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Integrated circuits and packaging substrates with cavities, and attachment methods including insertion of protruding contact pads into cavities

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050212127

A packaging substrate (310) includes a semiconductor interposer (120) and at least one other intermediate substrate (110), e.g. a BT substrate. The semiconductor interposer has first contact pads (136C) attachable to dies (124) above the interposer, and second contact pads (340) attachable to circuitry below the interposer. Through vias (330) are made in the semiconductor substrate (140) of the interposer (120). Conductive paths going through the through vias connect the first contact pads (136C) to the second contact pads (340). The second contact pads (340) protrude on the bottom surface of the interposer. These protruding contact pads (340) are inserted into vias (920) formed in the top surface of the BT substrate. The vias provide a strong mechanical connection and facilitate the interposer handling, especially if the interposer is thin. In some embodiments, an interposer or a die (124.1) has vias in the top surface. Protruding contact pads (340.1, 340.2) of another die (124.1, 124.2) are inserted into these vias to provide a strong connection.

Vehicle windshield having antenna

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050212709

A vehicle windshield having an antenna is provided. The windshield comprises a front portion including a region for securing a field of view for a driver of a vehicle, and two side portions each extending along the side of the vehicle bending from the side of the front portion. The side portions are integrally formed with the front portion, respectively. At least one antenna element is provided at a bent portion in a boundary between the front portion and each of the side portions.

Card connector

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050215098

The present invention provides a card connector in which heat dissipation of a card can be performed by means of a heatsink without requiring any operation of the heatsink by the consumer. The card connector comprises a heatsink for contacting one surface of the card that is inserted into a connector part, and a push rod for ejecting the card. The push rod has a cam having a first cam surface which acts so that the heatsink moves away from the one surface of the card at the time of the insertion of the card, and a second cam surface which acts so that the heatsink moves away from the one surface of the card during the ejection of the card.

Guided retractor and methods of use

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050215862

The present invention provides methods and apparatus in which a surgical retractor comprises a plurality of mechanically coupled tissue retaining walls that are guided into position along one or more guides previously implanted into the patient. The walls are preferably coupled by pivots, so that separating some of the walls from one another opens an operating space. There are preferably two guides, which are driven or screwed into the pedicles of vertebrae, or other bone. Oversized channels are best disposed in a frame, which also serves to hold lock the walls apart. Various convenience features are contemplated including a web disposed between the walls, which expands as the walls are separated. Also contemplated are projections from near the bottoms of one or more of the walls, which can alternatively or additionally help to hold the underlying tissue in place.

Prismatic battery module and method for manufacturing the same

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050214638

A prismatic battery module includes a prismatic battery case having a plurality of prismatic cell cases connected to one another through separation walls, a planar electroconductive connector forming part of the separation wall between the cell cases, an electrode plate group arranged in each cell case, and an electrolyte placed in each cell case. Lead portions of positive electrode plates and negative electrode plates of the electrode plate group are directly connected to the electroconductive connector. The prismatic battery module requires fewer connection points and provides shorter electrical communication paths, thereby reducing internal resistance.

Connecting coupling with a sliding sleeve and collet chucks

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050212289

In order to provide a connecting coupling whose structure has increased stability and which is used for transmitting gaseous and/or liquid fluids, especially for filling the petrol tank of vehicles, comprising a sliding sleeve (18) which is used to lock collet chucks (15) above a connecting nipple, a guide sleeve (38) with longitudinal grooves is provided between the sliding sleeve (18) and the collet chucks (15). The collet chucks are guided inside the longitudinal grooves.

Cap assembly and secondary battery with same

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050214634

A secondary battery includes a container an electrode assembly mounted in the container having a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and a separator interposed between the positive electrode and the negative electrode, and a cap assembly fixed to the container to seal the container. The cap assembly includes a cap plate having a terminal, a current breaker electrically connected to the cap plate; and a vent plate having a safety vent electrically connected to the current breaker, the shape of the vent plate being altered by the internal pressure of the secondary battery to alter the shape of the current breaker, and the current breaker cutting off the current path of the cap assembly.

