the releasable attachment of the panel/flap.

Connecting Oil Country Tubular Goods

Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120074692

Ends of separate tubular members used in oil and gas drilling are connected pin-to-pin by a threaded coupling and made leak tight by an internal pressure seal, wherein the male or field end pin of a first tubular member has an integral geometry designed to mate with the female or mill end pin of a second tubular member. Coupling and tubular members possess modified a buttress thread form having a negative load flank angle and a positive stab flank angle. When assembled, coupling connects field end pin of first tubular member with mill end pin of second tubular member, wherein integral geometries of mated pin ends generate the interference necessary to produce a single, metal-to-metal, leak-tight, internal contact pressure seal. An external ball and cylinder contact seal at each end of the coupling provides additional sealing capacity when used in combination with the internal contact pressure seal.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120079318

A system and method for adaptive RAID geometries. A computer system comprises client computers and data storage arrays coupled to one another via a network. A data storage array utilizes solid-state drives and Flash memory cells for data storage. A storage controller within a data storage array is configured to determine a first RAID layout for use in storing data, and write a first RAID stripe to the device group according to the first RAID layout. In response to detecting a first condition, the controller is configured to determine a second RAID layout which is different from the first RAID layout, and write a second RAID stripe to the device group according to the second layout, whereby the device group concurrently stores data according to both the first RAID layout and the second RAID layout.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120078504

A method of operation of a navigation system includes: selecting a starting point; selecting a destination; identifying a destination lot associated with the destination; and calculating a vehicle travel route from the starting point to the destination with the vehicle travel route traversing through the destination lot for displaying on a device.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120078828

A newly-purchased gas appliance is detected and reported to a gas administrator. There are provided a flow rate detection portion, a flow rate calculation portion, a code extraction portion, an initial code learning portion, a code maintaining portion, a code judging portion, an additional code learning portion, and an external communication portion. The code extraction portion extracts a code pattern E. The initial code learning portion gathers similar code patterns E as a gas appliance code pattern F. The code judging portion judges whether or not the code pattern E matches any of gas appliance code patterns F held by the code maintaining portion within a predetermined range. The code patterns E that have failed to match are subjected to additional identification of a gas appliance in the additional code learning portion. The gas blocking device can thereby let the additional code learning portion detect whether or not a new gas appliance has emerged and the external communication portion send a report to the gas administrator.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120074128

Embodiments disclosed herein relate generally to the field of outerwear, and more particularly to a heat management system configured to provide heat to one or more predetermined regions or zones, such as the upper or lower body, torso, chest, back, neck, arms, shoulders, wrists/cuffs, hands, fingers, feet, toes, and the like. In various embodiments, these heating zones may be controlled by an actuator switch and control electronics that may allow individual heating zones to be actuated alone or in combination, and in some embodiments, in a predetermined sequence. Some embodiments of the actuator switch may include color-coded lighting elements that may indicate the current temperature, zone activation, heating program, and the like.

Power calibration under voltage standing wave ratio change by frequency sweep

Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120077450

A power calibration algorithm is performed on a wireless communication device, where power measurements are taken across frequency sweep at the output of the device and at a power amplifier of the device, to accurately track voltage standing wave ratio impedance and errors associated with VSWR impedance. The measurements are performed as part of production of the wireless communication device and during online operation of the wireless communication device. During online operation the measurements are made by a detector at the power amplifier over the various frequencies of the frequency sweep.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120074845

An automobile LED driving device includes a current setting portion to set multiple reference currents independently from one another for multiple respective current setting resistors connected externally, a current controller to select one of the multiple reference currents based on a control signal provided from outside, and an output transistor to control an output current to an automobile LED connected externally based on the reference current selected by the current controller.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120073651

A photoelectric conversion element according to an embodiments includes: a first metal layer; a semiconductor layer formed on the first metal layer; a second metal layer formed on the semiconductor layer, the second metal layer comprising a porous thin film with a plurality of openings each having a mean area not smaller than 80 nm 2 and not larger than 0.8 m 2 or miniature structures having a mean volume not smaller than 4 nm 3 and not larger than 0.52 m 3 ; and a wavelength converting layer formed between the semiconductor layer and the second metal layer, at least a refractive index of a portion of the wavelength converting layer being lower than a refractive index of a material of the semiconductor layer, the portion being at a distance of 5 nm or shorter from an end portion of the second metal layer.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120074814

A wheel includes a rim and a tire. The rim includes a ring body defining a central axis, two flanges, and two piezoelectric rings. The flanges extend from the circumference of the ring body around the central axis. A first annular groove is defined in the circumference of each flange around the central axis. The piezoelectric rings are mounted in the respective first annular grooves and configured for producing electric power under pressure. The tire encloses the rim.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120076261

Provided is a technique of making auxiliary lines easy to view when displaying a stereoscopic image using radiological images. Auxiliary lines are added on two radiological images for displaying a stereoscopic image, respectively. The auxiliary lines are made up of a plurality of grids appearing to be arranged in the depth direction, and, on the auxiliary lines that constitute a grid on a rear side, intersections with the auxiliary lines that constitute a grid on a front side and the near portion of the intersections are removed. In this way, the intersections of the grids can be viewed easily.

