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Methods and means for increasing the tolerance of plants to stress conditions

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060185038

Methods and means are provided to increase the tolerance of plants to abiotic stress or adverse growing conditions, including drought, high light intensities, high temperatures, nutrient limitations and the like by reducing the activity of endogenous PARG proteins in plants.

Radio network controller, a mobile communication system, and a neighbor cell list filtering method

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060183482

The present invention provides a mobile communication system, a radio network controller (RNC), and a neighbor cell list filtering method which can control the selection of a frequency to be used at the hard handover performed in a network environment using a plurality of frequency bands and frequencies to reduce the number of activation of the compressed mode operation as much as possible. The RNC produces a filtered neighbor cell list by using information contained in the UE capability indication reported by the user equipment and the use priority data on frequencies designated by the network operator, and neighbor cell information only suitable for the handover is left in the neighbor cell list and notified to the user equipment.

Processes for making temporary wet strength additives

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060183867

Processes for making temporary wet strength additives, more particularly, processes for oxidizing a homo-crosslinking monomeric unit present in a polymer comprising the homo-crosslinking monomeric unit and a cationic monomeric unit to produce a temporary wet strength additive are provided.

Conductor pipe of a temperature conductor

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060180297

The conductor pipe of a temperature conductor generally includes a conduction seat frame and a complex group of conductor pipes. And, the conduction seat frame is provided with an expanded surface and a narrow surface, whereas a mounting surface at one side can be mounted onto some heating units. The connecting side of conductor pipe is fixed into the conduction seat frame. The conductor pipes are radially arranged on expanded surface of conduction seat frame, while the end of conductor pipes spreads out spatially. Moreover, the conductor pipe is designed with spiral or curved profiles. Based on this innovative design, the number of installed and distributed conductor pipes can be multiplied considerably, so the conductor pipe offers a maximum piping length within a limited space, thereby promoting significantly temperature transfer effect thanks to its higher practicability.

Multiple signal intermodulation reduction system

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060181344

An intermodulation product reduction or cancellation amplifier received two input signals that are split in quadrature wherein the inphase outputs are summed and then amplified as an inphase signal, and the quadrature outputs are fixed-phase phase-shifted, then summed and then amplified as a quadrature signal. The inphase and quadrature signals are fed into an output hybrid for canceling intermodulation products, where the fixed-phase phase shift is +/60 for reducing 3rd order, +/36 for reducing 5th order, and +/25.71 for reducing 7th order intermodulation products, for examples, for improved signal communications of the two signals over a common antenna or link.

Data processing apparatus and control method for a data processing apparatus

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060184781

A data processing apparatus comprising: flash ROM that can communicate with a CPU, the flash ROM comprises a boot sector that stores a boot selector program, a first boot sector and a second boot sector each storing a boot program that is selectively called by the boot selector program. The CPU executes the boot selector program to select the first boot sector or the second boot sector each storing a boot program to be executed. The CPU executes the selected boot program to verify a version code stored in a main sector and the selected boot sector. The CPU executes a main program when the version code in the main sector matches the version code in the selected boot sector.

Method of manufacturing micromirror array and method of manufacturing optical device having micromirror

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060181762

A method of manufacturing a micromirror array and a method of manufacturing an optical device having a micromirror. The method of manufacturing a micromirror array includes forming an adhesion layer on a substrate and a magnetic layer on the adhesion layer, patterning the adhesion layer and magnetic layer, magnetizing the magnetic layer and forming a bonding layer on each side of the adhesion layer and the magnetic layer. The substrate is severed into units, each unit including the adhesion layer, the magnetic layer, and the bonding layer. A mirror surface is formed on a side of the substrate to form a unit micromirror structure. The unit micromirror structure is then placed in a holder to form a micromirror array.

Trailing arm for a vehicle suspension

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060181047

A trailing arm has a first side portion with an axle recess and a second side portion with an axle recess. An upper portion of the trailing arm is defined at least partially by overlapping portions of the first side portion and the second side portion. The overlapping portions define a weld aperture in the upper portion and a suspension aperture.

Apparatus and method for illuminating a rod

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060181872

The invention provides an apparatus that illuminates a rod (130) comprising a plurality of light emitting diode chips (110), the light emitting diode chips (110) forming at least one multi-chip package; at least one reflector (120), the reflector optically connected to the multi-chip package (110); and an output rod (130), the output rod optically connected to the reflector (120).

Low intensity light therapy for treatment of retinal, macular, and visual pathway disorders

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060184214

Disclosed is a system and method for treatment of cells and, in particular, visual pathway disorders. More particularly, the disclosed invention is directed toward the photomodulation and/or photorejuvenation of retinal epithelial cells, to treat a variety of vision disorders. The process of treating retinal cells to reduce or reverse the effects of visual pathway disorders employs a narrowband source of multichromatic light applied to the retinal cells to deliver a very low energy fluence.

