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Nestable Load Support

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080011205

Disclosed is a nestable load support (1), preferably made of plastic, comprising a deck (3), an outer edge (9) that extends along the entire periphery, several legs (5) which are each formed by a respective depression in the deck, with two sidewalls (7) and a bottom (8), the sidewalls and the bottom forming a trapezoidal cross section, and at least one respective opening (19) for the forks of a stacker in the sidewalls of the legs. The outer edge and the deck are connected to each other exclusively via the sidewalls and the bottoms of the legs.

Pharmacokinetic Image Registration

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080013814

Image registration very often used to be a tedious task which had to be performed manually. According to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, a registration of image time series is performed on the basis of a pharmacokinetic model in which alternative translation sequences of a region of interest are compared to each other on the basis of the pharmacokinetic model and the best translation vector sequence is used for image registration. Advantageously, this may allow for an effective compensation of organ movement, even if there is no or only little anatomical contrast.

Sports equipment swing training apparatus

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080015041

A golf swing training apparatus is disclosed. The invention includes a harness for use in connection with a bifurcated training apparatus having two operative elements, including an upper grip portion and a lower slide portion, the portions configured to be cooperatively engaged both with a golf club and each other in a defined cooperative manner. When assembled in the preferred truncated frustoconical structure, the lower slide portion is axially slidable along a length of golf club handle to assist the golfer to learn a desired swing position. An upper grip portion is secured about the golf club handle, whereby when the upper grip portion is assembled to the club handle and shaft, and a plurality of fingers of the golfer's left hand overlays a portion of the upper grip portion, those two to three fingers of the left hand substantially engaging and gripping upper grip portion during all stages of the golf swing, whereby the upper grip portion and lower slide portion are brought into full engaged position at about the point of contact of the golf club and the golf ball.

Systems, methods, and computer products for an event-driven network service switching utility

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080016197

Systems, methods, and computer products for event driven and timer-driven network service switching. Exemplary embodiments include a network-switching method, including establishing a connection with a network via a network adapter, monitoring the adapter for a connection status with the network, generating a first block of network traffic over the network adapter and blocking a second block of network traffic over the network adapter.

Compound capable of cytoskeleton and induction of cell elongation and process for synthesizing the same

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080015221

A compound capable of cytoskeleton and induction of cell elongation, 7-chloro-6-piperidin-1-yl-quinoline-5,8-dione with a chemical formula of C 14 H 13 CIN 2 O 2 , is designated as PT-262. The PT-262 can induce cell elongation by stabilization of the F-actin and induction of the abnormal actin polymerization in cancer cells, further, the PT-262 possesses antitumor activity and can block survival pathway of the cancer cells, resulting in cancer cells apoptosis, and the PT-262 can induce growth arrest and inhibition of cell cycle. PT-262 stabilizes cancer cells cytoskeleton that results in an irreversible cell elongation, decreases the levels of cyclin B1 and phospho-cdc2 proteins, and inhibits the survival signal pathway of Ras-ERK proteins. The PT-262 also inhibits the mitochondrial membrane potential and induces the caspase-3 activation and apoptosis in the cancer cells.

Use of a Novel Polymorphism in the Hsgk1 Gene in the Diagnosis of Hypertonia an Use of the Sgk Gene Family in the Diagnosis and Therapy of the Long Qt Syndrome

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080015141

The invention relates to the use of a single-stranded or double-stranded nucleic acid comprising a fragment of hsgk for diagnosing hypertension, with said fragment being at least 10 nucleotides/base pairs in length and with said fragment furthermore comprising a polymorphism with ensues from the presence or absence of an insertion of the nucleotide G at position 732/733 in intron 2 of the hsgk1 gene.


Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080013103

An image taken by an imaging device is displayed on a display unit. When a confirmation instruction is inputted through an input unit, image teaching is performed while the image displayed on the display unit is set to a setting object image. A measurement item which is of a candidate of a measurement process including specification of a reference position is displayed as the measurement process to accept selection. Specification of cutout area which constitutes one measurement target region is accepted, a measurement point including a local region or a feature point which is used for the measurement is automatically set in the measurement target region based on pieces of information on the set measurement process and reference position.

