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Spherical modeling tool

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050102316

In one aspect, the invention relates to a method for analyzing qualitative data. The method includes the step of providing a plurality of evaluation categories and a respective ranking system. Providing a closed curvilinear graph in which each unit of radius corresponds to a rank in the ranking system is another step of the method. Another step in the method includes placing each evaluation category at a location on the circumference of the closed curvilinear graph. The steps of the method also include providing the evaluation categories and ranking system to an entity being evaluated. The entity selects a rank in response in each respective category according to the method. Plotting the ranking of each respective category as a node in the closed curvilinear graph in response to the ranking by the entity is another step in the method.

Driver observation system

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050099706

A driver observation system for extending the driver's point of vision to the corners of a vehicle by optically transmitting forward, side and rear images from mirror assemblies receiving images at or near the front and rear corners of a vehicle through a series of mirrors and lens to the driver's view at the controls of the vehicle. The system is suitable for either front or rear or both front and rear applications, as well as left or right or both left and right and may be installed after factory manufacture of the vehicle as well as part of original manufacture.

Mobile crane having a superlift device

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050098520

A mobile crane with a carrier and a superstructure which is slewably arranged thereon has a superlift device with an SL counterweight for increasing lifting capacity. The SL counterweight can be lifted from the ground in order to execute slewing movements of the superstructure and its slewing radius is changeable. The crane has an electronic control device with a computing device and with a display. In order to avoid costly conversion work on the SL counterweight and to increase operating safety, a program is stored in the electronic control device, which program determines a permissible operating field for crane parameters from the parameters comprising load size and load radius, size of SL counterweight and SL counterweight radius while taking into account the stability criteria and capacity criteria of the mobile crane and displays this operating field graphically on the display. Within this operating field, these parameters may be safely changed, the rest of the parameters remaining constant, and the lifting of the SL counterweight from the ground can be ensured.

Substituted diazabicycloalkane derivatives

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050101602

Compounds of formula (I) Z-Ar 1 Ar 2 (I) wherein Z is a diazabicyclic amine, Ar 1 is a 5- or 6-membered aromatic ring, and Ar 2 is selected from the group consisting of an unsubstituted or substituted 5- or 6-membered heteroaryl ring; unsubstituted or substituted bicyclic heteroaryl ring; 3,4-(methylenedioxy)phenyl; carbazolyl; tetrahydrocarbazolyl; naphthyl; and phenyl; wherein the phenyl is substituted with 0, 1, 2, or 3 substituents in the meta- or para-positions. The compounds are useful in treating conditions or disorders prevented by or ameliorated by 7 nAChR ligands. Also disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions comprising compounds of formula (I) and methods for using such compounds and compositions.

Multi-merchant gift registry

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050102496

The present invention provides a system for registering items selected by a registrant from a plurality of participating merchants for subsequent communication to a prospective purchaser. The system has a computer system that contains identifying information about the registrant. A portable input and storage device is provided that can be carried by the registrant into a plurality of participating merchants. The portable input and storage device is capable of receiving and storing information regarding gifts that the registrant desires to receive as presents. The input and storage device stores a unique identifier for the particular merchant each desired gift is from. A transfer device is provided connected to the computer system that receives the information regarding the registrant's desired gifts from the portable input and storage device and transfers the information to the computer system. Finally, a prospective purchaser interface device is provided that allows the prospective purchaser to view, sort or print a list of the gifts desired by the registrant and which particular merchant those gifts are from.

Devices containing zirconium-platinum-containing materials and methods for preparing such materials and devices

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050101131

Methods for forming materials containing both zirconium and platinum, such as platinum-zirconium films, and articles containing such materials. The resultant films can be used as electrodes in an integrated circuit structure, particularly in a memory device such as a ferroelectric memory device. The platinum-zirconium materials can also be used in catalyst materials.