Ionic air conditioning system

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060180027

The air conditioning system includes a housing having a vent portion and an ion generating unit positioned in the housing. The ion generating unit includes a first electrode, at least one second electrode, and a voltage generator that provides a constant potential difference between the first electrode and the second electrode. The second electrode is removable through a bottom surface of the housing from a resting position within the housing to a location external to the housing, and the second electrode is returnable through the bottom surface of the housing.

Ink jet sheet

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060182905

The present invention provides an ink jet sheet which has biodegradability and prevents blurring of recorded images as well as ensures excellent image qualities which have been essentially required for conventional ink jet sheets. The ink jet sheet has a support and an ink receiving layer provided on at least one surface of the support, wherein the support has biodegradability, and the ink receiving layer contains poly(diallydimethylammonium chloride) (A), a dimethylamine-epichlorohydrin polymer (B), and, as a binder, a biodegradable resin (C).

Impeller draft tube, shroud, impeller and aerator

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060180949

A shroud for an impeller used for aeration of contaminated water, has a front portion for a propeller, behind it is a rear portion with separate apertures for water and air, the air aperture accommodates the propeller shaft. A draft tube connected to the shroud has a stub tube at the rear end for air ingress. The propeller shaft passes through the draft tube, and a bearing box to a motor. The draft tube has a rear attachment plate to which the bearing box is attached. The bearing box has a bearing for the shaft held in place by a retainer, it also is attached at its rear to a motor mounting plate, on which the motor is mounted. The impeller is mounted on a swivel arm mounted pivotally on a frame, typically on a raft. The swivel arm allows the impeller to be positioned angularly and lockably in a plurality of angular positions from horizontal to vertical.

Organization of dirty bits for a write-back cache

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060184745

A cache system is constructed in accordance with an architecture that comprises a tag array into which tags are stored that are used to determine whether a hit or a miss into the cache system has occurred. Further, the cache system comprises a data array into which cache lines of data are stored, each cache line comprising a plurality of sub-lines, and each sub-line is adapted to be written back to a system memory separate from the other sub-lines. The cache system also comprises a controller coupled to the tag and data arrays. The tag array includes a cache-line dirty bit associated with each cache line and the data array includes a plurality of dirty bits for each cache line. The plurality of dirty bits comprises one sub-line dirty bit for each sub-line.

Optical information recording medium and optical information recording/reproducing system

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060182010

It is an object to provide an optical information recording medium for land/groove recording, capable of recording at a plurality of linear speeds, wherein deterioration of jitter of the reproduction signal is prevented in recording and reproduction at low linear speeds. To this end, there is provided an optical information recording medium having a land/groove structure and being capable of recording at a plurality of linear speeds, wherein the ratio (SH/SL) of the maximum recordable linear speed (SH) to the minimum recordable linear speed (SL) has a value of 2 to 3, and the ratio (RG/RL) of the amount of light reflected from a groove (RG) in an unrecorded state to the amount of light reflected from a land (RL) in an unrecorded state has a value of at least 1.08 and no more than 1.19.

System and method for enterprise policy management

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060184490

Apparatus for computer network management, comprising: a knowledge definer, operable for defining a knowledge module comprised of a plurality of knowledge items, hierarchically arranged according to technologies, each of the knowledge items comprising possible values for a configuration activity of one of the technologies. The apparatus further includes a policy definer, associated with the knowledge definer, operable for defining at least one technical policy based on the knowledge module, usable for overriding selected values of the possible values while keeping remaining values of the possible values, the technical policy inheriting from the knowledge module.

Wall and ceiling construction and method providing a finished construction with no exterior penetrations

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060179761

An improved wall and/or ceiling construction and method suitable for both interior and exterior application comprised of compressed straw or other such construction panels wherein the finished wall contains no exterior surface penetrations through the panels, thus providing a substantially seamless outer surface. The improved construction is comprised of spaced and aligned flanged beams, each beam having both interior and exterior flanges. Exterior panels are attached to the exterior flanges so as to provide a continuous exterior wall or roof surface with all attachments made through the exterior flanges and penetrating only the inside surface of the panels. Interior panels are attached to the interior flanges by means of a connecting clip along a first edge and a plurality of disc connectors along a second edge so as to provide a continuous interior wall or ceiling surface with no penetrations therethrough. The flanged beams are provided with a plurality of openings that provide a pathway for cables and wiring along the interior of a finished wall or ceiling. The construction and method may be adapted for use with existing conventional wall constructions to utilize only interior panels and provide an interior wall with no surface penetrations.

Peripheral brachytherapy of protruding conformable organs

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060183959

A system for and method of applying non-invasive brachytherapy to a targeted volume within a protruding organ of a patient, employs an applicator constructed so as to be positioned relative to the organ so that an enhanced dose of divergent radiation is deliverable from at least two locations at or very near the periphery of the organ transcutaneously to the targeted volume of the protruding organ from at least two directions so that a higher dose is delivered to the targeted volume than to tissue surrounding the targeted volume. The treatment planning, and image guidance techniques are also described.

