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Polycrystalline structure film and method of making the same

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050100765

First magnetic crystalline grains are located at spaced positions on the surface of a base layer in a polycrystalline structure film. Magnetic interaction can reliably be prevented between the adjacent first magnetic crystalline grains. An amorphous material or a non-magnetic material covers over the first magnetic crystalline grains. An orientation controlling layer covering over the first magnetic crystalline grains and the amorphous or non-magnetic material on the base layer. Second magnetic crystalline grains are located at spaced locations on the surface of the orientation controlling layer. The orientation controlling layer serves to set the orientation in a predetermined direction in the second magnetic crystalline grains. Since the orientation of the magnetic crystalline grains can be aligned in a predetermined direction, the magnetic field of a sufficient intensity can be leaked out of the polycrystalline structure film.


Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050099350

A compact multi-band ring-focus antenna system. The antenna system includes a first and a second main reflector 304, 306, each having a shaped surface of revolution about a common boresight axis (322) of the antenna. A first backfire type RF feed system (302, 312) is provided for feeding the first main reflector (304) on a first frequency band. A second RF feed (301) coaxial with the first RF feed (300) is provided for feeding the second main reflector (306) on a second frequency band spectrally offset from the first frequency band. Further a portion of the second RF feed passes through a first sub-reflector (302) of the backfire feed. The second RF feed is terminated a distance from the first sub-reflector to illuminate a second sub-reflector (303).

Database mining system and method for coverage analysis of functional verification of integrated circuit designs

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050102596

Database mining, analysis and optimization techniques in conjunction with the model-based functional coverage analysis are used to turn raw verification and coverage data into design intelligence (DI) and verification intelligence (VI). The required data and attributes are automatically extracted from verification, simulation and coverage analysis databases. Design finite state machine extraction, design functional event extraction, and automatic coverage model generation and optimization techniques are applied to the design HDL description. Coverage model tuning and optimization directives, as well as test spec tuning and optimization directives are generated based on the analysis and mining of various verification, simulation, and coverage databases. An integrated web-based interface portlet is used for access, analysis and management of the resulting databases, generated reports and verification directives. Dissemination rules are used to automatically generate and distribute analysis reports and verification directives to engineers at wired or wireless interface devices via Internet or Intranet.

Virtual studio system

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050099603

A method of providing a visual representation of a scene to a participant in a studio is provided, wherein the studio is arranged to be viewed by a camera to provide a camera image and has at least a portion of a background object arranged to be keyed out of the camera image by a keying process. The method includes obtaining an estimate of the viewpoint of the participant; rendering an image of the scene based on the viewpoint of the participant; and projecting at least a portion of the rendered image onto the background object to provide a projected image portion visible to the participant. The projected image portion is projected so as to be keyed out of the camera image by the keying process.

Chair and desk combination

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050099040

A chair and desk combination has a base, a chair attached to the base and a work surface attached to the base. In one embodiment, the height of the seating surface is vertically adjustable. In another embodiment, the chair is capable of swiveling about a vertical axis. In yet another embodiment of the invention, the distance between the forward edge of the seating surface and the rearward edge of the work surface is laterally adjustable.

Incremental locking hinge assembly

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050097706

A hinge assembly containing a receiver member having a corrugated inner surface and a locking pin for being pivotally disposed within the receiver portion about an axis. The locking pin and receiver member have complementary corrugated engaging surfaces that allow the hinge to provide support for a cantilevered structure when the pin and receiver are engaged. When the complimentary pin and receiver are disengaged, the pin member can be incrementally rotated so as to allow the cantilevered structure to be positioned in a different position or orientation.

