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Enabling and disabling hotkeys

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070162875

A computer program product may include instructions that, when executed, cause a processor to perform operations that include monitoring an electronic device to determine whether the electronic device is in a specific state. The electronic device may define one or more hotkeys, and each hotkey may correspond to an input from one or more input components of the electronic device. If the electronic device is in the specific state, a rule associated with the specific state may be retrieved, and one or more hotkeys may be enabled or disabled based on the retrieved rule. In some implementations, enabling or disabling one or more hotkeys includes enabling or disabling one or more operations associated with corresponding one or more hotkeys.

Self-boring and self-tapping screw

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070160440

The invention relates to a self-boring and thread-forming tapping screw having a screw shaft with a screw tip at one end and at the other end a force application member for the transmission of a turning moment. The screw shaft includes a threaded section with the screw tip and an adjacent thread-free section of the shaft including the force application member. The threaded section has a shaft core and a self-tapping thread. The threaded section includes a core section axially displaced from the tip and having a polygonal core cross section. Corners of the core cross section define an enveloping circle with an enveloping circle diameter larger than a shaft diameter of the thread-free section.

Communications device and communications method

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070160172

A communications device 100, which performs data communication, includes an AC cycle sensor 30 which is connected to a power line 106 supplied with an a.c. voltage and generates a synchronous signal SS at timing of an a.c. voltage waveform AC of the power line 106; a data communicator 10 for performing data communication; and a communications controller 20 which performs communication of a control signal including information showing at least one of a communications device and a communications standard and controls the data communicator 101. When the a.c. voltage supplied to the power line 106 is an N-phase and when the cycle of the a.c. voltage waveform is T, data communication to be performed in a communication period subsequent to the period is controlled on the basis of the control signal included in the period of T/2M on condition that M is a natural multiple of N.

Expandable bag cross-reference to related applications

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070158005

An expandable bag includes a body having a lower portion defining a closed bottom and a generally upstanding lower sidewall having an upper rim and an upper portion defining an upper sidewall having a lower edge coupled adjacent to the upper rim of the lower portion and having an upper rim defining a top opening. The upper portion is movable between a folded position, in which the upper sidewall is folded within the lower sidewall such that the upper rim of the upper portion and the top opening thereof is disposed generally adjacent to the upper edge of the lower portion to define an interior compartment of a certain size, and an extended position, in which the upper portion is unfolded and extended upwardly, thereby extending the height of the body and creating an interior compartment of greater size.

Fluid product dispensing device

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070158369

A fluid dispenser device comprising a dispenser member (10), such as a pump or a valve, a fluid reservoir (30), and a fastener element (20) for fastening said dispenser member (10) onto a neck (35) of said reservoir (30), a turret (40) being disposed between the body (11) of the dispenser member (10) and said fastener element (20), said turret (40) including a deformable radial flange (45), said deformable radial flange including deformable sealing means (46, 47) projecting from said radial flange (45), said radial flange (45), after assembly, being deformed and co-operating in leaktight manner with the top edge of the neck (35) of the reservoir (30), and said sealing means (46, 47), after assembly, being deformed and co-operating in leaktight manner with said fastener element (20).


Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070159785

The present invention relates to a positioning clamp for CD-ROM drives and diskette drives, characterized in that no tools are required, but only clamps located at the periphery of a frame are needed to easily and rapidly position the CD-ROM drive and the diskette drive inside a CD-ROM slot and a diskette drive slot formed between a computer case and a computer frame

Method and apparatus for generating video for a viewing system from multiple video elements

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070162944

A video processing system located at a remote location such as a TV broadcasting station or an Internet media server stores a plurality of video elements at that are delivered to a viewing system located at a viewer's premises. The video processing system is capable of receiving a selection request comprising two or more video elements or subsets thereof, wherein the subsets are regions of interest or portions of the corresponding video elements. The video processing system constructs a custom video by combining them based on the viewer' selection and using the region of interest that are provided, and forwards the custom video to the viewing system. Billing based on record of usage is also supported for the custom video.