Message Key Generation

Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120076295

The disclosure relates to message encoding. One claim recites an apparatus comprising: electronic memory for storing a digital watermark plural-bit message; an electronic processor programmed for: providing a plural-bit seed; randomizing the plural-bit seed; and encoding the randomized plural-bit seed with convolutional encoding, the encoded, randomized plural-bit seed comprising a key for transforming the digital watermark plural-bit message. Of course, other claims and combinations are provided too.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120074886

A brushless motor driving circuit includes a battery for supplying a power to the brushless motor driving circuit; a driver circuit; a bridge circuit including a plurality of N-channel FETs; a control unit for rotating a brushless motor by switching the bridge circuit through the driver circuit based on a rotor position detection signal; a floating voltage generator for applying a voltage to a first group of the FETs of the bridge circuit; and a converter which is powered from the battery. The converter has an output connected to an input of the floating voltage generator for the first group of the FETs of the bridge circuit and an input of the driver circuit for a second group of the FETs of the bridge circuit to dedicatedly supply a power to gates of the FETs, and the control unit is powered from the battery without using the converter.

Method And Apparatus For Coding And Interleaving For Very High Throughput Wireless Communications

Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120076234

A wireless transmitter can include a plurality of bandwidth modules, each bandwidth module processing data based on a predetermined frequency band. In one embodiment, such a wireless transmitter can include encoding components for receiving transmit data and generating encoded data. A multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) stream parser can receive the encoded data and generate a plurality of MIMO streams. A first module parser coupled to a first MIMO stream can generate a first plurality of partial MIMO streams. A first bandwidth module can include a first interleaver that interleaves bits of the first partial MIMO stream and generates first interleaved data. A second bandwidth module can include a second interleaver that interleaves bits of the second partial MIMO stream and generates second interleaved data. A first inverse fast Fourier transform (IFFT) unit can combine and process the first and second interleaved data and generate a first transmission MIMO stream.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120073321

A French-style refrigerator door is disclosed. The refrigerator door includes an actuator and a mullion bar rotatably mounted to the door. The mullion bar is responsive to the actuator to automatically rotate from a first position to a second position upon actuation of the actuator.

Multidimensional Object Finding System

Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120079012

The system helps to find one or more objects using multidimensional information.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120076863

The present invention is directed to anti-hypertensive compositions comprising a nanoparticulate temocapril, or a salt or derivative thereof, having improved bioavailability. The nanoparticulate temocapril particles of the composition have an effective average particle size of less than about 2000 nm and are useful in the treatment of hypertension and related diseases.

Power Allotment Distribution in a Data Center

Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120078430

In a computer-implemented method, an electronic communication from a first computing machine is received and includes a power value and one or more priority values. The power value represents a request for a power allotment expected to be used during a predetermined time and the priority values represent priorities of tasks expected to be executed during the predetermined time. A score for the request is calculated using a scoring function and the received priority values as inputs to the scoring function. The score is compared to one or more other scores respectively associated with requests for power allotments from other computing machines and previously calculated using the scoring function following receipt of one or more electronic communications each including a power value and one or more priority values. A top-ranked score is identified and an electronic communication is sent to the associated computing machine granting the requested power allotment.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120074510

A magnetic sensor 1 comprises a main channel layer 7 a having first, second, and third regions 71, 72, 73 and extending in a first direction; a first ferromagnetic layer 12A mounted on the first region 71; a second ferromagnetic layer 12B mounted on the second region 72; a projection channel layer 7 b projecting in a direction perpendicular to a thickness direction of the main channel layer 7 a from a side face of the third region 73 between the first and second regions 71, 72 in the main channel layer 7 a ; and a magnetic shield S covering both sides in the thickness direction of the projection channel layer 7 b and both sides in the first direction of the projection channel layer 7 b and exposing an end face 7 c in the projecting direction of the projection channel layer 7 b.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120075865

A lens includes a light incident surface with a first central axis, a first light emitting surface, and a second light emitting surface. The first light emitting surface is a convex, curved surface with a second central axis and is opposite to the light incident surface; the first light emitting surface comprises a first border. The first light emitting surface and the light incident surface cooperatively forming a convex lens portion. The second light emitting surface is located at a side of the first light emitting surface adjacent to the first border. The second light emitting surface is a rough surface for refracting light randomly. The distance between the first central axis and an inner side of the second light emitting surface is larger than the distance between the second central axis and the inner side of the second light emitting surface.

