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Auxiliary braking system

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070080581

The present invention discloses an auxiliary braking system, which is used to enable an actuation device having a braking interface to perform braking. The auxiliary braking system of the present invention comprises: a dynamic device controlled by a controller; a linking device coupled to the dynamic device; and a motion block installed at the linking device and able to contact the braking interface of the actuation device. When the dynamic device is initiated, the motion block is driven by the linking device to trigger the actuation device to perform braking. The auxiliary braking system of the present invention can be applied to a common vehicle to replace all-manual braking operation and make driving easier with high installation convenience without changing the original structure of the vehicle.

Wireless data acquisition system

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070083294

Data is acquired by a data acquisition unit and wirelessly transmitted to a data transfer device that wirelessly retransmits the data to a data processing device.

Halftone phase shift mask blank, halftone phase shift mask, and method of producing the same

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070082278

A halftone phase shift mask blank for use in manufacturing a halftone phase shift mask comprises a transparent substrate, a light transmitting portion formed on the substrate for transmitting an exposure light beam, a phase shifter portion formed on the substrate for transmitting a part of the exposure light beam as a transmitted light beam and for shifting a phase of the transmitted light beam by a predetermined amount, and a phase shifter film for forming the phase shifter portion. The halftone phase shift mask has an optical characteristic such that light beams passing through the light transmitting portion and through the phase shifter portion cancel each other in the vicinity of a boundary portion therebetween, thereby maintaining and improving an excellent contrast at a boundary portion of an exposure pattern to be transferred onto the surface of an object to be exposed. The phase shifter film comprises a film containing silicon, oxygen, and nitrogen as main components and an etching stopper film formed between the film and transparent substrate.

Ena nucleic acid drugs modifying splicing in mrna precursor

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070082861

Oligonucleotides having a nucleotide sequence complementary to nucleotide numbers such as 2571-2607, 2578-2592, 2571-2592, 2573-2592, 2578-2596, 2578-2601 or 2575-2592 of the dystrophin cDNA (Gene Bank accession No. NM_004006.1) and therapeutic agents for muscular dystrophy comprising such oligonucleotides.


Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070080733

A radiation hardened latch is presented. The radiation hardened latch uses two redundant inverter paths to duplicate an input signal. The duplicated inverter paths are coupled with a radiation hardened inverter that will only produce an inverted signal if both input signals have equivalent voltage levels. The radiation hardened inverter and its output signal produce a radiation hardened node that drives either one of the duplicated inverter paths back to an appropriate voltage level in the event of an SET. Because, the radiation hardened node and duplicated inverter paths are isolated, the latch may be optimized for factors such as signal speed and driving strength. These factors may be optimized without affecting radiation hardness. The radiation hardened latch may also be used to build more complex circuits such as a flip-flop.

Method of wicking ink away from a printhead

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070081007

A method of removing ink from an ink ejection face of a printhead is provided. The method comprises the steps of: (a) moving the ink towards an edge portion of the face; and (b) wicking the ink away from the edge portion.

Gas dispersion plate and manufacturing method therefor

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070079934

To provide an inexpensive gas dispersion plate having a high corrosion resistance to halogen-based corrosive gasses and a plasma thereof, and capable of preventing particle generation from the gas hole, thereby contributing to an improvement in the production yield of the semiconductor devices. The gas dispersion plate includes one or plural gas holes in a base material formed by a Y 2 O 3 ceramic material having a relative density of 96% or more, in which an edge part of the gas hole is formed by a sand blasting process into a rounded shape with a radius of curvature of 0.2 mm or more.

File system versioning using a log

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070083570

In one embodiment, a computing system comprises one or more processors, and a memory module communicatively connected to the one or more processors. The memory module comprises logic instructions which, when executed on the one or more processors configure the one or more processors to receive, in a computer-based data storage system, a data operation that changes the contents of a file system, log the data operation in a log, and use the log in a versioning file system to create versions of the file system objects.

Novel immunogenic compositions for the prevention and treatment of meningococcal disease

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070082006

The present invention relates to Neisseria ORF2086 proteins, crossreactive immunogenic proteins which can be isolated from nesserial strains or prepared recombinantly, including immunogenic portions thereof, biological equivalents thereof, antibodies that immunospecifically bind to the foregoing and nucleic acid sequences encoding each of the foregoing, as well as the use of same in immunogenic compositions that are effective against infection by Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B.

System and method for navigation by advertising landmark

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070083428

The invention comprises a system and method for advertising by the display of routes of travel in which advertisements are employed as sensory landmarks positioned on or near the route of travel. Selection of the particular landmark advertisement to be displayed may be according to a variety of methods such as direction of approach, proximity to direction of travel, personal user profile or preferences, Internet cookies, referring site information, or other methods.

Monitoring statistics and profile information for JDBC resources

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070083526

A statistics monitoring component can be used to maintain statistics concerning client accesses to the connection pool and the prepared statement cache.

