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Connector Insert for Preventing Contamination

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070190855

A connector insert for protecting contacts within a receptacle housing of a connector assembly from becoming contaminated. The connector insert includes a body portion having an exterior configured to correspond to at least a portion of the interior of the receptacle housing of the connector assembly. The body portion of the insert includes an opening which extends into the body portion to receive the contacts and protect the contacts from the exterior environment surrounding the receptacle housing when at least a portion of the body portion is received within the receptacle housing.

Process for producing sausage from fish

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070190225

Process for producing sausage-like product from fish, in which ingredients are added to a chunk of fish meat, for achieving maximum preservation of the unchanged anatomy and form of the tissue of the chunk, either before or after inserting the chunk into a tumbler. The chunk is tumbled in the tumbler for a predetermined period of time, so as to increase the level of absorbing of the ingredients in the chunk of fish.

Storage medium storing subject selecting program and subject selecting apparatus

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070191112

A plurality of selection subjects which are divided into groups under a predetermined condition are displayed on a display screen. One group is selected based on coordinate information output from a pointing device. Next, based on an operation signal output from an input device which outputs an operation signal of a plurality of types of operation signals, depending on a player's operation, one is selected from the selection subjects belonging to the group, and a process is performed, depending on the selected selection subject.

Piezoelectric element and method of manufacturing the same

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070186689

A piezoelectric element includes a piezoelectric composition pressure sensitive substance, a first electrode, a second electrode and a covering layer. The piezoelectric composition pressure sensitive substance includes a piezoelectric ceramic powder and a flexible organic polymer. The first and second electrodes are connected to the piezoelectric composition pressure sensitive substance and electrically insulated from each other. The covering layer is provided outside of the piezoelectric ceramic powder and suppresses absorption of the water by the piezoelectric ceramic powder.

Low selectivity deposition methods

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070190775

A deposition method includes forming a nucleation layer over a substrate, forming a layer of a first substance at least one monolayer thick chemisorbed on the nucleation layer, and forming a layer of a second substance at least one monolayer thick chemisorbed on the first substance. The chemisorption product of the first and second substance may include silicon and nitrogen. The nucleation layer may comprise silicon nitride. Further, a deposition method may include forming a first part of a nucleation layer on a first surface of a substrate and forming a second part of a nucleation layer on a second surface of the substrate. A deposition layer may be formed on the first and second parts of the nucleation layer substantially non-selectively on the first part of the nucleation layer compared to the second part. The first surface may be a surface of a borophosphosilicate glass layer. The second surface may be a surface of a rugged polysilicon layer. The first and second part of the nucleation layer may be formed simultaneously.


Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070189924

A drip shield includes cover members that define a protective canopy over sample receptacles to prevent unwanted material from being deposited into the receptacles. The cover members cooperate to define at least one access hole through the drip shield to permit access to a sample receptacle by a pipette tip through the access hole. One of the cover members is moveable with respect to another cover member between a closed stated defining the access hole and an open state permitting a pipette tip extending through the access hole to be laterally conveyed relative to the drip shield and out of the access hole. In a preferred embodiment, a system control feature automatically determines if a pipette tip might have been left in a sample receptacle and extending through the access hole of the drip shield and thereby cause the sample receptacle and pipette tip to be conveyed laterally relative to the drip shield while the one cover member moves from the closed to the open state to permit the pipette tip to be conveyed out of the access hole.


Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070189709

A nonlinear editing server 1 receives video editing information, which is then analyzed by an audio/video (AV) data managing unit 14. In accordance with the analyzed video editing information, AV data specified in the video editing information is read and sent to at least one of decoders 121 and 122 to be reproduced. An AV data processing unit 123 performs editing for the reproduced AV data based on the video editing information and generates a single AV stream. An encoder 124 encodes this AV stream. The nonlinear editing server 1 then transmits the encoded AV stream to a nonlinear editing client. In this way, the nonlinear editing server 1 only transmits a single AV stream to a nonlinear editing client.