Method and Apparatus For Tracking or Tracing The Movement of Shipping Containers

Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120075139

A covert device for tracing or tracking the movement of a shipping container has a primary satellite receiver responsive to external satellite signals to obtain positional information, a secondary receiver for obtaining coarse positional information from terrestrial radio signals, and a memory. A processor processes the available positional information to obtain a fix in response to an event and stores the fix in association with the event in memory. The receivers preferably use the shipping container at least in part as an antenna. When the secondary receiver is an FM broadcast antenna, the gap between the doors of the shipping container can serve as a slotted antenna.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120073983

In a producing apparatus and a producing method of effectively and safely producing hypochlorous acid water suitable for sterilization in a desired amount of production and in a desired concentration, the producing apparatus is compact and includes an electrolytic vessel to which dilute hydrochloric acid is supplied and in which no diaphragm exists between an anode and a cathode for generating a chlorine gas, a storage tank in which water is stored, a circulation pipe into which water flows from the storage tank, in which the water circulates, and from which the water returns into the storage tank, and a mixing pipe which couples between the electrolytic vessel and the circulation pipe, mixes the chlorine gas from the electrolytic vessel with the water in the circulation pipe, and produces hypochlorous acid water.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120076008

A system and method for managing configuration data on a media gateway and a media gateway controller in a next generation network is disclosed. In one embodiment, in a method of managing configuration data on a media gateway (MG) and a media gateway controller (MGC) in a next generation network, it is determined whether all required configuration data is provisioned for the MG by a configuration management module residing in the next generation network upon boot up. If all the required configuration data is not pre-configured, then the configuration management module sends a message to an associated MGC requesting for configuration data. The configuration management module verifies format of the received configuration data upon receiving an acknowledgement and the configuration data by the MG. The configuration management module also stores received configuration data in the MG and provisions the MG upon a successful verification of the configuration data.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120076769

A therapeutic herbal composition comprising Saw Palmetto, Bromelain, Willow Herb, Grape Seed Complex, Wild Rosella, Liquorice, Passionfruit Seed and Selenium Yeast is claimed. The composition may be used as a general health promotant but is also useful as a treatment of cancer and inflammation. Prostate cancer and hyperplasia may be particularly beneficially addressed with the composition. The invention extends to a method of treatment using a composition as described.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120079317

Out-of-order reconstruction of a RAID storage device at a replacement storage device enables the replacement storage device to execute I/O for reconstructed regions during reconstruction of the replacement storage device. In one embodiment, the failed storage device is analyzed to find recoverable information, which is copied to the replacement storage device to reduce the need for reconstruction. In another embodiment, the priority for region's reconstruction is increased upon detection of an I/O to the region. The I/O is queued until reconstruction of the region and then executed after reconstruction of that region so that I/O at the region need not be repeated during reconstruction of the remainder of the replacement storage device.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120078593

There is provided a consumption energy calculating device which simulates power consumption of a heating and cooling appliance operated by a customer living in a house. A first receiver and a second receiver receive a demand response signal and an external environmental factor parameter. A pain level model shows a relationship between an indoor air temperature and a pain level. A first calculator calculates, when the appliance is not in operation, the indoor air temperature of a next sample time. A second calculator calculates, when the appliance is in operation, determines the indoor air temperature of the next sample time. A working sequence generator determines whether the appliance is or not to be operated during the next sample time. The power consumption determination unit determines power consumption consumed by the appliance before the next sample time and outputs data showing the power consumption.


Pub Date: 2012-03-29

Pub Number: US20120073877

Taught is an auger having a working head (15), a ratcheting T-handle (50), and a shaft (20) attached there between forming a hand-powered ratcheting auger for drilling holes near the ground surface. Shaft (20) may include one or more lengths of extension shaft parts to control the length of the shaft. Working head (15) contains a drill-bit (14), semi-circular non-planar cutting blades (12), a working head shaft part (22), with the drill-bit and cutting blades fixedly attached to the working head shaft part and shaft part (22) detachably attached to shaft (20). The auger may also include an air induction unit 66 including an air-receiving opening in the T-shaped handle; an air-line 60 positioned within a hollow of the shaft connecting the air-receiving opening with air exhaust openings so as a jet of the air can blow out of said auger to break up and blow away the drilling detritus.