Anti-angiogenic uses of IL-6 antagonists

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050100550

A method of using IL-6 antagonists to treat pathological processes associated with proliferative diseases, such as cancer, by specifically preventing or inhibiting the ability of new tissue to develop a blood supply. The invention more specifically relates to methods of treating such diseases by the use of IL-6 antagonists such as antibodies directed toward IL-6, including specified portions or variants, specific for at least one Interleukin-6 (IL-6 also known as interferon 2)) protein or fragment thereof, in an amount effective to inhibit angiogenesis.

Methods and products for delivering biological molecules to cells using multicomponent nanostructures

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050101020

This invention is predicated on the present applicants' discovery that nanostructures comprising discrete regions of different composition can be used to deliver to a biological cell a desired combination of molecules in close proximity. Different molecules can be selectively bonded to discrete regions of different composition in sufficiently close physical relationship to enhance delivery or effectiveness within the cell. The preferred nanostructures are multicomponent nanorods. Important applications include delivery of missing DNA sequences for gene therapy and delivery of antigens or DNA encoding antigens for vaccination.

Acquisition method and device for seismic exploration of a geologic formation by permanent receivers set on the sea bottom

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050098377

A method and device for seismic exploration of a subsea geologic formation by pickups set on the sea bottom and intermittently connectable to active data acquisition stations (11) brought nearby. Permanent passive reception stations (1) comprising a heavy pedestal provided with housings for seismic pickups (geophones (6), hydrophone (7)) which receive acoustic or seismic signals from the underlying formation are arranged at the bottom of the water body. When collection sessions for the signals received by the pickups are scheduled, mobile active acquisition stations (11) connected to permanent passive reception stations (1) are positioned at the bottom of the water body. The signals picked up are then recorded, for the time required to carry out at least one session of acquisition and recording of the acoustic or seismic signals received by the passive stations in response to the emission of seismic waves by one or more seismic sources. The mobile active acquisition stations (11) are thereafter recovered at the surface and the records acquired by each one are transferred to a central collection laboratory.

Folding and rotating toroidal structure

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050100707

A distortionless foldable and rotatable image display structure is provided. The structure includes a pair of polygonal display units each defined by the same number image diamonds. Each image diamond of each display unit is rhombus-shaped. The image diamonds of either polygonal display unit together selectively define two different visual presentations with each visual presentation viewable depending upon the rotational position of the display unit.

Anti-pressure system

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050098424

An anti-pressure system for a vessel which is subject to internal pressure created by heating or boiling of its contents, the system comprising first and second spaced-apart outlets for vapour to exit the vessel, each outlet having a first side communicating with the vessel interior and a second side communicating with the vessel exterior. The invention provides a reliable method of protecting a normally un-pressurized vessel, such as an autoclave, distillation vessel, boiler or the like, from dangerous pressure build up, resulting from its vapour outlet being blocked, regardless of what other pressure release devices (if any) may be present on the vessel.

Metal powder with nano-composite structure and its production method using a self-assembling technique

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050097989

Methods, apparatuses and systems for producing powder particles of extremely small, highly uniform spherical shape and high sphericity, composed of metal including single metals and alloys, including nanocomposite structures, using a self-assembling procedure. The invention further includes the produced spherical particles. The metal spherical particles are produced whereby molten metal, alloys or composites are directed onto a fast-rotating disk in an atmosphere containing one or more inert gases and small amounts of an oxidizing gas and the molten metal drops are dispersed as tiny droplets for a predetermined time using centrifugal force within a cooling-reaction gas, and then cooled rapidly to form solid spherical particles. The spherical particles comprise a crystalline, amorphous or porous composition, having a size of 1-300 m1% with a uniformity of size being60-70% and a precise spherical shape of less than or equal to 10%.

Safety connector with power breaker

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050098415

The present invention discloses a safety connector with power breaker, comprising a base, a socket, a terminal plate, a conductive board, a switch, and an electric wire, wherein a concave track each on both sides of the groove in the base and an arc opening for forming a circumference with the semicircular opening at the section of the two longitudinal boards of the socket, and a fixed switch being used to balance the support axle to facilitate the control over the switching function. This invention also comprises two aslant wings coupled to both ends of the conductive board for sliding and embedding into the square groove at the bottom of the two longitudinal boards in order to fix the board into a position, such that the conductive board will bounce off due to the high temperature coefficient to instantly disconnect the power and demonstrate the function of automatic power breaker.