Block ethylenic copolymers comprising a vinyllactam block, cosmetic compositions containing them and cosmetic use of these copolymers

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050101740

Linear block ethylenic copolymer comprising: at least one block A derived from monomers comprising from 52 to 100% by weight of an ethylenic monomer containing a lactam ring corresponding to formula (I) below:

Piezoelectric resonator, production method thereof, filter, duplexer, and communication device

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050099093

The present invention relates to a piezoelectric resonator including: a substrate; a lower electrode provided on or above the substrate; a piezoelectric member 101 provided on or above the lower electrode; an upper electrode 102 provided on or above the piezoelectric member; and a cavity 104 provided below a vibration member consisting of the lower electrode, the piezoelectric member, and the upper electrode. In the case where a resonance frequency of vibration with a thickness of the vibration member being a half of a wavelength is taken as fr1, an average of ultrasonic velocity in a material forming the cavity is taken as Vc2, and a value determined based on the resonance frequency fr1 and the average of ultrasonic velocity Vc2 is c (=Vc2/fr1), a depth t2 of the cavity is set as shown below,

Process for producing zinc dialkyldithiophosphates exhibiting improved seal compatibility properties

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050101802

In general terms, the present invention includes a process for producing a new zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP) offering improved seal compatibility characteristics in engine and transmission oil packages. The present invention additionally includes zinc dialkyldithiophosphate produced in accordance with the disclosed methodologies, and oil additives, lubricants, and engines and transmission comprising the zinc dialkyldithiophosphate of the present invention.

Method for automatically replenishing pre-paid calling units within a telematic unit

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050100148

In a system including a telematics unit and a data center, a method for automatically replenishing pre-paid calling units within the telematics is based on an occurrence of a trigger event as detected by the telematics units. Upon being notified of the trigger event, the data center automatically uploads a replenishment package to the telematics unit or uploads a replenishment package selected by the telematics unit.

Method of tracking mobile station location

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050101332

A method in a wireless communication device for tracking the location of the device using cookie files (104). The location of the device (102) is determined by the device (100) itself or the infrastructure (114) in communication with the device. The location cookie files are created by or transmitted to the device by the communication system and can be interrogated or queried immediately by the device, the infrastructure, or stored for later use by both. When a location cookie, or a cookie associated with a location has been stored on the device, it can be queried to determine when the device has moved to or close to the same location as stored in the location cookie. The location in the cookie can also be used to guide the device to a certain location of the location cookie. The location cookie can also be used to track the number of time the device enters a certain location.

Flame-retardant thermoset compositions

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050101708

The invention relates to flame-retardant thermoset compositions which comprise, as flame retardant, at least one phosphinic salt of the formula (I) and/or a diphosphinic salt of the formula (II) and/or polymers of these (component A)

Method of recording and reproducing video and audio stream

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050100314

A method of recording and reproducing combined data which includes groups of a first type of data and groups of a second type of data includes embedding marks at the locations where the type of data to be omitted starts and ends. When reproduction of the video/audio data reaches a mark, the reproduction can automatically skip to the next mark, thereby omitting the selected video/audio data during reproduction.

Semiconductor wafer test system

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050099854

A semiconductor wafer test system for carrying out a burn-in test on a semiconductor wafer including multiple semiconductor devices thereon. A metal interconnect is connected to the gate electrode of each of those devices. A power supply applies an ac voltage of predetermined amplitude to a conductive plate, which creates an ac electric field to be placed on the devices. The ac field should have an intensity at least equal to a minimum value required for the burn-in test and less than a critical value, below which no break-down occurs in the gate oxide film of each device. By changing the amount of time for which the devices are exposed to the ac field, the burn-in period can be changed freely. In addition, forward and reverse fields are both placed on the gate oxide film of each device. Thus, failures can be screened out very effectively.

Method for forming a plastic sheet and clamp therefor

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050098923

A method for forming a moulding from a flat sheet (1) of plastic material, comprising the following steps:

Method for mapping a hierarchical technical system in a relational database

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050102262

The invention relates to a method for mapping a technical system modeled by a class hierarchy in a relational database, wherein, in a first step, a table, in which instances of the classes to be stored can be stored in the form of individual records, is generated for every class of the class hierarchy, wherein those class attributes to be stored are stored in columns of the table, and, in a second step, a view creation rule is stored for every class from which at least one class in the class hierarchy was derived, wherein a view associated with that view creation rule contains all instances of the associated classes, along with all instances of those derived therefrom in the form of records.

