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Bone Screw Assembly and Instruments for Implantation of the Same

Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110282398

A bone screw includes a screw shaft extending longitudinally along a screw axis and a screw head extending from a proximal end of the screw shaft and configured to be releasably coupled to a surgical tool. The bone screw also includes a through hole defining a through hole axis and extending through the screw head, the through hole axis intersecting the screw axis at an acute angle , the through hole being adapted to receive therein a second screw and tapering from a first end at a proximal end of the screw head to a second end opening to an outer surface of the screw head.

Variable Light Fishing Lure

Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110277370

The present invention is a variable light fishing lure comprised of a plastic housing with an internal cavity for holding a submergible lighted element and an angled aperture for inserting the lighted element into the cavity. A plug is inserted into the angled aperture to prevent the lighted element from falling out of the housing. Water can be added to plastic housing before inserting the plug to adjust the buoyancy of the fishing lure. The outside of the plastic housing contains a striated pattern which allows light from the lighted element to shine through the housing. The lighted element can be easily removed from the housing and replaced with the same or another color lighted element.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110280193

In accordance with an exemplary embodiment of the invention, one or more first channels and one or more second channels are stored in a linear buffer. More specifically, the one or more first channels are stored in a first primary region of the linear buffer, and the one or more second channels are stored in a second primary region of the linear buffer, where if the second primary region is not large enough to store all of the second channels, one or more excess second channels are stored in a secondary area of the linear buffer.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110280803

The present invention provides a method for the synthesis of radioiodinated compounds which is advantageous over prior art methods. Using a hydrazine or an aminoxy in place of a primary amine for indirect radioiodination facilitates a much quicker reaction thus reducing reaction time and increasing the yield. In addition, where there are primary amines in the molecule to be radioiodinated, such as the N-terminus of a peptide or lysine residues, reaction at the hydrazine or aminoxy is greatly favoured.

Therapeutic Cell Applicator Instrument with Modular Tips

Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110282381

A surgical device comprises a housing, a bioprocessing module, an end effector, and a pumping device. The bioprocessing module comprises media reservoirs, fluid conduits in communication with the reservoirs, and a port through which media is expelled. The end effector is configured for insertion into a lumen and delivering a tissue repair composition into that lumen. The end effector has at least one fluid conduit extending therethrough and at least one orifice in communication with the fluid conduit. The fluid conduit in the first end effector is in fluid communication with the port on the bioprocessing module. The pumping device is operable to urge a tissue repair composition comprising at least a portion of the contents of the media reservoirs through the fluid conduit of the first end effector such that the tissue repair composition is expelled from the at least one orifice.

Surgical Fastener Applying Apparatus with Controlled Beam Deflection

Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110278345

A surgical fastener applying apparatus including an anvil half-section having a distal end and a longitudinal axis; a cartridge receiving half-section having a distal end and operatively couplable with the anvil half-section such that the distal ends of the half-sections are in juxtaposed relation; and a deflection control system operatively engaged with and reinforcing the distal end of the anvil half-section when a force is applied to the distal end of the anvil half-section in a direction transverse to the longitudinal axis.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110279045

A soft-start circuit generates a soft-start voltage Vss having a voltage level that rises over time. A pulse width modulator generates a PWM signal having a duty ratio adjusted such that a feedback voltage Vout that corresponds to the output voltage Vout of the switching power supply matches the soft-start voltage Vss. A driver circuit controls a switching element according to the PWM signal. A capacitor is arranged such that one terminal thereof is set to a fixed electric potential. A current source generates a charge current that flows intermittently in synchronization with the PWM signal so as to charge the capacitor. The soft-start circuit outputs, as the soft-start voltage Vss, a voltage that occurs at the capacitor.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110278508

A composition containing fine silver particles which have a uniform particle size, can form a fine drawing pattern, and have a small environmental impact, a method for producing that composition, a method for producing fine silver particles, and a paste having fine silver particles are provided.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110282097