Perspective switching optical device for 3D semiconductor inspection

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080013158

An optical system for camera-based 3D inspection of semiconductor devices that provides two different perspectives of a device by switching the color of the light source is disclosed. The system presents a camera with a first view when one color of light is on, and a different perspective view when a different color of light is on.

Galectin 11

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080015149

The present invention relates to novel galectin 11 proteins which are members of the galectin superfamily. In particular, isolated nucleic acid molecules are provided encoding the human galectin 11 proteins. Galectin 11 polypeptides are also provided as are vectors, host cells and recombinant methods for producing the same. The invention further relates to screening methods for identifying agonists and antagonists of galectin 11 activity. Also provided are diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

Drinking straw holder

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080011909

A drinking straw holder is described for retaining a straw within a drinking container having a rim and an interior for holding a liquid. The holder comprises a body having a first retaining member adapted to fit over an edge of the drinking container and a second retaining member adapted to hold the straw within the interior of the drinking container. A display surface extends from the body for positioning external to the drinking container to display information or advertising material and the like. The holder is formed as a unitary, compact body that is ready to use without additional assembly or folding steps. The holder is easy to attach to the rim of a drinking container and allows for ready insertion of a drinking straw.

Two-axis scanner

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080013132

A two-axis scanner includes: a base; a stage disposed on the base on an auxiliary frame; and a stage actuator between the base and the stage. The stage actuator includes: a first stationary part; a horizontally movable frame surrounded by the auxiliary frame; a first horizontal deformable torsion spring disposed between the first stationary part and the horizontally movable frame; and a horizontal driver actuating the horizontally movable frame. A first vertical deformable torsion spring is disposed between the horizontally movable frame and the auxiliary frame; a vertically movable frame surrounds the auxiliary frame, a second horizontal deformable torsion spring is disposed between the auxiliary frame and the vertically movable frame; wherein a second vertical deformable torsion spring is between the vertically movable frame and a second stationary part at sides of the vertically movable frame; and a vertical driver actuates the vertically movable frame.


Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080014413

A thermally expandable sheet includes a nonwoven fabric layer and reinforcing material layers formed of inorganic fiber. The reinforcing material layers are formed on the surfaces of the nonwoven fabric layer. The thickness of each reinforcing material layer is less than the thickness of the nonwoven fabric layer. The nonwoven fabric layer and the reinforcing material layers are impregnated with thermally expandable microcapsules and resin. A molded product for vehicle is manufactured from the thermally expandable sheet and includes closed cells generated by expansion of the thermally expandable microcapsules in the nonwoven fabric layer.

Pellets with infused accelerants and method of use

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080010898

A pellet manufactured from a porous combustible material which is infused with a combustible liquid accelerant. The pellet is preferably made from wood shavings, crushed cocoa shells or coffee grounds that are compressed together. The compressed materials are then soaked in a liquid accelerant, such as a petroleum product, or sprayed with a petroleum product. This results in a pellet that has only an outermost layer that includes the accelerant or the entire pellet is saturated with the accelerant. The pellets are then poured over the wood or briquettes that are to be burned and they tend to filter into the spaces between the wood logs or briquettes. The accelerant is volatile and consequently when a flame is applied to one or more pellets they ignite quickly and the flames spread rapidly from one pellet to another and thereby to the wood logs or briquettes that they surround.

High Water Cut Well Measurements Using Heuristic Salinity Determination

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080015792

Methods and systems for determining the amount of water in a high water cut crude petroleum flow stream exiting from a hydrocarbon well. Electrical property measurements such as permittivity measurements are collected with a microwave analyzer system as high water cut oil exits from a well. Collection is continued until the span of the measurements of at least one property reaches at least a characteristic pre-determined value. A heuristic salinity of the water phase of the crude oil can then be determined based on the span statistics and reference equations and/or reference data. The flow-weighted average water content of the oil can then be determined using the heuristic salinity to correct for salinity variation as the output of the well changes over time.


Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080016151

The present invention discloses a solution for handling HTTP requests for content produced asynchronously by multiple servers, where a requesting client aggregates content. In the solution, a client can issue a content request to a request receiving server. The content request can define a request context. The request receiving server can deliver initial content including placeholders to the client, can issue asynchronous requests to multiple placeholder content servers, and can thereafter terminate threads/processes and can free resources involved in handling the request context. Each of the placeholder content servers can process one of the asynchronous requests and can convey placeholder content results to a result distribution service. The result distribution service can provide the client with the placeholder content. The client can aggregate the content from all sources.

