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Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110094967

The present invention relates to a composite material, particularly a composite material designed as a molded body and/or suited for the production of molded bodies, composed of polymer materials and a porous mineral matrix, said composite material expanding under the action of liquids, particularly aqueous liquids and/or aqueous oil emulsions, and storing said liquids, characterized in that the matrix it comprises includes crushed and/or ground, open-pored, expanded/expanded perlite in the form of sharp-edged perlite particles and at least one natural and/or synthetic cross-linked and/or partially cross-linked polymer and/or polymer forming a hydrogel.

Integrated System Power Controller

Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110099395

Systems and methods for controlling power delivery to system components are disclosed. A Centralized Integrated Power Management Controller is disclosed which includes a controller and a power stage communicatively coupled to the controller through a control bus and a power telemetry bus. The Centralized Integrated Power Management Controller includes an intelligence control unit in the controller corresponding to the power stage. The intelligence control unit drives the power stage through the control bus.

Solar systems that include one or more shade-tolerant wiring schemes

Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110094563

The present invention provides shade tolerant wiring solutions for solar systems. Elements are grouped and wired in parallel within a group such that the total current of a group is substantially the same among multiple groups. Such a wiring scheme can be applied to solar targets (e.g., solar cells), solar , and solar modules.


Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110095303

A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate, a cell region, an outer peripheral region, a field plate, an outermost peripheral ring, outer peripheral region layer, an insulator film, and a Zener diode. The semiconductor substrate has a superjunction structure. The outer peripheral region is disposed at an outer periphery of the cell region. The Zener diode is disposed on the insulator film for electrically connecting the field plate with the outermost peripheral ring. The Zener diode has a first conductivity type region and a second conductivity type region that are alternately arranged in a direction from the cell region to the outer peripheral region.


Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110098747

Arcuate fixation members with varying configurations and/or features are provided, along with additional components for use therewith in provided fixation systems and intervertebral implant systems. The arcuate fixation members may be of varying lengths, cross sectional geometries, and/or cross sectional areas, and may be configured with various features such as heads configured to accept other fixation system components, tabs to allow arcuate fixation member-in-arcuate fixation member or fixation anchor-in-arcuate fixation member configurations. Applications of fixation systems and intervertebral implants systems utilizing arcuate fixation members are particularly suitable when a linear line-of-approach for delivering fixation members is undesirable.


Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110097372

The subject invention provides novel and highly effective methods and devices for convenient and effective wound irrigation.


Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110099605

Methods and instrumentalities are disclosed that enable one or more domains on one or more devices to be owned or controlled by one or more different local or remote owners, while providing a level of system-wide management of those domains. Each domain may have a different owner, and each owner may specify policies for operation of its domain and for operation of its domain in relation to the platform on which the domain resides, and other domains. A system-wide domain manager may be resident on one of the domains. The system-wide domain manager may enforce the policies of the domain on which it is resident, and it may coordinate the enforcement of the other domains by their respective policies in relation to the domain in which the system-wide domain manager resides. Additionally, the system-wide domain manager may coordinate interaction among the other domains in accordance with their respective policies.


Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110097037

A component for coupling light bi-directionally between optical waveguides and optoelectronic devices is described. This component can be inexpensively manufactured and fits within the existing form-factor of fiber optic transceivers or transmitters, and has features for efficiently coupling laser light to a waveguide and light from the same waveguide to a detector. The described components can be formed as an array to operate within system that operation over parallel optical fibers. Applicability for these components is for optical time domain reflectometry, bi-directional optical communications, remote fiber sensing, and optical range finders.