The present invention is directed to an isomerized alpha olefin sulfonate and a method of making the same wherein the isomerized alpha olefin sulfonate is derived from sulfonating an isomerized alpha olefin with sulfur trioxide in the presence of air thereby producing an isomerized alpha olefin sulfonic acid, wherein the isomerized alpha olefin is derived from the isomerization of C 12 -C 40 normal alpha olefins; and neutralizing the isomerized alpha olefin sulfonic acid with a source of a mono-valent cation.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110280903

The present invention provides immunostimulatory combinations. Generally, the immunostimulatory combinations include a TLR agonist and a TNF/R agonist. Certain immunostimulatory combinations also may include an antigen.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110282325

The present invention relates to a portable kit and methods for administering a therapeutic dose of autologous plasma to an injured person.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110281991

A method for manufacturing core-shell metal nanoparticles is provided. The method comprises providing a first solution containing a metal ion; providing a second solution containing Arabinogalactan and having a pH value ranging from about 1 to about 13; mixing the first solution and the second solution to form a third solution; and enabling the third solution to perform an oxidation-reduction reaction to form the core-shell metal nanoparticles. The core-shell metal nanoparticles comprise a core composed of metal; and a shell, composed of Arabinogalactan, covering the surface of he core.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110277390

A stadium and arena seating system is provided which utilizes concrete tread surfaces and metallic or other non-concrete vertical risers therebetween. The concrete treads have front and rear embeds embedded within the front and rear ends of the treads respectively. The embeds comprise a metallic or other non-concrete material similar to the vertical risers. The vertical risers are arranged in a shingled or other self-sealing fashion between the embeds of the treads to provide water and debris shedding. In certain embodiments, an overlapping vertical riser may be used which provides water shedding without the need for embeds within the concrete tread surfaces.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110278390

A media turnover mechanism includes a roller. A first turn bar is positioned upstream relative to the roller at an angle relative to a direction of media motion. A second turn bar is positioned downstream relative to the roller at an angle relative to a direction of media motion. A first guide is positioned between the first turn bar and the roller to direct a leading edge of a web of media toward the roller. A second guide is positioned between the roller and the second turn bar to direct the leading edge of the web of media toward the second turn bar. A third guide is positioned to direct the leading edge of the web of media around the second turn bar.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110280575

The invention relates to a method for the transmission of a digital signal in inverse multiplexing, particularly via an Optical Transport Network (OTN), in which a digital signal to be transmitted, which is split into a certain number M of several sub-signals, where each sub-signal of a transmit side of a transmission line assigned exclusively to this sub-signal is transmitted to a reception side of the assigned transmission line, and in which, on the reception side of the transmission lines, the sub-signals are reassembled to a digital reception signal. According to the invention, on the reception side, bit errors in the digital reception signal including their position in the digital reception signal are detected, and from the detected position of the bit errors and from the assignment of the individual bytes of the digital reception signal to the respective sub-signals and transmission lines, which assignment is also known on the reception side, it is determined to which sub-signal the detected bit errors were assigned. From this one or more parameters are determined, which characterize the transmission quality of the transmission lines assigned to each sub-signal and/or allow inferences to be drawn regarding which error mechanisms of the transmission line in question impact its transmission quality. In addition, the invention relates to a reception device for a system for the transmission of a digital signal in inverse multiplexing, which carries out this method.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110277242

A patient support apparatus includes a deck, a plurality of side rails, a control panel, and a plurality of subsystems, such as a bed exit system that detects when a patient may exit from the support apparatus, or a lifting mechanism to raise and lower the deck. A controller is in communication with the control panel and is adapted to monitor conditions regarding the side rails and/or the other subsystems. At least one lamp is also provided on the patient support apparatus that is adapted to be illuminated in a first manner when a plurality of monitored conditions remain in a desired state, and in a second manner when at least one of the plurality of monitored conditions changes to an undesired state.

