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Methods and Systems for Firmware Access and Modification

Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080229086

Embodiments of the present invention comprise systems and methods for accessing and modifying device firmware.

Device and Method for Mapping the Distribution of an X-ray Fluorescence Marker

Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080226025

The invention relates to a method and a device for determining the distribution of an X-ray fluorescence (XRF) marker (16) in a body volume (14). The body volume (14) is irradiated with a beam of rays (12) from an X-ray source (10) with a first ray component with a quantum energy just above and a second ray component with a quantum energy just below the K-edge of the XRF marker (16). Secondary radiation emitted from the body volume (14) is detected in a location-resolved way by a detector (30). To separate the X-ray fluorescence components in the secondary radiation from background radiation, the body volume is irradiated for a second time with a beam of rays from which the first ray component has been substantially removed by a filter (22) made from the material of the XRF marker.

Narrow Dental Implant and Associated Parts

Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080227057

New platform comprising a dental implant (1) and associated parts characterised in that both the implant (1) and the associated parts have a reduced diameter that makes them suitable for certain applications, particularly for treating narrow areas of a bone crest. In order to be able to achieve a dental implant (1) and associated parts that are narrow but still robust and reliable. certain characteristics and geometrical forms of the dental implant (1) and the associated parts have been readjusted or optimized.

Image sensor module having build-in package cavity and the method of the same

Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080224248

The present invention provides an image sensor module having build-in package cavity and the Method of the same. An image sensor module structure comprising a substrate with a package receiving cavity formed within an upper surface of the substrate and conductive traces within the substrate, and a package having a die with a micro lens disposed within the package receiving cavity. A dielectric layer is formed on the package and the substrate, a re-distribution conductive layer (RDL) is formed on the dielectric layer, wherein the RDL is coupled to the die and the conductive traces and the dielectric layer has an opening to expose the micro lens. A lens holder is attached on the substrate and the lens holder has a lens attached an upper portion of the lens holder. A filter is attached between the lens and the micro lens. The structure further comprises a passive device on the upper surface of the substrate within the lens holder.


Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080225806

A method to enable mobility while connected to an Internet protocol network comprises receiving a first data packet from a mobile node at a first mobile gateway in a mobile-gateway-communication network via a first access point and determining if a communication session is ongoing responsive to receiving the first data packet. When it is determined that a communication session is not ongoing, the first mobile gateway is established as a home mobile gateway for the duration of the communication session. When the mobile node connects to a second mobile gateway in the mobile-gateway-communication network via a second access point during the communication session, a tunnel is opened from the second mobile gateway to the home mobile gateway so that the communication session is maintained regardless of the protocol implemented by the mobile node and the access points.


Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080227983

The present invention relates to substantially pure piperidine derivative compounds of the formulae:


Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080225396

A reflective element assembly for a variable reflectance vehicular mirror includes a front substrate having a transparent conductive coating disposed on a second surface thereof, and a rear substrate having an electrically conductive metallic reflective coating disposed on a third surface thereof. At least an edge portion of the rear substrate is recessed from a corresponding perimeter edge portion of the front substrate so as to define an overhang region of the front substrate relative to the rear substrate. At least a portion of a third surface conductive coating continues from the third surface over at least the perimeter edge to define a wraparound portion of the third surface conductive coating at the perimeter edge, with the third surface conductive coating establishing electrical continuity between the third surface and the portion of the perimeter edge. An electrical connection may make electrical contact with the wraparound portion at the overhang region.

Selectively enabled threat based information system

Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080224862

A method for selectively monitoring a privacy sensitive area includes assigning the privacy sensitive area a privacy threshold value, receiving a threat level, and activating surveillance equipment associated with said privacy sensitive area when said threat level exceeds said privacy threshold value.


Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080223278

Highly stable floating platform for measuring surface and subsurface environmental variables. It consists of a main toroidal body, inside of which equipments are installed, mainly on its base, to maintain low and nearby the centers of gravity and of buoyancy, allowing the in situ inspection, maintenance and installation of equipments. One winch in its interior allows the translation of equipment and/or to take water samples, from surface to a user-defined depth, using a cable deployed through the center of the platform, for providing power and communication with the surface to said equipment.