Oven shelf with heat shield that prevents bottom surface burning of baked goods

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050098047

Baked goods are often burned by exposure to heat radiation (infrared rays) from heating coils in an electric baking oven. The infrared rays strike the bottom surface of bakeware and heat the surface to the point of burning. The present invention provides a heat shield that protects the bakeware from infrared rays and burning. The present invention comprises a sheet disposed under a wire baking rack. The sheet blocks infrared rays and can be make of sheet metal. The sheet can be suspended by hooks, for example. In another aspect of the invention, the sheet is disposed on top of the wire baking rack. In this embodiment, the sheet has corrugations or bumps that provide only line contact or point contact with the bakeware. Hence, an insulating air layer is provided between the sheet and the bakeware.

Liquid crystal display panel

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050099552

A liquid crystal display (LCD) panel that has even luminance with high picture quality is disclosed. The LCD panel includes a first substrate provided with a plurality of gate and data lines, the gate lines being arranged to cross the data lines to define a plurality of pixel regions in a matrix arrangement; a second substrate provided with a black matrix layer to shield portions other than the pixel region from light; and a liquid crystal layer injected between the first and second substrates, wherein the pixel regions at a surrounding portion have an aperture ratio lower than that of the pixel regions at the other portions.

Data output method, system and apparatus

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050102512

Data to be output to a removable storage medium is encrypted for sending to an output device by an encryption process based on encryption parameters comprising public data of a trusted party and an encryption key string comprising a policy for allowing the output of the data. The trusted party provides a decryption key to the output device but only after being satisfied that the policy has been met. The decryption key is generated in dependence on the encryption key string and private data of the trusted party. The output device uses the decryption key in decrypting the data to be output. Embodiments are provided that involve multiple policies and trusted parties.

Optical disk and optical disk drive

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050099927

An optical disk apparatus for suppressing a DSV and performing R-OPC. An encoding/decoding circuit inserts a synchronization information item to a head of a synchronous frame once when data are recorded on an optical disk. First, the encoding/decoding circuit inserts synchronization information as a mark or a space on the basis of a DSV. When the polarity of the first synchronization information item is a mark, the polarity of a next synchronization information item is also set on the basis of the DSV. When the polarity of the first synchronization information is a space, the polarity of the next synchronization information is set to a mark. R-OPC is performed at a timing when the polarity of the synchronization information is a mark.

Imido-tethered carbenes of molybdenum for ring-opening metathesis polymerization and ring-closing metathesis

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050101475

Compounds and processes for catalytic ring-opening cyclooligomerization metathesis and ring-closing metathesis of olefins are described. The compound is a molybdenum or tungsten metal (M) complex which comprises an imido ligand (NR) bound to the M to provide an M=NR site, an M=C reaction site wherein the C of the M=C reaction site is tethered to the R of the imido ligand via a carbon or carbon and heteroatom (NOS) chain containing 1 to 12 carbon atoms to form a ring structure, and two to four ligands (R) bound to the M to provide two to four M-R sites. In particular embodiments, the M-R sites include each of the oxygens of a dialkoxide ligand or each of the nitrogens of an 1 -pyrrolyl ligand bound to the M.

Image taking apparatus

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050099509

An image taking apparatus according to the present invention has: a primary CCD section that receives a predetermined first part of object light focused by an image-taking optical system to produce a primary image signal; a secondary CCD section that has a dynamic range wider than that of the primary CCD section and receives a second part of the object light excluding the first part to produce a secondary image signal; an image signal processing circuit that produces image data based on a synthetic signal produced by synthesizing the primary image signal and the secondary image signal if the synthetic signal, rather than the primary image signal, is selected; and an information adding section that adds predetermined additional information to the image data if the image signal processing circuit produces the image data based on the synthetic signal.