Variable motion control devices for transmission and other implementations and methods of use thereof

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070082779

Numerous implementations of variable motion control devices and methods of use thereof. The devices and methods provide variable output to such output devices as vehicles. The variable motion control devices are locatable between output devices and power sources, such as in vehicle transmission applications between the engine and driveline, wherein an output of a power source is input into the device, which, in turn, provides a variable output to the vehicle drive line or other output application.

Carrier, developer including the carrier, and image forming apparatus using the develper

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070082286

A carrier including a magnetic core material and a layer located on a surface of the magnetic core material, wherein the carrier satisfies the following relationships (1) to (3): 0.90(a/b)1.00 (1); 200(bc)400 (2); 10(b/c)20 (3), wherein b represents a magnetization of the carrier at 1,000 Oe, a represents a magnetization of the carrier after frictionized with a cylindrical sleeve under a specific condition and c represents a true specific gravity of the carrier, wherein the carrier has a weight-average particle diameter of about 25 to about 65 m and includes carrier particles having a weight-average particle diameter not greater than about 12 m in an amount of not greater than about 0.3% by weight, wherein a ratio between the weight-average particle diameter and a number-average particle diameter of the carrier is about 1 to about 1.3, and wherein an electric resistance is from about 1.010 9 to about 1.010 11 cm when an AC voltage represented by the following formula (4) is applied at a frequency of 1,000 Hz to a magnetic brush of the carrier is formed between parallel plate electrodes having a gap of d mm such that magnetic brush has a space occupancy of 40%: E(V)=250d (4), wherein d is 0.400.05 mm and E is a peak voltage.

System and method for performance testing framework

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070083630

The present invention enables a performance testing framework that enables multiple components working together to test a deployed application automatically in an unattended manner and to analyze the test results easily. At very high level, the performance framework can run performance tests on a tested system with one or more variations without user intervention and save the test results and configuration metadata to a database for later analysis. It can also provide reporting facilities to summarize, query, and analyze results information both within a variation and between variations. This description is not intended to be a complete description of, or limit the scope of, the invention. Other features, aspects, and objects of the invention can be obtained from a review of the specification, the FIGS., and the claims.


Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070081783

A waveguide device used for a planar display device having an image source for emitting modulated light beams and a display panel for displaying an image. The waveguide device includes a slab waveguide having a light entrance plane and a light exit plane, a lens array comprising a plurality of lenses disposed in the form of a matrix for individually tuning and guiding corresponding modulated light beams to desired positions on the light entrance plane of the slab waveguide, a wedge waveguide for receiving modulated light beams emitted from the light exit plane of the slab waveguide and emitting the received modulated light beams to the display panel to form the image, and a fixing device for fixing the wedge waveguide to the slab waveguide.

Leveling device for lifting apparatus and associated methods

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070080549

A leveling device for a lifting apparatus having a load-carrying member includes a level arm-carrying member and a pair of leveling arms having a first end pivotally connected thereto that are independently moveable between extended and retracted positions. The leveling device also includes a level sensor carried by the load-carrying member, and a controller in communication with the level sensor. The controller moves the leveling arms between the extended and retracted positions responsive to the level sensor sensing the load-carrying member being out of level.


Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070083064

A compound represented by the formula A F (COF) n , provided that A F and n have the following meanings.

Surfactant mixtures for improving the deposition of active substances and for reducing the skin irritant action

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070081953

A use of mixtures of surfactants which form multilamellar liquid-crystalline structures, where the surfactants are chosen from at least two of the following groups formed from isethionates, taurates, sarcosinates, acyl lactylates, acyl glutamates, fatty acid-protein condensates, PEG stearates, PEG distearates with an HLB value of less than 10, alkyl polyglycosides and betaines for reducing the skin irritant action of cosmetic and/or pharmaceutical formulations which are applied to the skin, and for improving hair structure is described.

Water reuse in food processing

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070082594

Methods and systems enable reuse of water in processing of animals into food. In one method, water used in processing of animals into food is received. The water is treated so as to convert the water into a treated from capable of being reused in the processing of the animals into food. The treating includes reducing the amount of solid particles in the water and adding gas to the water. The treated water is provided to be used in the food processing.

Thin film transistor and method for fabrication of an electronic device

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070082438

A method for fabricating an electronic device is disclosed, the method comprising depositing a first layer of insulator over a substrate, depositing a first layer portion over the insulator using a printing technique, and removing a portion of the insulator using a photo-exposure technique or an etching technique, using the first layer portion as a mask. A vertical short channel thin film transistor is also disclosed, the transistor comprising a substrate, a first electrode formed over the substrate, a first layer of insulator formed over a portion of the first electrode, a second electrode formed over the first layer of insulator, a semiconductor layer forming a channel between the first and second electrodes, a dielectric layer formed over the semiconductor layer, and a gate electrode formed over the dielectric layer, wherein the gate electrode spans at least a part of the channel between the first and second electrodes.