Machine for controllably flying a flag in the absence of natural wind

Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110094133

A machine for controllably flying a flag indoors or outdoors in the absence of natural wind is disclosed; said machine is constituted of a base member having enough depth to house and protect electronic and/or electro-mechanical drive components etc.; said drive components including, but not limited to at least one electric motor mechanically coupled to a drive shaft of a cylindrical centrifugal fan via pulleys; said fan, as well as an airfoil member and a flag pole housed in a long tubular wind pipe rigidly secured atop aforementioned base member in such a manner that when the aforesaid motor(s) actuates the aforesaid fan member via the aforesaid shaft, air pulled in three holes on the wind pipe is blown past the aforesaid airfoil, and then past the flag pole and attached flag, thereby causing said flag to rise and flap in the natural manner; an airfoil angle of attack knob atop the aforementioned wind pipe, in conjunction with a motor speed control knob atop the aforementioned base member, providing affective means of changing or modifying the flying pattern or flapping of aforesaid flag; a synthesized music circuit consisting of several songs preferably national anthems or state songs programmed into its memory is looped together with a programmable timer and an LCD display and control panel for permitting timed actuations of the machine ala electronic alarms.

Digital Broadcasting System and Method of Processing Data in Digital Broadcasting System

Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110099373

A digital broadcasting system and a method for processing data in the same are disclosed. A method for controlling a digital television (DTV) located in one independent space among a plurality of independent spaces physically separated from one another is disclosed. The DTV includes an access point (AP) card. The method includes receiving independent space identification information recorded in a storage area of a compact wireless device and a wired equivalent privacy (WEP) key value of the AP card, receiving the WEP key value corresponding to the AP card of the DTV from a management server, comparing the WEP key value received from the compact wireless device with the WEP key value received from the management server, receiving first checklist information associated with the use of the independent space from the management server, if the WEP key values are identical to each other, displaying the received first checklist information, and transmitting second checklist information, in which one or more elements of the displayed first checklist information is marked, to the management server.


Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110095782

Embodiments generally describe techniques for an integrated circuit having a physical unclonable function (PUF). Example integrated circuits may include an input circuit having an input network, a configurable delay circuit having one or more configurable delay chains, and an output circuit having one or more arbiters, serially coupled together. Each delay chain may include a number of serially coupled configurable switching-delay elements adapted to receive, configurably propagate, and output two delayed signals. Each delay chain may be configured using configuration signals responsively output by the input network in response to challenges provided to the input network. The output circuit may further include an output network to generate combined output signals based on the signals output by the arbiters. Each of the input and/or output networks may comprise combinatorial logic, sequential logic, or another PUF, which may be of the same design. Other embodiments may be disclosed and claimed.

Casing Shoes and Methods of Reverse-Circulation Cementing of Casing

Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110094742

A method having the following steps: running a circulation valve comprising a reactive material into the well bore on the casing; reverse-circulating an activator material in the well bore until the activator material contacts the reactive material of the circulation valve; reconfiguring the circulation valve by contact of the activator material with the reactive material; and reverse-circulating a cement composition in the well bore until the reconfigured circulation valve decreases flow of the cement composition. A circulation valve for cementing casing in a well bore, the valve having: a valve housing connected to the casing and comprising a reactive material; a plurality of holes in the housing, wherein the plurality of holes allow fluid communication between an inner diameter of the housing and an exterior of the housing, wherein the reactive material is expandable to close the plurality of holes.


Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110094438

The present invention provides a self-supporting substrate obtained by the steps of: forming an Al-based group-III nitride thin-layer having a thickness in the range of 3-200 nm on a base substrate made of a single crystal of an inorganic substance which substantially does not decompose at 800 C. in an inert gas atmosphere and which does produce volatiles by decomposition when contacting with a reducing gas in a temperature range of 800-1600 C., for example sapphire; forming voids along the interface between the base substrate and the Al-based group-III nitride thin-layer of the obtained laminated substrate by thermally treating the laminated substrate in a temperature range of 800-1600 C. in a reducing gas atmosphere containing ammonia gas; forming a group-III nitride single crystal thick-layer on the Al-based group-III nitride thin-layer; and separating these formed layers. The self-supporting substrate is a self-supporting substrate of the group-III nitride single crystal such as AlN, which is suitably used for forming a semiconductor device such as ultraviolet light emitting device and of which crystal plane shows a large radius of curvature.


Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110097218

An apparatus includes a hydrophilic surface configured to drive flow of a polar fluid responsive to an exclusion zone (EZ) effect, the EZ being formed near the hydrophilic surface. An energy source may provide energy to form or maintain the EZ.


Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110094928

Shipping bedding sets for retail sale includes making textile soft goods product for retail sale constituting bedding sets for differing sizes of beds; packing the textile soft goods products in a shipping container such that the respective retail packaging of the textile soft goods products for retail sale collectively consume the entire interior containment space of the shipping container, wherein the interior containment space of the retail packaging of each textile soft goods product for retail sale is substantially the same, but wherein at least some of the particular bed sizes differ from another one; and shipping the packed shipping container to a retailer, wholesaler, distributor or consumer.

Converting Timing Errors into Symbol Errors to Handle Write Mis-Synchronization in Bit-Patterned Media Recording Systems

Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110096430

A method includes writing data to a bit-patterned media at times determined by a clock having a period that is offset from a bit island period by a fixed offset to create one insertion or one deletion approximately within a predetermined number of bit islands, reading the data, and correcting the read data using error correction. An apparatus that implements the method is also provided.


Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110096798

A digital broadcast transmitting/receiving system and a method for processing data are disclosed. The method for processing data may enhance the receiving performance of the receiving system by performing additional coding and multiplexing processes on the traffic information data and transmitting the processed data. Thus, robustness is provided to the traffic information data, thereby enabling the data to respond strongly against the channel environment which is always under constant and vast change.


Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110098172

The invention discloses boron-free neutral glasses having the composition (in % by weight, based on oxide) 65-72 SiO 2 , 11-17 Al 2 O 3 , 0.1-8 Na 2 O, 3-8 MgO, 4-12 CaO and 0-10 ZnO, a ratio CaO/MgO of 1.4 to 1.6, and having a hydrolytic resistance in accordance with DIN ISO 719 in class 1 and an acid resistance in accordance with DIN 12116 and an alkali resistance in accordance with DIN ISO 695 at least in class 2.


Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110096754

A method of operating a communication system is disclosed. A time sensitive data stream is sent to a wireless device via a first wireless station. A handoff criteria is determined to have been satisfied. Based on the handoff criteria being satisfied, at least one control message is sent that instructs the wireless device to increase a buffer size associated with the time sensitive data stream.

Method of Producing a Composite Multi-Layered Printed Absorbent Article

Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110094669

A method for producing a composite multi-layered absorbent article. At least two of the layers include a colored region.

Production Process of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids

Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110098438

An object of the present invention is to provide a production process of an -hydroxy acid having a sufficient quality as a polymer raw material, which process does not produce a large amount of waste as a byproduct and is economical.

Biodegradable micro-applicator

Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110097684

A disposable dental micro-applicator includes an elongated, rigid, biodegradable handle with first and second ends and an applicator mechanically fastened to the first end of the handle. The applicator includes a chemically resistant application tip.


Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110095115

An impact mill including a base portion on which is disposed a rotor rotatably mounted in a bearing housing, the rotor having an upwardly aligned cylindrical surface portion coaxial with the rotational axis. The impact mill is provided with a mill casing within which is located a conical track assembly which surrounds the rotor to form a conical grinding path. The mill casing is provided with a downwardly aligned cylindrical collar which may be axially adjusted to set a grinding gap between the rotor and the mill casing. The rotor is provided with a plurality of impact knives complementary with a plurality of impact knives disposed on the inside top surface of the mill casing. The conical track assembly can be a series of assembled conical sections or one unit with varied number of serrations in either a vertical or sloped configuration. This flexibility allows for greater compatibility with the feedstock being milled.

