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Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080265998

System for filtering an input frequency to produce an output frequency having low phase noise. A first PLL includes, in the feedback path, a frequency translation circuit which translates a frequency from a VCO in the first PLL by an offset frequency provided by the second PLL to provide either a sum or difference frequency. The first PLL locks its VCO to a crystal oscillator input frequency translated by the offset frequency due to the frequency translation circuit. A second PLL compares the input frequency to be filtered to the output of the first PLL VCO. The second PLL causes the first PLL VCO to lock to the input frequency by varying the offset frequency it provides to the frequency translation circuit. The bandwidth of the second PLL is significantly smaller than the bandwidth of the first PLL. The filtered output frequency is available from the first PLL VCO.


Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080267401

The invention provides a system that preserves the synchronization of the audio and video presented at a secure conferencing site without necessitating decryption, decompression, compression, and encryption of signals at the hub. The presently preferred embodiment of the invention provides an apparatus and method for synchronizing audio and video in encrypted videoconferences that comprises a plurality of conference sites; and a hub for receiving a compressed and encrypted, composite audio and video signal from each site, for determining a currently active site, and for transmitting said composite audio and video signal from said currently active site to all other sites; said hub receiving a compressed and encrypted audio only signal from each site; wherein said hub routes all incoming compressed and encrypted audio only signals to each site.

Method of ultrasonic mounting and ultrasonic mounting apparatus using the same

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080265003

A method of ultrasonic mounting can increase mounting efficiency by using high-frequency ultrasound and can also mount large semiconductor chips. The method ultrasonically bonds a semiconductor chip 52 to a substrate 50 using an ultrasonic mounting apparatus including a horn 15 that propagates ultrasonic vibration of an ultrasonic vibrator, the horn 15 being made of a ceramic that has a higher vibration propagation speed than metal. The method includes steps of disposing the substrate 50 on a stage 13, disposing the semiconductor chip 52 on the substrate 50, and placing the semiconductor chip 52 in contact with a convex part 15 a provided on the horn 15 and applying ultrasonic vibration to bond the semiconductor chip 52 to the substrate 50.


Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080267461

A database includes an identifier and associated parameters for each of a number of faces to be recognized. A new acquired image from an image stream is received potentially including one or more face regions. Face detection is applied to at least a portion of the acquired image to provide a set of candidate face regions each having a given size and a respective location. Using the database, face recognition is selectively applied to at least one of the candidate face regions to provide an identifier for a face recognized in a candidate face region. A portion of the image is stored including the recognized face in association with at least one image of the image stream.

Triol form of rosuvastatin and synthesis of rosuvastatin

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080269270

Provided is a rosuvastatin triol and its use as a reference standard for analysis of rosuvastatin. Also provided are methods for preparation of rosuvastatin.

Switchable Lens

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080266388

A display apparatus has a switchable birefringent lens array. The display apparatus produces a substantially linearly polarised output. The lens array comprises birefringent material arranged between a planar surface of a first substrate and a relief substrate of a second substrate defining an array of cylindrical lenses. The lens array has electrodes for applying a control voltage across the birefringent material for electrically switching the birefringent material between a first mode and a second mode. In the first mode the lens array modifies the directional distribution of incident light polarised in a predetermined direction. In the second mode the lens array has substantially no effect on incident light polarised in said predetermined direction.

Exposure system, device production system, exposure method, and device production method

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080266539

A device production system includes a substrate transport section which transports a substrate; a plurality of exposure sections each of which is capable of exposing the substrate; and a controller which cooperatively controls the substrate transport section and the plurality of exposure sections so that operation states of the plurality of exposure sections are in desired states. Accordingly, it is possible to improve the efficiency both in using the substrate and in the device production.

Mouth Dissolvable and Meltable, and Water Dispersable Delivery Formulation

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080269223

A mouth dissolvable and meltable, and water dispersable delivery system for oral administration consisting of an antiepileptic drug, one or more swelling agents, one or more of fillers, one or more of disintegrating agents, and one or more of binders is disclosed. The swelling agent is powdered cellulose, filler is spray dried mannitol, disintegrating agent is crosslinked polyvinyl pyrrolidone and binder is maltodextrin. This system optionally comprises one or more of other excipients selected from the group comprising lubricants, sweetners and flavouring agent.


Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080264451

An apparatus for processing an inside of a pipe which performs various works from an inside of a pipe, includes traveling drive units, a working device, rotation support mechanisms, a coupling mechanism, and suspension devices. The traveling drive units are inserted into the inside of the pipe, and the working device is moved in a circumferential direction along the inside of the pipe by the traveling drive units.

Catch-cup to diverter alignment leveling jig

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080268651

An apparatus for leveling and centering a catch-cup chamber to a diverter chamber of a semiconductor processing chamber is described. In one embodiment, the apparatus has a frame with branches. A coupler is mounted to the end of each branch. A measuring device is mounted to each branch. The apparatus is placed in the diverter. The measuring device measures a distance from a branch to a top surface of the catch-cup chamber.

