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Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080255940

A method includes receiving data that represents purchase transactions received from acquirer financial institutions. The method further includes identifying, from the received data, purchase transactions that qualify for customer rebates. The method further includes transmitting rebate data to certain ones of the acquirer financial institutions. The rebate data identifies the purchase transactions that qualify for customer rebates.

Construction Asset Backed Securities Method With Pud Auction Through Internet

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080255998

The present invention is relating to the construction asset backed securities method through Internet, wherein above the method comprising the following steps: registering developers, enterprises (Special Purpose Company; SPC) and financial institutions accessed to the PUD auction server as main bodies for development project; proposing the project land for auction received the consents of enrolled landowners within the subject districts, after determining the project boundary with the Optimal Zoning Program in GIS fold of the Geography and Image server (S2) based on the overall data for a group of enrolled lands which are input by registered developer; registering multiple alternative plans approvable to project as the alternative plans for each PUD land of DB server, the above multiple alternative plans are established for the PUD lands which are taken a procedure for determining the specific development district through the Alternative Planning Platform of PUD development folder; determining the best alternative plans for each PUD through the successful bidding, the above bidding is determined by evaluating the points of bidding prices in addition to the points for appeasing monopoly and the points of performance capability of construction through the Successful Bidder Determining Program after receiving the biddings of enterprises about the multiple alternative plans registered for each PUD land through the bidding program of auction folder in the web server (S1); andcirculating the real-right on development securities as construction assets, the above development securities are issued in connection with the financial institutions with certain rate of constructing floor area ratio approved by authorized office under the development plans.

Circuit and method for correction of defect pixel

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080252756

A semiconductor integrated circuit includes a check unit which compares a value of a pixel of interest with values of neighboring pixels contained in an image signal supplied from an image sensor, and determines based on the comparison whether the pixel of interest is defective, and a defect correcting unit which corrects the value of the pixel of interest by using values of surrounding pixels in response to the determination by the check unit that the pixel of interest is defective.

Methods and Apparatus for Developing a Vehicle Suspension

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080250844

An electronically adjustable shock absorber, and a system, method, and algorithm for developing a vehicle suspension. The shock absorber has damping characteristics that can be adjusted electronically to match a desired set of damping characteristics. The test method includes closed loop control of the electronically adjustable shock to achieve user-provided damping characteristics. The characteristics can be selected from a graphical user interface to simulate different internal flow passages of a shock absorber. Some embodiments make possible the simulated testing of different hardware embodiments, without the need to make the actual shock absorbers and without the need interrupt the vehicle suspension testing for multiple shock absorber installations.

Voice recognition system and method

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080255843

The invention provides a method of voice recognition, and the method includes the steps of: obtaining a current position information, obtaining a current voice model according to the current position information; and performing voice recognition according to the current voice model. Particularly, the current position information can be obtained according to network address information, or by a global positioning system.

Magnetic drapery track

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080250608

A Magnetic drapery track without mounting hardware (brackets). An extruded aluminum and or extruded thermoplastic track having single or multiple channels. Various properties and number of magnets along said channel having opposed flat surfaces defining north and South Pole surfaces. Back said surface is attracted to a ferrous material so that the drapery track can be (releasable). Ferrous material being but not limited to a concealed corner bead/lath, generally installed during the construction phase, that surrounds a drywall/plasterboard (gypsum) opening. Any opening that may contain but not limited to a sliding glass door, windows and doors and contains ferrous materials. It is because of the concealed corner bead/lath and or exposed metal moldings and trims at the header and its surrounding opening that the magnetic drapery track can adhere without mounting hardware (brackets).


Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080251940

A chip package includes a semiconductor chip, a flexible circuit film and a substrate. The substrate has a circuit structure in the substrate. The flexible circuit film is connected to the circuit structure of the substrate through metal joints, an anisotropic conductive film or wireboning wires. The semiconductor chip has fine-pitched metal bumps having a thickness of between 5 and 50 micrometers, and preferably of between 10 and 25 micrometers, and the semiconductor chip is joined with the flexible circuit film by the fine-pitched metal bumps using a chip-on-film (COF) technology or tape-automated-bonding (TAB) technology. A pitch of the neighboring metal bumps is less than 35 micrometers, such as between 10 and 30 micrometers.


Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080254511

The present invention relates to a process for producing a heterologous protein by means of an E. coli strain in a fermentation medium. The process comprises fermenting an E. coli strain in a fermentation medium. The E. coli strain has a mutation in the lpp gene or in the promoter region of the lpp gene, and contains a gene coding for a heterologous protein which is functionally linked to a signal sequence coding for a signal peptide. The fermentation medium includes Ca 2+ ions in a concentration above 4 mg/l or Mg 2+ ions in a concentration above 48 mg/l. The E. coli strain secretes the heterologous protein into the fermentation medium. The protein is removed from the fermentation medium.

Steering Column Set with Changeable Angle and Length

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080252055

A steering column set includes a first steering column, a second steering column, an extending device and a tilting device. The first steering column is connected to a steering wheel. The second steering column is telescopically connected to the first steering column. The extending unit is used to move the first steering column with respect to the second steering column. The tilting unit is used to tilt the first and second steering columns.

Water Dispersible Composition and Method for Preparing Same

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080254153

The invention pertains to a water dispersible, preferably a powder composition of water extractible bioactive components of exclusively fruit or vegetable or plant origin. These components are obtainable by: a) subjecting a selected fruit or vegetable or plant material to homogenisation in weak alkaline conditions and at moderate temperature; b) separating the liquid extract from the homogenised mass and subsequently bringing it to neutrality; and c) eventually concentrating or drying, preferably by freeze drying, the neutralized liquid extract. The composition can be used as primary composition in the preparation of a food product for oral administration, a food supplement, a pet food product, a pet food supplement, a cosmetic preparation or a pharmaceutical preparation.


Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080251596

Embodiments of a system and method for directing aerosol are disclosed.


Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080252715

This printer includes a print head portion having a laser application portion emitting a laser beam, for performing printing by applying the laser beam from the laser application portion in a state bringing an ink sheet and a paper into contact with each other while transporting the ink sheet in a first direction and transporting the paper in both of the first direction and a second direction opposite to the first direction.

Calibration of Read/Write Memory Access via Advanced Memory Buffer

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080256282

Methods and apparatuses to calibrate read/write memory accesses through data buses of different lengths via advanced memory buffers. One embodiment includes an advanced memory buffer (AMB) having: a plurality of ports to interface respectively with a plurality of data buses; a port to interface with a common clock bus for the plurality of data buses; and an adjustable circuit coupled with the plurality of ports to level delays on the plurality of data buses. In one embodiment, the data buses have different wire lengths between the dynamic random access memory (DRAM) memory chips and the advanced memory buffer (AMB).

Dental Implant System and Method

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080254411

A dental implant system comprising an implant member, an abutment member and a transfer key with cooperatively engaging structures for ensuring proper alignment and orientation of an abutment assembled on the implant member and for preparing an accurate dental impression and mold which represents the implantation site and its relationship to adjacent teeth structures. The abutment has the advantage of being easily removed for maintenance, repair or replacement with minimal or no discomfort to the patient. The invention also includes a dental implant with an improved bone-engaging structure for enhancing implant stability and fixation, an O-ring type abutment assembly with a reduced footprint in its assembled state when compared with similar conventional systems, a surgical screw and bone screw insertion tool, a healing abutment that need not be removed during an impression taking procedure, and an implant coding system that facilitates selection and identification of dental implants and implant analogs whose dimensional attributes will produce an accurate fit between the dental prosthesis and the dental implant. Further, dental reconstruction and abutment installation methods utilizing the dental implant system and instruments of the invention are disclosed.

