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Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070116135

A communication system includes a first device and a second device connected to the first device by a single communication line. The first device includes a first transmitting portion which transmits to the second device a pulse signal set to a predetermined cycle that differs according to data, and a first receiving portion which reads data transmitted from the second device based on a voltage value of a transmission signal transmitted over the communication line. The second device includes a second transmitting portion which transmits to the first device a voltage signal set to a predetermined voltage value that differs according to the data, and a second receiving portion which reads data transmitted from the first device based on a pulse signal cycle of the transmission signal transmitted over the communication line.

Method and System of Control Signaling for a Wireless Access Network

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070115944

A method and system of control signaling for a wireless access network includes receiving from a wireless access network a signaling message for a mobile device. The signaling message is in a wireless-specific format. The signaling message is converted to a native format of a call agent to generate a call agent message. The call agent message comprises wireless-specific information of the signaling message.

High efficiency second harmonic generation vertical external cavity surface emitting laser

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070116078

A vertical external cavity surface emitting laser (VECSEL) in which the full-width at half maximum (FWHM) of laser light is reduced by two etalon filter layers to improve the efficiency of second harmonic (SHG) crystal is provided. The VECSEL includes: a laser chip for generating laser light; a first etalon filter layer formed on the laser chip; a second etalon filter layer that is formed on the first etalon filter layer and has a different refractive index than the first etalon filter layer; a first mirror separated from and disposed obliquely to the laser chip; a second mirror for reflecting the laser light reflected from the first mirror back to the first mirror to form a cavity with the laser chip; and an SHG crystal disposed along an optical path between the first and second mirrors and doubles the frequency of the laser light generated in the laser chip.

System and method for application program operation on a wireless device

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070118558

Embodiments described herein address mobile devices with non-secure operating systems that do not provide a sufficient security framework. More particularly, the embodiments described herein provide a set of applications to the device for providing security features to the non-secure operating system.

Linked equivalent cell header-based approach and protocol for organizing an ad-hoc network

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070115897

Establishing and maintaining a moving ad-hoc network is provided. The ad-hoc network includes a plurality of equivalent cells communicationally linked together to form a linked equivalent cell network. An equivalent cell header manages each equivalent cell. Additionally, regular nodes, scattered throughout the equivalent cell network, may be provided. Regular nodes have restricted communication privileges compared to the equivalent cell headers. However, equivalent cell headers can be demoted to regular nodes and regular nodes can be promoted to equivalent cell headers as required by equivalent cell network.

Apparatus and method to prevent loss of conductive ground electrode

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070114052

Apparatuses for reducing electrical stress from outer conductive ground electrodes of the type used to protect high voltage coils (40) having an insulated coil surface are described that includes a composite tape (32) bonded to a secondary conductive layer (34) in a half lap manner, the composite layer comprising a glass conductive tape bonded to a layer of mica paper tape in an edge lap manner. Methods for reducing the electrical stress using the apparatus of the invention are also described.

Power transmission

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070113696

A synchronizer-controlled transmission has a plurality of input shafts, which are selectively connectible with a transmission input shaft, at least one countershaft, which rotatably supports a plurality of ratio gears, and an output shaft. A plurality of synchronizers is disposed along the countershaft and at least one input shaft to provide power transmission connections between the countershaft and the ratio gears disposed thereon. At least one ratio is established through direct connection between at least one input shaft and the output shaft.

Method for fabricating semiconductor device

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070117346

A method for fabricating a semiconductor device can prevent a leakage current and the decrease of threshold voltage by rounding corners of a trench. The method may include the steps of forming a pad insulating layer in a semiconductor substrate defined with an active region and a device isolation region, forming a first trench, forming polymer at inner sidewalls of the first trench, forming a second trench, removing the polymer, forming an oxide layer by thermally oxidizing the semiconductor substrate, and forming insulating layers for device isolation in the first and second trenches.

