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Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate And Stent For The Treatment And Prevention Of Atherosclerosis And Restenosis

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080175880

The present invention provides method of treating and preventing vascular inflammation, atherosclerosis, restenosis, plaque destabilization and bypass graft failure comprising the administration of a therapeutically effective amount of pyridoxal-5-phosphate or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. The present invention further provides an intravascular stent for use with a narrowed artery having at least one surface reversibly bound with pyridoxal-5-phosphate or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.

Internal combustion engine with a variable compression ratio

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080173281

In an internal combustion engine including a housing with cylinders arranged in the housing, a crankshaft, and pistons moveably disposed in the cylinders and operatively connected to the crankshaft, and a device for changing the compression ratio of the cylinders of the internal combustion engine, the device comprises an adjusting arrangement with an eccentric which is mounted in the housing and, by means of rotation, controls the position and the direction of movement of the adjusting arrangement, and a drive for operating the adjusting arrangement including the eccentric.

Compounds Useful in the Treatment of Hiv

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080176817

There is provided inter alia use of 2,3-dideoxy-3-hydroxymethylcytosine or a prodrug or salt thereof in the manufacture of a medicament for the treatment of HIV infection wherein the reverse transcriptase of the HIV bears at least one mutation that allows an obligate chain terminating nucleoside- or nucleotide phosphate to be excised from the nascent DNA strand by ATP- or pyrophosphate-mediated excision.

Tensioner and installation assembly

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080176687

A tensioner comprising a base (10) having a shaft (70) fixedly connected thereto, the shaft having a bore (72), a pivot arm (40) pivotally engaged with the shaft and having a pivot axis (A-A), a pulley (50) journalled to the pivot arm and having a center of rotation about axis (C-C), a spring (30) engaged between the base and the pivot arm, a retaining member (90) fixedly engaged with the shaft opposite the base, the pivot arm and spring disposed between the retaining member and the base, a first hole (12) in the base and a second hole (91) in the retaining member aligned with an axis (B-B), the first hole and second hole and bore cooperatively engaging a fastener (110), the axis (B-B) offset a predetermined distance from axis (A-A), the axis (C-C) offset a predetermined distance from axis (A-A), a tool receiver (92) in the retaining member, and the base, shaft and retaining member fixedly connected together such that there may be no relative movement between the base, shaft and retaining member during installation.

Radio base station apparatus, radio terminal apparatus, mobile communication system, and reception operation control program

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080176601

In response to a connection request from a terminal, a base station provides a signal indicating a reception operation adapted to a transmission operation of the base station to the terminal. Based on the indicating signal, the terminal selects and performs the optimum reception operation. The terminal also provides its own reception operation information in advance to the base station. Based on the reception operation information, the base station transmits a reception operation indication to the terminal. These processes are realized with software by DSP (12, 14) and the like.


Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080178342

The invention relates to the soybean variety designated 4684181. Provided by the invention are the seeds, plants and derivatives of the soybean variety 4684181. Also provided by the invention are tissue cultures of the soybean variety 4684181 and the plants regenerated therefrom. Still further provided by the invention are methods for producing soybean plants by crossing the soybean variety 4684181 with itself or another soybean variety and plants produced by such methods.

Tea cup device

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080173184

A tea cup device includes a container having a chamber for receiving a tea or other drinkable materials, and a filter device disposed in the container for separating the chamber of the container into two separated compartments, and for receiving the tea in either of the compartments, and for allowing the tea to be completely opened or stretched after disposed in water, and the filter device may block the tea for preventing the tea from flowing into the mouth of the user while drinking the tea. The filter device may completely or partially block the chamber of the container, or may includes one or more screen members coupled together, or may includes a cup-shaped structure.


Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080175981

A pattern formation method includes forming a plurality of concave parts adjacent to each other on a substrate, and discharging droplets including a functional liquid material on the substrate to form a prescribed pattern of the functional liquid material that straddles over the concave parts on the substrate.


Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080175264

A method for multiplexing a broadcast service channel and a non-broadcast service channel includes: reserving TF resources for carrying non-broadcast service data on a sub-frame for carrying broadcast service data, and multiplexing the broadcast service data and the non-broadcast service data to the sub-frame for carrying the broadcast service data. Correspondingly, a device for multiplexing a broadcast service channel and a non-broadcast service channel is disclosed. Hence, the system signaling overhead occupied during a TDM process between broadcast service and Unicast service is reduced, and the transmission delay of Unicast service is reduced.

Railway hydraulic stabilizer

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080173210

A hydraulic stabilizer for a railway freight car truck, the truck having a bolster and side frames each respectively supporting at least one railway axle/wheel set. The hydraulic stabilizer being contained within the area of the spring set between the bolster and the side frame, and having a working cylinder and piston contained within a housing. The device having a rod seal affixed intermediate said cylinder and said piston; and an oil seal affixed intermediate said cylinder and said piston. The oil seal having at least two lip profiles extending radially inward to said cylinder.


Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080177605

A method and apparatus for determining standardized environmental attributes is disclosed, including a method and apparatus for generating and quantifying standardized carbon emission reduction credits. General data and site-specific data, if available, are input into a suitable model to determine the approximate change in the environmental attribute as a result of a human-caused change. An uncertainty analysis is conducted on the results to quantify and normalize the environmental attribute. Standardized environmental attributes may be compiled for trade and other standardized environmental attributes are placed in reserve.


Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080176705

A method and system to capture energy during regenerative braking while managing driveline disturbances by controlling locking and unlocking of a torque-converter clutch based upon operator input, typically throttle position or accelerator pedal position, vehicle speed, and engine load is offered. The exemplary vehicle has an engine, a torque converter with a clutch, and a transmission device. Vehicle kinetic energy is transmittable to an electrical machine using the transmission device and the torque converter. It includes monitoring an operator demand for power, engine operating speed, and, engine load; and, actuating the locking clutch for the torque converter based upon the operator demand for power, the engine operating speed, and, the engine load.

Sheet Processing Apparatus and Image Forming Apparatus

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080175639

The object of the present invention is to provide a sheet processing apparatus for passing sheets between an upper jaw and a lower jaw of a binder that is fixed on a intermediate stacking portion and stapling the ends of the sheet, wherein binding processing is possible for a large number of sheets and the problems of paper jams due to inclining or poor alignment are solved and which has a small size, is low in cost and is highly reliable. In order to achieve the above object, a typical configuration of the sheet processing apparatus of the present invention comprises: a conveyance portion which conveys sheets; an intermediate stacking portion which temporarily stacks sheets conveyed from the conveyance portion; and a binder which performs a binding process for binding the sheets stacked in the intermediate stacking portion, and the binder is fixed at one side of the intermediate stacking portion and the sheet which is conveyed from the conveyance portion passes the opening of the binder and is stacked in the intermediate stacking portion; the conveyance portion comprises a plurality of drive rollers in the direction that intersects the conveyance direction; and the drive rollers other than the drive roller that is closest to the binder form conveyance roller pairs with driven rollers.


Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080175895

Systems, devices, and methods for delivering one or more active ingredients to intradermal tissues, deep regions of pores, and intradermal tissues in the vicinity of the pores. In some embodiments, a composition is provided including a plurality of liposomes including a cationic lipid, and an amphiphilic glycerophospholipid having a saturated fatty acid moiety and an unsaturated fatty acid moiety, and one or more antioxidants and/or antioxidant enzymes.

Thermoset resin modified polyimide resin composition

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080176984

The present invention relates to a thermoset resin modified polyimide resin composition, which comprises (a) polyimide resin, (b) cyanate, (c)bismaleimide, and (d) nanometer filler.

Apparatus and method for reduced delamination of an integrated circuit module

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080174003

An apparatus and method for reducing delamination of an integrated circuit module is disclosed. The integrated circuit module includes a laminate substrate. The integrated circuit module further includes an integrated circuit die operably coupled with the laminate substrate and a plastic semiconductor package overmolded with the laminate substrate. The laminate substrate includes a die attach pad including a plurality of metal oxide regions and non-oxidized metal regions disposed on the die attach pads.

Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding cancer associated antigens, the antigens per se, and uses thereof

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080177031

The invention relates to newly identified cancer associated antigens. It has been discovered that each of these molecules provokes antibodies when expressed by a subject. The ramifications of this observation are also a part of this invention.


Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080174363

An output stage may include an input terminal receiving an input signal, an output terminal coupled to an external load, and a pre-buffer coupled to the input terminal and including an enable terminal receiving a general enable signal and a first output terminal for supplying a first control signal. The output stage may also include an output buffer including a first final transistor inserted between the supply terminal and the output terminal, and a control terminal coupled to the first output terminal of the pre-buffer for receiving the first control signal, and a first tracking circuit between the supply terminal and the first output terminal of the pre-buffer. The first tracking circuit may include a first capacitor between the supply terminal and a first intermediate node coupled to the first output terminal of the pre-buffer by a switch activated by a first activation signal during a transient of the first final transistor thereby reconstructing a noise of the first reference voltage.

Filter circuit for removing noise pulses from digital input signal

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080174338

A filter circuit includes an input-signal processing section and a signal-level determining section. The input-signal processing section samples and holds a digital input signal input according to a clock signal, outputs the holding signal as a sampling input signal when a level of the digital input signal is constant between sampling points, and reverses the holding signal and outputs the reversed signal as the sampling input signal when the level of the digital input signal changes between the sampling points. The signal-level determining section sequentially delays the sampling input signal from the input-signal processing section into plural stages, outputs a first level signal at a first level when all the delayed signals are at the first level, and outputs a second level signal at a second level when all the delayed signals are at the second level.


Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080177152

A conscious sedation system and a request assembly for a response testing apparatus for a conscious sedation system. The conscious sedation system includes a controller which generates a request for a predetermined response from a patient and which analyses at least a response made by the patient to the request to determine a level of sedation of the patient. The response testing apparatus includes a request assembly and a response assembly. The request assembly audibly communicates to the patient the request generated by the controller and includes a non-ear-canal-contacting speaker. The response assembly senses the response and communicates the response to the controller.


Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080177642

Computer-implemented methods, systems, and computer program products for risk management are provided. A computer-implemented method includes establishing guidelines for processing commitment-related activities for an investment fund. The computer-implemented method further includes establishing criteria and threshold values for triggering events associated with the commitment-related activities. The computer-implemented method also includes applying the guidelines, the criteria, and the threshold values to data supplied by the investment fund, and determining a course of action based upon application of the guidelines, criteria, and threshold values to the data.


Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080178048

A multiprocessor chip system having the capability to capture and preserve intermediate machine error state data, wherein the system comprises a second level cache, wherein the second level cache is commonly interfaced with a primary and secondary processing core, and at least two primary error event registers, wherein each primary error event register is logically associated to a respective processing core. Further, at least two secondary error event registers, wherein each secondary error event register is logically associated to a respective processing core, and at least two sub-primary error accumulation registers, wherein each sub-primary error accumulation register is logically associated to a respective primary error event register and a secondary error event register.

Multi-piece solid golf ball

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080176676

In the present invention, by optimizing the balance of Shore D hardness between the intermediate layer and the cover, the balance of Shore D hardness between the surface and the center in the core, the balance of initial velocity between the core and the sphere, and the balance of Deflection amount between the core and the sphere are optimized, and the total thickness of the intermediate layer and the cover, the inventive golf ball is given a good profile of rebound, feel, controllability and durability.

Methods and Systems for Image Intra-Prediction Mode Management

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080175320

Embodiments of the present invention relate to methods and systems for ordering, communicating and applying pixel intra-prediction modes.

Control device for hybrid vehicle

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080173485

A control device for hybrid vehicle is provided with property alter means 88 that is operative based on whether or not an EV running mode is set and alters a given property used for determining demanded output torque T OUTt of a transmission mechanism 10 by referring to an accelerator opening Acc. This suppresses occurrence of engine startup to meet a requirement for the EV running mode to be initiated. The property alter means 88 alters the given property such that during an EV running mode turn-on state, demanded output torque T OUTt determined based on the accelerator opening Acc has a lower value than that set for an EV running mode turn-off state. That is, this causes a drop in sensitivity of demanded output torque T OUTt determined based on the accelerator opening Acc. Thus, the occurrence of engine startup induced upon depressive operation of an accelerator pedal during the EV running mode is suppressed.

