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Semiconductor memory device and connecting method of sense amplifier

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050174867

Disclosed are a connecting method of a sense amplifier and a semiconductor memory device using the same. The semiconductor memory device comprises a memory cell array including a plurality of word lines connected respectively to a plurality of memory cell blocks, each of which is composed of a plurality of memory cells, in a row direction of the memory cells, and a plurality of pairs of bit lines connected respectively to the plurality of memory cell blocks in a column direction of the memory cells; and a plurality of sense amplifier arrays, each of which includes a plurality of sense amplifiers, each of which is connected to bit lines and complementary bit lines of the plurality of pairs of bit lines, for sensing a potential difference between the bit lines and the complementary bit lines.

Apparatus for the simultaenous filling of precise amounts of viscous liquid material in a sanitary environment

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050173019

An automated apparatus for the simultaneous filling of precise quantities of viscous liquid material to a plurality of containers in a sanitary environment, including a sanitary pump for delivering under pressure the viscous liquid material to a viscous liquid material manifold, a pump pulsation dampening assembly for dampening any pulsating output produced by the sanitary pump, and a plurality of fill valves for simultaneously dispensing a precise amount of viscous liquid material to the containers during a filling operation.

Method for identifying pre-candidate cells for a mobile unit operating with a switched beam antenna in a wireless communication system, and corresponding system

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050176469

Measurements for identifying pre-candidate cells are made by a wireless transmit/receive unit (WTRU) operating with a switched beam antenna in a wireless communication system. The switched beam antenna is a smart antenna generating a plurality of directional beams and an omni-directional beam. The WTRU measures signals from cells not in an active set of cells to define a pre-candidate set of cells. Measured signals from cells in the pre-candidate set of cells are compared to a threshold, and the corresponding cells are moved from the pre-candidate set of cells to a candidate set of cells based upon the comparison to the threshold. A measurement report is then sent to the network.


Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050176187

A thin film transistor (TFT) and a manufacturing method thereof are provided. The thin film transistor (TFT) comprises a substrate, a gate, an inter-gate dielectric layer, a channel layer and source/drain regions. A gate is formed over the substrate. An inter-gate dielectric layer is formed over the substrate covering the gate. A doped amorphous silicon layer is formed over a portion of the inter-gate dielectric layer at least covering the gate to serve as channel layer. Next, source/drain regions are formed over the channel layer.

File management program

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050177796

The computer readable medium has embodied thereon a file management program for processing by a computer, the file management program comprising: a first code segment for, when an icon of a first folder displayed on a display apparatus is dragged and dropped onto another icon of a second folder displayed on the display apparatus, creating a third folder at the same level as the second folder; and a second code segment for copying a file stored in the first folder and a file stored in the second folder into the third folder.

LED task light

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050174755

A task light for use in modular office furniture includes a housing having a peripheral frame defining a display area. The frame has a hollow chase. A plurality of circuit boards are mounted to the housing within the display area. Each circuit board has a plurality of light emitting diodes arranged to emit light from the display area. A plurality of electrical conductors are routed within the frame through the hollow chase. Each electrical conductor is connected with a corresponding circuit board.

Differential or single-ended amplifier and relative control method

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050174172

The method controls, in a feedback mode, a common collector or common drain amplifier, biased with a voltage applied on a bias node produced by a biasing circuit that generates a temperature compensated reference voltage from which the bias voltage applied on the bias node of the amplifier is derived. The quiescent voltage on the output node of the amplifier is made substantially independent from temperature by sensing the quiescent voltage on the output node, and adjusting the voltage applied on the bias node of the amplifier based upon the difference between the reference voltage and the sensed quiescent voltage for maintaining it constant.

Free spinning rim for motorcycles

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050173968

A free spinning rim assembly is provided which is mountable to a first and second face of a motorcycle wheel including an axle shaft through its axis of rotation. The spinning rim assembly includes a spinner, which rotates about and is positioned circumspect the axle shaft, in proximity to the wheel face. The spinner rotates around the axle shaft at a different angular speed relative to the wheel on which it is mounted. The spinning rim assembly includes a spinning rim having a central bore, which is supported by a friction reducing means positioned in the spinner central bore. The friction reducing means is supported by a retaining means, which is further supported by the wheel hub.