Process isolation by limiting covert storage channels in trusted operating system

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070118902

A trusted computer system that offers Linux(g compatibility and supports contemporary hardware speeds. It is designed to require no porting of common applications which run on Linux, to be easy to develop for, and to allow the use of a wide variety of modem development tools. The system is further designed to meet or exceed the Common Criteria EAL-5 or higher rating through incorporation of required security features, as well as a very high level of assurance for handling data at a wide range of sensitivity (e.g., classification) levels in a wide range of operational environments. This is achieved through the implementation of a well-layered operating system which has been designed from the ground up to enforce security, but which also supports Linux operating system functions and methods.

Method and apparatus for controlled feeding of an infant

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070118078

A method and apparatus for controlled feeding of an infant provides a safer and less expensive apparatus for the enteral feeding of a neonatal infant, as well as a mechanism for minimizing separation of fluid for any enteral feeding patient. The apparatus allows for dispensing the feeding solution from conventional baby bottles or breast pump reservoirs, or other convenient reservoirs in combination with a peristaltic pump. The feeding system helps reduce the risk for contaminating the feeding solution by minimizing the handling of the feeding solution. By utilizing a pump which is less expensive than current neonatal feeding pumps, the feeding system is more cost effective in all environments and more suitable for home use.

Cooling air supply for the cooling of different systems requiring cooling air in an aircraft

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070117501

A cooling air supply system (10) for an aircraft in order to supply cooling air from the aircraft surrounds to at least two devices requiring cooling air (38, 44, 56) within the aircraft, is designed with an air inlet (12), an air channel (16) communicating with the air inlet (12) and with an air distribution device (30, 32, 34) for the distribution of air to at least two devices requiring cooling air (38, 44, 56), whereby the air inlet (12) is proportioned in such a way that it covers the maximum cooling air requirement of at least two devices requiring cooling air (38, 44, 56).

Reversible resistivity-switching metal oxide or nitride layer with added metal

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070114508

A layer of resistivity-switching metal oxide or nitride can attain at least two stable resistivity states. Such a layer may be used in a state-change element in a nonvolatile memory cell, storing its data state, for example a 0 or a 1, in this resistivity state. Including additional metal atoms in a layer of such a resistivity-switching metal oxide or nitride compound decreases the current required to cause switching between resistivity states, reducing power requirements for an array of memory cells storing data in the resistivity state of such a layer. In various embodiments a memory cell may include a layer of resistivity-switching metal oxide or nitride compound with added metal formed in series with another element, such as a diode or a transistor.

Computer platform memory configuration on-board indicating method and system

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070118714

A computer platform memory configuration on-board indicating method and system is proposed, which is designed for use with a computer platform, such as a network server, for providing a memory configuration on-board indicating function; and which is characterized by the capability of reading a set of embedded memory specification data from all the memory modules, then using the memory specification data to automatically set up a configuration scheme for these memory modules, and subsequently using the memory configuration data to correspondingly generate a set of light signals in a predefined pattern to indicate the current memory configuration of the network server. This feature allows network system management personnel to conveniently and quickly learn the current memory configuration of the network server simply by visually checking the pattern of the light signals on the system motherboard of the network server.

Block management for mass storage

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070118685

An embodiment of the present invention includes a nonvolatile memory system comprising nonvolatile memory for storing sector information, the nonvolatile memory being organized into blocks with each block including a plurality of sectors, each sector identified by a logical block address and for storing sector information. A controller is coupled to the nonvolatile memory for writing sector information to the latter and for updating the sector information, wherein upon updating sector information, the controller writes to the next free or available sector(s) of a block such that upon multiple re-writes or updating of sector information, a plurality of blocks are substantially filled with sector information and upon such time, the controller rearranges the updated sector information in sequential order based on their respective logical block addresses thereby increasing system performance and improving manufacturing costs of the controller.


Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070113456

A combination writable scroll picture frame display assembly, comprising a picture frame sized to accommodate commonly sized photographs or cards, a writable scroll, and a base sized and shaped to maintain the entire invention upright and stable. The components are arranged such that the scroll, when mounted, does not obscure viewing the framed picture. The scroll is mounted on the assembly in a manner to facilitate its easy removal and remounting, and the entire assembly may be made wall mountable. The scroll is bound when closed, unrolls to reveal some sort of writable media, and may include a decorative cover and/or other decorative features including decorative end caps. The combination display assembly provides an attractive and convenient way to store inscribable scrolls together with photographs, cards or other two-dimensional graphics that relate to a memorable occasion or event, while at the same time allowing for the easy removal and unfurling of the writable scroll in order to read and exhibit the inscriptions found therein.

Apparatus for positioning and stabbing pipe in a drilling rig derrick

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070114069

A remotely controlled apparatus for positioning and stabbing pipe within a drilling rig derrick is provided. A support base assembly is mounted to a structural member of a drilling rig derrick. A jointed articulating boom having a boom base member and a boom arm member is attached to the support base assembly and can be pivoted about vertical and horizontal axes. The jointed articulating boom extends and retracts by cooperative motion between the boom base member and the boom arm member. A pipe gripper assembly having opposing arcuate jaws is mounted at the outer extent of the jointed articulating boom and can be pivoted about a horizontal axis. A remote control panel subassembly is used to control the movement of jointed articulating boom and pipe gripper assembly.

Methods and apparatus for assay measurements

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070117214

Methods and apparatuses for performing assays involving binding material elements with a plurality of bonds over a substantial area of a surface of a resonant device establishing a normalized exposure. The methods and apparatuses also involve controlling an external influence applied to the material elements over a first period of time and measuring a signal during a second period of time that is indicative of the change in the amount of material elements bound to the surface relative to the normalized exposure. In some cases, the measured signals are integrated with respect to time to determine the time averaged amount of material elements bound to the surface.

Organic electroluminescent display device

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070118781

An organic electroluminescent display device employing a demultiplexer to reduce the number of output lines of a data driver. The display device uses the demultiplexer to store a data voltage in a data line, and supplies the stored data voltage to a pixel when a scan signal is applied, thereby displaying an image. Here, the data voltage supplied to the pixel is lowered because an electric charge is shared between a data line capacitor and a storage capacitor in the pixel. To compensate for the lowered data voltage, an auxiliary capacitor is provided for generating a compensation voltage. Here, the auxiliary capacitor increases the data voltage according to a level change of the scan signal. Therefore, a decrease in level of the voltage applied to the pixel is reduced or prevented so that DC/DC efficiency is enhanced without lowering a power supply voltage and a reference voltage.

In-line type fuel supply device in fuel injection device

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070113830

To enhance pump ability and freedom of a device, a fuel discharge passage 8 is connected to a fuel injection valve J with a first fuel pipe 13, a second fuel pipe 14 branched from the first fuel pipe 13 is connected to a regulator fuel flow-in passage 55 of a pressure regulator R, a regulator fuel control hole 56 is connected to a fuel tank T with a third fuel pipe 15, a fuel flow-in chamber 6 at a lower part of the pump case 1 is connected to an upper part of the pump case 1 through a cylindrical space 9, the fuel flow-in chamber 6 is connected to the fuel tank T through a fuel flow-in pipe 12, and a vapor discharge hole 10 opened on an upper space 7 is connected to the fuel tank T through a fourth fuel pipe 16.

System and Method for Integrated Dye Sublimation Photo Printer Paper Tray

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070115334

An information handling system dye sublimation printer stores paper in an enclosed tray that couples to the printer housing and transitions between a storage configuration and a print configuration. The storage configuration reduces the footprint of the printer by aligning with the length and width of the printer housing. The print configuration aligns the tray with a print mechanism to feed paper for printing of photographic information as an image transferred by the print mechanism. In one storage configuration embodiment, the tray removeably couples to the top of the printer housing to protect the printer's operating panel. In another embodiment, the printer housing removeably couples to the bottom of the printer housing. In another embodiment, a rotationally hinged mechanism connects the printer housing and the tray to transition between the storage and print configurations with reduced risk of separation of the tray from the printer.