Inverted planar avalanche photodiode

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080012104

An avalanche photodetector is disclosed. An apparatus according to aspects of the present invention includes a semiconductor substrate layer including a first type of semiconductor material. The apparatus also includes a multiplication layer including the first type of semiconductor material disposed proximate to the semiconductor substrate layer. The apparatus also includes an absorption layer having a second type of semiconductor material disposed proximate to the multiplication layer such that the multiplication layer is disposed between the absorption layer and the semiconductor substrate layer. The absorption layer is optically coupled to receive and absorb an optical beam. The apparatus also includes an n+ doped region of the first type of semiconductor material defined at a surface of the multiplication layer opposite the absorption layer. A high electric field is generated in the multiplication layer to multiply charge carriers photo-generated in response to the absorption of the optical beam received in the absorption layer.

Storage system for sea-land shipping container

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080011920

A storage system for inside a Sea-Land shipping container provides at least two hanging brackets, each bracket having a vertical beam with a hook at an upper end portion for releasable engagement with a lashing ring carried on a wall inside the Sea-Land shipping container to depend therefrom adjacent the wall. Supports extend forwardly outwardly from the hanging beams and are reinforced by braces communicating between the support and hanging beam. A squaring foot at a lower end portion of each hanging beam extends perpendicular thereto preventing axial rotation of the hanging beam. A vertical member at end portion of each support, opposite the hanging beam, prevents materials from falling off the support.

Automatic document feeder capable of allowing easy removal of jammed sheets of paper

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080012200

An automatic document feeder includes a driving wheel, a clutch unit, and a plurality of roller units. The clutch unit is disposed in a housing unit, and includes a first wheel driven by the driving wheel, a second wheel for driving the roller units, a resilient member interposed between the first and second wheels for biasing the second wheel to move away from the first wheel, and a driving rod. The driving rod is movable between a connecting position whereat the second wheel engages the first wheel so as to allow for transfer of rotation between the first and second wheels, and a disconnecting position whereat the second wheel is disengaged from the first wheel so as to prevent transfer of rotation between the first and second wheels.

Deposition apparatus and deposition method

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080011602

A shield for controlling film thickness is arranged between a substrate and a target. The shield includes an aperture being narrow at a target side and wide at a side opposite to the target. Since the density of sputtered particles decreases away from the target, a portion of the substrate that is far from the target is exposed to low-density sputtered particles for a long time, and a portion of the substrate that is near the target is exposed to high-density sputtered particles for a short time, whereby a film of even thickness distribution is formed on a deposition face of the substrate.

Method and apparatus for increasing depth of field for an imager

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080013941

An imaging method and apparatus is disclosed which improves the depth of field of an image by, in one exemplary embodiment, capturing a plurality of images at respective different focus positions, and combines the images into one image and sharpens the one image. In an alternative exemplary embodiment, a single image is captured while the focus positions change during image capture, and the resulting image is sharpened.


Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080012959

Provided are an apparatus and a method for adjusting a white balance. The apparatus includes an image processor processing an image obtained from a subject; a controller controlling the image processor and setting a white balance value according to an input signal of a user; and a lens cover protecting a portion of the image processor and used as a compensating filter when the custom white balance is adjusted.

Oncolytic viruses as phenotyping agents for neoplasms

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080014577

The present invention provides a method of diagnosing neoplasms having a particular phenotype by using oncolytic viruses that selectively replicate in neoplasms having the particular phenotype. For example, reovirus does not replicate in normal cells. However, reovirus selectively replicate in cells with an activated ras pathway, which leads to death of these cells. Therefore, a cell which becomes neoplastic due to, at least in part, elevated ras pathway activities can be diagnosed by its susceptibility to reovirus replication. This invention can further be applied, using other oncolytic viruses, to the diagnosis and/or treatment of other tumors, such as interferon-sensitive tumors, p53-deficient tumors and Rb-deficient tumors. Kits useful in the diagnosis or treatment disclosed herein are also provided.


Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080011817

A method for creating mailpieces from a single web of printed material. The web of printed material includes a continuous web having a width and a length, the length comprised of a series of attached sheets. The series of attached sheets is comprised of envelope sheets and content pages. The content pages are rectangular in shape and may be oriented relative to the envelope sheets in a number of different configurations. In some configurations, two sets of content pages and/or envelope sheets can be printed across the width of the web. The method starts with cutting consecutive attached sheets into separated sheets. The content pages belonging to a same mailpiece are accumulated together. The separated envelope sheet is transported, bypassing the accumulating and turning steps. The accumulated and turned content pages are then merged with the envelope sheet, and the envelope sheet is folded and closed around the accumulated content pages to form a finished enclosing envelope.

Analyzer and Method of Manufacturing the Same

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080011605

The present invention relates to an analytical tool (X1) including a first and a second plate elements (1, 3), a flow path (4) defined between the plate elements (1, 3) and an exhaust port (31) for discharging gas from the flow path (4). The exhaust port (31) is provided at the first plate element (3) and includes a portion which is offset in a thickness direction of the first plate element (3) from the main body (3A) of the first plate element (3). Preferably, the first plate element (3) includes a projection (51) integrally formed on the first plate element (3) and defining the exhaust port (31).

Composite material and method of making the composite material

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080014455

A composite is formed by inserting a ceramic powder into a channel of a preform to form a ceramic powder filled preform. The ceramic powder has at least one reactive ceramic powder. The preform is a ceramic, ceramic-metal composite, metal or combination thereof that has walls that define a plurality of channels each channel having an opening at a surface of the preform. The ceramic powder filled preform is infiltrated with a molten metal to form the ceramic-metal body, which has at least one ceramic phase that is a reaction product of the reactive ceramic and molten infiltrated metal.


Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080013337

A backlight module including a back plate, a reflector, a light source and a light guide plate is provided. The back plate has at least a recess. The reflector is disposed on the back plate and has at least one protrusion part disposed on the recess. The light source is disposed on the reflector. The light guide plate is disposed on the back plate and adjacent to the light source, and the light guide plate is supported by the protrusion part. Since the reflector having the protrusion part cooperates with the back plate, the reflector has a larger inner space to avoid the collisions between the light sources, and between the light source and the reflector.

Data Processing System, Processor and Method of Data Processing in which Local Memory Access Requests are Serviced by State Machines with Differing Functionality

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080016279

A data processing system includes a local processor core and a cache memory coupled to the local processor core. The cache memory includes a data array, a directory of contents of the data array, at least one snoop machine that services memory access requests of a remote processor core, and multiple state machines that service memory access requests of the local processor core. The multiple state machines include a first state machine that has a first set of memory access requests of the local processor core that it is capable of servicing and a second state machine that has a different second set of memory access requests of the local processor core that it is capable of servicing.

Control Apparatus, Control Method and Control Program

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080013475

In a control apparatus which transmits/receives data from a central processing unit via a serial transfer channel to a communication control unit, and groups/distributes data of input/output units from the communication control unit via a parallel transfer channel, the control apparatus initiates a diagnosing unit of the parallel transfer channel in response to an instruction issued from the central processing unit, and diagnosis the input/output units subsequent to the diagnosis of the transmission channel. Data input/output timing of the input/output unit is also instructed from the central processing unit, so that the central processing unit can suppress lowering of response speeds caused by the diagnoses, and can maintain the periodicity of the data input/output.


Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080012689

A radio frequency identification (RFID) system for communicating with an RFID tag and method thereof are provided. The RFID system comprises a first power supplier, a transmitter, and a receiver. The first power supplier is configured to provide power to the RFID tag. The transmitter is configured to send a command to the RFID tag. The receiver is configured to receive a first response signal from the REID tag, wherein the first response signal is generated in response to the command.

Picking station

Pub Date: 2008-01-17

Pub Number: US20080014060

A picking station for picking articles out of storage containers by a picking person, the picking station being connected to a conveying system which has a conveying track leading through a working area of the picking person, at least for the inward transport of storage containers, wherein the conveying track is tilted about its longitudinal axis in the direction of the picking person, at least in the working area of the picking person.