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Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110304654

An electrophoretic display apparatus includes a first substrate and a second substrate; an electrophoretic layer that is allocated between the first substrate and the second substrate; and a first electrode and a second electrode that are each formed in an island shape, for each pixel, at the electrophoretic layer side of the first substrate, and are mutually independently driven. The first and second electrodes form a comb-teeth shaped electrode in a plan view, which include a plurality of branch portions and a trunk portion combining the plurality of branch portions, and each of first ones of the branch portions, which are located at respective edge portions of a pixel area, has a width smaller than a width of each of second ones of the branch portions, which are branch portions other than the first branch portions.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110305063

A sense amplifier for reading the data stored in a crossbar array includes a storage transistor to store a first voltage resulting from an electric current from a column line connected to a target memory element while the target memory element is half-selected, the first voltage resulting from bias voltages applied to row lines not connected to the target memory element; a mirror transistor to store a second voltage resulting from an electric current from the column line while the target memory element is fully selected; a cross-coupled inverter circuit having a first branch connected to the storage transistor and a second branch connected to the mirror transistor; and an output node to output a signal from the first branch of the cross-coupled inverter circuit, the signal based on a comparison between the first voltage stored in the storage transistor and the second voltage across the mirror transistor.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110304672

A printhead assembly includes: a molded ink manifold having a plurality of ink outlets defined in a manifold bonding surface; and printhead integrated circuits bonded to the manifold bonding surface. The manifold bonding surface includes a polymer coating, which plugs fissures in the molded ink manifold.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110303712

A method and apparatus for a ski pole holder for attachment to a ski lift chair comprising a retaining bracket configured to hold at least one ski pole and mounting hardware configured to attach the ski pole holder to the ski lift chair.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110307111

A method of matching sources to loads includes receiving load activity data and source activity data corresponding to samples of activity over a time period at a plurality of loads and a plurality of sources, respectively. The method of matching sources to loads further includes scoring similarity between the load activity and the source activity based on the load activity data and the source activity data, and matching loads to sources based on the scoring.

Graphical Objects Bonding Society System and Method of Operation

Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110307473

The present inventions relates to an Internet service based on two fundamental beliefs, first that identity on the Internet and in real life is substantially based on a individual's or organization's relationship to other people, objects, places, spaces, and organizations and second that individuals or organizations themselves should create, manage and control that identity. Based on these beliefs the present invention offers the Internet's leading tools, services and ecosystem that enables individuals and organizations to intuitively create and manage their identity based on relationships, effortlessly customize their internet experience to fit that identity and empower themselves to use that identity for benefit in their real life.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110305826

Process for producing organoamine-stabilized silver nanoparticles with a molar ratio of silver salt to organoamine of about 1:4 to about 1:10 are disclosed. The process includes: forming a solution including an organic solvent and a first amount of organoamine; adding silver salt particles to the solution; adding a second amount of organoamine to the solution; adding a hydrazine to the solution; and reacting the solution to form an organoamine-stabilized silver nanoparticles.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110305351

When a first noise and second noise to be generated after the first noise are generated within a predetermined period, a noise reduction unit is controlled so as to execute a first noise reduction process for an audio signal in a period including the first noise and not to execute the first noise reduction process for an audio signal in a period including the second noise.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110304918

A diffractive optical element includes a first diffraction grating and a second diffraction grating which are made of materials different from each other and are stacked in an optical axis direction, and a thin film which is arranged at least part of an interface between the first diffraction grating and the second diffraction grating, includes a single layer or multiple layers made of a material different from that of each of the first and second diffraction gratings, and is transparent to light of a working wavelength range. nd1nd2 and 0.5nd3nd20.8 are satisfied, where nd1 is a refractive index of the material of the first diffraction grating to d-line, nd2 is a refractive index of the material of the second diffraction grating to the d-line, and nd3 is a maximum refractive index of the material of one layer of the thin film to the d-line.

