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Obstruction-determining apparatus for preventing mobile robot from becoming obstructed and boundary-estimation method and medium using the obstruction-determining apparatus

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080084284

An obstruction-determining apparatus for preventing a mobile robot from being obstructed in a niche and a boundary-estimation method and medium using the obstruction-determining apparatus are disclosed. More particularly, an obstruction-determining apparatus which can determine whether a mobile robot is obstructed in a niche, and enable a mobile robot to easily escape from an obstacle if the mobile robot is determined to be obstructed in the niche, and a boundary-estimation method and medium for estimating the boundaries of an obstacle with a niche using the obstruction-determining apparatus. The obstruction-determining apparatus includes a contact module which collides with an obstacle above the mobile robot, a contact-operating module which rotates or moves linearly as a result of the collision between the contact module and the obstacle, and a sensing module which detects the rotation or the linear movement of the contact-operating module and determines whether the mobile robot is obstructed in a niche.

Fastener with adhesive blocker

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080086106

An absorbent article including a front waist region having an inner surface, and outer surface, a first lateral end portion and a second lateral end portion, a back waist region having an inner surface, and outer surface, a first lateral end portion and a second lateral end portion, a crotch portion longitudinally connecting the front and back waist regions, and at least one fastener disposed at each of the first and second lateral end portions of the back waist region or the front waist region. The at least one fastener includes a backing layer having a first end portion permanently attached to the back waist region or the front waist region and a second end portion opposite the first end portion, an adhesive layer disposed over at least a portion of the backing layer, a fastening material layer disposed over the adhesive layer at the second end portion of the backing layer, and an outer surface that is free of adhesive to form an adhesive-free region, wherein a fold is formed in the adhesive-free region.

Environmental protection synthetic low sulphur fuel oil

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080083157

An environmental protection synthetic low sulphur fuel oil that uses a proportional mixture of vegetable oil and a catalyzing enzyme (decane, 11 alkane, 12 alkane) as a substitute for high polluting high grade diesel oils to achieve required flash point and reduce sulphur content, and which can be used as a green environmental protection additive agent to high grade diesel oil, thereby achieving the objective of providing a method that effects environment protection.

Water-resistant combination case for handheld electronic devices

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080083631

Combination case for providing a versatile protective case for a handheld device, such as a PDA. The combination case has a rigid inner shell that attaches to an outer shell with a mounting plate. The handheld device is inserted into the rigid inner shell, which is then attached to the rear panel of the outer shell. The rigid inner shell is a three-sided shell that holds the handheld device and allows free access to the LCD display and operational components on the device when the outer shell is open. A soft inner shell may be used instead of the rigid inner shell. This soft inner shell attaches to the outer shell with the mounting plate and provides a water-resistant enclosure for the device.


Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080085332

The present invention provides for compositions and related methods using extracts from the Cissus quadrangularis plant to improve and eliminate various cardiovascular risk factors and metabolic risk factors that cause Syndrome X. Controlled university studies demonstrated that 300 mg Cissus quadrangularis plant extract provided to obese humans daily for six weeks was effective to provide numerous health benefits including weight loss, improving the bodies fat burning mechanisms, increasing serum serotonin levels which causes appetite suppression and prevents binge eating and/or emotional eating, reducing total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglyceride levels, fasting blood sugar levels and blood pressure, and increasing HDL or good cholesterol levels. Additional university controlled experiments also showed that extracts from the Cissus quadrangularis plant were effective in increasing lipase inhibition, -amylase inhibition, -glucosidase inhibition in rodents and that large doses of Cissus quadrangularis plant extracts were not toxic to rodents.


Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080083764

A plastic container is disclosed that includes a hollow container portion and a separately formed handle portion. The container portion includes a base portion, a sidewall portion, and an upper portion. The handle includes handle portion and an upper annular portion that is configured to engage a portion of the upper portion of the container portion. The invention further includes additional features with respect to the container portion and the handle that may be included and combined in various configurations to provide a desirable container and separately formed handle.


Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080083637

A liquid-container assembly for indicating the contents contained therein is provided. The assembly preferably includes a liquid-container body for holding liquid, with a horizontal base and an outer wall structure extending upwardly from the base, where an upper portion of the wall defines an open top rim: a plurality of liquid-indicia being disposed about the periphery of the outer wall of the container body; and a lid covering the open top rim of the assembly. The lid has a tab that may be used as a pointer for selecting liquid-indicia, and therefore, visually displays the contents contained in the liquid-container.

