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Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080171245

Disclosed is a reaction device, including: a reaction device main body; an adhesion layer formed on a surface of the reaction device main body; and a surface layer formed on a surface of the adhesion layer, wherein the adhesion layer includes a material selected from the group consisting of W and Mo, and the surface layer includes Au.

Computerized Tomography Using Radar

Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080169961

Techniques for detecting contraband are described, as are techniques for generating an image of living tissue. A location of interest relative to a target space is received, and a radar signal is transmitted in the direction of the location of interest. Portions of the radar signal are detected with multiple receiving structures. The detected portions are processed to generate information corresponding to dielectric or loss properties, the properties corresponding to particular positions within the target space. A determination is made as to whether contraband is present in the target space based on the determined properties.


Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080169034

A flow control system for a water supply comprises a washing appliance, a valve, a stretch cable, and a stretch hose. The appliance is in fluid communication with the supply. The appliance includes a timer circuit configured to generate control signals. The valve is positioned external to the appliance and coupled to the supply to control a flow of water to the appliance in response to the control signals. The stretch cable is coupled between the valve and the appliance for delivering the control signal to the valve. The stretch hose is coupled to the valve and the appliance for delivering water to the appliance and is capable of being extended from a first length to a second length between the valve and the appliance. The stretch cable is positioned within the stretch hose and capable of being extended between the first and second lengths independent of the stretch hose.


Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080171126

This application provides a process for producing a refried bean product. The refried bean product contains both homogenized cooked bean particles and larger sized cooked bean particles and provides a texture typical of refried beans. The present process includes hydrating dried beans in water a period of time sufficient to increase the moisture content of the beans, cooking the hydrated beans in water, coarse grinding the cooked beans to provide a bean slurry, dividing the bean slurry into first and second portions, milling the first bean portion to provide a milled bean portion, homogenizing the milled bean portion with water to provide an homogenized bean portion, combining the homogenized portion and the second coarse ground bean portion with water, spices and lard to provide a combined bean mixture, and mixing the combined bean mixture to provide a refried bean product.

Disengageable Lock For Motor Vehicle Locking System

Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080168810

The invention concerns a disengageable lock (10), in particular for motor vehicle locking system, comprising a fixed stator (14), an intermediate tubular sleeve (16) which is mounted rotatably about its axis in the stator and which is axially stationary relative to the stator, a rotor (12) which is mounted rotatably in the sleeve, which is axially stationary in the sleeve and which comprises springs (32) radially mobile under the action of a key designed to be introduced axially into the rotor, the rotor (12) and the intermediate sleeve (16) being locked in rotation relative to each other by the springs when the key is not compatible, a driving member (26) coupling the rotor and a control lever (24), called locking-interlocking lever, when the key is compatible and an indexer (28) which is axially mobile between a rest position and a disengaged position, under the effect of a rotation of the sleeve relative to the stator following the rotation of the rotor of a non-compatible key, to move axially the driving element towards a disengaged position. The invention is characterized in that the indexer (28) and the driving member (26) are cylindrical parts surrounding the rotor (12) and are mobile in mutual support, the driving member (26) is linked in disengageable rotation on the rotor (12) and the indexer (28) is linked in translation in the stator (14) by ribs surrounding the intermediate sleeve.


Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080172674

A computer readable storage medium includes executable instructions to assess system cache resources, inter-process communication requirements and staging requirements to divide an extract, transform, load (ETL) dataflow task into a plurality of sub-tasks. The sub-tasks are then executed in parallel on distributed resources.

System and Method for Providing Latency Protection for Trading Orders

Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080172321

A system for managing trading orders comprises a memory operable to store an order associated with a first price. The system further comprises a processor communicatively coupled to the memory and operable to identify a latency value. The processor is further operable to receive a counterorder and to identify a potential trade associated with the order and the counterorder, the potential trade based at least in part on the first price. If the latency value satisfies a configurable condition, the processor is further operable to initiate a configurable period of time. If the potential trade is not valid upon expiration of the configurable period, the processor is further operable to prevent the execution of the potential trade.


Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080169992

The dual-polarization, slot-mode antenna includes an array of dual-polarization, slot-mode, antenna units carried by a substrate, and each dual-polarization, slot-mode antenna unit includes a plurality of patch antenna elements arranged in spaced apart relation. The substrate is preferably a flexible substrate. Adjacent patch antenna elements of each dual-polarization, slot-mode antenna unit may have respective spaced apart edge portions defining gaps therebetween, and a respective capacitive coupling feed plate may be associated with each gap and overlap the respective spaced apart edge portions of adjacent patch antenna elements of each dual-polarization, slot-mode antenna unit. Each capacitive coupling feed plate may include a feed point.


Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080171854

The invention provides isolated nucleic acid and amino acid sequences of novel human tumor suppressors, antibodies to such tumor suppressors, methods of detecting such nucleic acids and proteins, methods of screening for modulators of tumor suppressors, and methods of diagnosing and treating tumors with such nucleic acids and proteins.

Golf club separator with fluted feature

Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080169210

The invention teaches an apparatus and method for using an apparatus that protects golf clubs carried in an angled presentation type golf bag from contact with other golf clubs. It is emphasized that this abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract that will allow a searcher or other reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the technical disclosure. It is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims.


Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080171001

The present invention is directed to a tooth cleaning and mineralizing composition including an abrasive composition in an amount sufficient to provide the tooth cleaning and mineralizing composition with a relative dental abrasion of from 100 to 250; and a stabilized tooth mineralizing mineral composition.

Method of Treating Food and Food Obtained by This Method

Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080171115

A method of treating food capable of easily softening or pulverizing food in a short time without losing nutrients is provided. A shock wave (SW) generated in a shock wave source is applied to food such as an apple or tea leaves to soften or pulverize the food. A large mechanical load is not necessary, so the food is easily softened or pulverized. Moreover, it is not necessary to heat the food, so the food is softened or pulverized in a short time without losing nutrients in the food due to heat during heating.

Melded footwear

Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080168684

Melded footwear and process for manufacture of footwear. This enhanced shoe can be formed and assembled with a limited number of steps and without the need for much stitching. The shoe has a durable polyurethane shell, which is an integrated upper and outsole. The shoe contains a textile upper portion which is attached by direct injection molded. Molding the textile to the outsole eliminates the need for the use of adhesives. A locking plug element is provided that serves the dual function of providing cushioning around the heel and locking certain elements together.

Detectable automatic shooting weapons comprising using anesthetic

Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080168895

Detectable automatic shooting device is for shooting accurately at target comprising radar/sensor being equipped in all adaptable weapons; gun, machine gun, air gun, pistol, rifle, rocket/missile base, mine, water mine, injection projectile shot gun, superior injection projectile shot gun, any useful shooting instruments, using for military activity, solder, human being, on the ground, in the sea/on air, in transportations; tank, aircraft, helicopter, ship, vessel, fleet, submarine, any others for detecting at specified distance to react based on the result of detection against object/obstruction detected by radars/sensors/detectable devices being installed grounds that equipping motor is connected switching on for shooting operation at target automatically/manually and/or under processor/computer PC operation grounds, equipping with/as Detectable automatic shooting weapons, Detectable automatic weapons, Using detection in/on weapons, Automatic indicator, Radar base in ball form, Detectable automatic rotating missile base, Detectable missile/rocket base, Detectable automatic attack/anti-attack device, using comprising anesthetic in weapons and plastic material in place of copper, iron, etc in weapon parts grounds.

System and method for managing a chaotic event by optimizing decision subdivisions subject to multidimensional constraints

Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080172352

A method for optimally selecting a subset of decisions from a first plurality of decisions related to management of a chaotic event. The first plurality of decisions related to the chaotic event is received. A heuristic algorithm is used to eliminate a first subset of decisions. The first subset of decisions is in the first plurality of decisions. A second plurality of decisions is formed. The second plurality of decisions comprises the first plurality of decisions less the first subset of decisions. A mathematical optimization algorithm is then used to select a second subset of decisions. The second subset of decisions is within the second plurality of decisions. The mathematical optimization algorithm takes as input at least one constraint and chaotic event information. The second subset of decisions is stored.


Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080170929

A robotic end effector or blade suitable for transferring a substrate in a processing system is provided. In some embodiments, an end effector can include a body having opposing mounting and distal end, the body fabricated from a single mass of ceramic. The body can include a pair of arcuate lips extending upward from an upper surface of the body. Each lip is disposed on a respective finger disposed at the distal end of the body. An arcuate inner wall extends upward from the upper surface at the mounting end of the body. The inner wall and lips define a substrate receiving pocket. A plurality of contact pads extend upward from the upper surface of the body for supporting the substrate thereon. A recess is formed in a bottom surface of the body to accommodate a mounting clamp.


Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080170952

A hermetic compressor includes a compressing device and a drive motor connected to the compressing device. The drive motor has a stator with a stator coil made of aluminum wire and an insulating layer disposed on an outer surface of the aluminum wire. The aluminum wire has a diameter between about 0.4 mm to about 1.2 mm.


Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080171572

A mobile terminal includes a display located on a front side of the terminal and an input device located on a rear side of the terminal and having a rotatable wheel.


Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080169221

A method for treating crude or residual fuel oil includes extracting vanadium from the fuel oil by contacting the fuel oil with an adsorbent and a solvent. The adsorbent may be modified with a compound having both acidic functionality and basic functionality. The method provides effective removal of vanadium from crude or residual fuel oil at moderate temperatures.


Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080169132

A method, a software product, e.g., as logic encoded on one or more tangible media, and an apparatus for stroke capture and retrieval that works with an annotation capture and recording system that can operate with several styli active at the same time, and/or that can be formed using a plurality of panels, e.g., flat screen displays or projected displays to form a large working area.

Devices and methods for skin surface preparation

Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080169209

Devices, methods and kits are disclosed for both providing antiseptic and adhesive to a skin surface in one step. Various kits are presented to contain the combination adhesive-antiseptic solution. The applications of the kit include the prepping of a penis prior to the fitting of an external condom catheter.


Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080172619

A tool is provided that generates a short-cut of functions from a plurality of pluggable components within an infrastructure container. A historical trail monitoring component is configured to monitor user interactions with the plurality of pluggable components. A pattern detection component is configured to infer a pattern of usage with the plurality of pluggable components from the monitored user interactions. A short-cut generation component is configured to generate the short-cut of functions from the inferred pattern of usage.


Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080171439

A wafer processing method. The method includes providing a semiconductor wafer. The semiconductor wafer includes (i) a semiconductor layer and (ii) a dopant layer on top of the semiconductor layer. The dopant layer comprises dopants. The method further includes removing the dopant layer from the semiconductor wafer. No chemical etching is performed on the dopant layer before said removing the dopant layer is performed.


Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080170491

A new method for transmitter-receiver design that enhances the desired signal output from the receiver while minimizing the total interference and noise output from the receiver at the desired decision making instant is presented. Further the new design scheme proposed here can be used for transmit signal energy and bandwidth tradeoff. As a result, transmit signal energy can be used to tradeoff for the premium signal bandwidth without sacrificing the system performance level in terms of the output Signal to Interference plus Noise power Ratio (SINR). The two designsthe one before and the one after the tradeoffwill result in two different transmitter-receiver pairs that have the same performance level. In many applications such as in telecommunications, since the available bandwidth is at premium, such a tradeoff will result in releasing otherwise unavailable bandwidth at the expense of additional signal energy. The bandwidth so released can be used for other applications or to add additional telecommunication capacity to the system.


Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080171526

An object of the present invention is to provide a noise removal apparatus, of a simplified configuration, capable of removing a noise. A band separation section 351 separates an inputted digital signal into a digital signal D1 and a digital signal D2 by using, as a boundary, the center frequency of a frequency band of the inputted digital signal. The phase adjustment section 352 adjusts a level and a frequency band of the digital signal D2, and outputs, as a removal signal R, a signal for which the level and the frequency band have been adjusted. The adder 353 adds the removal signal R to the digital signal D1, thereby enabling a signal obtained by removing an in-vehicle noise from the digital signal D1 to be outputted as a corrected signal A.

