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Electric Motors

Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110298312

Electric motors are disclosed with coils which induce a magnetic flux field which by its relationship with ferromagnetic poles provide the motoring force without use of an auxiliary magnetic field. The motors may be employed with fixed or pivotably mounted brushes. Pivotable brushes for electric motor brushes are disclosed.


Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110297667

A heater member for a chair, of which the dimension as measured in the width direction is not constant, includes a fabric of a weft knitting structure having a plurality of conductive threads woven into the fabric as a part of constituent yarn. Each of the conductive threads has substantially the same length.


Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110297501

A dual clutch and a method for controlling the same in a drive train of a motor vehicle which has two friction clutches that transmit a torque from an internal combustion engine to respective transmission input shafts of a dual clutch transmission and which have a common counterpressure plate firmly connected to a crankshaft of the internal combustion engine and two contact plates that are fixed in terms of rotation relative to the counterpressure plate and can be moved axially by respective lever springs supported on a housing part firmly connected to the counterpressure plate. To limit the axial installation space for the dual clutch, the lever springs for actuating the friction clutches are actuated radially on the inside in the same direction by respective actuating systems in the case of a change from one friction clutch to the other of a torque to be transmitted via the friction clutches.


Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110300747

A phone plug connector device having a preassembled phone plug and connector, wherein the phone plug includes a conductive tip and a stem, wherein the connector connects the phone plug to a coaxial cable, wherein the coaxial cable comprises a center conductor surrounded by a first dielectric, the first dielectric being surrounded by a first conductive sheath, and the first conductive sheath surrounded by a protective outer jacket, wherein the connector connects the coaxial cable to the phone plug mechanically and electrically by compression.

System and Method for Incorporating Packaging and Shipping Ramifications on Net Profit/Loss When Up-Selling

Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110302030

An up-sell and down-sell method and system that considers a ranking of the individual marginal profit/loss of adding every product SKU of a merchant to an order (or a certain subset of SKU's based on other criteria), considering not only certain traditional fixed metrics the merchant may define such as product gross margins, credit card fees and labor costs (the cost of the pick)but most importantly, variable packaging and shipping costs as well. In particular, the invention focuses on the packaging and shipping ramifications of up-selling every potential merchant SKU (or a certain subset of SKU's based on other criteria) to customer's order and down-selling each item already in customer's order. Once an adjusted net profit/loss ranking by SKU is available that considers variable shipping and packaging ramifications of up-selling such SKU to an existing order, a merchant can then determine to factor such ranking in how it up-sells or down-sellsincluding but not limited to up-selling certain SKU's and not others, structuring different discounts on different SKU's and potentially incentivizing customers to delete certain items in their order.


Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110297063

A needle plate is disclosed including a first needle plate secured on a bed and a second needle plate detachably attached to the first needle plate. An engagement mechanism is further provided including an engagement member formed at the first needle plate and an engagement subject member formed at the second needle plate. The engagement mechanism retains the second needle plate with the first needle plate through engagement of the engagement member and the engagement subject member. The needle plate is further provided with a switching element switching positioning of the second needle plate relative to the first needle plate between the first and the second positions. The second needle plate, when in the first position, is secured in intimate contact with the first needle plate with the engagement mechanism engaged, and when in the second position, is distanced from the first needle plate with the engagement mechanism unlocked.


Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110300719

When an object to be processed is transferred into a process chamber capable of keeping a vacuum and an interior of the process chamber is kept in a vacuum state, the film formation method includes performing forming a first ZrO film on the object to be processed by supplying a zirconium material and an oxidizing agent in the order listed above into the process chamber and forming a second ZrO film doped with Si on the object to be processed by supplying the zirconium material, a silicon material, and the oxidizing agent in the order listed above into the process chamber, in such a way that a number of times the forming the first ZrO film is performed and a number of times the forming the second ZrO film is performed are adjusted, respectively, to form a zirconia-based film having a predetermined film thickness while controlling a Si concentration in the film.


Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110298109

A semiconductor device has a plurality of semiconductor die mounted to a temporary carrier. A prefabricated shielding frame has a plate and integrated bodies extending from the plate. The bodies define a plurality of cavities in the shielding frame. A penetrable material is deposited in the cavities of the shielding frame. The shielding frame is mounted over the semiconductor die such that the penetrable material encapsulates the die. The carrier is removed. An interconnect structure is formed over the die, shielding frame, and penetrable material. The bodies of the shielding frame are electrically connected through the interconnect structure to a ground point. The shielding frame is singulated through the bodies or through the plate and penetrable material to separate the die. TIM is formed over the die adjacent to the plate of the shielding frame. A heat sink is mounted over the plate of the shielding frame.

Metallization and Its Use In, In Particular, an IGBT or a Diode

Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110300707

A method of fabricating a power semiconductor component having a semiconductor body having at least two main surfaces includes applying a layer of a metallization on at least one of the main surfaces. The layer has a thickness of at least 15 m and serves as a heat sink. The method also includes producing a field stop zone in the semiconductor body by implantation of protons or helium through the layer.

View Projection Matrix Based High Performance Low Latency Display Pipeline

Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110298960

A projection system uses a transformation matrix to transform a projection image p in such a manner so as to compensate for surface irregularities on a projection surface. The transformation matrix makes use of properties of light transport relating a projector to a camera. A display pipeline of user-supplied image modification processing modules are reduced by first representing the processing modules as multiple, individual matrix operations. All the matrix operations are then combined with, i.e., multiplied to, the transformation matrix to create a modified transformation matrix. The created transformation matrix is then used in place of the original transformation matrix to simultaneously achieve both image transformation and any pre and post image processing defined by the image modification processing modules.


Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110301039

Preparation and deposition of supercooled, electron-doped, water-cluster clathrate nanoparticles in confined geometries and on substrates from proprietary nanoemulsions is described. The compositions can yield high-T c superconductors, e.g., in the vicinity of 43 deg C., useful for SQUID devices in electronic and magnetic application. In certain embodiments, the water-cluster clathrates are formed in nanoemulsions.


Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110299604

A video coding system and method to adjust the sharpening procedures performed during post-processing by analyzing statistics information collected during encoding and decoding. The statistics information collected may be directed to the source of the video data, the operations executed during pre-processing and encoding of the video data, the transmission of the video data from encoder to decoder, or the operations executed during decoding. The statistics information may comprise a collection of data values, calculated statistics, or instructions for the suggested post-processing adjustments. Accumulated supplemental information may be transmitted from the encoder to the decoder via an out-of-band channel, associated with the encoded video sequence transmitted on a communications channel.


Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110298395

A control circuit of a light-emitting element comprises a rectifying unit which full-wave rectifies an alternating current power supply, a clock generator which generates and outputs a clock signal (CLK), a first comparator which compares a comparison voltage (CS) corresponding to a current flowing to the light-emitting element and a reference voltage (REF), and a switching element which is set to an ON state in synchronization with the clock signal (CLK) and which is set to an OFF state when the comparison voltage (CS) becomes greater than the reference voltage (REF) at the first comparator, to switch the current flowing to the light-emitting element. In this structure, a period of the clock signal (CLK) generated in the clock generator is varied, to reduce or inhibit noise.


Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110297364

A heating-cooling system has a plurality of users, a piping system subdivided into a plurality of zones in each of which a respective group of the users is connected in parallel, a heater or cooler having a supply line and a return line connected to the zones, a pump connected to the heater or cooler and to one of the lines for flowing a heat-exchange medium through the respective users, and respective flow-control valves connected in each of the zones for controlling flow of the medium therethrough and establishing in the respective zones a respective differential pressure. Flow in the zones is adjusted by controlling the respective valves to make a detected actual value of the differential pressure in the zone correspond to a set-point value previously detected and stored, with the differential pressure across each of the control valves being similarly feedback controlled.


Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110300406

A method including forming a first layer comprising a non-hexavalent chromium chemical conversion coating on a metal surface; and forming a second layer on the first layer through a sol gel process. An apparatus including a metal component having at least one surface; a first layer comprising a chemical conversion coating on the at least one surface; and a second layer derived from a sol gel composition on the first layer.


Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110300811

According to an embodiment, a communication device of the embodiment includes: a reference frequency generating unit configured to generate a reference frequency having a deviation from center frequency deviation under a predetermined condition, a radio signal detection unit configured to operate in a detection period based on the reference frequency and detect a periodic radio signal generated based on a reference frequency having higher precision than the precision of the reference frequency. The radio signal detection unit corrects the detection period by using the periodic signal.


Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110297848

Lesions caused by insects feeding on plants are associated with the generation of regions of blue-green fluorescence in such as the cotton boll carpel wall and in the lint region. The present disclosure now provides methods and devices to rapidly and non-invasively detect and measure the insect-related fluorescence and relate the fluorescence generated to the likelihood of insect damage in a crop. In particular, the methods are related to stink bug damage in the cotton plant, but are also suitable for the detection of insect-related damage of any plant. The methods of detecting insect-induced damage in a target plant tissue may comprise exposing a target plant or a fragment thereof, to an ultraviolet or violet light; and detecting an ultraviolet light-induced fluorescence from the target plant or the fragment thereof, thereby indicating the presence of insect-related plant damage. Further provided are devices configured for the identification of insect-induced damage in a plant or a fragment thereof, comprising: a source of an ultraviolet or violet light, at least one light detector; an electronic system for converting an output electrical signal to a measurement of the intensity of fluorescent light detected by the detector; and an output system to convert the measurement of the intensity of the fluorescent light to an indicator for indicating that a target plant or fragment thereof has insect-induced damage.

Trim attachment structure

Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110296764

A trim attachment structure includes a door frame, trim and a clip. The door frame has an attachment part, which is formed by a single plate, and a fitting hole. The fitting hole has a square shape in which the diagonals thereof are aligned with specific directions. The trim has a pair of ribs which extend towards the inner side in the width direction of the vehicle, respectively facing a pair of end parts of the fitting hole. The clip is installed in the fitting hole. The clip includes a head part, a tube part and a latching hook. The tube part has a tip end part which projects from the fitting hole to the outer side of the attachment part in the width direction of the vehicle. Angled parts of the tip end part are held between the ribs. The latching hook is latched at the peripheral edge of the fitting hole on the outer side of the attachment part in the width direction of the vehicle.


Pub Date: 2011-12-08

Pub Number: US20110302032

A content recommendation device includes: a use information storage section storing types of information related to use as information related to use of content by a user; a recommended content deciding section deciding content to be recommended to the user in accordance with each of the types of information related to use as a recommended content, and deciding types of recommended content items corresponding to the types of information related to use; a switching rule storage section storing a switching rule setting a period for switching the type of the recommended content as a rule set by a regional manager who is in charge of selling content in a specific region; a selection section selecting one type of the recommended content among the types of recommended content items when a recommended content suggestion request is generated from a terminal of the user residing in the specific region, and sequentially selecting different types of content after the period set by the switching rule; and a recommended information providing section providing information representing the recommended content selected by the selection section for the terminal of the user.