Liquid cartridge for use in a beverage system

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070158366

The invention relates to a device (1) for preparing a heated liquid for use with a beverage-making appliance (15), said device (1) comprising a liquid transport channel (25) in communication with a liquid reservoir (11) which discharges into a first chamber (26), said first chamber (26) comprising a steam inlet (16) which is connectable to a steam generator (32), and a second chamber (28) which is connected to the first chamber (26) via a restriction (27) and which has a liquid outlet (29), wherein the device for preparing a heated liquid comprises a cartridge (100) in which the liquid reservoir (11), the liquid transport channel (25), the first chamber (26), the steam inlet (16), the restriction (27), the second chamber (28), and the liquid outlet (29) are provided. All components of the device are integrated into one cartridge, so the cartridge can be discarded after use. Thus a hygienic device is provided which is also user-friendly because it does not have to be cleaned after use.

Sensor system for detecting a pedestrian collision

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070162231

The invention relates to a sensor system for detecting a pedestrian collision in the front region of a motor vehicle, having at least one fiber optic sensor that extends in the front region of the motor vehicle largely over the entire vehicle width and can be deformed by the collision of an object in the front region, a signal being generated by the fiber optic sensor owing to the collision of the object. In order to specify a sensor system for detecting a pedestrian collision in the front region of a motor vehicle having at least one fiber optic sensor that enables a reliable distinction between the collision of animate and inanimate objects, there is arranged in the front region of the motor vehicle in addition to the fiber optic sensor at least one infrared sensor that generates a signal for distinguishing between the collision of animate and inanimate objects.

Method and apparatus providing a uniform color filter in a recessed region of an imager

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070158772

A method and apparatus for improving the planarity of a recessed color filter array when the recessed region or trench depth exceeds the thickness of the color filter film. The method includes the steps of coating the entire wafer with an additional coating material after applying the CFA, then planarizing that resist layer using CMP and then using a dry etch to transfer that planar surface down as far as required to achieve a planar color filter with a uniform thickness.

Use of modified zeolite catalysts in alkylation systems

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070161836

Alkylation systems and methods are described herein and generally include contacting an alkyl aromatic hydrocarbon with a cerium promoted zeolite catalyst and then contacting the alkyl aromatic hydrocarbon with an alkylation catalyst to form a second aromatic hydrocarbon.

Catheter system for minimizing retrograde bacterial transmission from a catheter tubing

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070161949

The present invention provides systems and methods for minimizing the retrograde transmission from the catheter tubing. The invention is particularly suitable for reducing the likelihood of a patient acquiring a urinary tract infection associated with an indwelling catheter. The systems and methods include a catheter tubing having a proximal and distal end with a filter located therebetween and a means for accessing negative pressure for creating a pressure differential between the proximal and distal ends of the catheter tubing.

Novel immunogenic lipopeptides comprising t-helper and cytotoxic t lymphocyte (ctl) epitopes

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070160631

The present invention provides synthetic immunogenic lipopeptide molecules comprising co-linear T-helper and CTL epitopes, and methods for their production and use in the generation of primary and secondary immune responses, and for the vaccination of animal subjects against particular CTL epitopes. More particularly, the present invention provides highly soluble lipopeptides wherein the lipid moiety is attached to the terminal side-chain group of an internal lysine or lysine analog, preferably to the terminal side-chain group of an internal diamino acid residue. Preferably the internal lysine or lysine analog is positioned between the T-helper epitope and the CTL epitope.

Modulator autocalibration methods for quantum key distribution

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070160212

Methods for calibrating the modulators in a QKD system (100) are disclosed. The methods include setting the voltage (V B ) of Bob's modulator (MB) to a positive value and then adjusting the voltage (V A ) of Alice's modulator (MA) in both the positive and negative direction to obtain overall relative phase modulations that result in maximum and minimum photon counts (N) in the two single-photon detectors (32 a , 32 b ). Bob's modulator voltage is then set to a negative value and the process repeated. When the basis voltages (V B (1), V B (2), V A (1), V A (2), V A (3) and V A (4)) are established, the QKD system is operated with intentionally selected incorrect bases at Bob and Alice to assess orthogonality of the basis voltages by assessing whether or not the probability of photon detection at the detectors is 50:50. If not, the modulator voltages are adjusted to be orthogonal. This involves changing Bob's basis voltage (V B (1) and/or V B (2)) and repeating the process until a 50:50 detector count distribution is obtained. The calibration method can be carried out periodically during QKD system operation to ensure optimum or near-optimum operation of the modulators.