Anti-pick mogul cylinder

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070186600

The lock cylinder assembly of the present invention incorporates a number of features designed to defeat attempts to pick or destroy the lock. The lock cylinder assembly employs multiple arrays of pass key pins, making picking of the lock much more difficult. Second, the arrangement of the pass key pins in separate arrays requires that multiple cuts would have to be made into the lock housing mogul or cylinder blank in order to defeat the lock cylinder assembly. Third, the lock cylinder assembly of the present invention may incorporate multiple sets of hardened dowel pins to prevent drilling through the lock housing mogul in the area of the driver pins. Fourth, the lock cylinder assembly of the present invention may incorporate a hardened cylinder shield behind the front face of the cylinder blank to prevent drilling through the cylinder blank.


Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070192520

A system control unit includes a first IO (Input/Output) node having a primary BIO (Basic Input/Output) preferentially used, and a second IO node having a secondary BIO used as a preparatory of the primary BIO. A first address space allocated to the first IO node, and a second address space allocated to the second IO node are different from each other. The system control unit performs an information changing process that accesses the first IO node in the first address space to change information in the primary BIO, and accesses the second IO node in the second address space to change information in the secondary BIO, thus bringing the information in the primary BIO and the information in the secondary BIO into agreement.

Multi-Configured Tool Bit Box

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070190856

A tool case for the storage of drill bits and similarly shaped tools includes two housing members that are hingedly attached and which open and close, with respect to one another. The tool case of the present invention includes elastomeric material surrounding the periphery of the tool case and tool trays on the inside of the case that retain inverted drill bits and similarly shaped tools. The tool trays disposed within the two housing members are removably attached to inner recessed cavities in the housing member by snapping male protrusions located on the tray into corresponding female recesses located on the inner surface of the recessed cavities.

Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing solid electrolytic capacitor

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070188981

A solid electrolytic capacitor includes an anode and a dielectric layer. The anode is made of niobium or a niobium alloy. The dielectric layer is made of niobium oxide formed on the niobium or the niobium alloy. The niobium oxide has a feature that a full width at half maximum of a peak of an Mz ray of characteristic X-rays of niobium is 0.98 or more. The characteristic X-rays are emitted when the niobium oxide is irradiated with an electron beam.

Passive type emission flux sampler and flux measuring apparatus

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070190655

To enable simple and accurate measurement for the flow rate (emission flux) of a chemical substance released from a site to be measured such as a floor surface, ceiling, wall surface, or furniture with no effect of external air (air in the room). [Means for Solution]

Cytotoxicity mediation of cells evidencing surface expression of CD44

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070189964

This invention relates to the diagnosis and treatment of cancerous diseases, particularly to the mediation of cytotoxicity of primary and metastatic human tumor cells; and most particularly to the use of an isolated monoclonal antibody or cancerous disease modifying antibodies (CDMAB) thereof, optionally in combination with one or more chemotherapeutic agents, as a means for initiating the cytotoxic response in such human tumors, e.g. any primary or metastatic tumor sites which arise from hepatocytes. The invention further relates to binding assays which utilize the CDMAB of the instant invention.

Methods and arrangements for enhancing power management systems in integrated circuits

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070189097

Methods and arrangements to configure power management systems for integrated circuits are provided herein. A group of IC components that are functionally distinct or have mutually exclusive and/or quasi-mutually exclusive, (ME/QME) operating patterns (i.e. alternate or partially overlapping duty cycles) can be powered with a single power cell. An integrated circuit design tool can identified components in an integrated circuit design that have the ME/QME operating patterns. These cells can be collocated in close proximity to each other and power management system components can be placed in this area such that a multiple signal processing cells can share a single power line and a single power cell. Such a configuration can greatly reduce the size of a power management system for an integrated circuit.

Enclosure for acoustic insulation of an apparatus contained within said enclosure

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070189567

The invention relates to an enclosure with a substantial rectangular configuration, adapted to contain an apparatus sensitive to acoustic vibrations, the enclosure comprising walls and acoustic damping material located within the wall, wherein the acoustic damping material comprises at least one absorbing body of acoustic energy absorbing material located adjacent to a rib of the enclosure.

Display apparatus for outdoor signs and related system of displays and methods of use

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070188483

An apparatus, systems and corresponding methods for a network of outdoor modular signs. Each outdoor sign is composed of various modules which combined make the sign fully contained and operable. Modules include paper-like displays, a wireless port, solar panels, battery packs and a frame. A network of such modular signs is placed within an outdoor area. A wireless station is provided with satellite link for receiving data where said data is presented as scheduled on the electronic paper-like display modules. Solar panel and/or battery pack modules power the displays. The outdoor modular sign is suitable for deployment in parking lots and other outdoor areas where a network of signs can be deployed in close proximity to each other providing engaging advertisement and messages to consumers walking through the defined outdoor areas.