Image forming device

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070116483

An image forming device includes a toner pattern forming unit that forms a first toner pattern and a second toner pattern downstream of the first toner pattern along a direction of advance of the transfer belt on the transfer belt. The first toner pattern is configured to include color patches of which a color density gradually differs so that, when detected by a sensor, a fluctuation of the toner density is adjusted by a feedback data. The second toner pattern is configured to prevent a cleaning blade from being twisted by a friction of an intermediate belt due to the toner lubrication.

Room temperature phosphorescence apparatus and methods

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070117215

A method for monitoring a chemical component in an industrial water system comprises irradiating a liquid sample from an industrial water system, containing at least one chemical component to be monitored, with light from an excitation light source. Room temperature phosphorescence emitted from the sample is detected after irradiation. The concentration of the chemical component to be monitored is then calculated from the detected room temperature phosphorescence. The liquid sample includes at least one room temperature phosphorescent material (RTPM) and at least one heavy atom perturber (HAP) dissolved therein. The HAP is present in the sample at a concentration sufficient to induce phosphorescence activity in the RTPM. The liquid sample is irradiated in a manner sufficient to induce the RTPM within the sample to emit room temperature phosphorescence, and the calculated concentration of the chemical component to be monitored is a function of the room temperature phosphorescence intensity or temporal metric. A phosphorimeter for measuring room temperature phosphorescence is also described.

Method and apparatus for reducing stress in word line driver transistors during erasure

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070115729

In a method of erasing flash memory cells, the flash memory cells organized in selectable memory blocks, the erasing step comprising applying an erase pulse voltage to a commonly biased cell well of at least one selected and at least one unselected memory blocks, the method comprising the steps of: raising the erase pulse voltage to a first intermediate voltage less than a target erase pulse voltage; maintaining the erase pulse voltage at the first intermediate voltage for a first period of time; after the first time period, raising the erase pulse voltage to the target erase pulse voltage; and maintaining the erase pulse voltage at the target erase pulse voltage during an erase operation.

Manufacture of fuel cell

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070116999

A fuel cell is manufactured using a polymer electrolyte membrane (1). A catalyst layer (12) is formed at fixed intervals on the surface of the strip-form polymer electrolyte membrane (1) in the lengthwise direction thereof, and conveyance holes (10) are formed in series at fixed intervals on the two side portions thereof. By rotating a conveyance roller (32) comprising on its outer periphery projections which engage with the holes (10), the polymer electrolyte membrane (1) is fed from a reel (9). A GDL (6) and a separator (7) are adhered to the fed polymer electrolyte membrane (1) at a predetermined processing timing based on the rotation speed of the conveyance roller (32), and thus the fuel cell is manufactured efficiently while the GDL (6) and separator (7) are laminated onto the catalyst layer (12) accurately.


Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070115826

A multiple-access contention-free environment is disclosed for a local area network without using centralized control and without using information contained in the data. Data collisions are eliminated by buffering data from connected devices when the bus (or other common transportation media) is not available for immediate use. In one embodiment, the buffering is controlled by hubs that can accept information or hold it up for a period of time until the buffer clears. Buffer fullness can be used, if desired, as a measure as to which buffer to draw from first. When buffers are full, signals are sent to the stations to reduce their access to the network on a temporary basis.

