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Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080110804

Process and apparatus for the continuous separation of crude oil from tar sands include using a hydrocarbon diluent and an aqueous solution in one or more settling vessels. The light components from the oil are collected and recycled to be used as the hydrocarbon diluent, and the aqueous solution is collected and recycled. A second aqueous solution is introduced in the second and subsequent vessels to prevent the formation of an oil film on the equipment.


Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080112239

A repair fuse circuit includes an address comparator, and a plurality of I/O bus select bit output units. The address comparator outputs repair signals for selecting a redundant column that will replace a fail column of a plurality of redundant columns according to a column address. The plurality of I/O bus select bit output units for outputting signals corresponding to respective bits of I/O bus repair signals for selecting an I/O bus to which the redundant column will be connected according to the repair signals.

Method, Apparatus and a Forming Part For Casting a Concrete Product By Slipform Casting

Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080111279

Method and apparatus for casting a concrete product with a substantially horizontal slipform casting process, wherein the concrete mix is fed at least in one step through a limited cross-section moving progressively along with the cast, whereby the height of the product forming part (1) is changed during the cast. The invention also comprises a product forming part (1) having an adjustable height.


Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080111874

An ink pinning assembly comprises a source of UV radiation suitable for pinning ink on a record medium. A radiation guide device has an inlet facing the source and an outlet through which radiation is emitted towards a record medium, in use, the length of the inlet being greater that the length of the radiation source. The radiation guide device has a substantially rectangular or square wall in plan surrounding a cavity extending between the inlet and outlet, the internal surface of the wall being reflective to the pinning radiation so that pinning radiation with a substantial uniform intensity is emitted from the outlet.


Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080112500

A method and apparatus for processing feedback implemented in a wireless transmit/receive unit (WTRU) comprises estimating a channel matrix. The effective channel is calculated and a precoding matrix is selected. Feedback bits are generated and transmitted.

Data storage device and data erase method

Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080112072

A data storage device with a recording medium for which a data erase function unit is introduced to achieve both partial non-erasure of data for analyzing a cause of data error and full erasure of data for protection of personal information. This data erase function unit sequentially performs automatic erasure of data on a hard disk in units of sectors (SC) by turning on a jumper switch, but skips the automatic erasure for any error sector including error among the sectors (SC). For this purpose, it is provided with both an erase unit for full erasure of data and a skip control unit for a partial non-erasure of data.

Semiconductor Laser Device, Light Scanner, and Image Forming Apparatus

Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080112729

A semiconductor laser device including an edge-emitting type laser chip having at least three emitting points in one light emitting edge, a sub-mount mounted with the laser chip, and a heat sink bonded to the sub-mount through a solder layer. When R designates a linear expansion coefficient ratio of the heat sink to the sub-mount and D designates a distance between light emitting points at opposite ends in the light emitting edge of the laser chip, materials of the sub-mount and the heat sink and the distance D are set to satisfy the following relation:


Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080111312

A target comprises a pair of hinged panels with circular openings and parallel slots. The target is supported by a set of two like planar supports hinged to an edge of each panel at opposite target edges. The slots have a length of about the same dimension as the circular opening diameter in one embodiment. Openings with different diameters may be combined with slots of different lengths than those diameters. Discs known as Frisbees are thrown at the target to try to throw the discs through the slots or openings. Frisbees have a configuration wherein when thrown with a spin tend to fly toward a target in a horizontal orientation and are controllable to some degree in the direction of flight. Points are assigned. The relative dimensions of the openings and slots to the discs can vary the degree of difficulty or by orienting the panels at different angles to the disc thrower. Different embodiments are disclosed.


Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080113920

The present invention provides lignin-pesticide complexes, methods for making lignin-pesticide complexes, and methods for treating or controlling insect infestations on animals by administering such complexes. Advantageously, the lignin-pesticide complexes of the present invention can be used in feed-through products to control insect infestation on livestock or pets. Various insects such as face flies, house flies, stable flies, and horn flies can be controlled and treated using the feed-through products of the present invention.


Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080110991

Embodiments of the present invention provide apparatus and/or methods for providing interactive functionality using a two-dimensional coded array. Some embodiments can include a reader configured to receive coded data from the two-dimensional coded array and a display configured to display an active menu corresponding to data content of the coded data.

Crystallographic Structure Of Tcpraca And Uses Therefor

Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080113422

The present invention provides the crystal structure of the Trypanosoma cruzi PRACA proline racemase. Methods of modelling drugs that treat or prevent infection by T. cruzi are also provided, as are the drugs that are identified.


Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080115059

In a case where a plurality of service providing devices having different capabilities are operated in association and a service providing device is utilized, operability when setting functions is improved for the user. Provided is an information processing apparatus for utilizing services capable of being provided by a plurality of service providing devices that exist on a network. The apparatus includes an information acquiring unit configured to acquire device information concerning the plurality of service providing devices and service-related information relating to services capable of being provided by the plurality of service providing devices; a first display control unit configured to display a list of service functions of available services; a service-function selecting unit configured to select a service function to be utilized from the list of service functions of available services displayed; a service-function judging unit configured to judge utilizable service functions based upon the selected service to be utilized; and a second display control unit configured to identifiably display the utilizable service functions.

Manufacture of Micro Mirror Balls and Circumscribing Bearings for Solar Energy Concentration and Other Optical Functions

Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080111258

Method and apparatus are presented for the mass production manufacturing of planar mirrors inside transparent micro balls circumscribed by lubricated bearings for solar energy concentration and related applications such as optical switches, etc. These bearings permit rotational alignment of the balls with minimal friction. The preferred mass production process utilizes photolithography in an optical microlithographic photoresist process. The micro-balls are in the size range of 1 micron (110-6 m) to 1000 microns (1 mm). The micro-balls vary in geometry from spheres to cylinders to oblate ellipsoids to disks. The term elements is used to encompass all these shapes, which have one thing in commona flat specularly reflecting mirrored surface. An important aspect of the manufacturing process is the containment of the mirrored micro-balls in the interior of lubricated bearings which are preferably concentric with the balls, which circumscribed concentricity can also be preferably accomplished by a microlithographic process.

Systems and Methods of Cooling Blast Furnaces

Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080111287

Systems and methods provide a cooling device for a blast furnace that may prevent an excessive amount of coolant from entering the blat furnace and may be easily installed in a conventional blast furnace. Systems and methods may provide a cooling device for a blast furnace that may prevent an excessive amount of coolant from entering the blast furnace and may be simple and cost effective to manufacture. The end of a heat pipe (202) that is outside of the furnace may be configured to interact with a heat sink (210). The heat sink (210) may be for example, a separate amount of coolant that is circulated outside of the furnace, an evaporative cooling system, and/or any other system or method of cooling the heat pipe (202) that transfers heat from the heat pipe (202) to the heat sink (210). Because the coolant within the heat pipe (202) is sealed within the heat pipe (202), only the small, fixed amount of coolant that. is within the heat pipe (202) will enter the furnace should the cooling plate (200) rupture. Thus, substantial damage to the furnace, extensive repairs, and/or long periods of non-production may be avoided.


Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080115199

In a computer network, a method of mutually authenticating a client device and a network interface, authenticating a user to the network and exchanging encryption keys. In one embodiment, the method comprises authenticating the client device at the local network device point, with which the client device exchanges an encryption key and then the user is authenticated by a central authentication server. In another embodiment, the method comprises authenticating the client device at the central authentication server, with which the client device exchanges a key which is passed to the network device with a secret shared between the central authentication server and the network device. In this embodiment, the user is also authenticated at the central authentication server.

Dock donning assist device

Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080110945

An apparatus for aiding in the donning of a foot covering is provided. One embodiment of the apparatus includes a base supported by the floor with a surface oriented at an angle to the floor so that it is not parallel to the floor. The surface has an area sufficient for contact with at least a portion of the bottom of a foot of a user. A foot covering retaining member is provided and is carried by the base. The foot covering retaining member is configured for receiving a foot covering and holding open an opening of the foot covering.