Heat sink for a pulsed laser diode bar with optimized thermal time constant

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070160097

A radiation-emitting optoelectronic component (1) which is connected to a heat sink (3) and is intended for pulsed operation with the pulse duration D, and in which temperature changes of the optoelectronic component (1) take place with a thermal time constant during pulsed operation. The thermal time constant is matched to the pulse duration D in order to reduce the amplitude of the temperature changes.

Production of particle-shaped peroxycarboxylic acid compounds

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070161535

Particles containing imidoperoxycarboxylic acid can be produced by granulating a combination of imidoperoxycarboxylic acid and phlegmatizing agent and optionally granulation auxiliary and subsequently coating the granules with a water-soluble coating material. They can be used as bleaches or bleach component in, in particular, particle-shaped detergents and cleaners and for the production thereof.

Broadband access method with great capacity and the system thereof

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070159971

The present invention discloses a high-capacity broadband access method, comprising: a broadband subscriber initiating an access request to an access unit; the access unit sending the subscriber authentication information to a control unit via a route switching unit; the control unit authenticating the subscriber with an internal or external authentication, authorization and accounting server, returning the authentication result to the access unit via the route switching unit, and sending the configuration information to the accessed subscriber; the route switching unit and the access unit accomplishing configuration of the subscriber information, allocating corresponding resource to the subscriber, and establishing a data channel for network access of the subscriber. The present invention also discloses a high-capacity broadband access device and a system thereof.

Electronic device with reflective panel

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070159474

An electronic device such as a portable phone has a casing, a display element provided in the casing, and a panel attached to the casing to cover the display element. A half mirror layer and a shading layer are formed on the panel. An opening of the shading layer is above the display element. The surface of the panel is seen in a substantially continuously uniform color when no electricity is supplied to the display element, and a display produced by the display element can be seen through the panel when electricity is supplied to the display element.


Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070161890

An imaging technique is disclosed to reduce ringing artifacts from amplitude decay in MR multi-echo acquisition. A flip angle train is determined to match scan parameters for an MR scan to acquire MR data from a given tissue. Reducing the effects of amplitude decay in the echo signal reduces ringing artifacts and thereby improves image quality.

Dispensing adapter

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070158474

In a dispensing adapter (1) for cartridges, cans or tubes adapted for storing and metered dispensing of highly viscous materials, in particular liquids such as adhesives, sealants, foamed-in plastics or the like, through a nozzle head, the nozzle head of the metering nozzle (6, 17) has several spaced-apart openings (7, 25) for discharge of the material.

Heavy oil hydroconversion process

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070158239

A method for the efficient conversion of heavy oil to distillates using sequential hydrocracking in the presence of both supported and colloidal catalyst immediately followed by a high temperature-short residence time thermal treatment. The hydrocracker reaction products or a heavy oil and hydrogen donor diluent may be advantageously heated by direct contact with high velocity combustion products.

Method of and system for dynamic automated test case generation and execution

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070162894

An automated system that randomly generates test cases for use in hardware or software quality assurance testing, wherein a given test case comprises a sequence (or chain) of discrete, atomic steps (or building blocks). A particular test case (i.e., a given sequence) has a variable number of building blocks. The system takes a set of test actions (or even test cases) and links them together in a relevant and useful manner to create a much larger library of test cases or chains. The chains comprise a large number of random sequence tests that facilitate chaos-like or exploratory testing of the overall system under test. Upon execution in the system under test, the test case is considered successful (i.e., a pass) if each building block in the chain executes successfully; if any building block fails, the test case, in its entirety, is considered a failure. The system adapts and dynamically generates new test cases as underlying data changes (e.g., a building block is added, deleted, modified) or new test cases themselves are generated. The system also is tunable to generate test sequences that have a given (e.g., higher) likelihood of finding bugs or generating errors from which the testing entity can then assess the system operation. Generated chains can be replayed easily to provide test reproducibility.


Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070157679

A padlock comprises: a casing; a shackle having a free first end and a second end, the second end being pivotally connected to the casing; a locking mechanism received within the casing and limiting the axial movement of the second end of the shackle; a latching tube received and operative to be moved within the casing; and a stop member driven by the latching tube so as to be moved between a first position where the first end of the shackle can be rotated by using the second end thereof as a center of rotations and a second position where the stop member prevents the first end of the shackle from moving, and the shackle and the casing co-define a closed loop


Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070161516

An additive for reducing filtrate loss may be obtained by the reaction of carboxymethyl cellulose with an ethylenically unsaturated monomer containing a sulfonic group in the form of acid or salt thereof. The product of the reaction useful in water-based drilling muds which are employed in the drilling and/or completion of oil wells. The additive exhibits its characteristic function of filtrate reduction even at high temperature and pressure conditions; and, moreover, it is suitable for application in the presence of salts and solids.

Rain sensor for detecting rain or other material on window of a vehicle or on other surface

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070162201

A system and/or method for sensing the presence of moisture (e.g., rain) and/or other material(s) on a window such as a vehicle window (e.g., vehicle windshield or backlite). In certain example embodiments, a capacitor-based system and/or method is provided for auto-correlating sensor data to determine the existence of a material on the window, and then cross-correlating sensor data to identify the type and/or amount of that material (e.g., rain). This data may be used to actuate and/or deactivate a vehicle's wiper(s), and/or adjust wiper speed. In certain example embodiments, the sensor may include an array of at least two capacitors. In certain example embodiments, the system and/or method may perform check(s) to enhance the accuracy of the detection by comparing, for example, the sign of autocorrelation values, maximum autocorrelation values, and/or gradients of autocorrelation values


Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070162306

An interoperable process and device for its practice for ensuring that a payment is made by a payor for services rendered. The process includes receiving information from at least one stakeholder indicating that a payment process should be completed. The process further includes funding a service provided by a service provider that has been provided.

Lithographic printing plate material for CTP

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070160935

The present invention relates to a lithographic printing plate material for CTP, which comprises a substrate, a photosensitive layer formed on the substrate, and a dye-containing layer formed on the photosensitive layer, wherein the photosensitive layer is formed by a photosensitive composition comprising a halomethyl group-containing compound and an organoboron anion-containing compound, and wherein the dye-containing layer is formed by a composition for dye-containing layer, which comprises a near-infrared-absorbing dye. Accordingly, the present invention can provide a lithographic printing plate material for CTP comprising a substrate, a photosensitive layer and a dye-containing layer formed on the photosensitive layer, a producing method therefor, as well as a method for producing a printing plate from the printing plate material and a printing prate produced thereby.

Method of synthesizing fluorinated diene alcohols

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070161827

Disclosed are fluorinated diene alcohols perferably having a fluorine content of at least about 45 weight percent and having a plurality of moieties of the formula CF x and a plurality of moieties of the formula CH x , where each x is independently 1, 2 or 3 and where each CF x moiety is not directly bonded to another CF x moiety. Methods of synthesizing fluorinated diene alcohol compounds are also disclosed comprising reacting at least one C 2 -C 3 alkene halide with at least one reactant of the formula (II):

Ballast and igniter for a lamp having larger storage capacitor than charge pump capacitor

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070159116

A ballast according to the present invention operates in an ignition state, a warm-up state, and a steady state for igniting and powering a lamp. The ballast comprises an igniter that ignites the lamp during the ignition state and a switching power inverter, for example, a full bridge DC-AC inverter implemented with MOSFET switching transistors, that powers the lamp during the warm-up and steady states. The switching power inverter, which drives the igniter, operates at a first switching frequency during the ignition state and operates at a second switching frequency during the steady state. Preferably, the first switching frequency, which in one exemplary embodiment is in the kHz range, is higher than the second switching frequency.

Airplane system for an atmospheric turbulence analysis system

Pub Date: 2007-07-12

Pub Number: US20070162197

An airplane system on an airplane is for use in a turbulence analysis system. The airplane system comprises a communication interface, a processing system, and a user interface. The communication interface receives satellite signals from a plurality of satellites. The processing system processes the satellite signals to determine time variance metrics that correspond to variances in signal transfer times for individual satellite signals. The communication interface transfers the time variance metrics for the satellite signals. The time variance metrics are received by the turbulence analysis system. The communication interface receives at least a portion of a turbulence map into the airplane system. The turbulence map is generated by the turbulence analysis system based on the time variance metrics and indicates atmospheric turbulence in a three-dimensional area. The user interface displays the portion of the turbulence map.