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Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100313678

Load-measuring transducers utilizing induced-voltage measurement techniques are described. The wiring patterns of such transducers can be configured to reduce interference errors due to wiring patterns thereof.


Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100315417

A mobile terminal and display controlling method thereof are provided. The present invention includes determining a polyhedral shape to correspond to a number of display target objects, designating the number of display target objects to facets of a polyhedron having the determined polyhedral shape, displaying the polyhedron having the determined polyhedral shape in a three-dimensional rotational position, and displaying the number of display target objects on the designated facets of the polyhedron.

Sucrose of new confrontational polymorphs and manufacturing method thereof

Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100317845

A sucrose of a conformational polymorph and its manufacturing method are disclosed. The sucrose is a Form II sucrose having a melting point of 140-180 C., and furfuryl alcohol is added into a saturated sucrose solution by a reverse solution method, such that the saturated solution is recrystallized to form a new sucrose. The sucrose of this conformational polymorph has a melting point lower than the melting point of a general Form I sucrose, and the solubility of the Form II sucrose is different from the solubility of the Form I sucrose. Thus the Form II sucrose can be used as an excipient of medicines, sacrificial fiber blood vessel network structure for cell cultivations, or the manufacture of an optical interference wavy device. Since the hydrogen bonds in the molecular structure of the Form II sucrose and the Form I sucrose are different, the mechanoluminescence of the sucrose is affected.


Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100314808

A method for manufacturing lamp shell to improve structural strength and light penetration includes steps of: providing a plastic material, injecting the plastic material into a injection molding equipment to form a preform containing a first space with an opening and a connecting section at one end and a closed another end to form a light penetrating section, and placing the preform in a blow molding equipment and blowing the plastic material by injecting gas to inflate the preform through gas pressure to form a second space at a greater size than the first space to become a lamp shell. The lamp shell thus formed has a greater structural strength to meet safety requirements, and also provides improved light penetration, and can reduce material consumption of the lamp shell to save production cost.


Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100316034

A method performed by user equipment (UE) includes receiving a request to access a service unavailable through a first network cell associated with the UE, and receiving a message from an access device associated with the first network cell, wherein the message identifies a plurality of second network cells providing the service.

Peroxide Reduction In Functionalized Vegetable Oils

Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100317874

Disclosed is an oil composition wherein the oil contains measurable amounts of peroxide resulting from peroxidation, and also includes an effective amount of a peroxide-reducing phosphorous compound, preferably an alkyl/aryl substituted phosphite compound or phosphinic acid (H 3 PO 2 ) and its derivatives.


Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100314462

A nozzle assembly for a material application device includes an expansion chamber for slowing down the velocity of powder fed to the nozzle from a dense phase pump. The nozzle assembly includes a nozzle insert that forms the expansion chamber and provides air assist function. The nozzle includes an integral deflector, and further includes a passageway for a charging electrode so that the electrical path is routed away from the powder path, while permitting the electrode tip to be centered in the powder spray pattern from the nozzle. The nozzle also includes air wash for the electrode. The nozzle outlet orifice has a cross-sectional area that is equal to or greater than the inlet cross-sectional area so that a slow moving dense phase powder cloud is produced by the nozzle.


Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100318830

There is provided a serial reception circuit that can suppress the occurrence of a bit error due to long-period jitter while suppressing the power consumption. A serial reception circuit for receiving a serial signal in synchronization with a clock signal samples the serial signal in synchronization with multiphase sampling clock signals out of phase with the clock signal, determines based on sampled signals that a sampling phase having little effect of phase variation of the serial signal on a sampling result is an optimum phase, performs a reception operation in which a signal sampled by the optimum phase is reception data, and has, as determination operations for the optimum phase, a first mode and a second mode in which optimality of an optimum phase determined in the first mode is determined based on a sampling result of a reduced number of samplings.


Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100317487

Systems and methods for controlling a throttle plate to adjust airflow to the engine are provided. A transmission having an input speed and an output speed and including a clutch and a driver-selectable transmission lever is controlled to adjust engine speed to a synchronous speed in a future gear ratio in response to driver foot pedal positions and driver-selectable transmission lever positions.


Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100318234

This disclosure generally relates to stabilizing energy provided by an energy source, and more particularly to systems and methods for using multiple types of energy storage devices to selectively capture and provide energy. An energy source provides energy, and the energy storage devices selectively capture energy provided by the energy source in excess of an immediate energy requirement of a load and selectively provide energy when the immediate energy requirement of the load exceeds the energy provided by the energy source.


Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100315242

Disclosed are methods and apparatuses for communication. In certain aspects, an apparatus for communication includes one or more sensors configured to measure a condition external to the apparatus, a circuit configured to determine when to transmit data based on the measurement to another apparatus, wherein the determination is based on at least one parameter configurable by the another apparatus, and a transmitter configured to transmit the data.

Method for Certifying a Public Key by an Uncertified Provider

Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100318787

The invention concerns a method for guaranteeing certification of a user's public key by reducing requests to key-certifying appropriate authorities. More particularly, the invention concerns a method for managing a public key of a user capable of being implemented in an asymmetric cryptosystem. According to the invention, a certification, or validation of the correspondence between a public key and a user, is performed by a validating entity, a provider separate from the certifying authority via a validation step. The password is verifiable by the validating entity, but without the latter being aware of it.

Portable, lightweight folding stool and carrying case

Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100314919

The invention is of a PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT FOLDING, STOOL AND CARRYING CASE. The stool frame is easily folded together and placed into the upholstered seat top, which when zippered together, acts as a carrying case. In this folded and enclosed form the stool becomes easily transportable to any location where seating is desired. The stool framework and seat top consists of the following basic elements:


Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100314539

A method of inspecting for plug-to-plug short (short circuit) defects on a sample is disclosed. A charged particle beam for imaging the sample is repeatedly line-scanned over the sample with a line-to-line advancement direction perpendicular to the line-scan direction. The method includes scanning the sample with a line-to-line advancement along a first and a second direction, to obtain a first and a second image of the sample, respectively. Then, the method includes identifying plug patterns, represented in the obtained images with abnormal grey levels, as abnormal plug patterns. Next, the method compares the locations of the abnormal plug patterns to determine the presence of plug-to-plug short defects on the sample.


Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100318800

A hierarchical key generation and distribution mechanism for a computer system in which devices are organized into secure enclaves. The mechanism enables network access to be tailored to approximate minimum needed privileges for each device. At the lowest level of the hierarchy, keys are used to form security associations between devices. Keys at each level of the hierarchy are generated from keys at a higher level of the hierarchy and key derivation information. Key derivation information is readily ascertainable, either from identifiers for devices or from within messages, supporting hardware offload of cryptographic functions. Because keys may be generated based on the enclaves in which the hosts participating in a security association are located, the system includes a mechanism by which devices can discover the enclave in which they are located.

Roller Shade System Having a Pleated Fabric

Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100314052

A pleated roller shade system allows a thin flexible shade fabric, such as, for example, silk, to be wrapped around a roller tube. The system comprises a pleating bar mounted parallel to the roller tube and having a fabric-receiving opening that defines, for example, a serpentine path. The shade fabric is received through the fabric-receiving opening and is folded by the pleating bar, such that the shade fabric is wrapped around the roller tube in folds as the roller tube rotates. The shade fabric is neatly wrapped around the roller tube (i.e., bunching of the shade fabric is avoided) and is stored out-of-sight when rolled up.


Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100316707

A delivery-enhancing peptide comprising the amino acid sequence of SEQ ID NO:11 or salt thereof. This invention is directed towards methods and compositions to administer a double-stranded ribonucleic acid to a mammal so as to effectuate transfection of the double-stranded RNA into a desired tissue of the mammal.