Feature Extraction Data Compression System Method For Distributed Sensor Networks

Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110281602

A distributed sensor network has a base station and clusters of sensor nodes. In a method of locating and classifying signal sources, at each node divides a received signal into blocks, performs Fourier-based transform on the blocks, selects peaks from the transformed blocks, selects subbands with features of interest based on the frequency of occurrence of the peaks across the blocks, collaborates with other nodes in the cluster to make a final selection of the subbands, encodes the subband features of the signal, and transmits the subband features to the base station. The base station processes the received subband features to locate and classify the signal sources.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110279521

A printing assistance apparatus for a media width printhead is provided. The printhead has rows of fluid ejection nozzles extending along the media width, The apparatus has an elongate platen having a surface for supporting media across the media width as the media travels past the printhead along a media travel direction, the platen having an elongate slot along the media width, a wick element positioned within the slot for wicking fluid ejected by the nozzles from the supporting surface, and an alignment mechanism for aligning the platen with the printhead so that the opposed longitudinal edges of the slot are respectively positioned upstream and downstream of the media travel direction with respect to a centerline along the length the nozzle rows with the upstream edge being closer to the centerline than the downstream edge such that the wick element has a smaller upstream surface area.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110281754

Disclosed are compositions and methods for isolating, detecting, amplifying, and quantitating Mycobacterium -specific nucleic acids in a sample. Also disclosed are compositions and diagnostic kits comprising Mycobacterium IS6110-specific oligonucleotide amplification primers and labeled oligonucleotide detection probes that specifically bind to the amplification products obtained therefrom. Also disclosed are compositions and methods for the isolation and characterization of nucleic acids that are specific to one or more tubercular pathogens, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis, in particular, from a wide variety of samples including those of biological, environmental, clinical and/or veterinary origin.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110280052

There is described a multilevel electric power converter circuit comprising: N s switching elements connected in series in a closed loop; N AE additional elements, the additional elements being one of a direct current source and at least one passive element, connected within the closed loop such that each additional element is connected to four of the switching elements, the ratio of a number of additional elements N AE to a number of switching elements N S corresponding to N S =2N AE +2; and one of a load and an alternating current source connected across the closed loop at nodes between adjacent switching elements that are separate from nodes to which the additional elements are connected.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110282235

A system for measuring percentage of body fat for a user. The system has: structure for measuring body hydration and generating a signal representing a measured hydration value; structure for selectively changing the measured hydration value to an adjusted hydration value based upon a first parameter to thereby reflect more accurately an actual hydration value for the user and generating a signal representing the adjusted hydration value; and structure for measuring body fat percentage using the signal representing: a) the measured hydration value; or b) the adjusted hydration value in the event that the structure for selectively changing the measured hydration value changes the measured hydration value based upon the first parameter.

High throughput screening for anaerobic microorganisms

Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110281762

Methods and compositions are provided for the screening of candidate agents for their effect on the growth and colonization of hosts by anaerobic microorganisms, particularly microorganisms that comprise the gut microbiota of mammals. In some embodiments of the invention, candidate agents are screened for the ability to modulate growth of multiple microbes within a taxon, or functionally related microbes. In some embodiments of the invention, candidate agents are screened for the ability to modulate growth across a genus or functionally-defined group when the microorganisms are presented with a substrate of interest, which substrates include, without limitation, prebiotic compounds that promote expansion of divergent taxa within the microbiota, e.g. starch, fats, isoflavones, etc.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110283205

The automated social networking graph mining and visualization technique described herein mines social connections and allows creation of a social networking graph from general (not necessarily social-application specific) Web pages. The technique uses the distances between a person's/entity's name and related people's/entities names on one or more Web pages to determine connections between people/entities and the strengths of the connections. In one embodiment, the technique lays out these connections, and then clusters them, in a 2-D layout of a social networking graph that represents the Web connection strengths among the related people's or entities' names, by using a force-directed model.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110280431