Method for fabricating semiconductor device

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070117390

A method for fabricating a semiconductor device includes forming fuse lines over a substrate, forming a first insulation layer over the fuse lines, the first insulation layer including a silicon-rich oxynitride (SRON) layer at the top, forming a second insulation layer over the first insulation layer, the second insulation layer configured in a multiple-layer structure and including oxide-based materials, performing a first repair etching process to selectively etch the second insulation layer, performing a second repair etching process to remove the second insulation layer remaining after performing the first repair etching process, and performing a third repair etching process to etch the first insulation layer in a manner such that the first insulation layer remains with a predetermined thickness above the fuse lines.

Bundle of selectively permeable polysulfone-based hollow fiber membranes and process for manufacturing same

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070114167

The present invention provides polysulfone-based hollow fiber membranes having high water permeable performance and for use in therapy of chronic renal failures, said hollow fiber membranes having high safety and high stability in performance and being excellent in module-fabricating workability. The present invention also provides a process for manufacturing the same. The present invention relates to a bundle of a plurality of selectively permeable polysulfone-based hollow fiber membranes wherein the amount of a hydrophilic polymer eluting from each hollow fiber membrane is not larger than 10 ppm, and wherein the content of the hydrophilic polymer in the outer surface of the hollow fiber membrane is 25 to 50 mass %, and this bundle is characterized in that any of extracted solutions from ten fractions of said bundle, obtained by dividing the bundle at substantially regular intervals along the lengthwise direction, shows a maximum value of smaller than 0.10 in UV absorbance at a wavelength of 220 to 350 nm, with the proviso that the extracted solutions are obtained by the extraction method for tests regulated in the approval manufacturing standards for dialytic artificial kidney devices; and in that the difference between the maximum and the minimum out of the maximum values of UV absorbance of the extracted solutions from the respective fractions is not larger than 0.05.

Surgical Tools and method to facilitate spinal surgery

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070118134

A surgical method, tool, and system to facilitate spinal surgery includes locating an inferior pedicle and guiding a bone cutting device to the inferior pedicle. The bone cutting device is used to remove a necessary portion of the vertebral body to provide access to the disc space. Typically the bone cutting device is removed and a speculum is inserted along the bone cutter guide until the speculum contacts a disc annulus between the inferior vertebral body and a superior vertebral body. The speculum is moved to ensure the nerves are out of the surgical area. The speculum also provides a shield to inhibit inadvertent damage to the nerve why the surgeon is operating.

Data compression method and system

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070115964

A data compression method and system is disclosed. In one embodiment, the data compression method includes receiving a data packet. Also, the method includes compressing the data packet using a confirmed compression history, wherein the confirmed compression history includes previously acknowledged data packets. Further, the method includes sending a compressed data packet to a downstream device. Moreover, the method includes detecting a delivery acknowledgement associated with the compressed data packet. Continuing, the method includes updating the confirmed compression history by incorporating the data packet information into the confirmed compression history based upon receipt of the delivery acknowledgement.

Methods and algorithms for cell enumeration in a low-cost cytometer

Pub Date: 2007-05-24

Pub Number: US20070117158

The enumeration of cells in fluids by flow cytometry is widely used across many disciplines such as assessment of leukocyte subsets in different bodily fluids or of bacterial contamination in environmental samples, food products and bodily fluids. For many applications the cost, size and complexity of the instruments prevents wider use, for example, CD4 analysis in HIV monitoring in resource-poor countries. The novel device, methods and algorithms disclosed herein largely overcome these limitations. Briefly, all cells in a biological sample are fluorescently labeled, but only the target cells are also magnetically labeled. In addition, non-magnetically labeled cells are imaged for viability in a modified slide configuration. The labeled sample, in a chamber or cuvet, is placed between two wedge-shaped magnets to selectively move the magnetically labeled cells to the observation surface of the cuvet. An LED illuminates the cells and a CCD camera captures the images of the fluorescent light emitted by the target cells. Image analysis performed with a novel algorithm provides a count of the cells on the surface that can be related to the target cell concentration of the original sample. The compact cytometer system provides a rugged, affordable and easy-to-use technique, which can be used in remote locations.