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Event Notifications of Program Landscape Alterations

Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110029614

A first computer system is monitored for alterations of a program landscape which includes multiple applications configured to operate on the first computer system. An alteration of the program landscape is detected and aspects of the alteration of the program landscape are determined. A catalog of additional computer systems which are associated with the first computer system is accessed. That a second computer system of the accessed catalog of additional computer systems should receive an event notification is determined. An event notification including information corresponding to the determined aspects of the alteration of the program landscape is generated. The event notification including the event information is sent from the first computer system to the second computer system.


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110026394

A distributed ethernet system including a plurality of switches, which switches are connected in sequence to form a ring, where after being synchronized in clock, each of the switches sequentially performs loop detection and protocol machine detection periodically according to a predetermined configuration, and sends a fault alarming message when a loop fault or a protocol machine fault occurs. A fault detecting method based on the system is further provided


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110025465

Communication between RFID tags and RFID reader conveyed by an inductive link comprising a first (114, 212, 324) and a second coil (118, 216, 328) interconnected by a pair of conductors (116, 326) characterised in that the first coil (114, 212, 324) is configured to interact electromagnetically with a communication unit (110, 210, 320) and the second coil (118, 216, 328) is configured to interact electromagnetically with a wireless memory unit (122, 316). The inductive link may be realised as conducting wires or as cut-outs of metal plate, and possibly employed for specifically accessing individual RFID tags by using a switching means, and employed in a system for identification and organisation of laboratory samples.


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110026138

Disclosed is an imaging lens that has a wide angle of view, a small size in the diametric direction of a lens system, and a good optical performance.


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110027967

A method for insertion bonding and a device thus obtained are disclosed. In one aspect, the device includes a first substrate having a front main surface and at least one protrusion at the front main surface. The device includes a second substrate having a front main surface and at least one hole extending from the front main surface into the second substrate. The protrusion of the first substrate is inserted into the hole of the second substrate. The hole is formed in a shape wherein the width is reduced in the depth direction and wherein the width of at least a part of the hole is smaller than the width of the protrusion at the location of the metal portion thereof. The protrusion is deformed during insertion thereof in the hole to provide a bond between the part of the hole and the metal portion.


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110023622

A dual pick-off vibratory flowmeter (100) is provided according to the invention. The dual pick-off vibratory flowmeter (100) includes a first flowtube (102A) and a second flowtube (102B), with the first and second flowtubes (102A, 102B) configured to be vibrated substantially in opposition. The vibratory flowmeter (100) further includes a first pick-off sensor (108) including first and second pick-off portions (108A, 108B) affixed to the first and second flowtubes (102A, 102B), with the first pick-off sensor (108) being located at a first longitudinal location X along the first and second flowtubes (102A, 102B). The vibratory flowmeter (100) further includes a second pick-off sensor (109) including first and second pick-off portions (109A, 109B) affixed to the first and second flowtubes (102A, 102B), with the second pick-off sensor (109) being located substantially at the first longitudinal location X and substantially spaced-apart from the first pick-off sensor (108).


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110026624

Apparatus, systems and techniques for using composite left and right handed (CRLH) metamaterial (MTM) structure antenna elements and arrays to provide radiation pattern shaping and beam switching.

Dried Formulations of Nanoparticle-Coated Capsules

Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110027454

A method of producing a dried formulation for an active substance such as a drug compound is described. The method involves dispersing a discontinuous phase (e.g. an oil-based or lipidic medium) comprising the active substance into a continuous phase (e.g. water) so as to form a two-phase liquid system comprising droplets of said discontinuous phase, allowing nanoparticles to congregate at the phase interface at the surface of the droplets such that at least one layer of nanoparticles coat the droplets and thereby provide sufficient structural integrity to the droplets to enable the subsequent removal of the continuous phase, and thereafter removing the continuous phase from the nanoparticle-coated droplets to produce a dried formulation.


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110028169

The invention discloses a method for operating a communication terminal comprising a receiver chain (EK) with at least one receiver component (RXD) and with an amplifier device (LNA) connected upstream thereof for receiving broadcast radio signals transmitted in first time periods in a predetermined frequency band, and also a transmission device (SEM) for transmitting radio signals. The method has the following steps. First of all, the noise occurring upon transmission of the radio signals in the frequency band of the receiver chain is measured in the receiver chain and then the gain of the amplifier device is set on the basis of the measured noise such that a maximum signal level on the receiver component is not exceeded. Measurement of the noise occurring by the transmission device thus allows the receiver chain to be protected by setting the amplifier device such that the signal level caused by the noise, in particular, is not exceeded, but the maximum possible sensitivity of the receiver chain for receiving radio signals can be set.

System and method for correction of backlit face images

Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110026818

The subject application is directed to a system and method for backlit face image correction. Image data is first received that includes at least one facial region that defines an image human face. At least one facial region is detected via a processor that operates in accordance with software and an associated data storage. Skin tone characteristics of the at least one facial region are then detected. Pixel count data and histogram data are then calculated from the received image data. A plateau is then detected in a function of the pixel count data relative to the histogram data. A correction factor, based upon a property of the detected plateau, is then calculated. Pixel values of the at least one facial region are adjusted in accordance with the calculated correction factor. Thereafter, a corrected image is output that includes adjusted pixel values corresponding to at least one facial region.