Methods Of Manufacturing P-Type Zn Oxide Nanowires And Electronic Devices Including P-Type Zn Oxide Nanowires

Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110303912

Example embodiments relate to methods of manufacturing p-type Zn oxide nanowires and electronic devices including the p-type Zn oxide nanowires. The method may include forming Zn oxide nanowires in an aqueous solution by using a hydrothermal synthesis method and annealing the Zn oxide nanowires to form p-type Zn oxide nanowires.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110305600

[Technical Problem]


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110304629

Animation of a character, such as a video game avatar, to reflect facial expressions of an individual in real-time is described herein. An image sensor is configured to generate a video stream, wherein frames of the video stream include a face of an individual. Facial recognition software is utilized to extract data from the video stream that is indicative of facial expressions of the individual. A three-dimensional rig is driven based at least in part upon the data that is indicative of facial expressions of the individual, and an avatar is animated to reflect the facial expressions of the user in real-time based at least in part upon the three-dimensional rig.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110307148

A system for determining an occupant proximate to a vehicle seat, a controller for use in the system, and a method for electrically isolating a heater element from an occupant detection electrode. When a heater element in a seat is coupled to a heater voltage source to generate heat, the heater element may influence an electric field generated by an occupant detection electrode in such a way as to interfere with determining an occupant proximate to the seat. Depending on the arrangement of the electrode and the heater element, such interference may be present at all times when the electrode is connected to the heater voltage source, or may only be problematic when the seat is wet with liquid moisture. By electrically isolating the heater element, the influence on the electric field may be reduced so the process of determining if an occupant is present in the seat is not interfered with.

Interposer-on-Glass Package Structures

Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110304999

A device includes an interposer including a substrate, and a first through-substrate via (TSV) penetrating through the substrate. A glass substrate is bonded to the interposer through a fusion bonding. The glass substrate includes a second TSV therein and electrically coupled to the first TSV.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110307757

Systems, methods, and an article of manufacture for decoding a broadcast signal are shown and described. In particular, aspects of the Reed-Solomon decoding algorithm are improved to thereby reduce the amount of processing time required to execute the Reed-Solomon decoding.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110302778

The present invention is directed to non-lithographic patterning by laser (or similar-type energy beam) ablation, where the ablation system ultimately results in circuitry features that are relative free from debris induced over-plating defects (debris relating to the ablation process) and fully additive plating induced over-plating defects. Compositions of the invention include a circuit board precursor having an insulating substrate and a cover layer. The insulating substrate is made from a dielectric material and also a metal oxide activatable filler. The cover layer can be sacrificial or non-sacrificial and is used to remediate unwanted debris arising from the ablation process.

Combination Table and Parition

Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110303127

A combination table and room partition. The table is provided with a partition that is connected thereto by way of one or more hinges. The partition is thus movable from a resting position to a deployed position above and orthogonal to the tabletop.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110304500

An FMCW radar sensor for motor vehicles, having a high frequency part for generating, transmitting and receiving radar signals, a modulation device for controlling the frequency modulation of the transmitted radar signal, at least one analog preprocessing stage for an intermediate frequency signal formed from the received radar signal, at least one analog/digital transducer stage, and a processor for controlling the modulation device and for further processing the digital signals of the analog/digital transducer stage, wherein the modulation device, the preprocessing stage and the analog/digital transducer stage are integrated into a single semiconductor component, which also has a monitoring device and registers for the configuration and monitoring of the components of the semiconductor component as well as an interface to the processor.

Noble Gas Short-Arc Discharge Lamp

Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110304267

A noble gas short-arc discharge lamp (1) comprising a discharge vessel and electrodes (2, 3) arranged therein is disclosed. The discharge vessel, for the purpose of thermal insulation, has at least in sections a coating (8) serving for reflecting infrared radiation.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110306577

The present invention relates to compositions and methods of treating skin. In particular, the present invention relates to the topical application to the skin of compositions for the prevention and/or treatment of damage to skin.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110304861

A system for generating one or more new hardcopy prints from an electronic file comprising original digital image data, wherein the new hardcopy print(s) match a legacy hardcopy previously generated from the original digital image data of the electronic file, even when the legacy hardcopy was printed from an enhanced or tuned version of the original image data. The original image data and scanner data derived by scanning the legacy hardcopy are used to identify corresponding areas of constant color in the original data and the legacy hardcopy. The corresponding color areas are represented in a colorimetric color space and the original data color values are adjusted to match the legacy hardcopy color values. The adjusted data are used to print a new hardcopy. The colorimetric color space conversion is completed using a plurality of different printing device assumptions, and the printing device assumption resulting in the smallest starting color difference between the original color values and legacy hardcopy color areas is used for the color matching process.