Method and apparatus for operating lotteries and for generating and processing lottery entries

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050215308

A system and process for generating, distributing, and processing lottery tickets guaranteed to win a drawing-based prize. Tickets are appropriately priced, and are validated at point of sale by a central server in which the ticket information is stored. Subsequent to each lottery drawing, the winning lottery numbers are compared to the entries in a never-lose ticket database to determine if any of the entries match the winning number. Winning entries are appropriately identified and tagged as inactive, while entries that have not yet won a drawing-based prize remain active for future drawings. Ticket pricing methodology is provided for appropriately pricing never-lose tickets. A method and apparatus are further provided whereby a ticket holder may query the status of a never-lose ticket directly from the server.

Combination of transplantation and oncolytic virus treatment

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050214266

Oncolytic viruses can be used to purge cellular compositions to remove undesired neoplastic cells before the cellular compositions are used for transplantation. The present invention relates to the use of a virus to pre-treat a subject prior to delivery into the subject a transplant that has been purged with the same virus. This pre-treatment serves to elicit an immune response in the subject against the virus, thereby protecting the subject from infections by the virus after receiving the transplant, which likely contains infectious viruses.

Unification type cap assembly containing protection circuit board and secondary battery comprising the same

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050214597

An integral cap assembly comprising a top cap mounted as a base plate to an opening of a battery can and a cap subassembly including a protective circuit module and the like integrally mounted on the top cap, a method for manufacturing a secondary battery comprising the same, and a secondary battery manufactured thereby are disclosed. The cap assembly is provided as an integral member comprising the top cap acting as the base plate, and the cap subassembly having the protective circuit module provided thereon, thereby simplifying a manufacturing process of the battery while minimizing frequency of defective products. Additionally, the integral cap assembly is manufactured through insert injection molding, thereby providing notable advantages over the conventional technology.

Fan unit for a ventilator

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050210622

The invention relates to fan units for ventilators, in particular for CPAP-apparatus. The fan units comprise a housing, a motor having a stator and a rotor, with the stator being affixed to the housing, and an impeller affixed to the rotor. According to an embodiment the motor is positioned in the suction area of the impeller and the housing forms a suction channel extending helically about the motor axis and being arranged such that the sucked air is accelerated in the direction of rotation of the motor. According to another embodiment the housing in the proximity of the fixtures of the motor is formed such that the housing acts as spring element itself. According to another embodiment a tissue is provided in the fan unit through which the air flows after its compression by the impeller. According to another embodiment a suction port is affixed on the outside of the housing of the fan unit, and a tissue for sound damping is provided in the transition region between the suction port and a suction channel formed by the housing.


Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050211444

A deflectable in-line swivel that permits axial deflection of a tubular string is presented. The in-line swivel is preferably constructed as a ball and socket design whereby the ball of a swivel mandrel is permitted to articulate within a socket of a retainer sub. The system preferably includes a thrust bearing to allow the tensile loads to be carried across the swivel.

Phase plate and an optical data recording/reproducing device

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050213212

A phase plate having a reduced size and a reduced weight and having accurately parted regions while it has the same function as a conventional two-parted optical rotation plate and an optical data recording/reproducing device capable of stably recording and reproducing are presented.

Air cooling generator

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050212299

A generator includes a housing, an engine, a first main impeller rotatably mounted in the engine, a first secondary impeller rotatably mounted in the housing and located outside of the engine, a generating body, a second main impeller rotatably mounted in the generating body, and a second secondary impeller rotatably mounted in the housing and located outside of the generating body. Thus, the first secondary impeller and the second secondary impeller can dissipate the heat produced from the engine and the generating body, thereby enhancing the heat dissipation effect of the generator, and thereby increasing the lifetime of the generator.

Data transmission method, data reception method, data transport method, data transmission device, data reception device, data transfer system, and communication terminal

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050213638

On a transmitting side, input data is separated into a first data row and a second data row by the unit of predetermined symbol; one code is selected among a plurality of orthogonal codes in accordance with the separated second data row; the first data row is diffused using the selected code; and the diffused first data row is modulated to be transmitted. On a receiving side, a receiving signal is inversely diffused individually using the same plurality of orthogonal codes as the orthogonal codes on the transmitting side; a signal which is inversely diffused using a correct orthogonal code is selected among the inversely-diffused respective receiving signals; a first receiving data row is obtained from a demodulation of the selected signal; a second receiving data row corresponding to the correct orthogonal code which is selected by the selection is obtained; and receiving data is obtained by composing the first receiving data row and the second receiving data row.