Saw Adjustment Mechanism

Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080110314

The present invention relates to a saw including a sawhead pivotably connected to a base. The pivotable connection may define a pivot axis therethrough, wherein the pivot axis may be parallel to the horizontal plane. In addition, the sawhead may rotate around the pivot axis and may be axially displaceable along the pivot axis.

System and Method For Measuring the Value Of Elements In an Information Repository

Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080114788

A system and method for measuring the value of elements in an information repository includes, in one embodiment, various methods of measuring the value of elements in an information repository are provided. Knowing which elements in the repository are most used may define one measure of their value. This may serve a number of business purposes including, for example, establishing how to price those assets if they are sold; identifying which assets are candidates for further investment; assessing the performance of the information developers who created them; deciding which assets should be retired from the repository; and measuring the level of asset reuse in an organization.

Content service aggregation system

Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080114887

A network content service apparatus includes a set of compute elements adapted to perform a set of network services; and a switching fabric coupling compute elements in said set of compute elements. The set of network services includes firewall protection, Network Address Translation, Internet Protocol forwarding, bandwidth management, Secure Sockets Layer operations, Web caching, Web switching, and virtual private networking. Code operable on the compute elements enables the network services, and the compute elements are provided on blades which further include at least one input/output port.

Rotatable, water-cooled X-ray source

Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080112539

The invention describes an X-ray source in which a cooling plate (36) for water-cooling the anode (28) of an X-ray tube (26) is firmly mounted on a radiation protection casing (20) and the X-ray tube (26) is rotatably borne relative to the cooling plate (36) in the radiation protection casing (20). The cooling plate (36) and X-ray tube (26) have small axial play with respect to each other, which allows for rotation. Radial seals (R1, R2) ensure adequate sealing of the cooling water throughout the entire axial play. Advantageously, a sealing plate (27) for adaptation to the cooling plate (36) is attached to the X-ray tube (25). With the X-ray source in accordance with the invention, it is easy to switch between various focus types in one casing structure.

Display method for supervisory control system

Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080114471

A display method for a supervisory control system that displays on a display screen a result of the interlock judgment for judging the ability of a control operation on each machine under supervisory control from the state information of multiple machines under supervisory control subject to supervisory control by the supervisory control system, includes the steps of performing interlock judgment in advance independently of the control operation, and, upon the control operation, displaying the result of the interlock judgment on a display screen, which displays the machines under supervisory control in advance.


Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080112307

An information recording medium is at least composed of a substrate having a microscopic pattern constituted by a continuous substrate of grooves formed with a groove portion and a land portion alternately, a recording layer formed on the microscopic pattern for recording information, and a light transmitting layer formed on the recording layer. The microscopic pattern is formed with satisfying a relation of P/NA, wherein P is a pitch of the land portion or the groove portion, is a wavelength of reproducing light for reproducing the recording layer, and NA is a numerical aperture of an objective lens. The land portion is formed with wobbling so as to be parallel with each other for both sidewalls of the land portion. An auxiliary information based on data used supplementally when recording the information and a reference clock based on a clock used for controlling a recording speed when recording the information is recorded alternately. Information is recorded in the recording layer corresponding to only a land portion by at least either one change of reflectivity difference and refractive index difference in the recording layer so as to be more than 5% for reflectivity and so as to be more than 0.4 for modulated amplitude of signal recording.

Gaming apparatus and playing method thereof

Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080113724

A gaming apparatus according to the present invention comprises: a roulette wheel including a plurality of pockets associated with respective numbers in advance; a memory for storing a plurality of control data for controlling the gaming apparatus so as to provide different weights on probabilities that a ball is housed in each of the pockets; and a controller, the controller controlling rotation of the roulette wheel and launching of the ball by referring to a single control data out of the control data, determining a number corresponding to one of the pockets with the ball housed therein as a winning number, determining whether or not to offer a prize based on the determined winning number and a BET placed by a player, determining whether or not to generate a predetermined bonus different from the prize, and selecting another control data different from the single control data, out of the plurality of control data, and setting the selected control data as a reference target, when determining that the predetermined bonus different from the prize is to be generated.