Satellite receiver/router, system, and method of use

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050099969

This specification discloses a satellite transmission system for transmission of TCP/IP compatible packets from a head end computer through a satellite uplink, an extraterrestrial satellite, a satellite downlink, and an integrated satellite receiver/router for outputting of the TCP/IP compatible packets through a port on the receiver/router onto a computer LAN or WAN. The system may include an Internet or telecommunications backchannel. The receiver becomes router enabled by means of a removable insertion Ethernet/Router insertion card inserted into a slot in the receiver, although the transmission system may be used to simultaneously transmit a variety of other services through the receiver by use of other service slots in the receiver. The Ethernet/Receiver supports the IGMPv2 Multicasting (querier and non querier modes), standard TCP/IP (including UDP and Telnet), and SNMP protocols.

End-of-faucet filter

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050098485

Various embodiments of an end-of-faucet filter assembly connectable with a faucet on a standard sink and having a plurality of outlets corresponding with selectable modes of operation are disclosed herein. One mode of operation provides unfiltered, aerated water dispensed from the filter assembly. A second mode of operation provides a pulsing jet spray, while a third mode of operation provides filtered water. One embodiment of the present invention also includes a connection assembly between the end-of-faucet filter and the faucet that utilizes a water-tight radial seal that allows the end-of-faucet filter to swing or rotate back and forth relative to the faucet without impairing the integrity of the seal. Other embodiments of the present invention also include a filter cartridge assembly configured to provide a user with an easy method of removing and installing the cartridge.

Dual check-relief valve

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050097887

A dual check and high pressure relief valve that is able to perform the function of a hydrostatic high pressure relief valve and a check valve. The new valve has two poppets separated by a spring that are within two seats within a guide and secured by a plug. By adjusting the seats the relief pressure setting is set. The dual check and high pressure relief valve has three separate passageways that allow fluid flow between different combinations of the passages depending upon the function desired within the hydrostatic circuit. A dashpot is also included between the two poppets to provide positive dampening of the system.

RFID tags adjusting to different regulatory environments, and RFID readers to so adjust them and methods

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050099270

An RFID tag has an antenna to receive a configuration signal, and a circuit with a controller that can configure the RFID circuit responsive to the configuration signal. Configuring is such that the tag backscatters by impressing data either on the carrier frequency, or on a subcarrier in addition to the carrier signal, depending on the configuration signal. In the event of a subcarrier, the tag controller may optionally further determine a frequency of the subcarrier from the configuration signal. The tag may then be configured to backscatter differently, upon receiving a different configuration signal. A complementary reader transmits the configuration signal, thus imparting an operating parameter. The reader has an interface to receive an input indicative of a present geography, and a lookup table for determining an operating parameter based on the present geography. In one embodiment, the operating parameter is determined from regulations at that geographic location.

Apparatus and method for motion vector prediction

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050100097

A motion vector predicting method and apparatus for predicting motion vectors in image coding and decoding, including predicting a motion vector of each small block in a macro block divided into at least one small block. The method may include selecting at least one small block, where a motion vector can be estimated, using motion vector information of adjacent small blocks, and includes simultaneously performing a motion vector prediction of the selected small block. By reducing a 16-operation process, conventionally required for processing a macro block with 44 blocks, into an 11-operation process, the image coding and decoding processing times can be reduced without using a complicated motion vector predicting apparatus.

Methods, compositions, and kits for coloring hair

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050097684

A method for oxidatively coloring hair comprising applying to the hair fibers a first composition comprising at least one oxidative dye operable to color hair when reacted with an oxidizing agent, said first composition being free of such oxidizing agent and thereby inoperative, by itself, to color hair; removing said first composition from the hair but leaving residual oxidative dye in contact with the hair fibers; applying, for a time, and in an amount sufficient to color the hair, a second composition to the hair fibers comprising at least one oxidizing agent reactive with the at least one oxidative dye in contact with the hair fibers after removal of the first composition; and a kit for use in practicing the method.