Mining light

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050174753

A mining light having a semiconductor light source is disclosed. The light may include a semiconductor light source such as an LED or laser, a heat sink, a magnetic switch, a light reflective and focusing cone, and other features.

Composite package for containing and displaying articles

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050173286

A composite package structure having a paperboard cover and thermoformable inner tray is provided with a cut-out in the cover that exposes the transparent tray underneath, making the article inside and any graphics on it visible from the exterior. The package includes a spine so that it can fold like a book. The tray is provided with a pair of notches that provide relief from the stretching of the paperboard at the ends of the spine when the package is closed. The polymeric tray is preferably not glued or attached to the paperboard cover in the location of the spine so that the spine may buckle.

Method for produce sanitation using bacteriophages

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050175991

A method for produce sanitation using bacteriophages is disclosed. According to one embodiment of the present invention, the method includes the steps of (1) providing at least one bacteriophage; and (2) applying the bacteriophage to the produce. The produce may include fruits and vegetables. The produce may be freshly-cut produce, damaged produce, diseased produce, or contaminated produce. The produce may be sprayed with bacteriophage, washed with bacteriphage, immersed in a liquid containing bacteriophage, etc. The bacteriophage may be applied once, periodically or continuously. In one embodiment, chemical sanitizers may also be applied to the produce.

Theft deterrent device for appliances

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050177769

A device for deterring theft of an electrical or like appliance having an operation controlling microprocessor, including signal receiving means (2) connected to the microprocessor and adapted for connection to a power supply, first programmed means enabling the appliance microprocessor to disable the appliance, second programmable means separate from the appliance and including a microprocessor controlled signal generating means (1) for generating setting and resetting signals for transmission to the receiving means and operating to enable the first programmed means to render the appliance inoperable when power to the appliance is disconnected, said second programmable means being programmed to include an automatic reset routine which is activated by the restoration of power to the appliance to send a resetting signal to the appliance microprocessor to reset the microprocessor to an operative state whereby automatic resetting occurs in the event of power failure event.

Process for the production of phenylalkanes that use a catalyst based on silicated alumina

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050177017

The invention relates to a process for the production of at least one compound that is selected from among the 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-phenylalkanes by alkylation of an aromatic compound by means of at least one olefin that comprises at least 9 carbon atoms per molecule, in the presence of a catalyst that comprises at least one non-zeolitic substrate with a silicated alumina base that contains an amount of more than 6% by weight and less than or equal to 50% by weight of silica (SiO2) and that exhibits particular characteristics, whereby said process is carried out at a temperature of between 30 and 400 C., a pressure of between 0.1 and 10 MPa, an hourly volumetric flow rate of 0.50 to 200 h1, and an aromatic compound/olefin molar ratio of between 1:1 and 50:1.

Bias circuit to prevent distortion of color in a cathode ray tube

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050174481

A bias circuit to prevent distortion of color in a cathode ray tube (CRT) comprises a power supply part, a first amp to amplify and output a brightness control voltage applied to control brightness, a second amp to respectively amplify and output RGB-bias control voltages having a ratio of R:G:B supplied from a video power amp, an addition amp to add the brightness control voltage output from the first amp respectively to the RGB-bias control voltages amplified and output from the second amp and to amplify the respective added values to output the respective added RGB-bias control voltages, and an inverting amp to restore the respective added RGB-bias control voltages input from the addition amp and to calculate respective output RGB bias control voltages. Accordingly, color distortion of a video image caused after changing brightness of a screen can be prevented so that a correct color of the image can be implemented.

Forming a plurality of thin-film devices

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050176182

An aspect of the present invention is a method for forming a plurality of thin-film devices. The method includes providing a flexible substrate and utilizing a self-aligned imprint lithography (SAIL) process to form the plurality of thin-film devices on the flexible substrate.