Method for Preparing Modified Collagen Outside a Host Cell

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080086782

The present invention relates to a method for preparing a modified folded protein, comprising modifying unfolded a-chains comprising a collagenous amino acid sequence and thereafter folding at least part of the modified a-chains into a quaternary protein structure, in particular a helical protein structure. The invention allows for an attractive alternative for making recombinant proteins, such as recombinant collagens and the like, which may be used in a variety of biomedical and other applications.

Buoy system

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080085643

A buoy system having a buoyant flotation reel 10 for retaining a length of anchor line 95 and for supporting a display pole is disclosed. The anchor line 95 includes an anchor weight 98 thereon and a reel insert 15 for placement within the interior of the buoyant flotation reel 10. The display pole 5 includes a pivot ball 20 thereon for mounting within a socket component 27 mounted on the reel insert 15 to enable the display pole 5 to move within the socket component 27 relative to the reel insert 15. A kit for the buoy system also is disclosed

Extreme ultra violet light source apparatus

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080083887

In an extreme ultra violet light source apparatus that exhausts debris including fast ions and neutral particles by the effect of a magnetic field, neutral particles emitted from plasma are efficiently ionized. The extreme ultraviolet light source apparatus includes: a plasma generating unit that generates plasma, that radiates at least extreme ultra violet light, through pulse operation; collective optics that collects the extreme ultra violet light radiated from the plasma; a microwave generating unit that radiates microwave through pulse operation into a space in which a magnetic field is formed to cause electron cyclotron resonance, and thereby ionizes neutral particles emitted from the plasma; a magnetic field forming unit that forms the magnetic field and a magnetic field for trapping at least ionized particles; and a control unit that synchronously controls at least the plasma generating unit and the microwave generating unit.

Bit patterned magnetic media with exchange coupling between bits

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080085425

A bit patterned magnetic recording medium, comprises a non-magnetic substrate having a surface; a plurality of spaced apart magnetic elements on the surface, each of the elements constituting a discrete magnetic domain or bit; and a layer of a ferromagnetic material for regulating magnetic exchange coupling between said magnetic elements. The layer has a saturation magnetization M s ranging from about 1 to about 2,000 emu/cm 3 , preferably below about 400 emu/cm 3 , more preferably below about 200 emu/cm 3 , and may overlie, underlie, or at least partially fill spaces between adjacent magnetic elements.


Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080083890

An improved parallel-acting roller clamp is disclosed, for regulating fluid flow through a deformable plastic tube with improved control of fluid flow rate. The roller clamp achieves this improved performance by configuring a tapered relief groove formed in the clamp's bottom wall to have a reduced taper angle in the clamp's low-flow region. This minimizes variations in flow rate over time, due to cold flow, or creep, of the pinched, deformable plastic tube.

Method and apparatus for broadcast encryption using bilinear map

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080085005

A method and apparatus are provided for broadcast encryption using a bilinear map, defined on elliptic curves. The method for the broadcast encryption using the bilinear map includes generating a first random number for all nodes except for a plurality of leaf nodes of an a-ary tree structure, configured in a plurality of depths, generating a pieces of a second random number to allocate the generated second random number to all nodes except for a root node of the a-ary tree structure, generating public key information by applying the second random number to a second cyclic group, and generating a secret key group by applying the first and the second random numbers to a first cyclic group.

Use of Xikvav Peptides in the Preparation of Cosmetic Compositions Which are Intented to Improve the Firmness of the Skin by Increasing Cell Adhesion

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080085852

The invention relates to cosmetic compositions which are intended to improve the firmness of the skin by increasing adhesion of cutaneous cells in relation to one another and the basal lamina. The aforementioned compositions comprise a cosmetically-effective quantity of peptides having general formula X-isoleucyl-lysyl-valyl-alanyl-valine-Y, known as XIKVAV (

Medical Stent and Related Methods

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080086215

A medical stent is sized for placement in a ureter. The stent includes a first section which includes a first material, defines a lumen, and includes a first coil completing at least one revolution. A second section of the stent includes a second material, defines a lumen, and includes a second coil completing at least one revolution. A third section defines a lumen and is located between the first and second sections. The third section includes a co-extrusion of the first and second materials. One of the first or second sections is harder than the other section.