Naturally Degradable Green Flowerpot and Making Process Thereof

Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080222952

The present invention discloses a naturally degradable green flowerpot and its making process. The green flowerpot includes crushed plant fiber, adhesive agent and lubricant. The adhesive agent comprises oxidized starch and one or more selected from the group consisting of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), polycaprolactone (PCL), and amino resin. The making process thereof includes the following steps: crushing plant fiber, mixing, adding lubricant and water, stirring, molding to form, polishing and drilling holes. The green flower pot can naturally degrade, has the advantages of low production cost and is suitable for planting various flowers especially in large mechanized plantation.

Solar Cell (Sliver) Sub-Module Formation

Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080223429

A solar cell sub-module (100) for a photovoltaic device, including a plurality of elongate solar cells (slivers) (101) mounted in a structure that maintains the elongate solar cells in a longitudinally parallel and generally coplanar configuration, the structure providing one or more conductive pathways (201) electrically interconnecting the elongate solar cells (101). Also claimed are inventions related to releasing elongate substrate from a wafer frame; providing a plurality of mutually spaced elongate storage bins with a particular spacing; dispensing elongate solar cells into an alignment jig and attaching the cells to a substrate; engaging a length of electrical interconnect with an engagement tool having spaced engagement sections and applying a cutting tool; forming an electrical connection in a photovoltaic module with a conductor defining an indirect path between locations to compensate for thermal expansion; maintaining the solar cell orientation of sliver solar cells when releasing them from a wafer frame; engaging only opposing faces of elongate substrates, interconnected by a wafer frame, when releasing them; storing elongate substrate in a stacked configuration with a translation mechanism.


Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080229180

A method and system creates an interactive multimedia document that incorporates references to multimedia files that support a particular logical step or argument presented within the document. The method and system utilizes several modules including a builder module and a presenter module. The references are configured to determine, upon selection, a visual format and a relevant portion of the multimedia file to be displayed. Thus, only one copy of the multimedia file needs to be incorporated into the document. The multimedia files include text documents, portable document files, PowerPoint presentations, audio files, video files, voice narrated graphics, and other types of files. In some embodiments, the interactive multimedia document is a legal brief and the multimedia files include depositions, supporting case law, evidence, and other materials.

Secure Boot Across a Plurality of Processors

Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080229092

Boot code is partitioned into a plurality of boot code partitions. Processors of a multiprocessor system are selected to be boot processors and are each provided with a boot code partition to execute in a predetermined boot code sequence. Each processor executes its boot code partition in accordance with the boot code sequence and signals to a next processor the successful and uncompromised execution of its boot code partition. If any of the processors does not signal successful completion and/or uncompromised execution of its boot code partition, the boot operation fails. The processors may be arranged, with regard to the boot operation, in a daisy chain, ring, or master/slave arrangement, for example.


Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080229374

A video network includes public kiosks having digital storage capacity. Centralized inventory control manages the video files stored at individual kiosks or network LANs. A user requests a multimedia file for download, and selects various ancillary files and control features, such as languages, subtitles, control of nudity, etc. The requested file is encrypted according to an encryption key, watermarked, and downloaded from a high-speed port of a public kiosk to a hand-held proprietary high speed memory device of a user. Payment is received at the time of request or at the time of download, and royalties are distributed by the video network to copyright holders. Computer applications or playback devices allow users to store and/or play video files that have been downloaded to a hand-held device while managing and enforcing digital rights of content providers through the watermarking and/or encryption.


Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080224341

Disclosed is an injection moulding machine, comprising an extruder for continuously producing a melt of a desiccant-filled polymer; at least one injection device fluidly connected with the extruder by a first conduit to receive melt and including an injection ram movable to a forward position for injection of melt into an injection mould and a rear position for introduction of melt into the injection device; characterized in that the injection moulding machine further comprises a sensor which allows determination of the viscosity or melt flow index of the desiccant-filled polymer. Further disclosed is a method of operating such a compounder-type injection moulding machine.