Anthelmintic oral homogeneous veterinary pastes

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050176657

This invention provides for, inter alia, oral homogeneous veterinary pastes for the treating, controlling and preventing of endo- and ectoparasite infections in warm-blooded animals or birds, such as horses and household pets. This invention further provides for a process of preparing these veterinary pastes and for a method for increasing the bioavailability of the anthelmintic agents contained in the paste in the warm-blooded animal or bird. The inventive oral homogeneous anthelmintic pastes comprise a first anthelmintic agent, for example, prazequantel and/or pyrantel, and at least one marcrolide anthelmintic compound, a solvent, which dissolves both the first anthelmintic agent and second the macrolide anthelmintic compound, and a thickening agent. The inventive oral homogeneous pastes achieve a better bioavailability of the two active anthelmintic agents than when the two actives are in suspension and not dissolved

Wireless base transceiver station unit

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050176439

A wireless base transceiver station unit that performs the wireless communication of communications signals makes effective use of the channel resources of a plurality of wireless base transceiver station units. In a wireless base transceiver station unit (the BTS unit 1 system) provided with signal processing means 34-37 that process communications signals, a means of allocating communications signal processing to another unit 32 allocates communications signal processing means 54-57 provided in another wireless base transceiver station unit (the BTS unit 2 system) as the communications signal processing means that processes communications signals from the one unit, and the means of communicating communication signals among other units 33, 38 and 43 communicate communications signals from the one unit to which communications signal processing means 54-57 provided in the other wireless base transceiver station unit are allocated by the means of allocating communications signal processing to another unit 32 with this other wireless base transceiver station unit.

Data display server, data display method and program thereof

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050177584

The present invention relates to recommendation of items to a user for providing items more satisfying a user's request on the basis of new association. The present invention provides a data display server connected to a user terminal, which includes a posting database for storing posting data posted through the user terminal, a reference data base for storing reference data, relational metadata generating means which generates relational metadata making association between two pieces of reference data, and a relational database for storing the relational metadata. According to the arrangement, tight linking between reference data is made possible so that items more suitable for a user's preference can be recommended.

Methods for treating hypothyroidism

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050176829

The present invention provides methods for treatment of hypothyroidism in an adult comprising the long-term administration of T 3 at a dose of 0.005-0.03 g/kg body weight/hour/day or a at daily dose of 5-25 g T 3 in a sustained-release formulation, in the absence of administration of a therapeutic dose of T 4 .

Method and process for detecting a nail surface

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050175558

The invention is a method and process of facilitating detection of a nail surface by digitizing devices. The detection method and process is facilitated by applying a coating composition or a stencil to the nail surface. The method and process utilizes a coating composition which is applied to the nail surface. The coating composition is derived from any substance that can be applied to a nail surface, which may include opaque and/or matte type paints or stencils which digitizing devices would be benefited to utilize in distinguishing the nail surface from surrounding tissue. The coating composition may be applied permanently or temporarily. The coating composition may be soluble or non-soluble. The simple application method and process results in a wide scope for application as, for example, to a fingernail or toenail.

Resorbable polymeric device for localized drug delivery

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050177118

An implantable device for facilitating the healing of voids in bone, cartilage and soft tissue is disclosed. A preferred embodiment includes a cartilage region comprising a polyelectrolytic complex joined with a subchondral bone region. The cartilage region, of this embodiment, enhances the environment for chondrocytes to grow articular cartilage; while the subchondral bone region enhances the environment for cells which migrate into that region's macrostructure and which differentiate into osteoblasts. Another embodiment is arranged for the local delivery of therapeutic agent. A preferred embodiment is a porous resorbable implant, wherein the therapy delivery may be localized in nature, rather than systemic, such that higher doses at the target site may be allowed than would be tolerable by the body systemically.

Capsule medical device

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050177069

A capsule casing of a capsule medical device has a chemical sensor inside, used for sensing operation. The chemical sensor has a recovery device which resets the chemical sensor to an initial state thereof so as to use the chemical sensor for the sensing operation a plurality of times or continuously.

System and method for assessing ice ball formation during a cryoablation procedure

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050177146

Systems and methods for assessing the formation of an ice ball during a cryoablation procedure are disclosed. The system includes a reference electrode that is placed in contact with the patient and a cryocatheter having a cryotip. An electronic circuit is connected to both the cryotip and the reference electrode to measure the impedance therebetween which can be used to assess the formation of an ice ball during a cryoablation procedure. An exemplary measurement signal has a frequency of approximately 20 khz and an RMS voltage of approximately 0.5V. With the cryotip positioned proximate the target tissue, a reference impedance is measured. Next, the conductive tip member is placed in contact with the target tissue and cooled to form an ice ball. During cooling, impedance measurement(s) are taken and compared with the reference impedance to assess the formation of the ice ball.