Transcription factor modulating compounds and methods of use thereof

Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110306611

Substituted benzoimidazole compounds useful as anti-infectives that decrease resistance, virulence, or growth of microbes are provided. Methods of making and using substituted benzoimidazole compounds, as well as pharmaceutical preparations thereof, in, e.g., reducing antibiotic resistance and inhibiting biofilms.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110307705

A method for protecting a first secrets file. The method includes an n-bit generator generating a secrets file name for the secrets file and generating a decoy file names for decoy files. The secrets file includes a secret. Each of the decoy files includes decoy file contents, are a same size as the secrets file, and is associated with a modification time within a range of modification times. The modification time of the secrets file is within the range of modification times. The secrets file and decoy files are stored in a secrets directory.

RF Non-Contact Thin Film Measurement Using Two Port Waveguide

Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110304347

The system disclosed herein for non-destructively testing a resistive film includes first and second waveguides that are gapped apart from each other. The resistive film is disposed between the first and second waveguides and tested. The film is then advanced and re-tested by the first and second waveguides. The waveguides do not contact the film during testing or while the film is being advanced to its next position. Accordingly, the system provides a non-destructive method of testing the sheet resistance of a film in an accurate manner.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110305801

Disclosed is a single brew beverage cartridge for use in a brewing apparatus. The cartridge includes a lid and a cup shaped filter suspended below the lid and in which a beverage brewing ingredient is held. The lid includes an annular collar to prevent the lid from deforming when a needle of the brewing apparatus pierces it during the brewing process. Preferably the cartridge is formed of materials so that it is compostable and biodegradable.

Stack for fuel cell system

Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110305965

A stack for a fuel cell system, including: a membrane electrode assembly, a separator that includes a fuel passage that supplies a fuel to an anode electrode of the membrane electrode assembly and an oxidant passage that supplies an oxidant to a cathode electrode of an adjacent membrane electrode assembly, a first manifold that is formed by connecting first penetration holes that penetrate the separator in a stacking direction and that is connected to the fuel passage, a second manifold that is formed by connecting second penetration holes that penetrate the separator in the stacking direction and that is connected to the oxidant passage and a baffle that is disposed in at least one of the first manifold and the second manifold. The baffle has a membrane structure to control the fluid flow inside of the at least one of the first manifold and the second manifold.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110306711

A thermoplastic elastomer compound is disclosed having polyether-polyamide copolymer, epoxidized soybean oil, and vulcanized vegetable oil. The compound has a biorenewable content of the compound of at least about 70 weight percent. The compound can be used to make a plastic article needing a Shore A hardness of from about 22 to about 72. The compound is a sustainable solution for extruded or molded articles.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110305541

Tapping screw (1) has conical portion (4) at the end of cylindrical portion (3) and thread (6) of tapered screw portion (M) disposed at conical portion (4) are formed of single-start threads roughly pitched, wherein the tip angle of conical portion (4) is conically formed at an acute angle of about 30 degrees, and second thread (7) extending in parallel with thread (6) of tapered screw portion (M) is disposed at the end of conical portion (4), forming double-start thread (6, 7) at the end of conical portion (4), and the axial length of tapered screw portion (T) formed of double-start thread (6, 7) is greater than the thickness (upper limit 1.6 mm) of the metal sheet to be fastened.

Internet-based system and method for distributing interstitial advertisements

Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110307329

A system and method for use by website operators and advertisers to place interstitial advertisements on websites. The system uses an Internet dispatcher server and a mass storage device containing one or more databases storing advertisement command files pertaining to placements of advertisements that are stored in an advertisement server. The method comprises the steps of selecting aid files stored in a computer ad server, designating the url for the ad file, the url for the website page where the ad will be displayed, the url for the websites to which a user will be directed depending on the user's reaction to the advertisement, storing in a dispatcher server database a data string representing the ad placement commands with a url representing a dispatcher server-based application to execute said ad placement commands, and including said data string on said website for launching said dispatcher server command file.


Pub Date: 2011-12-15

Pub Number: US20110303400

A counterflow heat exchanger having a plurality of heat exchanger elements in a stacked, spaced-apart arrangement forming a plurality of inter-element passages. Each element has fluid passages formed between facing sections of a first plate and a second plate. A first-fluid passage has an outer passage circumscribing an inner passage in fluid communication with the outer passage. An inlet-port traversing passage in fluid communication with the outer passage, an outlet-port traversing passage in fluid communication with the inner passage and a second-fluid traversing passage circumscribed by the inner passage traverse the first and second plates. A first-fluid inlet header includes the inlet-port traversing passage of each element. A first-fluid outlet header includes the outlet-port traversing passage of each element. A second-fluid inlet passage in fluid communication with the plurality of inter-element passages includes the second-fluid traversing passage of each element.