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110025054

A pipe coupling 10 for coupling to a pipe end. The coupling including first and second body parts, a grip ring, an O-ring seal and a sleeve. The first and second body parts are aligned axially and define a cavity into which a pipe end can be inserted. Each of the grip ring and the O-ring are located within the cavity. The grip ring grips the pipe end against retraction from the cavity and the O-ring seals against the outer surface of the pipe end. The sleeve extends circumferentially about the first and second portion body parts and engages the body parts to resist movement of the body parts axially away from each other.

Aromatics Co-Production in a Methanol-to-Propylene Unit

Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110028771

The present invention provides a reactor system having: (1) a first reactor receiving an oxygenate component and a hydrocarbon component and capable of converting the oxygenate component into a light olefin and the hydrocarbon component into alkyl aromatic compounds; (2) a separator system for providing a first product stream containing a C 3 olefin, a second stream containing a C 7 aromatic, and a third stream containing C 8 aromatic compounds; (3) a first line connecting the separator to the inlet of the first reactor for conveying the second stream to the first reactor; (4) a second line in fluid communication with the separator system for conveying the C 3 olefin to a propylene recovery unit, and (4) a third line in fluid communication with the separator system for conveying the C 8 aromatic compounds to a xylene recovery unit.

Transport Vehicle Capacity Maximization Logistics System and Method of Same

Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110029414

Disclosed is a system for substantially optimizing logistics for loading vehicles and transporting goods and a method of accomplishing the same.


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110029201

An auxiliary hydraulic system for vehicles, in particular pick-up trucks, is configured to supply hydraulic fluid under pressure to both on-board and off-board auxiliary equipment such as snow plows, dump boxes and wood splitters. The auxiliary hydraulic system includes a multi-piston fluid pump with electrically selectable poppet valves and an associated microprocessor control that facilitates variable output so that a desired proportional flow can be supplied to the auxiliary equipment. The system also provides a switchable valve arrangement for directional control and an arrangement of fluid distribution pipes and detachable couplings so that a range of different auxiliary equipment can be quickly and simply connected to the system. A simple user interface is also included so that the operator can command the auxiliary equipment from either within or in close proximity to the vehicle.


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110029728

Methods and systems for managing RAID volumes are disclosed. Metadata is associated with storage devices that comprise a RAID volume. The metadata identifies each of a plurality of portions as being either initialized or non-initialized. The number of I/O operations performed by a storage controller coupled with the storage devices is reduced in response to a request for the RAID volume based on the metadata.

Surface Treatment of a Polymeric Stent

Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110028072

Methods of treating the polymeric surfaces of a stent with a fluid including a solvent for the surface polymer are disclosed.


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110023999

A device and methods for harvesting submersed wood are provided. The device comprises, a machine operatively associated with a movable boom member rotatably attached. A telescoping stick having a first and second end is pivotally attached to the movable boom in a mid portion of the stick. The second end of the telescoping stick is attached to a wood gripping-cutting head. The telescoping stick is moveable to an operative position so that the second end extends below a plane defined by a surface the machine is located upon. When in use, the second end may extend into water located below the plane defined by the surface the machine is located upon. The device may be used on land, a dock, and a wharf adjacent a water edge, or the device may be located on a floating platform


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110026594

A method is provided of coding an image or a sequence of images generating a stream of data comprising data representative of at least one group of pixels in one of said images. Such a method comprises the steps of: selecting, for a group of pixels to be coded, an initial partition of predetermined linear form, slicing said group of pixels to be coded according to said selected initial partition, propagating said initial partition selected in said group of pixels to be coded, until the latter is sliced in its entirety into a plurality of partitions of predetermined form, selecting, for said sliced group of pixels, a predetermined order of traversal of said partitions, predicting and coding said partitions one after the other, according to said selected order of traversal.


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110025765

A printing system that has a print zone, a media path extending through the print zone along a paper axis, a printhead carriage for mounting a plurality of printhead modules adjacent the print zone such that the printhead modules collectively span the media path and are staggered with respect to the paper axis, the printhead modules each having nozzles arranged in parallel rows and a plurality of datum features for holding the printhead carriage such that the parallel rows extend normal to the paper feed axis.


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110028588

A UV-curable composition for coating vehicle axles includes at least one aliphatic epoxy acrylate and at least one acrylate selected from the group consisting of aromatic epoxy acrylate and polyester acrylate as a photochemically crosslinkable component; at least one reactive diluent; at least one photoinitiator; and at least one filler and/or at least one pigment.