System and method of free-space optical satellite communications

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050100339

A system and method of free-space optical satellite communications includes a ground station and transceiver for transmitting and receiving an optical communications signal. Adaptive optics at the ground station are operative with the transceiver for determining the shape of any distortions in the wavefront of the optical communications signal and compensating at the ground station for the distortions. A satellite includes a transceiver for transmitting and receiving the optical communications signal and includes adaptive optics for determining the shape of any distortions in the waveform of the optical communications signal and compensating at the satellite for the distortions.

Treatment of neurotic disorders

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050101665

Use of escitalopram (the S-(+)-enantiomer of citalopram) or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof for the preparation of a medicament useful in the treatment of neurotic disorders is provided, including anxiety states, in particular generalised anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and panic attacks.

Method and system for recording video data

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050100311

The invention relates to a recording method whereby a communication link, preferably specifically in one venue, is established in at least one venue between a telephone, particularly the mobile telephone of a user, and a camera system installed in said venue. The video data is recorded by the camera system, whereby the user can have an interactive function. The invention also relates to a system for recording video data.

Memory device

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050099850

A memory device is provided, which includes a data receive gate to buffer, in a first buffer, data to be inputted, a data transfer gate to input the data of the first buffer and buffer the same data in a second buffer, a data write gate to output the data of the second buffer to a data bus, and a memory cell to write and store the data in the data bus. In a control circuit thereof, data is not inputted to the first buffer by controlling the data receive gate and at the same time data is inputted to the second buffer by controlling the data transfer gate, depending on a time period from activation of a write enable signal to changing of a data mask signal.

Adaptive interference immunity control

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050100119

Wireless local area networks must work in less than ideal environments, including environments having externally and internally generated interfering RF signals. Interfering signals can cause significant problems with signal detecting, amplifier gain adjustment, and signal decoding. Various parameters of the WLAN receiver can be adjusted to mitigate the effects of interference. By selectively adjusting sets of these parameters, receiver sensitivity and interference immunity can be advantageously balanced. In one embodiment, adjustments to these parameter sets can be made in response to different sources of interference.

Multi-layer polishing pad

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050098446

A polishing pad has a polishing layer and a backing layer secured to the polishing layer. The polishing layer has a polishing surface, a first thickness, a first compressibility, and a hardness between about 40 to 80 Shore D. The backing layer has a second thickness greater than the first thickness and a second compressibility greater than the first compressibility. The first thickness, first compressibility, second thickness and second compressibility are such that the polishing surface deflects at least 2 mil under an applied pressure of 1 psi or less.

Method and apparatus for obtaining high dynamic range images

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050099504

The application provides techniques for obtaining a relatively high dynamic range image of a scene using a relatively low dynamic range image sensor exposed to incident light from the scene for capturing an image. The image sensor has a multiplicity of light-sensing elements in an array and each light sensing element has a particular one of a plurality of sensitivity levels to incident light in accordance with a predetermined sensitivity pattern for the array of light-sensing elements and has a response function. Each light sensing element is responsive to incident light from the scene for producing a captured image brightness value at a corresponding one of a multiplicity of pixel positions of a pixel position array. Each one of the multiplicity of pixel positions corresponds to a particular one of the plurality of sensitivity levels of the light sensing elements.

Heat saving cooking utensil

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050098045

The subject device is novel cooking utensil for gas, electric or other types of stove, which have an upper stove surface wherein such burners have a relatively flat upper surfaces with an upper perimeter edge and upwardly directed heating units, such cooking utensil having a circumferentially disposed outer extension extending out from the side surface of the utensil which holds an enclosed chamber in which can be contained a liquid that can be heated directly or indirectly from one of the burners to help heat the sides of the utensil.