Skin Darkening (Sunless Tanning) Compositions Based on Enhancement of Melanin Synthesis by Tyrosinase Promoters

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050175556

This invention discloses skin darkening (sunless tanning) compositions based on enhancement of melanin synthesis by tyrosinase enzyme by providing essential substrates for tyrosinase as well as the essential elements to activate the active-site of tyrosinase enzyme. These compositions thus also act as promoters of tyrosinase enzyme.

Steel refining material for reductive steel refining and granulation method thereof

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050172758

The present invention is directed to a granulating method of steel refining material for reductive steel refining, comprising the steps of: mixing at least steelmaking dust, aluminum ash and a resin component of a toner binder so as to form a mixture; and compressing and granulating the mixture so as to obtain a granulated steel refining material, wherein the resin component comprises an additive for enhanced lubricity and flowability, and no external heating is applied in the step of mixing and the step of compressing and granulating.

Process for the preparation of pyrimidine derivative, intermediate therefor and process for the preparation thereof

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050176966

The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of compound (XV), which includes hydrolysis of compound (I) to give compound (II), then reaction with reagent (III) to give compound (IV), then reaction with compound (V) to give compound (VI), then condensation with compound (XII) to give compound (XI), and preferably deprotection by an enzyme reaction. This method is useful for the preparation of a pyrimidine derivative and a synthetic intermediate, which is useful as an enzyme inhibitor.

RFID tag and method of user verification

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050173521

An identification tag (100) facilitates use of a secure computer system (300). The tag (100) is adapted to be worn on a user's wrist and includes an identification and registration circuit (102) that includes an identification component (106), an affiliation component (110), and a light-emitting diode (112). The computer system includes an RF identification tag registration device (302) operable to acquire user physical information and communicate the physical information to a computer (202), wherein the computer verifies that a valid user is wearing the tag (100). The identification and registration device (302) ensures that the physical information communicated to the computer pertains to the user wearing the tag by comparing pulse signals acquired from the user's hand and wrist as the device (302) is acquiring physical information. The computer (202) uses the identification information and the affiliation information to log the user into and out of the system (300), and to associate the identification information with a particular user.

Household appliance with a conductivity sensor

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050174123

A household appliance, in particular a washing machine, dishwasher or automatic beverage dispenser, with a conductivity sensor for determining the conductivity of a fluid (1) comprising at least two electrodes (2, 3) is proposed, wherein the measuring fluid (1) is prevented from impairing the measuring electrodes (2, 3). This is achieved according to the invention by arranging an electrical insulator (4) between the electrodes (2, 3) of the conductivity sensor and the fluid (1).

Emission amount report device, system for charge for exhaust gas from vehicle, management unit and inspection device making up the system

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050173523

For improving driver's awareness about emissions and promoting environmental protection, an emission amount notifying device is provided. When such a taxation system becomes effective that a tax is imposed in accordance with an amount of one or more kinds of harmful substances, which include a carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides and hydrocarbons emitted from a vehicle, a sensor determines the emission amounts of respective harmful substances, and a CPU obtains the amount of tax corresponding to the determined emission amounts from a ROM storing tax information related to the tax amounts corresponding to respective displacements, and displays the obtained tax amount on a display device. Further, the CPU sends the information relating to the determined emission amount to a server of authorities from a communication unit for performing tax payment procedures.

Multi-chassis broadcast router having a common clock

Pub Date: 2005-08-11

Pub Number: US20050175017

Supportably mounted by each chassis of a multi-chassis broadcast router are primary router matrix cards, redundant router matrix cards and clock-demanding input and output cards. A first master clock firesides on the primary router matrix card of a first chassis while a second master clock firesides on the redundant router matrix card of a second chassis. Each master clock is configured to provide a respective common clock signal to all of the input and output cards of the first and second chassis. Control logic determines whether the first master clock or the second master clock issues the common clock signal.