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Methods for Treating Anxiety Related Disorders

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080280885

The present invention relates to methods of and compositions for treating and relieving symptoms and disease associated with indications caused by a physiological drive to alleviate a sensation of anxiety. In one treatment method, methods of, and compositions for, modulating the expression of certain GABAA receptor subunits are used to treat anxiety-related disorders and depressive disorders associated with physiological tolerance to endogenous neurosteroids.

Y-shaped gasket, a method of fabricating such a gasket, and the use of such a gasket for reducing the engagement forces of a connector

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080277879

The invention seeks to provide a gasket for a quick connector that is inexpensive to fabricate, providing sealing over a wide range of fluid pressures, while presenting engagement forces that are small for flow diameters of large size. More precisely, the present invention provides a sealing gasket of elastically deformable material having a Y-shaped longitudinal axial section for use in a quick coupling for a fluid duct, the gasket (10) comprising an I-shaped stem (1) and a V-shaped portion (2), flash (3 p, 3 s ) of join plane (P1) of the gasket being located between the I-shaped stem (1) and the V-shaped portion (2), preferably substantially perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis (P2) of the gasket (10). The invention also provides the use of such a gasket, and a mold and a method for fabricating such a gasket.


Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080277213

A rotor brake for a rotary-wing aircraft includes a rotor shaft, a braking-force actuator configured to be hydraulically actuated, a braking-force pick-up element connected to the rotor shaft and operationally connected to the braking-force actuator, an electromechanical piston control element, and a first hydraulic line connecting the electromechanical piston control element to the braking-force actuator so that the braking-force actuator can be actuated electrohydraulically by the electromechanical piston control element.

Schema Matching for Data Migration

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080281820

Embodiments include a system for matching an element of a source schema to an element of a target schema. The system includes a processing unit and a communication unit. The processing unit may be configured to: identify a sample data item of the element of the target schema; match a part of the sample data item to a part of a sample instance of the source schema; and match the element of the source schema to which the part of the sample instance of the source schema belongs to the element of the target schema. The communication unit may be configured to: provide the sample data item through an interface and receive the sample instance of the source schema.


Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080281192

A method and system are disclosed for estimating internal position information of a target in real-time based on a single gantry-mounted x-ray imager and a respiratory signal. The x-ray imaging is done periodically to limit radiation dosage. Initial parameters for the estimation model are determined in a pre-treatment session using four dimensional computed tomography (4D CT) in combination with a respiratory signal acquired from the patient. The model parameters are updated during treatment based on the periodic x-ray image data and the respiratory signal.

Method and device for timing synchronization and neighbor scanning for cellular OFDM systems

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080279322

An embodiment of a device for processing at least an incoming signal in a wireless communication system, said incoming signal being sent by a base station and comprising successive frames, each of which comprising at least a training symbol correlated to said base station, and a data symbol carrying message data.

Method for Driving a Lamp in a Lighting System and a Control Apparatus for Driving Such Lamp

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080278094

A method and a control apparatus for driving a lamp (14) in a lighting system, in particular a lamp laving a fast response to a change of an amount of energy supplied through the lamp, in which a device controller 8 is connected with the lamp (14) The device controller (8) receives data values from a system controller (2) to change a light output level of the lamp (14). Upon receiving a data value which is different from a previously received data value the device controller calculates additional data values and distribute the additional data values in a following, time interval to smoothen a transition between different light output levels of the lamp (14).

Device for Opening a Rear Window and/or Trunk of a Vehicle

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080276536

A device for opening and closing a rear window and/or a trunk of a vehicle is positioned on a periphery of or integrated in a window wiper arm assembly provided on a rear side of the vehicle. The device includes an opening and closing system that comprises a push-button connected to an actuating mechanism. The push-button is integrated on a longitudinal portion of a supporting mount of the window wiper arm assembly, and positioned on a handle integrated on said window wiper arm assembly.

Droplet Discharge Device, and Method for Forming Pattern, and Method for Manufacturing Display Device

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080280033

It is an object of the present invention to improve the usability of a material, and to provide a display device which can be manufactured by simplifying the manufacturing process and a manufacturing technique thereof. It is also an object of the invention to provide a technique in which a pattern of a wiring or the like constituting these display devices can be formed to have a desired shape with favorable controllability. One feature of a droplet discharge device of the invention comprises: a discharge means for discharging a composition including a pattern forming material; and a shape means for shaping the shape of the composition before the composition is attached to a formation region, in which the shape means is provided between the discharge means and the formation region.

Water Manifold System And Method

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080276998

A system for distributing water within a building operates to distribute water from a pressurized water supply source to devices that receive water, such as faucets, toilets, showers, sprinklers, and hot water heating devices. The system includes at least one manifold which may be of unitary molded plastic construction and comprised of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC). The manifold includes an entry port and a plurality of outlet ports which are also referred to as sockets. The sockets are configured to receive fitting inserts of various types that include water line connectors. The sockets are also configured to accept standard plastic water conduits therein in cemented relation. The water line connectors may include metallic connectors such as barbed fittings, which can be used to connect the manifold and crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) pipe in nonthreaded relation. Manifolds may be connected together to provide suitable distribution arrangements.