In-situ thermal margining of computer systems for enhanced reliability testing

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080255710

Embodiments of the present invention provide a system that dynamically controls a temperature profile within a computer system by generating computer system activity. The system starts by receiving a desired temperature profile. The system then generates a load profile based on the desired temperature profile, wherein the load profile specifies operations to be performed by the computer system. The system next executes the load profile on the computer system to generate computer system activity, wherein the computer system activity causes the desired temperature profile in the computer system.


Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080255612

The present invention relates generally to self-retaining systems for surgical procedures, methods of manufacturing self-retaining systems for surgical procedures, and their uses.

Filter Mat for the Passage of Contaminated Air

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080250932

The invention relates to a filter mat, which is used in applications where it filters the flows of contaminated air that pass through it. In such mats, there are points where aerosols collect. This is disadvantageous as it lowers the efficiency of the mat. The present invention overcomes this by having, at these points, wicks (2) that absorb said collections.


Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080255898

A risk monitoring system is formed of a client terminal, a risk management apparatus, and a security device. A risk calculation portion in the risk management apparatus calculates the vulnerability of each room inside the workplace quantitatively in terms of three viewpoints: individuals, assets, and space, and calculates a risk value of an internal crime in each room in real time by multiplying the vulnerability by the internal crime probability and the asset value. A risk analysis portion analyzes a risk state on the basis of the risk value thus calculated and the analysis result is displayed on a display portion of the client terminal. It is thus possible to understand a risk situation of an internal crime against assets to protect in real time for enabling an action to be taken appropriately according to the situation.

Increased Ethanol Production from Xylose

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080254524

Methods and compositions for the production of ethanol from lignocellulosic starting materials are provided herein. Embodiments of the invention provide methods of manipulating the carbon flux of a host cell transformed with plasmids of the invention. Plasmids of the invention may include nucleotides that encode pyruvate decarboxylase. In one embodiment, a strain of the thermotolerant yeast Hansenula polymorpha that has been transformed with plasmids and polynucleotides of the invention is provided.


Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080251550

A backpack is disclosed to include a backpack body having a small inside pocket, a cable received inside the small inside pocket and having one end connected to an electric plug inside the backpack body for the connection of a mobile electronic device carried inside the backpack body and the other end connected to an electric socket (for example, earphone jack) outside the backpack body for receiving an electric attachment (for example, earphone set) to electrically connect the electric attachment to the mobile electronic device being carried inside the backpack body so that the user can use the mobile electronic device without opening the backpack.

Terminal-to-terminal communication connection control method using IP transfer network

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080253359

Both a connection server and a relay connection server are installed in an IP transfer network; a function similar to a line connection control of a subscriber exchanger is applied to a connection server; a function similar to a line connection control of a relay exchanger is applied to the relay connection server; and a terminal-to-terminal communication connection control method with using the IP transfer network is realized in such a manner that a telephone set and a terminal such as an IP terminal and a video terminal transmit/receive an initial address message, an address completion message, a call pass message, a response message, a release message and a release completion message, which can be made in a 1-to-1 correspondence relationship with line connection control messages of the common line signal system. Furthermore, while an address administration table is set to a network node apparatus of an IP transfer network, means for registering addresses of the terminals into this address administration table is employed, so that an IP packet communication by a multicast manner can be realized with improving information security performance.

System and Method of Planning for Cooperative Information Processing

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080256549

A cooperative data stream processing system is provided that utilizes a plurality of independent, autonomous and possibly heterogeneous sites in a cooperative arrangement to execute jobs derived from user-define inquires over dynamic, continuous streams of data. A method is provided for cooperative planning for the execution of the jobs across the distributed plurality of sites. An identification of the resources available for sharing from each one of the plurality of sites is communicated to one or more planners disposed on the distributed sites. These planners use the resource information to generate planning domains in which the jobs can be processed. Upon receipt of an inquiry at one of the sites, the inquiry is communicated to one of the planners that uses the planning domain to create at least one distributed plan for the inquiry. Processing of the inquiry is conducted in accordance with the distributed plan. Planning can take advantage of the structure of virtual organizations including cooperative and federated virtual organizations. The distributed plans can make use of the resources within a single virtual organization or across multiple organizations.