Switched-capacitor power supply system and method

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050213267

A plurality of thin-film capacitors are grouped in phases. A control circuit switches each phase between charging and discharging states devised to supply one or more loads with controlled power.

Processor bus arrangement

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050216640

A processor bus arrangement including several data processing units, each connected to a line system specified as a bus. The bus includes connection units and bus segments, where the bus segments are connected to the bus in a seperable manner through the connection units. This guarantees that the functional units, arranged on the bus, carry out the information thereof, by means of the bus and may carry out an exchange independently of other functional units. Furthermore, other functional units in different groups may carry out an information exchange simultaneously, by means of the bus. As the connection units perform the function of the defined combinatory connection of the signal lines, the bus segments generate the physical connections between the connection units. This ensures that the connection units carry out the information exchange with as many connected functional units as required. The information path from a functional unit can be switched by toggling to selected functional units by simultaneous connection to several functional units or by bridging non-participating functional units. One method of switching the circuitry of the connection unit is by using a multiplexer.

Color image sensor, color filter array and color imaging device

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050212934

It is an object of the present invention to provide a single board type color image sensor which can suppress the reduction of detection luminance range while enlarging detection color range. The color image sensor of the present invention has pixel blocks arranged in an array state, each pixel block comprising a first pixel detecting red light, a second pixel detecting green light, a third pixel detecting blue light, and a fourth pixel detecting light having a wavelength between the green light and the blue light or between the green light and the red light. Further, sensitivity of the fourth pixel to the above-mentioned light is kept lower than sensitivity of the second pixel to the green light.

Data query and location through a central ontology model

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050216500

A data query system including a first storage medium including a data schema having a data schema query language associated therewith, a second storage medium including an ontology model including classes and properties, the ontology model having an ontology query language associated therewith, wherein constructs of the database schema are mapped to corresponding classes, properties or compositions of properties of the ontology model, and an ontology query processor generating a query expressed in the data schema query language corresponding to a specified query expressed in the ontology query language. A method is also described and claimed.

Elongated thermal physical vapor deposition source with plural apertures

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050211172

A container for vaporizing a solid material includes a housing having side walls, a bottom wall, and a cover enclosing an interior volume. The cover includes at least one aperture to permit egress of vapor efflux from the housing. A heater heats at least a portion of the housing to vaporize the solid material. A baffle disposed between the cover and the solid material prevents a direct line of sight between the solid material and the aperture(s) and is spaced from the cover to control the flow of vaporized material into a region between the baffle and the cover to promote uniformity of vapor efflux from the aperture(s). The ratio of the interior volume to a volume of the region between the baffle and the cover is at least approximately 20:1. The solid material can be an organic material used to form a layer of an organic light-emitting device.

Display apparatus and method of controlling the same

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050212789

A display apparatus including a signal input part into which a video signal from outside of the display apparatus is inputted, a power supply part, a display part, and a detecting part which detects whether the video signal is being inputted into the signal input part. A signal processing part processes the video signal into a signal which can be displayed by the display part. A switch regulates a supply of power from the power supply part to the signal processing part. A controller controls the switch based on a detected result of the detecting part to cut off the supply of power from the power supply part to the signal processing part when the video signal is not being inputted into the signal input part and to supply power from the power supply part to the signal processing part when the video signal is being inputted into the signal input part.

Punch capable of punching and embossing object at two directions respectively

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050211037

A punch capable of punching and embossing a rectangular corner of a sheet member at two directions of a jig is disclosed. The punch includes a jig having two punching regions symmetrically disposed on the basis of a punching center so that a main pattern hole is formed in one punching region and a convex embossment is formed on the other punching region; a base for fixing the jig and giving a supply surface so that a rectangular corner of a sheet member to be punched is supplied to the punching region; a punching member having a punch pin and a concave embossment corresponding to the pattern hole and the convex embossment, and punching and/or embossing the rectangular corner of the supplied sheet member with vertically moving against the jig; and an elastic body interposed between the punching member and the jig to elastically bias the punching member upward.