A speaker has a speaker body of a generally cubical shape of a small keychain size of under eight cubic inches in volume. An upper rim is formed on the speaker body which has an upper rim inside surface sized to receive a standard sized plastic bottle. Internal speaker components are housed within the speaker body. An audio input provides audio signal to the speaker. A plurality of threads have small annular threading grooves and protrusions and are sized for engaging with a standard sized plastic bottle. The plurality of threads are circularly deposed and are within the bounds of the upper rim inside surface. The speaker has a front flat sidewall and a rear flat sidewall. A medium annular rim is located within the bounds of the upper rim inside surface. The medium annular rim is sized to engage with a standard sized plastic bottle.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110283334

An electronic device includes a wireless communication unit wirelessly communicating with any of a plurality of external devices which each comprise a display, a display displaying content including specific content, an input unit receiving an input for selecting the specific content, and a controller. The controller searches for an external device that is available for communication with the electronic device, establishes communication via the wireless communication unit with a selected first external device, which is one of the plurality of external devices identified as a result of the search for an external device, receives content specification information from the first external device to determine the first external device's capability to display the specific content, and causes displaying of the specific content on the display of the first external device upon determining that the first external device is capable of displaying the specific content based on the content specification information.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110278684

A diaphragm for sensing sound pressure faces a back plate including a plate portion and a fixed electrode film to form a capacitance type acoustic sensor. The back plate is opened with acoustic holes for passing vibration, and is arranged with a plurality of stoppers in a projecting manner on a surface facing the diaphragm. The stopper arranged in an outer peripheral area of the back plate has a small diameter, and the stopper arranged in an internal area has a large diameter. Thus, sticking of the diaphragm is prevented, and the diaphragm is less likely to break by impact when the sensor is dropped.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110283144

Methods, systems, and computer-readable media to analyze a CEP query are disclosed. A particular analysis module is configured to receive data associated with an event flow generated by execution of a CEP query. The data is received from a first analysis module (e.g., in a stack of analysis modules) or from the event flow via a software communication interface. The analysis module is also configured to execute an analysis operation on the data to generate a result. The analysis module can output the result to a second analysis module (e.g., in the stack of analysis modules) or to a user interface via the software communication interface.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110280027

A lamp assembly to be attached with a reinforcement through an opening formed in a roof panel is provided. A clip to be locked with the reinforcement is provided in the lamp assembly. The clip includes a base portion connected to the housing, an inverted U-shape portion connected to the base portion, a lock connected to the inverted U-shape portion, a projecting piece projected from a lower end of the lock, an extension portion extended further downwards from the projecting piece, and a side projecting piece formed on a side surface of the extension portion at a lower portion. A front projecting piece which faces the side projecting piece with a space provided therebetween is formed on the housing. The side projecting piece comes in contact with the front projecting piece in a state where the clip is locked on a circumferential edge of an opening of the reinforcement.


Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110282005

Super-low fouling sulfobetaine and carboxybetaine materials, super-low fouling surfaces and methods of making the surfaces coated with sulfobetaine and carboxybetaine materials, and devices having the super-low fouling surfaces.

Method and Data Processing System for Automatic Identification, Processing, Interpretation and Evaluation of Objects in the Form of Digital Data, Especially Unknown Objects

Pub Date: 2011-11-17

Pub Number: US20110282811

The invention relates to methods and data processing systems for the automatic identification, processing, interpretation and evaluation of objects in the form of digital data, especially unknown objects. Said methods and systems are characterised in that objects which cannot be associated with any known model are entered into a case database as unknown objects. They are then available for automatic interpretation and evaluation by means of a similarity-based method. Said unknown objects can lead to new models. The model database is thereby continuously enlarged, existing models refined, and new models learned. The model data-base can be organised evenly or hierarchically in statistical models representing higher classes and lower classes.