Magnetic rubber composition for encoder

Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080114107

A magnetic rubber composition for encoder having a magnetic characteristic in sufficient application range, used as encoder after magnetization as well as heat resistance, water resistance and oil resistance required for use as encoder, and excellent processing property, and capable of being bonded by vulcanization with a metal, is provided. Furthermore, a magnetic rubber composition for encoder capable of obtaining sufficient magnetic force required for encoder on a circumference of the molded encoder as well as capable of effectively restraining variation of the level of magnetic force, is provided. It is provided by comprising 300 to 1,800 parts of strontium-ferrite, or 300 to 1,800 parts of barium-ferrite, or 300 to 1,800 parts of a mixture of strontium-ferrite and barium-ferrite, 0.5 to 2 parts of silane coupling agent, and 1 to 10 parts of lubricating agent, per 100 parts of a hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber with 15 to 50% of acrylonitrile amount and 80 to 99% of hydrogenation ratio.


Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080114261

The present invention refers to a system and a method for the automatic detection of the expiratory flow limitation of a subject. In an embodiment thereof the system for the automatic detection of expiratory flow limitation of a subject comprises: means for determining the respiratory impedance of said subject composes of an imaginary component and, eventually, of a real path or, at least, means to apply a forcing signal with one or more spectral components to the airway opening of a subject combined with means to measure time courses of pressure and flow at the airway opening; means for determining at least one index linked to said respiratory impedance or pressure and flow time courses; means for indicating the positioning of said at least one index in relation to a preset threshold value.

Efficient and Incremental Sensitivity Analysis for Linear Circuits

Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080114572

A method, system and computer readable medium that determine a sensitivity value of a linear circuit. A number of ingredients are computed with respect to the interconnect circuit which are largely independent of each other. The ingredients are combined and if any one of the ingredients changes, it is recalculated and combined with the other ingredients which do not have to be recalculated.

Reinforced matrix for molten carbonate fuel cell and method for preparing the same

Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080113258

Provided is a reinforced matrix for molten carbonate fuel cell, wherein a mechanical strength of the matrix is increased by adding a reinforcing agent having a low melting point.


Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080113280

It is an object of the present invention to provide a manufacturing method of a photomask and a manufacturing method of a semiconductor apparatus using the photomask that optimize a sub resolution assist feature on the photomask so as to ensure the depth of focusing for a formed image of a pattern for circuit formation on the photomask, preferably to the miniaturization of a pattern of the semiconductor apparatus. In order to solve the problem, it is to provide a manufacturing method of a photomask according to the present invention, including steps of specifying a frequent space between main patterns frequently appearing, creating data indicating a sub resolution assist feature so as to improve the density of the sub resolution assist feature arranged between the main patterns having the frequent space when the depth of focusing for the main pattern having the frequent space is less than a predetermined value, and forming the mask pattern by using data indicating the main pattern and data indicating the sub resolution assist feature.

Pipeline Configuration for the Transport of a Liquid, Especially Petroleum

Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080110244

A pipeline configuration for the transport of a liquid, especially petroleum, contains a pipeline laid above ground, beneath which is disposed a sensor line for detection of a leak, extending along the pipeline in its longitudinal direction. The sensor line is disposed in a catchment container, fixed to the pipeline and likewise extending along it, at its lowest point. The catchment container has side edges running in the longitudinal direction and have a spacing from the outer surface of the pipeline. Inside the catchment container a device is disposed to reduce an air flow moving between the catchment container and the outer surface of the pipeline transversely to its longitudinal direction.

Automatic Volume Control of Audio Devices for Marine Vessels

Pub Date: 2008-05-15

Pub Number: US20080112577

This invention provides a means for automatically adjusting the volume of a marine audio device based upon the vessels engine(s) speed, or RPM. An engine speed, or RPM, input signal is processed such that the volume of the aforementioned device is increased or decreased as said signal changes. This is particularly useful when the volume of an audio device such as a radio or CD player, should be loud enough to hear when the vessel is under power but quiet enough for the user(s) to enjoy when the vessel is at rest.