Data backup devices and methods for backing up data

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070083355

A data backup system comprises an emulation component and a storage device having logical storage areas. The emulation component is configured to represent a first logical storage area of the storage device, such as a solid state memory or a disk drive partition, as if it were an auto-launch device. Accordingly, a data source, such as a personal computer, will interact with the first logical storage area as if it were the auto-launch device. As some operating systems are configured to recognize auto-launch devices upon connection and automatically execute applications stored thereon, merely connecting the data backup system to a data source running such an operating system can cause a backup application stored by the first logical storage area to automatically execute on the data source to selectively back up data to a second logical storage area of the storage device.

Methods and apparatus for inducing, monitoring and controlling renal neuromodulation

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070083239

Methods and apparatus are provided for inducing, monitoring and controlling renal neuromodulation using a pulsed electric field to effectuate electroporation or electrofusion. In some embodiments, tissue impedance, conductance or conductivity may be monitored to determine the effects of pulsed electric field therapy, e.g., to determine an extent of electroporation and its degree of irreversibility. Pulsed electric field electroporation of tissue causes a decrease in tissue impedance and an increase in tissue conductivity. If induced electroporation is reversible, upon cessation of the pulsed electric field, tissue impedance and conductivity should approximate baseline levels; however, if electroporation is irreversible, impedance and conductivity changes should persist. Thus, monitoring of impedance or conductivity may be utilized to determine the onset of electroporation and to determine the type or extent of electroporation. Furthermore, monitoring data may be used in one or more manual or automatic feedback loops to control the electroporation.


Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070080638

The present invention relates to a plasma display panel including electrodes. In the plasma display panel according to an embodiment of the present invention, an area of a scan electrode is larger than that of a sustain electrode. Therefore, a jitter characteristic improves.

Method and apparatus for passively exercising abdominal muscles

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070082792

The invention includes for passively exercising a person's abdomen to strengthen the person's abdominal muscles and improve the person's posture. The apparatus includes an adjustable pole to be positioned in or near a doorway. An obstruction extends from the pole in front a portion of the doorway. The distance of the obstruction from the pole is adjustable to set the portion of the doorway which is covered. According to the method, the apparatus is positioned to obscure a portion of a doorway. The person must tighten his or her abdominal muscles and stand straight to slide past the obstruction. Thus, the person receives passive reminders to stand straight and to exercise his or her abdominal muscles.


Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070080601

A commutator for an electrical machine, which has a plurality of laminations that have contact faces and are separated from one another by slots in which, in the laminations, at least one groove is provided in the contact face, which groove extends essentially in the longitudinal direction of the respective lamination. As a result, the frequency with which the brushes are excited by the commutator can be increased, which has a favorable effect on noise.

Curable fiberglass binder comprising a polyacetal or polyketal

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070083004

A curable formaldehyde-free binding composition for use with fiberglass is provided. Such curable composition comprises an acid-catalyzed reaction product of an aldehyde or ketone with a multihydric alcohol. When heated, the composition forms polyacetal or polyketal that undergoes curing to form a water-insoluble resin binder which exhibits good adhesion to glass. In a preferred embodiment, maleic anhydride initially serves as a catalyst and subsequently enters into a cross-linking reaction during curing to form a poly(ester-acetal). Also, in a preferred embodiment, the fiberglass is in the form of building insulation. In other embodiments the product can be a microglass-based substrate for use in a printed circuit board, battery separator, filter stock, or reinforcement scrim.

Magnetic pigment

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070082360

Magnetic particles with an outer glass surface being essentially poreless or having pores of a diameter of less then 10 nm as well as ferromagnetic particles with a glass surface are preferentially useful for the isolation of biological material from samples. They provide a quick and reliable purification.

Adjusting light intensity

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070081130

Embodiments of adjusting light intensity are disclosed.

Transparent/translucent absorbent composites and articles

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070083175

The present invention provides a translucent absorbent composite having a substrate with a light transmittance of at least about 60% and an absorbent material applied to the substrate. The absorbent layer contains an absorbent prepared from a water soluble ionic polymer having about 15 to about 99.9% by mass monoethylenically unsaturated polymer units having at least one functional group and about 0.1 to about 20% by mass ester units selected from the group consisting of acrylate and methacrylate ester units having an alkoxysilane functionality, wherein the absorbent composite has a light transmittance of at least 45%. Also provided are absorbent articles containing the absorbent composite.

Multiple quality of service file system

Pub Date: 2007-04-12

Pub Number: US20070083482

The invention relates to a multiple QoS file system and methods of processing files at different QoS according to rules. The invention allocates multiple VLUNs at different qualities of service to the multiQoS file system. Using the rules, the file system chooses an initial QoS for a file when created. Thereafter, the file system moves files to different QoS using rules. Users of the file system see a single unified space of files, while administrators place files on storage with the new cost and performance according to attributes of the files. A multiQoS file system enhances the descriptive information for each file to contain the chosen QoS for the file.