Imaging Device

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080174680

An imaging device has an image compositing unit. The image compositing unit comprises: an edge extracting portion that extracts edges within an area containing a subject image in a captured image to generate edge information; an outline generating portion that generates an outline based on the edge information; an outline cutting portion that forms a partial image by cutting out an area in a captured image along the outline; and an image compositing portion that generates an image by combining a foreground image and a background image. The foreground image is a partial image formed by cutting out an area containing a subject image in a captured image either captured by an image sensor or selected from among captured images stored in memory. The background image is a captured image either captured by the image sensor or selected from among captured images stored in the memory.

Deep rolling head of a deep rolling tool for the deep rolling of crankshafts

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080173055

The invention concerns a deep rolling head (2) of a deep rolling tool of a shears-type deep rolling unit of a deep rolling machine used for the deep rolling of radii or fillets (5, 6) on the bearing pins (9) of crankshafts (7) with the aid of deep rollers (4) that are rotatably supported in the deep rolling head (2) with appropriate clearance, whereby the deep rolling head (2) is mounted and the outer end of one of the two shears arms (1) of the deep rolling unit. The deep rolling head (2) is pivotably attached to the end (1) of the shears arm.


Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080175557

An information storage medium including a markup document and AV data for use in a reproducing apparatus includes AV data including audio data and video data, a markup document, and scene synthesis information which describes one of at least two display modes for displaying a markup document scene obtained from the markup document and an AV scene obtained from the AV data together.

Method apparatus, system, media, and signals for billing a sponsor of an object link in interactive sequenced media

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080177630

A system for displaying interactive sequenced media is disclosed. The system includes a client display apparatus and a billing server, the client display apparatus and the billing server being in communication with a computer network. The client display apparatus includes a processor circuit operably configured to cause at least one dynamic object in the interactive sequenced media to be displayed, the dynamic object having an associated object link that follows said dynamic object. The client display apparatus processor circuit is also operably configured to cause a billing message to be transmitted over the computer network to the billing server in response to a user of the client display apparatus selecting the object link. The billing message includes a dynamic object identifier identifying the dynamic object. The billing server includes a processor circuit. The processor circuit is operably configured to receive the billing message from the client display apparatus and to associate a billing entry with a sponsor account associated with the dynamic object identifier to make a charge to the sponsor account as a result of the user selecting the object link.

Soluble Form of Carbonic Anhydrase IX (s-CA IX), Assays to Detect s-CA IX, CA IX's Coexpression with Her-2/neu/c-erbB-2, and CA IX-Specific Monoclonal Antibodies to Non-Immunodominant Epitopes

Pub Date: 2008-07-24

Pub Number: US20080177046

Disclosed herein is the discovery of a soluble MN/CA IX (s-CA IX) in body fluids, such as, urine and serum. Said s-CA IX comprises the extracellular domain of CA IX or portions thereof. The Predominant s-CA IX species is the extracellular domain comprising a proteoglycan-like (PG) domain and carbonic anhydrase (CA) domain, and having a molecular weight of about 50/54 kilodaltons (kd) upon Western blot. A smaller s-CA IX form of about 20 to about 30 kd comprising the CA domain or parts thereof, not linked to the PG domain, has also been found in body fluids. Diagnostic/prognostic methods for precancer and cancer that detect or detect and quantitate said s-CA IX in body fluids, are described. Also disclosed herein is the coexpression of CA IX and HER-2/neu/c-erbB-2 that provides parallel, alternative and potentially synergistic diagnostic/prognostic and therapeutic strategies for precancer and cancer. Further disclosed are new MN/CA IX-specific antibodies generated from MN/CA IX-deficient mice, preferably monoclonal antibodies and immunoreactive fragments and engineered variants thereof. Such new MN/CA IX-specific antibodies, fragments and variants are useful diagnostically/prognostically and therapeutically for cancer and precancer. Particularly preferred are the new monoclonal antibodies, fragments and variants that are specific for the non-immunodominant epitopes of MN/CA IX, which antibodies are, among other uses, useful to detect soluble MN/CA IX (s-CA IX) in body fluids, alone but preferably in combination with antibodies specific to the immunodominant epitopes of MN/CA IX, for example, in a sandwich assay.