Traction stud mount and method of manufacture

Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100313406

A stud mount for detachably mounting a traction stud to a snowmobile track assembly including an endless drive belt having at least one laterally extending reinforcing rod embedded in the drive belt. At least one stud mount is secured about the reinforcing rod by way of a mounting head and is opened to the ground-engaging side of the track to receive a traction stud. One or more stabilizing arms project laterally from the mounting head and are adapted embedded in the endless drive belt to provide lateral stability to the stud mounts under torque load.


Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100314637

A heat releasing semiconductor package, a method for manufacturing the same, and a display apparatus including the same. The heat releasing semiconductor package includes a film, an electrode pattern formed over the film, a semiconductor device mounted over the electrode pattern, and a first heat releasing layer formed over the semiconductor device including the electrode pattern, the first heat releasing layer including a first adhesive and a first heat releasing material.

Auxiliary drive/brake system for a wind turbine

Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100314873

An auxiliary drive/brake system for a wind turbine includes an impulse, high torque motor, a gearbox transmission, a drive shaft, and a transfer gearbox that connects to either the wind turbine low-speed shaft or to the wind turbine gearbox. Control of the auxiliary drive/brake system is performed by a programmable computer-based motor drive control system in combination with instrumentation and sensors fitted to the rotating wind turbine components. Torque and horsepower created by the present auxiliary drive/brake system is transferred into the wind turbine low-speed shaft where it combines with the torque and horsepower created by the wind acting on the wind turbine rotor blades, the combined torque and horsepower is transferred from the wind turbine low-speed shaft into the wind turbine gearbox and the wind turbine generator, causing the wind turbine generator to operate and produce electricity which is supplied to the power company.


Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100316071

A laser beam combining and power scaling device and method. A first highly reflective mirror residing perpendicular to the first optical axis reflecting radiation emitted from the first laser head. A first Q-switch in alignment with the first optical axis interposed between the first highly reflective mirror and the first laser head. A second highly reflective mirror residing perpendicular to the second optical axis reflecting radiation emitted from the second laser head. The second Q-switch in alignment with the second optical axis is interposed between the second highly reflective mirror and the first laser head. A third optical axis is coincident with the first optical axis. A third highly reflective mirror residing perpendicular to the third optical axis in alignment therewith. The third optical axis may include a third diode pumped laser head and Q-switch. A beam splitter resides at the intersection of the axes.

Systems and Methods for Implanting Medical Devices

Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100318098

Methods and instruments forming a tissue pathway between the first and second skin incisions to draw a permanent or temporary elongated medical device or implant, e.g., a medical electrical lead, through the tissue pathway are disclosed. A tunneling instrument comprises an elongated sleeve and a needle that are mounted together to be used as the tunneling instrument to form the tissue pathway and separated so that the sleeve may be employed to engage the lead connector to pull the medical electrical lead through the tissue pathway.


Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100316169

Varying embodiments of the present invention provide a MIMO apparatus, such as a transceiver and a method of operation thereof. In an embodiment, the transceiver employs a parallelized., two-stage pipeline architecture that reduces the overall latency of the system. This reduction in latency translates to cost savings and higher data rates for the same hardware clock speed.


Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100317179

A method for making an integrated circuit device by: forming a plurality of transistors on a semiconductor substrate; forming multilayer interconnects by depositing a layer of metal; patterning the metal layer; depositing a first dielectric material, depositing a second dielectric material, patterning the first and second dielectric materials; and depositing a via filling metal material into the patterned areas; or, alternatively, by forming transistors on a substrate; depositing one of an electrically insulating or electrically conducting material; patterning said one of an electrically insulating or electrically conducting material; and depositing the other of the electrically insulating or electrically conducting material, so as to form a layer over said transistors having both electrically insulating and electrically conducting portions; wherein the first dielectric material, which is an organosiloxane material, and the electrically insulating material each has a carbon to silicon ratio of 1.5 to 1 or more.