Method of two-step backside etching

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080280450

The present invention is related to a method of two-step backside-etching. First, a substrate with a plurality of hard masks is provided. Next, the back and the edge of the substrate are backside-etched to remove parts of the hard masks on the back and the edge of the substrate. Then, the hard masks and the substrate are patterned in sequence to form a plurality of trenches in the substrate. Finally, before performing a wet bath step, the edge of the substrate is backside-etched to remove needle structures on the edge of the substrate.


Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080282344

A system and method for determining whether an e-mail originates from a sender authorized by an address provider to send the e-mail to an intended recipient's e-mail address. The e-mail identifies an address provider from which the intended recipient's e-mail address was obtained. The e-mail is delivered to the intended recipient only upon verification that the sender is authorized by the address provider to obtain the intended recipient's e-mail address. The system and method may also provide for determining whether an e-mail originates from a forged source. A server receives data relating to an e-mail, including a purported sender and a verification host. The server queries the verification host with information pertaining to the e-mail and requests confirmation that the e-mail originates from the purported sender. The e-mail is determined to originate from a forged source unless the verification host responds that the e-mail originates from the purported sender.

Intergrated communication apparatus

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080280561

An integrated communication apparatus is linked to the PSTN or the Internet for making a PSTN call or a VoIP call. The integrated communication apparatus includes a Bluetooth earphone having a signal transmitting terminal, and a body having an earphone receiving slot and a control circuit board. The earphone receiving slot is used for receiving the earphone and the signal transmitting terminal of the Bluetooth earphone is electrically connected with the control circuit board. The control circuit board includes a control module. The control module is connected with a Bluetooth module, a wireless VoIP module, a PSTN module, a voice-signal encoding/decoding circuit, a judging and charging circuit, and a voice-signal switching module for operating and controlling the modules and the circuits. The voice-signal switching module is connected with a speaker and a microphone via an ECHO eliminating circuit.


Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080281383

In one aspect, a wound management system is provided. The wound management system includes a multi-lumen cannula adapted to be disposed in a wound site. The multi-lumen cannula includes (1) a fiber optic light distribution system adapted to irradiate the wound site with light; (2) one or more catheters adapted to deliver a fluid to the wound site; and (3) one or more evacuation lines adapted to remove fluid from the wound site. Numerous other aspects are provided.


Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080280931

Compositions comprising the succinate salt of 2-[6-(3-Amino-piperidin-1-yl)-3-methyl-2,4-dioxo-3,4-dihydro-2H-pyrimidin-1-ylmethyl]-4-fluoro-benzonitrile (referred to herein as Compound I) which has the formula:


Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080278044

It is an object of the present invention to provide a display support apparatus that has a simple structure and can be stored in a small storage space. The display support apparatus includes a main leg 11 that extends downward from a rear face portion of a display, and has a lower end portion provided with an auxiliary leg portion 12 extending forward in a horizontal direction, and a base member 6 that is pivotably coupled to the auxiliary leg portion 12 about a shaft 21. The base member 6 includes a coupling portion 32 that abuts against a bottom face of the auxiliary leg portion 12 in front of the shaft 21, an interlock portion 42 that forms interlocking so that the base member 6 is not pivoted in a state where the coupling portion 32 abuts against the bottom face of the auxiliary leg portion 12.

Meter Electronics and Methods For Verification Diagnostics For a Flow Meter

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080281535

Meter electronics (20) for a flow meter (5) is provided according to an embodiment of the invention. The meter electronics (20) includes an interface (201) for receiving a vibrational response from the flow meter (5) and a processing system (203) in communication with the interface (201). The vibrational response is a response to a vibration of the flow meter (5) at a substantially resonant frequency. The processing system (203) is configured to receive the vibrational response from the interface (201), determine a frequency ( 0 ) of the vibrational response, determine a response voltage (V) and a drive current (I) of the vibrational response, measure a decay characteristic () of the flow meter (5), and determine the stiffness parameter (K) from the frequency ( 0 ), the response voltage (V), the drive current (I), and the decay characteristic ().

Biometric apparatus

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080281222

The invention provides a biometric apparatus having a display which allows a measured person to recognize biometric data easily and reliably irrespective of whether the measured person is on a platform or not. The biometric apparatus for measuring biometric data of the measured person includes the platform on which the measured person gets on, a sensor unit for acquiring the biometric data of the measured person; a display for displaying the biometric data acquired by the sensor unit; and a control unit for determining whether the measured person is on the platform or not on the basis of a signal from the sensor unit and changes the display mode to display the biometric data on the display according to the determination thereof.


Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080279306

In a wireless transmitter having a plurality of spatial streams differentiable at a receiver, wherein data is encoded and transmitted over a communication channel with pilot tones to provide the receiver with information about the effects of the communication channel and/or transmitter impairments and/or receiver impairments on the spatial streams transmitted, the benefits can be provided by identifying a plurality of symbol periods within which symbols representing some of the encoded data are to be transmitted, identifying pilot tone values for the plurality of symbol periods, wherein the identified pilot tone values are such that the receiver, when receiving at least some of the pilot tones having the identified pilot tone values, is provided with signals enabling the receiver to characterize the communication channel and/or transmitter impairments and/or receiver impairments to obtain transmit stream diversity gain, and transmitting the symbols and the pilot tones over the plurality of spatial streams for the plurality of symbol periods. In some embodiments, the pilot tones are orthogonal over space and time or over space and time and frequency, while in others they are semi-orthogonal. Pilot tone values might be of a constant amplitude and phase shifted, or might also have amplitude variations wherein at least two pilot tones are nonzero for spatial streams for a given symbol period.

Floor lamp having overload breaker that is operated easily and conveniently

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080278951

A floor lamp includes a lamp body, an electric cord, a control switch, and a breaker. The breaker is connected to the electric cord and the control switch and hidden in the lamp body. Thus, a user only needs to operate the control switch to restart the floor lamp after a power failure or an overload, so that the floor lamp is restarted easily and conveniently. In addition, the breaker is hidden in the upright tube of the lamp body so that the breaker will not be wet or dirtied and will not be worn out due to hit by a foreign object during transportation, thereby enhancing the lifetime of the breaker and the floor lamp.

Test circuit

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080281547

A test circuit including a TAP controller specified in IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) 1149 and a test access port includes a first controller including a selecting circuit and a first TAP controller, the selecting circuit generating an internal TMS signal in accordance with TMS signal and selecting an output destination of the internal TMS signal in accordance with a selection signal, and the first TAP controller changing internal state based on the internal TMS signal, testing corresponding test target block in accordance with instruction code for test, and generating the selection signal in accordance with instruction code for selection, and a second controller including a second TAP controller changing internal state based on the internal TMS signal and testing corresponding test target block in accordance with the instruction code for test.


Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080281165

Systems and methods are provided for transferring data from a data acquisition device to a remote server in real time facilitated by wireless storage device operative to transmit data across a wireless network and to a portable electronic device, such as a cell phone, PDA, laptop, wireless headset or MP3 Player. Such systems and methods may be employed to transform traditional processes that require continuous analysis and monitoring to be integrated into readily available informational systems. An exemplary embodiment of the present invention is designed to streamline and facilitate the monitoring of physiological parameters so that healthcare providers may continuously monitor the physiological parameters of patients in real time.

Novel oxadiazole compounds

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080280876

Novel oxadiazole compounds, pharmaceutical compositions containing such compounds and the use of those compounds or compositions as agonists or antagonists of the S1P family of G protein-coupled receptors for treating diseases associated with modulation of S1P family receptor activity, in particular by affording a beneficial immunosuppressive effect are disclosed.

Stabilized Fluids

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080280792

There is provided a fluid composition comprising

Mixed Silanes

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080281054

The present invention relates to a composition comprising at least one fluorosilane and at least one aminosilane, a condensation product of said fluorosilane and said aminosilane, and a surface protective agent made thereof.

Sample analyzing apparatus

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080279048

A sample analyzing apparatus is provided with a memory for storing a schedule of maintenance, a display, and a controller for displaying on the display a screen of calendar format, wherein the screen includes a date display area for displaying a date and a maintenance item display area for displaying a maintenance item scheduled on the date.


Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080279131

Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate evaluating and utilizing timing updates in a wireless communications network. A base station can transmit timing adjustment commands to mobile devices as needed as opposed to a periodic timing update where timing adjustment commands are always sent within a certain period. However, the mobile devices need to stay awake to monitor the timing adjustment message resulting in high power consumption. On the other hand with periodic update, the mobile devices can wake up to check whether there is a timing adjustment for itself and, if not, return to a sleep mode. With the proposed method, a mobile device can sleep for a period of time to check for timing adjustment commands upon waking. Thus, both the mobile power consumption and downlink signaling overhead are reduced.


Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080278905

An information handling system can include a fan control module operable to be control a fan to cool components within a housing. The fan control module can include a communication module operable to receive configuration information associated with components disposed within a housing of an information handling system. The fan control module can also include a processor operable to determine a fan control signal using the configuration information. In particular embodiments, the fan control module can determine an idling speed that reflects the actual configuration of the information handling system.


Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080281445

This device is built on many features. It relates to an Mp3-player which gives it the capability to be used with your car stereo system. In short, you will have the ability to use your Mp3-player with the use of your car stereo.

Micro-Fluid Ejection Devices Having Reduced Input/Output Addressable Heaters

Pub Date: 2008-11-13

Pub Number: US20080278542

Micro-fluid ejection devices, methods for making micro-fluid ejection, heads, and micro-fluid ejection heads having N actuators on a first substrate and logic capable of driving the N actuators on a second substrate. The ejection heads also have less than N electrical connections between the first and second substrates.