Method and system for exchanging description data between projects

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060184715

Method and system for exchanging description data between projects The invention relates to a system and a method for exchanging application-oriented description data between projects, in particular between engineering projects in the field of automation. It makes it possible to exchange description data, in particular application-oriented engineering data, between sub-projects in an efficient and reliable manner. The storage and subsequent exchange of relevant description data relating to objects, such that all the information required for communication between sub-projects is available, are ensured by means of the system and the method. The description data is stored on a shared basis in so-called inter-projcet interfaces( IPI).

Drive device for a transverse drawing system for films of synthetic material

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060180437

The invention relates to drawing systems using a series of jaws for the support, transport and drawing of the film (2), which are supported and guided by rails and driven by endless chains (3), connecting the jaws between the above. Each chain (3) is driven by two toothed wheels (6, 7) of large diameter (D), one wheel (6) located at the beginning of the forward run (4) and the other wheel (7) located at the rear end of the return run (5) of the chain (3). Each wheel (6, 7) is provided with motorised rotational drive means, said means being synchronised with each other. Such a drive device finds application in high speed drawing machines.

Tray positioning device for stacking of product and method of use

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060180435

A system and method designed to position a tray for either horizontal stacking or vertical stacking of product. The system includes a stationary conveyor and a tray carriage in a tray transportation path with the conveyor. The tray carriage is moveable between an elevated, horizontal position and an inclined position. Guides are located near the tray carriage to guide the tray carriage into the inclined position.


Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060182072

A communications network comprises two or more cell sites for communication with wireless terminals. At least one of the cell sites has multiple receive antennas. A central site has one or more interface controllers and a switch system through which the controllers are connected to the cell sites. For each controller in communication with a wireless terminal, a cell site is selected for reception of signals from the terminal, and for each selected cell site having more than one receive antenna, an antenna within the site is selected for reception from the terminal.


Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060180174

A method and system is described for treating a substrate with a high pressure fluid, such as carbon dioxide in a supercritical state. A process chemistry containing a process peroxide is introduced to the high pressure fluid for treating the substrate surface. The peroxide-based chemistry is used in conjunction with an initiator, wherein the initiator facilitates the formation of a radical of the process peroxide.

Folding wheel retainer for wheel lift system

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060181052

A wheel lift system for use with a transporter vehicle is provided. The wheel lift system comprises a boom assembly, a cross bar supported at a distal end of the boom assembly, a first arm supported at the cross bar and configured to move between a stowed position and a use position, and a second arm movably coupled to the first arm and configured to move between a stowed position and a use position. A cam is provided for moving the second arm from the use position to the stowed position. The wheel lift system may optionally include an unfolding mechanism for moving the second arm from the stowed position to the use position.

Surgery data display device, surgery data storing device, and surgery data storing display method

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060184160

A surgery data storing device according to the present invention comprises a surgery data storing section which associates surgery data to a predetermined time and stores this to a storing device, and an event data storing section which associates the event data to the predetermined time according to an occurrence of a predetermined event and stores this.

Method for improving image quality

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060181621

Methods for improving image quality of a digital image are disclosed herein.

Radio communication system

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060183494

In a radio communication system having a primary station and a plurality of secondary stations, the power of uplink and downlink channels between the primary station and a secondary station is controlled in a closed loop manner by each station transmitting power control commands to the other station. In response to these commands the receiving station adjusts its output power in steps. By combining a plurality of received power control commands before adjusting its output power the receiving station may emulate the ability to use a smaller power control step size than its minimum, thereby improving performance under certain channel conditions. In one embodiment when the required power control step size is less than the minimum step size of a particular station, that station processes a group of power control commands to determine whether to adjust its output power by its minimum step size. In an alternative embodiment the power control step size is fixed when the combining algorithm is used. The invention is applicable to power control in both primary and secondary stations.

Continuous finishing apparatus for slide fastener

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060179648

The invention is a continuous finishing apparatus for a slide fastener having a slider introduction portion for successively introducing a slider by intermittently running a slide fastener chain, wherein, a slider introduction member thrusts into the space portion when the slider held by a slider holding member is brought into a space portion and set therein, moves downstream of the slide fastener chain within the space portion, holds an engaging element disposed at a downstream end portion of the space portion, and then, continues to move to the downstream for carrying the slide fastener chain, and wherein the slider is introduced and set along the same chain upon this carriage. Because the slider introduction member carries the slide fastener by holding the engaging elements on an edge of the fastener tape, which is least elongated, no disagreement occurs in position of corresponding right and left engaging elements.

Techniques to configure radio-frequency identification readers

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060181395

A system, apparatus and method to configure a radio-frequency identification reader may be described. For example, the apparatus may comprise a radio-frequency identification device to store configuration information for a radio-frequency identification reader. Other embodiments are described and claimed.

Method and apparatus for improving the quality of reconstructed information

Pub Date: 2006-08-17

Pub Number: US20060182337

Image processing apparatus and methods according to the present invention are described in which data for each color channel are separately processed, on a pixel by pixel basis, such that the data associated with the primary color channel is filtered less than the crosstalk information associated with a non-primary color channel. In a specific embodiment, the data associated with the primary color channel is not filtered at all. When data is processed manner, minimal loss of image detail results, with a significant reduction in crosstalk noise.