Rodent bait station

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080083156

A bait station is formed of a single unitary member which is folded to bring a first portion into contact with a second portion. An intermediate portion connects the first and second portions. The bait station includes a pair of passageways which lead from opposite edges of the bait station to a central recess portion. A block of rodenticide material is located in the recess portion and the passageways are angled to prevent access to the rodenticide material by children.

Remote Handset Diagnostics

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080084992

A system for remote handset diagnostics is provided. The system includes a plurality of handsets each having a diagnostic engine, and a carrier system having a plurality of encoder/decoder components. Each encoder/decoder component is operable to promote communication with at least one diagnostic engine to obtain diagnostic data. The carrier system further includes a diagnostic component that is operable to provide a common interface for diagnosing handsets. The diagnostic component is also operable to communicate with the plurality of encoder/decoder components and to facilitate diagnosis of the handset.


Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080084519

A scanning backlight for a stereoscopic 3D liquid crystal display apparatus includes a light guide having a first side and a second side opposite the first side, and having a first surface extending between the first and second sides and a second surface opposite the first surface. The first surface substantially re-directs light and the second surface substantially transmits light. A plurality of first light sources are arranged along the first side of the light guide for transmitting light into the light guide from the first side and a plurality of second light sources are arranged along the second side of the light guide for transmitting light into the light guide from the second side. The first light sources are divided into a plurality of first groups and the second light sources are divided into a plurality of second groups, each first group having a corresponding and opposing second group, and the first groups and second groups are selectively turned on and off in a particular pattern where only the first group or corresponding and opposing second group selectively transmits light into light guide at one time.


Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080083951

Embodiments of the invention disclose a design structure for a FET with a shallow source/drain region, a deep channel region, a gate stack and a back gate that is surrounded by dielectric. The FET structure also includes halo or pocket implants that extend through the entire depth of the channel region. Because a portion of the halo and well doping of the channel is deeper than the source/drain depth, better threshold voltage and process control is achieved. A back-gated FET structure is also provided having a first dielectric layer in this structure that runs under the shallow source/drain region between the channel region and the back gate. This first dielectric layer extends from under the source/drain regions on either side of the back gate and is in contact with a second dielectric such that the back gate is bounded on each side or isolated by dielectric.

System and method for automatic elimination of electromigration and self heat violations of a mask layout block, maintaining the process design rules correctness

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080086708

A system and method for automatic correction of electromigration (EM) and self heat (SH) violations of a mask layout block, maintaining the process design rules correctness are disclosed. The method includes analyzing polygons for space, width and length, in a mask layout block and obtaining one or more electromigration and/or self heat rules associated with the polygon from a technology and an external constraints file. The system automatically corrects all EM and/or SH violations if found, maintaining the process design rules correctness. The method also includes analysis and automatic correction of contacts and VIA's according to amount and location in order to comply with electromigration and self heat rules as taken from technology or external constraints file. The method provides a violation marker associated with the selected position for the polygon that graphically represents a width, space, length violation. The method and system works on GDSII format files and on industry standards layout editor's database.

Load Balancing Apparatus And Method In Wireless Network Hotspots

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080085723

Disclosed is a load balancing apparatus and method in wireless network hotspots, which comprises a resource allocation module and a load balancer. The resources reallocation module establishes the resources module and the relationship between access points (APs) and STAs in the wireless network hotspots, and seeks possible load balance shift paths (LBSPs). From these possible LBSPs, an LBSP is selected. Based on the selected LBSP, the load balancer reallocates network resources and dynamically arranges the load among the APs in the wireless network hotspots. This invention can be applicable to a centralized or a decentralized wireless communication system.

Method and Apparatus for Routing Data in an Inter-Nodal Communications Lattice of a Massively Parallel Computer System by Dynamic Global Mapping of Contended Links

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080084827

A massively parallel nodal computer system periodically collects and broadcasts usage data for an internal communications network. A node sending data over the network makes a global routing determination using the network usage data. Preferably, network usage data comprises an N-bit usage value for each output buffer associated with a network link. An optimum routing is determined by summing the N-bit values associated with each link through which a data packet must pass, and comparing the sums associated with different possible routes.


Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080086682

An apparatus, system, and method for markup language Web page template conversion includes providing an XHTML template file and converting the XHTML file to XSL. The conversion may be carried out through a converter XSL file, which, when loaded in memory together with the XHTML template file, is applied to the XHTML file to convert it to an XSL template. The converter XSL file recognizes instances of pre-defined classes or IDs within the XHTML file, represents those instances in XSL code, and generates an XSL statement for inserting content associated with the class or ID within the element.


Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080083201

A honeycomb filter includes a honeycomb structure in which a plurality of cells are placed in parallel with one another in the longitudinal direction with a cell wall therebetween; and a cylindrical metal casing that covers the outer peripheral side face of the honeycomb structure. A shortest distance between the outermost cells among the plurality of cells and the inner face of the metal casing is at least about 1 mm and at most about 3 mm.

Organopolysiloxane And Silicone Composition

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080085966

An organopolysiloxane represented by the following general formula (1), where R 1 represents an aliphatic, unsaturated univalent hydrocarbon group, R 2 represents identical or different univalent hydrocarbon groups except for aliphatic unsaturated bonds, R 3 represents an oxygen atom or a bivalent hydrocarbon group, R 4 represents a univalent hydrocarbon group that contains an acryloxy or methacryloxy group, R 5 may represent an alkyl group, alkoxyalkyl group, alkenyl group, or an acyl group; n is an integer from 5 to 1000, and a is 1 or 2, can be used for the preparation of a silicone composition as a main component of a composition or as a surface-treating agent for thermally conductive fillers, can be combined with large amounts of thermally conductive fillers, is easy to handle, and imparts to the composition appropriate thixotropy.

Facilitating Simulated Purchases of Items by Virtual Representations of Participants in Computer-Based Simulations

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080086382

A method for facilitating simulated purchases by virtual representations of participants in computer-based simulations of items outside of the context of computer-based simulations, the method including receiving a simulated payment for an item for purchase, where the simulated payment is associated with a virtual representation of a participant in a computer-based simulation, where the item is available for purchase outside of the context of the simulation, and where the simulated payment is received outside of the context of the simulation, and providing a description of the item to a process of the simulation, where the description is provided subsequent to receiving the simulated payment, where and the description is provided in association with the virtual representation.

Hybrid bone fixation apparatus

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080086129

An orthopedic bone fixation device is disclosed that includes, in one embodiment, an anchor member having a cavity and an insert member. The anchor member retains the insert member at least partially or entirely in the cavity. The insert member has an insert aperture for accommodating part of a screwdriver or other device.

Vacuum container for cooled magnetic resonance probe head

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080084211

A magnetic resonance probe head (40) comprises a vacuum container (43) in which several RF resonator coils (31, 32; 51-54, 61-64) are disposed that can be cryogenically cooled and which are each designed as planar coils disposed parallel to a z direction. All of the RF resonator coils (31, 32; 51-54, 61-64) have a larger extension in an x direction (RSx) than in a y direction (RSy), wherein the x, y, z directions form a rectangular coordinate system. A central tube block (33; 81; 111; 121; 171; 181) is disposed between the RF resonator coils (31, 32; 51-54, 61-64) and has a recess (34, 112, 122) for a test sample (35), which is elongated in the z direction. The central tube block (33; 81; 111; 121; 171; 181) partially delimits the vacuum container and the recess (34, 112, 122) is disposed outside of the vacuum container (43). The central tube block (33; 81; 111; 121; 171; 181) has a larger extension in the x direction (ZRx) than in the y direction (ZRy) in the area between the RF resonator coils (31, 32; 51-54, 61-64). The inventive probe head improves the sensitivity, in particular, for small and round test samples.


Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080085069

A backing ring that serves to position an antifriction bearing on the journal of an axle for a railcar or locomotive carries a ring containing a corrosion inhibitor. During installation of the bearing on the journal, the backing ring is advanced over the journal followed by the bearing. When the axially directed force that advances the bearing over the journal is transmitted through the bearing to the backing and is resisted at the fillet, the corrosion inhibitor exudes from the backing ring and forms a coating on the fillet to inhibit fretting and other corrosion between the backing ring and the journal.

Crystalline Compounds

Pub Date: 2008-04-10

Pub Number: US20080086003

The present invention relates to the new crystalline compounds A of general formula I