Transactional file system for flash memory

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050216653

A transactional file system developed to function with flash memory is described. The file system provides for efficient storage of file system meta-information, performs robust transaction logging, and performs other related features. In one described implementation, metadata is stored in-line with data. In another embodiment, a transaction log is maintained by storing transaction information associated with requests to perform file transactions. The transaction information is stored at arbitrary physical sector addresses on the flash medium. In still another embodiment, a transaction log is stored in a physical sector of a flash medium. The transaction log contains transaction information associated with performing a file request. Metadata is written into a spare area of the physical sector indicating that the physical sector contains transaction information.

Diabetic nephropathy therapies

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050214294

The present invention relates to methods and compounds for treating specific early stage aspects and late stage aspects of diabetic nephropathy. Methods and compounds for treating various physiological features associated with early stage and with late stage diabetic nephropathy are also provided.

Lighting element with luminescent surface

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050213325

A lighting element (1) containing a dielectric layer (5) of a metal oxide with a front surface and a back surface, where the dielectric layer (5) contains an arrangement of elongated pores (8) extending between front and back surfaces through the dielectric layer (5) and the pores (8) are open to the front surface, and a base electrode (7) made from an electrically conductive material is arranged on the back surface, and in the pores (8) are arranged emitter rods (4) of an electrically conductive material, and a translucent layer of counter-electrode (2) of an electrically conductive material is arranged over the front surface of the dielectric layer (5), and a layer of luminescent material (3) is arranged between the dielectric layer (5) and the base electrode (7). The layer of counter-electrode (2) is a part of the layer system of the lighting element (1), where the dielectric layer (5) has the function of a spacer and separates the base electrode (7) from the counter-electrode (2).

Semiconductor device having gate sidewall structure in silicide process and producing method of the semiconductor device

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050212040

A gate insulation film is formed on a semiconductor substrate. A gate electrode is formed on the gate insulation film. A silicide film is formed on the gate electrode. First gate sidewall films are formed on side surfaces of the gate electrode. Second gate sidewall films are formed on the first gate sidewall films on the side surfaces of the gate electrode. First sidewall films are formed on side surfaces of the silicide film on the gate electrode. A source region and a drain region are formed on the semiconductor substrate so as to sandwich a channel region formed under the gate insulation film. Second sidewall films are formed on end portions of the first and second gate sidewall films formed on the source region and the drain region.

Configurable formatting system and method

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050216256

A configurable formatting system and method for generating a desired representation of an expression within a word list includes a dictionary database, a working list module, a formatting module, and a configuration file. The dictionary database stores categories containing words and translation rules. The configuration file contains variants to the contents of the categories of the dictionary database and is used to overwrite those in the dictionary database at startup. The working list module is used to read a word from the word list and to determine whether the word is associated with the expression. If so the word is inserted into a word list. The word list is processed when a word is read that is associated with the termination of the expression. The formatting module processes the words from the working list and generates the desired representation of the expression from the working list.

Method and apparatus for protecting a remediated computer network from entry of a vulnerable computer system thereinto

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050216957

Method and apparatus for protecting a remediated computer network during reconnection of a previously disconnected computer system. Upon initiation of reconnection to the computer network, the previously disconnected computer system raises a firewall to temporarily limit exchanges between the computer system and the remediated computer network until after a client remediation server residing on the computer network has resolved vulnerabilities of the computer system. The limitations on exchanges between the computer system and the remediated computer network are then removed by lowering the firewall.

Modular cryptographic device and coupling therefor and related methods

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050213762

A cryptographic device may include a cryptographic module and a communications module removably coupled thereto. The cryptographic module may include a first housing and a first connector carried thereby, and the communications module may include a second housing and a second connector carried thereby and being removably mateable with the first connector of the cryptographic module.

Printing device and medium type setting method

Pub Date: 2005-09-29

Pub Number: US20050213154

The processing flow of the invention calculates a total image area S or a sum of areas of images among elements laid out on a 1 st page (step S306), and computes an image area ratio of the total image area S to a total paper area A of the currently set paper size (step S308). The calculated image area ratio of greater than a preset reference value ref leads to selection of Photo Paper as the paper type (step S312). The calculated image area ratio of not greater than the preset reference value ref, on the other hand, leads to selection of Plain Paper as the paper type (step S314). The processing flow subsequently determines whether the selected paper type is inconsistent with the paper type currently set in a printer (step S316). In the case of inconsistency of the paper type, the processing flow outputs a display of the type and the size of printing paper to be set in the printer (step S318) and waits for entry of the user's confirmation (step S320).