Novel Aircraft Training Platform and Related Method of Operation

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080268404

Various methods and systems are disclosed. For example, a training apparatus includes a moveable platform configured to allow an operating aircraft to land upon it, a set of actuators mechanically coupled to the platform to cause the platform to be controllable moved in a plurality of degrees of freedom. Control circuitry may be coupled to the set of actuators, the control circuitry configured to cause the moveable platform to move according to a simulated environment.

Optical scanner and image forming apparatus

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080266618

PROBLEMS To provide an optical scanner, wherein, with a compact apparatus configuration, the image curvature on the surface to be scanned, and the unevenness in the sub-scanning magnification as well as the optical scanning speed in the main scanning direction can be reduced, and moreover, the focus shift in the sub-scanning direction on the surface to be scanned is small even for the fluctuation in oscillation wavelength of the light flux and environment. MEANS FOR SOLVING PROBLEMS

Method and System Using RFID Tags for Triggering Document Generation

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080266096

A system and related methods for dynamically re-configuring a radio frequency identification tag reader, engaging software business processes, or combinations of both, using a radio-frequency-readable configuration tag which physically associated with one or more RFID-tagged articles in a physical handling flow. The configuration tag reader is positioned prior to a radio frequency identification tag reader in said material handling flow, which allows the configuration reader to read the contents of the configuration tags before the articles reach the identification tag reader. Based on the contents of the read configuration tags, one or more document generators are engaged, and optionally one or more business processes are initiated, and optionally one or more reader system hardware configuration changes are implemented.


Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080268846

A method and apparatus for supporting a handoff (HO) from a general packet radio service (GPRS), global system for mobile communication radio access network (GERAN), and long term evolution (LTE) evolved universal terrestrial radio access network (EUTRAN) includes receiving an LTE measurement report. An HO is initiated to the LTE network and a relocation request signal is transmitted. A relocation command signal that includes an evolved Node-B (eNB) identifier (ID) is received.

Heat exchanger for high flow rate infusion

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080267599

A heat exchanger has a laminar fluid flow path receivable between the heating plates of a high flow rate infusion unit to which heat is conducted by contact with the heating plates. A bubble trap and a valve are integrated with the heat exchanger. The bubble trap collects air from the infusate exiting the laminar flow path, and includes an air vent in contact with the infusate that vents the air from the bubble trap. The valve shuts off the flow of infusate if air is detected in the bubble trap.


Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080266422

An image processing apparatus includes a plurality of video processors, a video memory for recording video data, a plurality of ports, each connected between the video processor and the video memory, for accessing the video memory in response to supplied information, a plurality of memory map table units, each including at least one table for being set with management information for managing a memory area of the video memory in which video data is recorded, for selectively supplying the management information set to the table to a corresponding ports, and a processing unit having a function of setting the management information to the table of the memory map table unit.


Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080270028

A method of determining the nature of a submarine or subterranean reservoir having an electromagnetic characteristic is described. The method comprises analyzing data associated with the application of a time varying electromagnetic field from above the reservoir using a data analysis methodology that does not utilize an estimate of the reservoir's geometry in determining one or more characteristics of the reservoir.

Security System for Devices of a Wireless Network

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080267404

The invention relates to a security system for wireless networks, comprising a first portable unit (1) with a memory (3) for storing a worldwide unambiguous key record (4) provided for short-range information transmission of the key record (4). At least one wireless apparatus (2) of the network is provided with a receiving unit (7) comprising a receiver (9) for receiving the key record (4) and an evaluation component (11) of the apparatus for storing, processing and/or passing on the key record (4) or a part of the key record to a second component. Due to the key record, the apparatuses in the wireless network acquire a secret shared key by means of which the encryption and decryption of the transmitted useful data and/or the authentication is performed. In accordance with an optional embodiment of the invention, the key record in the portable unit can be derived from biometric characteristics of a user.


Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080269290

The present invention is concerned with novel indol-2-yl-carbonyl-piperidin-benzoimidazolon and indol-2-yl-carbonyl-piperidin-benzoxazolon derivatives as V1 a receptor antagonists, their manufacture, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use for the treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders and other diseases. In particular, the present invention concerns compounds of formula (I)

Collecting influence information

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080270426

Embodiments include a system, a device, an apparatus, a method, and a computer program product. A method of reporting influence on a person includes collecting data indicative of the person accessing electronic content over a computer network using the user computing device. The method also includes generating a user influence report by transforming the collected data into information indicative of events associatable with the person accessing the electronic content over a computer network using the user computing device. The method further includes transmitting data indicative of the user influence report via a network, the user influence report being receivable by a site operable to facilitate delivery of a benefit to an owner of the electronic content.

Method and Apparatus for Manufacturing Precision Parts

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080264139

The invention relates to an improved method and apparatus for manufacturing metal parts, preferably surgical blades (1), using bandoliering with die stamping and machining processed material at stations on the die. The method allows for cost efficient mass production while maintaining a high level of precision.


Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080270257

An activity log is displayed in a dedicated area in a business to consumer e-commerce web site that tracks activities that occur during a current e-commerce account session. The activity log is updated automatically, without requiring user intervention. The activity log displays information such as the activity type, the activity name, and the time the activity was performed. The activity log may also provide an option for the user to view details about or to undo an individual activity. The activity log tracks activities that would conventionally be lost from view, such as the removal of items from a list and the changing of the password. In addition, the activity log automatically displays updates that are not conventionally available, such as greater granularity in the status of an asynchronous transaction.

Next High Frequency Improvement by Using Frequency Dependent Effective Capacitance

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080268710

A connector is provided for simultaneously improving both the NEXT high frequency performance when low crosstalk plugs are used and the NEXT low frequency performance when high crosstalk plugs are used. The connector includes a first compensation structure provided on an inner metalized layer of the PCB at a first stage area of the PCB, and a second compensation structure, provided at a second stage area of the PCB, for increasing compensation capacitance with increasing frequency.


Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080271106

A system for optimizing the usage of bandwidth on an audio/video network system includes at least one slave client in communication with a gateway box for receiving network services at the at least one slave client. The system includes a remote control unit for communicating with a television to control its operation, including turning it on and off. The remote control is also in communication with the at least one slave client such that when the television is turned on or off by the remote control, the slave client can determine the status of the television and turn itself on or off accordingly.

Solid-state imaging device

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080266433

In a solid-state imaging device, bus lines are provided at both sides of an imaging area vertically to send vertical-transfer clock pulses to shunt wires disposed on or over the imaging area at both ends of the signal lines of the shunt wires. Bus lines disposed closer to a horizontal transfer register are placed at a boundary area of the imaging area and the horizontal transfer register. Since the bus lines pass through an upper layer of the boundary area, imaging performed by light receiving elements is not performed but dummy pixels having almost the same structure as the light receiving sections are disposed and vertical transfer registers are provided in the boundary area to just transfer signal charges by the vertical transfer registers with a characteristic similar to that in the imaging area to the horizontal transfer register.

Medical Image Processing Apparatus for Analyzing Properties of Living Body Based on Image Data Thereof

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080267485

A medical image processing apparatus for analyzing properties of living body based on image data of the living body is provided. The medical image processing apparatus executes a predetermined image analysis processing on the image data of the living body, to obtain shape image data obtained by extracting a profile of the living body, and pattern image data obtained by extracting the pattern on the interior of the profile of the living body. A fractal dimension D A of the shape image data is calculated and a fractal dimension D B of the pattern image data is calculated based on the obtained shape image data and the pattern image data, and then, the index value CI is calculated which substantially excludes information of the shape image data and substantially includes information of the pattern of the pattern image data to judge the properties of the living body.

Folder with detachable illumination device

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080266835

A folder has a detachable illumination device disposed on an upper cover of the folder so that the illumination device, such as a lamp, can be momentarily inserted into a specific power socket to provide illumination, or can be detached and placed in a predetermined slot formed on an inner surface of the folder to facilitate the carrying. Thus, the folder can break the limitation in use in various occasions where no sufficient light source is provided, and can thus enhance the utility and the convenience thereof.

Method for Manufacturing Semiconductor Device

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080268655

The present invention is a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device from a layered body including: a semiconductor substrate; a high dielectric film formed on the semiconductor substrate; and an SiC-based film formed on a position upper than the high dielectric film, the SiC-based film having an anti-reflective function and a hardmask function. The present invention comprises a plasma-processing step for plasma-processing the SiC-based film and the high dielectric film to modify the SiC-based film and the high dielectric film by an action of a plasma; and a cleaning step for wet-cleaning the SiC-based film and the high dielectric film modified in the plasma-processing step to collectively remove the SiC-based film and the high dielectric film.

Laser-Aid Fire Evacuation Guidance System

Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080266065

A fire evacuation guidance system includes a pair of dissimilarly colored laser beams generated by at least one laser emitting device. The dissimilarly colored laser beams are generated substantially parallel to hallways of a (5) structure and subsequently reflected, where required, to direct occupants to a shortest exit route in the event of a fire emergency. That is, a first laser beam of one color is generated substantially parallel to one side or a hallway while a second laser beam of a second color different from the first color is generated substantially parallel to the opposite side of the hallway. So long as an occupant (10) of the structure positions himself or herself between the two laser beams and keeps the laser beam of the first color on his or her right hand side, the occupant will be directed to the closest exit in the event of a fire emergency.


Pub Date: 2008-10-30

Pub Number: US20080268943

Methods, apparatuses, and techniques for adjustment of game parameters based on users' performance are described. During play of a game a user's performance is monitored. It is then determined if the player's performance is within a desired range of performance, and game parameters are adjusted if the user's performance is outside the desired range. In a multi-player game, parameters can be adjusted differently for each of the players to make the overall game play more competitive.