Universal Touch Screen Keyboard

Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080225006

The invention relates to a touch screen keyboard, characterized in that it comprises a screen with a tactile faceplate (1), luminous, with colour display and capable of displaying a basic standard keyboard and keys for rapid access to functionalities that can be displayed on the said tactile faceplate screen via respective interfaces.

Optical Disc Actuator Control at Optimal Bandwidth

Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080225657

A method and apparatus for a feedback loop (30) used with a servo controller (14) to control an actuator (13, 17) of an optical disc drive. The gain (18) in the feedback loop (30) determines the bandwidth of the actuator (13, 17) in accordance with predetermined parameters for predetermined intervals. High rotational disk speeds, especially during writing, necessitate that the actuator servo controller feedback loop have a high loop gain and can become critical. Higher gains will cause oscillations in the loop. Loop gain spread from sources such as detector sensitivity differences on recorded and non recorded areas, is controlled by setting the control gain at an initial value lower than the maximal value in order to avoid oscillations. The control gain is then adjusted to a maximum value by means of an AGC mechanism. This AGC mechanism is activated for short periods of times to adjust the gain.


Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080226018

A method of imaging a patient's uncompressed region of interest using X-ray cone beam computed tomography or cone beam digital tomography comprises the step of introducing an effective amount of a contrast agent to the uncompressed region of interest. A system for imaging a patient's uncompressed region of interest using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) or cone beam digital tomography (CBDT) comprises an X-ray source transmitting an X-ray to the uncompressed region of interest, an image acquisition system acquiring a plurality of two-dimensional projection images data for a CBCT or CBDT data set with at least one of the projection images acquired in 35 milliseconds or less, and a processor generating a three-dimensional computed tomography image data set resolving voxels with dimensions of 0.4 mm or less in at least two orthogonal directions.

Semiconductor memory device for driving a word line

Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080225628

A semiconductor memory device for driving a word line is provided. The enabling timing of a word line is advanced using a block information signal that contains no redundancy information, thereby improving a RAS to CAS delay (tRCD). A sub word line driving enable signal for controlling a driving of a sub word line and a main word line driving enable signal for controlling a driving of a main word line are controlled by the block information signal that contains only mat information but does not contain the redundancy information. Accordingly, the word line control signal may be activated earlier than the sub word line driving enable signal and the main word line driving enable signal, thereby advancing the enable timing of the word line.

Cross-linkable polyionic coatings for medical devices

Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080226922

A method for making an article comprising a core material and a coating thereon, the method comprising the steps of:

Bi-directional valve

Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080223457

A bi-directional valve having a housing with at least one internal gasket contact surface. A spring holds the plate, flapper and gasket against the internal gasket contact surface of the housing. When a predetermined pressure acts on the plate and flapper, the plate, flapper and gasket move away from the gasket contact surface to allow flow through the bi-directional valve in a first direction. To flow in the opposite direction the plate and gasket abut against the housing and the flapper opens to allow flow in an opposite direction. The same flow path is used for flow in either direction through the bi-directional valve.

Method for introducing superhydrophobic articles into the human body

Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080226694

An article to be inserted into the human body has a superhydrophobic surface. The superhydrophobic surface is coated with a water soluble thin but durable protective coat. One positioned inside the body the coating is rapidly dissolved by the blood or other fluids and exposes the superhydrophobic surface. To coat article the water based coating is mixed with a liquid capable of wetting the superhydrophobic surface but is still dissolvable or at least miscible in the coating. As an example, a glucose or sucrose solution in water is mixed with alcohol and used to coat the surface. After water and alcohol evaporation, a durable protective coat of sugar remains. After the coated article is inserted into the body, the coating is rapidly dissolved and absorbed by the body.


Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080228208

Intralumenal material removal systems are provided using an advanceable and rotatable cutter assembly designed for differential cutting. The intralumenal material removal system includes a cutter assembly positionable in the body cavity of a mammalian subject. One embodiment of the cutter assembly comprises a cutter with blades that are designed and arranged to form an acute blade angle of attack with the matter-to-be-removed. The cutter assembly is axially advanceable by translating the drive shaft and rotatable by rotating the drive shaft. The occlusive material is scraped by the cutter assembly and may be aspirated to remove the material from the body cavity. The cutter assembly may provide aspiration ports positioned between facing surfaces of the blades.


Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080228774

A user terminal may be employed to generate a first message and, substantially simultaneously or thereafter, append a first plurality of metadata values to the first message, which metadata values are based on standardized metadata attributes. Subsequent messages may likewise have a second plurality of metadata values appended thereto, which messages are thereafter associated with the first message when the corresponding plurality of metadata values compare favorably. The comparison processing of metadata used to determine when messages should be associated with one another is preferably carried out using a back-end controller. Additionally, one or more content files may also be associated with such messages, which content files assist users of the system in developing context concerning various messages. In this manner, team-wide context may be more readily established, thereby fostering better understanding between team members and, consequently, more efficient collaboration.

Navigation device and method

Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080228386

This invention relates to a navigation device (200) comprising: a processor (210) that is configured to generate a navigation map of a local environment (497); and a display (240) controllable by said processor (200) to display said navigation map and any markers (489) that relate to marked locations within said local environment (497); characterised in that the navigation device (200) further comprises: an indicator generation module (490) for generating an indicator (491) for each of any marked locations outside of said local environment, said processor (210) being responsive to said indicator generation module (490) to control said display (240) to display any generated indicators (491) in said navigation map (497).


Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080224093

Gate lines including a lower AlNd layer and an upper MoW layer, data lines including a MoW layer, and pixel electrodes including an IZO layer are patterned using a single etchant. The etchant contains a phosphoric acid of about 50-60%, a nitric acid of about 6-10%, an acetic acid of about 15-25%, a stabilizer of about 2-5% stabilizer, and deionized water. The stabilizer includes oxy-hydride inorganic acid represented by M(OH) x L y , where M includes at least one of Zn, Sn, Cr, Al, Ba, Fe, Ti, Si and B, L includes at least one of H 2 O, NH 3 , CN and NH 2 R (where R is alkyl group), X is 2 or 3, and Y is 0, 1, 2 or 3.

Electromagnetic Lock Provided with a Sliding Bolt for a Swinging-Type Door

Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080223092

Electromagnetic lock includes a body, a retractable sliding bolt, and a movable plate structured and arranged to move the retractable sliding bolt and functioning as an armature of an electromagnet housed in the body. The movable plate is movable via two forces acting in the same direction and is structured and arranged to move the retractable sliding bolt to a protruding position. This Abstract is not intended to define the invention disclosed in the specification, nor intended to limit the scope of the invention in any way.

Use of behavioral portraits in web site analysis

Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080228819

A method is provided for determining a website user behavioral portrait based on navigation on the website and dynamically reconfiguring web pages based on those portraits. In accordance with the method, data relating to the progress of a user through a website is recorded, and an ongoing behavioral portrait of the user is built based on the data. The portrait is then used to dynamically reconfigure web content.


Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080225603

An embodiment of a circuit includes an output buffer, a data interface which is at least in a position to transmit data, the data interface being coupled to an output of the output buffer, a command/address interface coupled to an input of the output buffer, a memory core coupled to the input of the output buffer, and a controller circuit configured to cause data stored within the output buffer to be output to the data interface, further configured to cause data stored within the memory core to be output to the input of the output buffer, so that the data is stored within the output buffer, and further configured to cause provision of data received at the command/address interface to the input of the output buffer, so that the data is stored within the output buffer.


Pub Date: 2008-09-18

Pub Number: US20080223394

A hair styling appliance includes a first arm and a second arm pivotable with respect to the first arm, wherein the second arm is movable between an open position and a closed position. A gap is positioned between the first arm and the second arm, and a lock member is movable into and out of the gap between a locked position and an unlocked position. In the locked position, the lock member holds the second arm in the closed position.