Selective genome amplification

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070190556

The invention provides methods and compositions for amplifying selected polynucleotides, especially selected subsets of restriction fragments. Generally, methods of the invention are implemented by ligating adaptors containing at least one promoter sequence to such fragments under conditions that promote the formation of closed single stranded or double stranded structures, which are capable of serving as cyclical templates for transcription.

Cable end joint assembly

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070190839

A cable end joint assembly (60) for a heating cable is provided, and a method for manufacturing of said joint assembly. The cable end joint assembly comprises at least two insulated conductors (11,12) arranged within a common sheath (10) and has end portions (1,2) stripped for their insulation (11,12) and electrically interconnected (3), as well as an enclosing end cap (6) being sealed to the sheath (10). The cable end joint assembly (60) further comprises at least one sealing element (4), which is provided between the respective conductor insulations (11,12) and the inner wall (26) of the end cap (6).

Method of site specific labeling of proteins and uses therefor

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070190578

Methods for site-specific modification of protein are provided. These methods modify proteins which have been labeled at a particular site by the reaction of a transglutaminase with a glutamine peptide sequence which has been engineered into the protein. The site-specific modification methods of the invention are useful for producing reagents useful in high throughput screening methods and in producing protein delivery vehicles for specifically targeting cellular and non-cellular targets. Also described are improved biotinylation reagents.


Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070186693

The number n of N-poles and S-poles circumferentially aligned on the cylindrical magnet that integrally rotates with the first shaft is determined so as to be a greatest integer that satisfies the following formula that includes a maximum value T max (Nm) of the torque to be detected and a torsion spring constant k (Nm/deg) of the torsion bar connecting the first shaft and the second shaft: 2nT max /k360. The cylindrical magnet includes teeth-shaped portions in which portions corresponding to the N-poles and the S-poles are of a protruding shape, so that adhesion of magnetic dust concentrates at the protruding portions. Thus, a torque detecting apparatus is provided that reduces the effect of the adhesion of the magnetic dust, so as to attain higher detection sensitivity and thereby improve the detection accuracy, without incurring an increase in cost.


Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070188728

An exposure apparatus includes a projection optical system for projecting a pattern on a reticle onto an object to be exposed, a reference mark that serves as a reference for an alignment between the reticle and the object, a first fluid that has a refractive index of 1 or greater, and fills a space between at least part of the projection optical system and the object and a space between at least part of the projection optical system and the reference mark, and an alignment mechanism for aligning the object by using the projection optical system and the first fluid.

Engine with breather apparatus

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070186913

In order to suppress freezing of a water content within a breather tube, a heater (13) is arranged within a breather tube (11) joining a cylinder head cover (10) and an air cleaner (8). A main body of the breather tube (11) is constituted by a joint tube (18) arranged in a middle, and partial tubes (22, 23) connected to both ends thereof. The heater (13) has a heating element (14) corresponding to a heating element, and has a heater case (21) accommodating the heating element (14) in a state of being pinched by electrodes (15), and is arranged in a center portion of the joint 18. A slot (18 a ) for inserting the heater (13) is formed in the joint tube 18. A heat radiating body (20) extended along the breather tube (11) is joined to the heater case (21). An outer peripheral portion of the breather tube (11) is covered by an insulative outer tube (24).

Buccal formulations of galanthamine and uses thereof

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070190117

Film-shaped medicaments for buccal administration of galanthamine or of a salt or derivative thereof comprise at least one layer which contains a cholinergic active agent acting on the central nervous system or a combination of at least two such active agents, the said substance(s) being selected from the group comprising galanthamine, pharmaceutically acceptable salts of galanthamine, galanthamine derivatives and their pharmaceutically acceptable salts.


Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070192333

A network based review management system and method for managing a plurality of enrolled websites and a plurality of review content items includes a network, a first database of enrolled websites connected to the network, and a second database of review content items connected to the network. Each of the enrolled websites of the first database is associated with one or more review content items of the second database. When one of the enrolled websites is accessed over the network, the one or more review content items from the second database are delivered over the network to the accessed one of the enrolled websites for viewing thereof and/or one or more review content items is added over the network to the second database through the accessed one of the enrolled websites.

Digital content delivery via virtual private network (VPN) incorporating secured set-top devices

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070192798

A method and system for delivering digital content to a multitude of set-top devices that are purchased by consumers and connected to the Internet as part of a virtual private network (VPN) provides more efficient and secure distribution of digital content such as movies, television, music, games and other digital media. Each set-top device is secured by using a mass storage device to store digital content that is partitioned into a consumer portion and a VPN portion. Unlike traditional computers that can access digital content on the Internet with browser interfaces running on computer displays, the set-top devices have limited operating system access with no browser interfaces and are designed to be operated by the consumer from a navigation and program guide user interface displayed on a digital media device.

Orbital implant coating having bulbously raised suture zone

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070191942

A coating for an orbital implant where the coating has an anterior portion having a different, longer term bioabsorbability than a posterior portion. This allows the implant to have a smooth surface for insertion and to provide reduced irritation to neighboring tissues, to help prevent exposure of the porous core of the implant, and to provide a stable anchorment for extraocular muscles, but which also encourages rapid fibrovascular ingrowth. The coating is marked with a visual indicator to facilitate proper orientation. Shell materials are further selected to allow for sterile packaging, the securing of therapeutic agents thereon, and to provide adequately strong securing of the coating to the core. Apertures are formed through the coating to enhance fluid flow to and from the core, and to provide exposure of the surface of the core to extraocular muscles, and for sutures. The apertures are sized and shaped to reduce irritating surface contact with orbital tissues. In an alternate embodiment, one of the coating portions has a bulbous raised zone encompassing suture holes. The gap created between the undersurface of the raised zone and the core facilitates threading of the sutures.

Active oxygen scavenging composition including citrulline

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070191485

According to this invention, a novel anti-oxidative substance of naturally originated, with excellent ability to scavenge active oxygen species and high safety was provided. According to the present invention, citrulline was firstly exhibited to have excellent ability to scavenge active oxygen species. A novel active oxygen scavenging composition including citrulline as its effective ingredient was characterized by its excellent ability to scavenge active oxygen and high safety.

Transmission power control method of uplink packet data transmission

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070189230

A mobile station (MS) transmits a first data flow to a first group of base stations with a first power offset, transmits a second data flow to a second group of base stations, and further transmits a pilot signal. A radio network controller (RNC) controls the power of the pilot signal power based on reception errors of the second data flow, calculates the first power offset based on signaled required level of the first power offset from base stations (BTS) of the first group which calculate the required level of the first power offset based on an occurrence of retransmission, signals the calculated first power offset to the mobile station.

Method for presenting search results

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070192293

Methods and systems are provided to present the search results in response to a search query that is submitted to a document retrieval system, such as a search engine. The search results are presented with a second-retrieval model that constructs multiple derived queries for the search query with a first small-document retrieval process, and then generates and outputs the results based on the retrieval of search results of at least part of the derived queries. One embodiment of the invention provides a method for grouping the search results, which presents ranked derived queries together with their search results to the user, in such a way that derived queries with higher ranks and top-ranked documents of each derived query are preferentially presented, and the grouped results are displayed and navigated in independent framed subareas of an output window. A further embodiment selects the search results from multiple result lists of the derived queries to form the final search results for the user query, wherein the merged results are re-ranked according to pre-determined criteria. The method can also be integrated with the local keyword associated clustering method by rank value adjustment, or result filtering or merging to achieve better technical effects.

System and method for transmitting analog signals with a modulating retroreflector and hybrid amplitude and frequency modulation

Pub Date: 2007-08-16

Pub Number: US20070189779

A system and method for encoding an analog input signal for optical transmission, including driving a voltage controlled oscillator with an analog input signal to produce a frequency modulated electrical signal having a frequency proportional to the amplitude of the input signal, and applying the frequency modulated electrical signal to a multiple quantum well modulating retroreflector. The retroreflector receives optical energy from a laser source and modulates the optical energy with the frequency modulated signal to produce an output optical signal.