Method and System for Protecting Data

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080253572

The present disclosure is directed to a method and system for protecting data. In accordance with a particular embodiment of the present disclosure a new file is created. A key is retrieved for the file from a keyserver. The key includes a key identifier and an encryption algorithm. The file is encrypted using the encryption algorithm. The key identifier is stored in a data repository. The data repository relates the key identifier to the encrypted file.


Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080252018

A convertible game assembly comprises a convertible frame having at least one adjustable joint separating a back frame portion and a front frame portion. The front frame portion is configured to pivot upward and backward about the adjustable joint to convert the frame from an open to a closed configuration. The assembly further includes an elevated back target piece coupled to the back frame portion and a front target piece coupled to the front frame portion. The frame is positionable in an open configuration to allow a game player to throw projectiles toward the back target piece, with the open configuration defining a first player position. Additionally, the frame is positionable in a closed configuration to allow a game player to kick projectiles toward the front target piece, with the closed configuration defining a second player position closer to the back frame portion than the first player position.


Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080251729

A sensor for detecting a received electromagnetic wave comprising a first electrode, a second electrode and an amorphous oxide layer interposed between the first electrode and the second electrode.

Marine Flexible Laminate System

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080254698

A marine flexible laminate system at a minimum includes a primer layer and an adhesive layer. The system optionally includes at least one functional top coating layer which may be applied either underwater or before submersing. Other layers include a backing layer and a heat curing layer. The marine laminate is directly applied to one or more surfaces submerged under-water by contacting the submerged surface with the adhesive layer of the flexible marine laminate.

Enhanced facsimile handling

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080252933

Described herein is technology for, among other things, facilitating transmissions of facsimiles by a computer. It involves various techniques for facilitating the preparation of a facsimile including storing the facsimiles in an editable format and initializing a fax application.

Method and System for Hitless Tunable Optical Processing

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080253767

A method for switching from a first optical path optically coupled to an optical processing device to a second optical path, the first and second optical paths optically connecting, in parallel configuration, a first optical switch to a second optical switch, according to the following steps: directing optical radiation comprising at least a fast operating wavelength through the first optical path to the optical processing device, which is tuned to the first operating wavelength; tuning a resonant all-pass filter optically coupled to the second optical path so as to match, at least at a wavelength adjacent to the first operating wavelength, a phase distortion introduced by the optical processing device on the optical radiation; synchronously actuating the first and the second optical switch so as to switch the optical radiation from the first optical path to the second optical path.

Magnetic bearing device and magnetic bearing spindle device

Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080252161

A control device includes a differential amplifying circuit for obtaining a difference between values of exciting currents (exciting voltage values) supplied to a pair of axial electromagnets and a pair of radial electromagnets, multiplying the obtained difference by coefficient times, and outputting it as the bearing load in an axial direction and a radial direction. The exciting current includes steady current supplied to the axial electromagnets and the radial electromagnets and control current which varies by the displacement of a main shaft. By supplying the steady current to the axial electromagnets and the radial electromagnets, the magnetic attraction force of the axial electromagnets and the radial electromagnets having non-linearity is linearly approximated. Accordingly, the difference between the values of the exciting currents (exciting voltages) supplied to a pair of electromagnets is obtained and is multiplied by coefficient times, thereby obtaining a value corresponding to the bearing load.


Pub Date: 2008-10-16

Pub Number: US20080252743

An image pickup apparatus has a pixel array including a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements arranged in column and row directions, a first output unit configured to be driven by a first driving signal and to output first signals fed from at least some of the photoelectric conversion elements in the pixel array, and a second output unit configured to be driven by a second driving signal and to output second signals fed from at least some of the photoelectric conversion elements in the pixel array. The first driving signal and the second driving signal are asynchronous.