Use of vernonia extract

Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110097429

The present invention relates to the use of an extract of a Vernonia plant from Madagascar in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food supplements for improving the skin status, more specifically by strengthening the dermal-epidermal junction and/or by activating fibroblasts synthesis of dermis and extracellular matrix compounds.


Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110098598

A sampling connector for use in sampling a body fluid such as arterial blood or cerebrospinal fluid. The sampling connector comprises at least two apertures in fluid communication via a fluid flow conduit and a one-way valve (14) disposed to allow fluid flow from the first aperture, through the fluid flow conduit and out of the second aperture, but not to allow fluid to flow into the second aperture and through the fluid flow conduit to the first aperture. In use, the sampling connector is connected to a body cavity to enable the sampling of a body fluid by withdrawal of the body fluid through the first aperture, and to prevent the introduction of a separate fluid to the body cavity. The first aperture can be within a male end and the second aperture can be within a female end or vice versa. A sampling device comprising a sampling connector according to the present invention and use of the sampling connector and/or sampling device is also claimed.

Soil moisture retention method

Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110094151

A method of soil retention uses a soil additive that increases water retention of basic potting soil. The soil additive, either premixed with or added to soil, is biodegradable, ultra-absorbent, and generally safe for the environment. When water is added to the soil additive mixture, moisture is retained within the additive to be disbursed throughout the soil and thereby to the plant within the soil, over a prolonged period of time, e.g. fourteen days to twenty eight days, depending on ambient conditions and the plant.

Electric Power Tool with Communication Line to Battery Pack

Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110094762

An electric power tool has a drive motor and an electronic control unit. Power is supplied by a battery pack with several individual cells and a monitoring circuit for the operating parameters of the cells. A communication line connects electronic control unit and monitoring circuit. Digital data are exchanged through the communication line between electronic control unit and monitoring circuit. A controller controls data traffic through sending and receiving units. The communication voltage is higher than a permissible input voltage level of the controller and lower than a maximum battery pack voltage. The receiving unit, as a filter, converts a received first signal level that is lower than a first voltage to a LOW signal and lowers a received second signal level that is higher than a second voltage to the input voltage level of the controller and relays the second signal level as a HIGH signal.


Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110096415

A lens assembly comprises a first lens and a second lens. The first lens includes a first central round portion and a first peripheral stepped portion surrounding the first central round portion. The first peripheral stepped portion comprises a downward-facing surface, a first supporting surface, and a first inclined surface interconnected. The second lens includes a second central round portion and a second peripheral stepped portion surrounding the second central round portion. The second peripheral stepped portion includes an upward-facing surface, a second inclined surface, a third surface, and a second supporting surface. The second lens is engaged on the first lens in a manner that the first supporting surface contacts the second supporting surface, the downward-facing surface is facing toward the upward-facing surface, the first inclined surface contacts the second inclined surface but a gap is defined between the first inclined surface and the third surface.


Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110094926

Packaging a consumer textile soft goods product for retail sale includes: providing a vacuum-sealable bag; sealing one or more textile soft goods within the interior space of the vacuum-sealable bag for retail sale to a consumer; and physically associating with the vacuum-sealable bag, for viewing by a consumer at retail sale, printed media that identifies the one or more textile soft goods contained in the interior space of the vacuum-sealable bag.


Pub Date: 2011-04-28

Pub Number: US20110096665

A subscriber unit: sends a media flow to a correspondent host; receives, from the correspondent host, an indication of a level of congestion in the communication network; compares the level of congestion to a congestion threshold (TH 1 ) during a first time interval, wherein TH 1 is determined based on an assigned priority level for the media flow, and terminates the media flow and enters a sleep mode state when, after expiration of the first time interval, the level of congestion exceeds TH 1 ; while in the sleep mode state, the subscriber unit compares a level of congestion in the communication network to a congestion threshold (TH 2 ), and exits the sleep mode state and resumes the media flow when the level of congestion remains below TH 2 for the duration of a second time interval.