Virtual Machine Fault Tolerance

Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100318991

In a computer system running a primary virtual machine (VM) on virtualization software on a primary virtualized computer system (VCS) and running a secondary VM on virtualization software on a secondary VCS, a method for the secondary VM to provide quasi-lockstep fault tolerance for the primary VM includes: as the primary VM is executing a workload, virtualization software in the primary VCS is: (a) causing predetermined events to be recorded in an event log, (b) keeping output associated with the predetermined events pending, and (c) sending the log entries to the virtualization software in the secondary VCS; as the secondary VM is replaying the workload, virtualization software in the secondary VCS is: (a) sending acknowledgements indicating that log entries have been received; (b) when the virtualization software encounters one of the predetermined events, searching the log entries to determine whether a log entry corresponding to the same event was received from the primary VCS, and if so, comparing data associated with the predetermined event produced by the secondary VM with that of the primary VM; if there is a match, the virtualization software in the secondary VCS transmitting an acknowledgement to the virtualization software in the primary VCS; one of the virtualization software in the primary or secondary VCS dropping the event and the other dispatching the output; and if there is no match, performing a checkpoint resynchronization.


Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100314742

A semiconductor package includes a semiconductor chip having two or more regions that partially overlap so as to define an overlapping region. Through-holes are defined through the two or more partially overlapping regions. One or more first electrodes are disposed on inner surfaces of the semiconductor chip within the through-holes. One or more second electrodes are disposed so as to be insulated from the first electrodes. The one or more second electrodes are at least partially disposed in the overlapping region. Insulation members are disposed in the through-holes.

Security issuer rights management process (SIRMP) and internet-based network for carrying out the same

Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100318445

An Internet-based method and system which inherently recognizes the separable, withholdable, and transferable rights associated with issuing equity, debt, and/or hybrid securities, thereby enabling the maximization of economic value that such property can support within a society. According to the method and system, the security rights that issuers of equity, debt and hybrid securities possess prior to structuring and issuance are unbundled (i.e. individually recognized and separated), allowing a security issuer to withhold from issuance, and retain, the ability to lend its security/securities or, to restructure and reissue its security/securities, and retain, the ability to lend its security/securities, in order to preclude, or to control and manage, short-selling of its securities. Currently, there is no mechanism by which companies, governments, or other entities can preclude or control short-selling once they issue securities.

Handheld Illuminating Torch

Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100315022

A handheld torch which comprises a cylindrical body that has a top and a bottom. The body is configured to be grasped by a person and is preferably made of wood. The torch includes a window portion configured to extend at least partially around the body and one or more light sources positioned within the window portion. The torch includes a power source that is coupled to the light source, where the power source located within the body. The torch includes circuitry within the body, in which the circuitry is coupled to the power source and the light source. The light source produces light which illuminates through the window portion when the light source is energized.

Proteins having serine/threonine kinase domains, corresponding nucleic acid molecules, and their use

Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100317011

The invention relates to the molecule referred to as ALK-1, and its role as a type I receptor for members of the TGF- family. The molecule has a role in the phosphorylation of Smad-5 and Smad1, which also act as activators of certain genes. Aspects of the invention relate to this interaction.


Pub Date: 2010-12-16

Pub Number: US20100314544

The device for detection and/or emission of radiation has an encapsulation micropackage in a vacuum or under reduced pressure that comprises a cap and a substrate delineating a sealed housing. The housing encapsulates at least one uncooled thermal detector and/or emitter having a membrane sensitive to electromagnetic radiation suspended above the substrate, a reflector and at least one getter. The getter is arranged on at least a part of a second main surface of the reflector to form a reflector/getter assembly. A free space, releasing an accessible surface of the getter and in communication with the housing, is also formed between the reflector/getter assembly and the front surface of the substrate.