Reagents, Devices, and Methods For Proteomic Analysis With Applications Including Diagnostics, Vaccines, Quality Control and Research

Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080171057

The invention describes methods for proteomic analysis involving the mapping of samples in N-dimensional shape space. The applications include the classification of samples on the basis of the three-dimensional shapes of substances they contain. A panel of P (1) reagents, with PN, called X(j), with j=1 to P, is used, The binding strength of each of the X(j) reagents to each other is a PP matrix. This matrix is used to define another set of P reagents called Y(j), with j=1 to P, each of which is a linear combination of the X(j) reagents and each of which is complementary to one of the X(j) reagents. N of the X(j) reagents together with the corresponding Y(j) reagents are used to define a shape space that has N approximately orthogonal axes. The definition of these axes facilitates classification of samples. Methods for measuring similarity between pairs of samples and between sets of samples in the context of the set of N reagent pairs X(j) and Y(j) with j=1 to N are described. Applications include classification of samples, quality control, methods of diagnosis, and formulation of vaccines.


Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080169370

A shredder arrangement comprising a housing defining a feed slot for receiving sheet material inserted by a user; a cutting mechanism for shredding the sheet material inserted through the feed slot, and a protective guard for positioning across the feed slot to prevent relatively rigid sheet material from striking the user during shredding of such sheet material, the guard defining an aperture allowing said sheet material to be inserted through the guard and into the feed slot; wherein the protective guard is moveable between a first configuration and a second configuration to symmetrically adjust the size of the aperture.

Lower mold assembly for punching a sheet

Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080168821

A lower mold assembly for punching a sheet comprises a lower mold body having an upper surface; a V shape trench is formed at the upper side of the lower mold body; each lateral wall of the trench being formed with a recess; each recess being installed with an elastic element; a punching knife being installed above the lower mold body; the hardness of the elastic elements being slightly smaller than that of the lower mold body; wherein the elastic element serves to increase the tightness in punching operation and to avoid the punching traces in punching operation. A width of the lower mold body is adjustable based on a width of a sheet placed thereupon for punching. The elastic element has an irregular surface. The elastic element is made of a material selected from one of POM and elastic hard rubber.

Proximal Shaft for Rapid Exchange Catheter

Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080171980

A rapid exchange catheter is disclosed having a single lumen proximal shaft portion with a helical coil or helically cut hypotube component extending within a lumen thereof. The helical coil or helically cut hypotube component provides stiffness and pushability to the catheter. A proximal end of helical coil or helically cut hypotube component is attached within a luer fitting at a proximal end of the proximal shaft portion, such that the helical coil or helically cut hypotube component extends within the proximal shaft lumen in a somewhat cantilevered arrangement unsupported and unattached at any point along its length with the proximal shaft portion. As such, the helical coil or helically cut hypotube component moves independent of the proximal shaft portion to adjust to the twists and turns of the vasculature independent of the proximal shaft portion.

System and Method For Electrophysiology Regaining Support to Continue Line and Ring Ablations

Pub Date: 2008-07-17

Pub Number: US20080172049

An apparatus and method for ablating tissue in a heart (24) of a subject (25) during an ablation procedure is disclosed. The method includes contacting an ablation catheter tip (48) to tissue of the heart (24) at a plurality of sites designated for ablation; sensing at each respective site a feedback signal from the ablation catheter indicative of success of the intended local ablation; storing any available data defining a current position of the ablation catheter tip (48) relative to the heart (24) at a moment of sensing the feedback signal indicative of a failed intended ablation for later re-visit; displaying a map (60) of a region of interest of the heart (24); and designating, on the map display (60), indications of the sites corresponding to when the required electrical current is above the threshold current value indicative of a gap in an ablation line or ring.