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110025044

A connector for connecting components having cooperating faces together connector comprises means (18) for locking the co-operating faces of the conduits together, said locking means being movable between open and locked positions, actuating means (30) for moving the locking means into the locked position and means (36) for retaining the locking means in the locked position once the actuating means is withdrawn, the arrangement being when the retaining means is removed the locking means return to an unlocked position thereby allowing separation of the cooperating faces without snagging of the components.

Adaptive weighting of reference pictures in video decoding

Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110026588

A video decoder, encoder, and corresponding methods for processing video signal data for an image block and a particular reference picture index to predict the image block are disclosed that utilize adaptive weighting of reference pictures to enhance video compression, where a decoder includes a reference picture weighting factor unit for determining a weighting factor corresponding to the particular reference picture index; an encoder includes a reference picture weighting factor assignor for assigning a weighting factor corresponding to the particular reference picture index; and a method for decoding includes receiving a reference picture index with the data that corresponds to the image block, determining a weighting factor for each received reference picture index, retrieving a reference picture for each index, motion compensating the retrieved reference picture, and multiplying the motion compensated reference picture by the corresponding weighting factor to form a weighted motion compensated reference picture.


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110029126

The present teachings relate to techniques and equipment to insert documents into either letter envelopes or flat mail envelopes on the same dual mode mailing inserter without the need to do machine setup between letter and flat mail envelope insertion. The dual mode mail inserting machine is configured to accept documents from a printer that are designed for insertion into flat mail envelope. If a document plus its inserts and envelope weighs less than a predetermined weight, the document will be diverted from the normal flat mail path to a second inserter and output section.

Methods For Inducing Autolysis In Infectious Bacteria

Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110027280

The present invention relates to methods for the killing of infectious bacteria by modulating the extra-cellular concentration of bacterial cell signalling molecules. This has the effect of inducing rapid cell death (autolysis) in the majority of bacterial cells, and preventing virulence or restoring a benign state in surviving cells. These receptors have applications for the treatment of individuals with susceptibility to infection, the treatment of patients with existing infections, in disease management, and in related applications where the host for infection is an animal or plant. The compositions described herein are particularly relevant to Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection, for example in the treatment of pulmonary infection in cystic fibrosis patients, and represent a unique bactericidal medication that does not directly target the bacteria.


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110027819

Disclosed is a method for assessing heart failure in vitro including the steps of measuring in a sample the concentration of the marker SFRP-3, of optionally measuring in the sample the concentration of one or more other marker(s) of heart failure, and of assessing heart failure by comparing the concentration determined in for SFRP-3 and the concentration(s) determined for the optionally one or more other marker to the concentration of this marker or these markers as established in a reference population. Also disclosed are the use of SFRP-3 as a marker protein in the assessment of heart failure, a marker combination comprising SFRP-3 and a kit for measuring SFRP-3.

Triggering Device

Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110025457

A system and methods are provided for triggering an operating device. In one embodiment, a triggering device includes a receiving unit configured to receive one or more wireless control signals. The receiving unit may include a switch and a processor, wherein the processor is configured to control the switch for activation of an operating device coupled to a signaling line based, at least in part, on the one or more wireless control signals. According to another embodiment, the triggering device may include a connector configured to electrically couple the receiving unit to the signaling line, the connector having one or more contacts and a housing configured to clasp the signaling line and couple the one or more contacts to the signaling line. Additionally, the signaling line may relate to existing wiring of the operating device.


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110026873

A method of manufacturing an optical sensor module which eliminates the need for the operation of alignment between a core in an optical waveguide section and an optical element in a substrate section, and an optical sensor module obtained thereby. An optical waveguide section W 1 including groove portions (fitting portions) 4 a for the positioning of a substrate section, and a substrate section E 1 including fitting plate portions (to-be-fitted portions) 5 a for fitting engagement with the groove portions 4 a are individually produced. The fitting plate portions 5 a in the substrate section E 1 are brought into fitting engagement with the groove portions 4 a in the optical waveguide section W 1 whereby the substrate section E 1 and the optical waveguide section W 1 are integrated together.


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110028786

A capsule-type endoscope includes a capsule, an objective optical system, an image pickup element, and at least one illumination light source having a light-emitting surface, and a transparent cover. In several embodiments of the capsule-type endoscope according to the present invention, an inner surface of the transparent cover is spherical within a field of view of the objective optical system so as to have a center of curvature, the center of curvature is offset from the optical axis of the objective optical system, and a specified condition is satisfied so as to avoid flare in the objective optical system caused when light from the one (or more) illumination light source(s) enters the entrance pupil of the objective optical system. In another embodiment, the inner surface of the transparent cover has the shape of an ellipsoid. Observation methods using the capsule-type endoscope are also disclosed.


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110027285

This invention herein disclosed relates to the anti-HIV action of uPAR-activators or activated uPAR molecules, the control of chemotaxis and cell migration by agents interfering with uPAR activation, a method for determining activated uPAR forms, the use of agents interfering with uPA/uPAR interaction for the diagnosis or therapy of diseases.


Pub Date: 2011-02-03

Pub Number: US20110028660

A process for the polymerization of allylamine and its subsequent crosslinking in the presence of a dispersing agent.