Systems and methods for providing program suggestions in an interactive television program guide

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050102696

An interactive television program guide application is provided that queries a user regarding the user's interest in television programs and suggests television programs to the user based the user's responses. The interactive television program guide application identifies a television program that is potentially of interest to the user. The interactive television program guide application then queries the user regarding the user's interest using questions that are formulated based on attributes associated with the identified television program. Using the user's responses to the questions, the interactive television program guide application identifies and suggests one or more television programs to the user.

Hardenable dental article and method of manufacturing the same

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050100868

Methods of manufacturing hardenable dental articles, packaged hardenable dental articles, and methods of packaging hardenable dental articles are disclosed. In various embodiments, the manufacturing may involve molding a hardenable dental material in a mold cavity that may be lined with a mold liner. The mold body may also form the package of the hardenable dental article formed within the mold cavity. In other embodiments, the hardenable dental articles may be provided in mold cavities located in sacrificial mold bodies that may be torn, stretched, softened, dissolved, etc. to release the hardenable dental articles in the mold cavities.

Method and system for network wide fault isolation in an optical network

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050099953

A method and system for network wide fault isolation in an optical network are described. A single fault in a network can produce a large number of alarms at different points in an optical network. The described method and system identify the root cause alarm while masking all correlated alarms. In the embodiment of the invention, the method and system are based on a wavelength tracker technology allowing identification and tracking of individual channels in the optical network.

Chimeric papillomavirus-like particles

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050100556

The present invention provides a papillomavirus-like particle, characterized as having conformational epitopes, comprising a papillomavirus L1 product and a papillomavirus L2 fusion product; and related synthetic DNA molecules, host cells, methods and vaccines.

Guided underwater object

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050099890

A guided underwater object (GUO) (100) comprises steering means, an on-board guidance system (200) for controlling the steering means, and a hydrophone unit or units (104A, 104B, 104C, 104D, 104E, 104F, 104G, 104H) arranged to pass signals induced therein by an acoustic guiding beam to the on-board guidance system to effect directional control of the self-propelled underwater object. The GUO is guided by a remote guidance system characterised by a plurality of transmitter arrays (402A, 402B, 402C, 402D; 412A, 412B, 412C, 412D; 422P, 422Q, 422R) arranged to transmit a plurality of contiguous acoustic beams (302A, 302B, 302C, 302D) each having a different frequency or frequency chirp (or other acoustic signal coding) and enclosing a guidance corridor of lower sound level (null) (304) extending approximately in the direction of propagation of the acoustic beams and defining a flight path of the object. The GUO requires no on-board search sensors, no communications link with the guidance system and is of low cost.

Device and method for closing and filling sacks

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050100249

The invention relates to a device (10) for closing an opening or filling through an opening in a sack (25) for storing materials (26). The device (10) comprises an elongated means (11) for introduction into the sack (25) through the opening, wherein the elongated means (11) is introducible into the sack (25) for closing or filling thereof. The device (10) further comprises a plate (12) having at least one substantially flat side for abutment against an outer side around the opening of the sack (25). The elongated means (11) is projecting substantially perpendicular from the substantially flat side of the plate (12). Also included is a method for closing an opening or filling through an opening in a sack.

Folding table

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050098232

A collapsible table assembly having improved portability. A mechanism interconnects the table and supporting legs for moving the legs between a diverging supporting position, a folding position, and a storage position. A saw track assembly includes an upper platform for receiving a cutting device and a lower platform for supporting a workpiece during cutting connected to the upper platform. Each of the upper and lower platform are disposed above the table. A guide pin pivotally attaches the saw track to the table for allowing the saw track to pivot through a plane parallel to the table. A plurality of material supports supported by the table rotate between a first material supporting position for supporting a workpiece and a second unobstructing position for allowing the saw track to freely pivot through the plane without contacting the material supports.

Tubular core with polymer plies

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050098679

A tubular core and associated method of manufacture are provided. The tubular core includes at least one inner ply and at least two plastic plies disposed thereon. The inner ply, which can be paper or plastic, has an inner surface upon which identifying indicia are printed, for example, before the tube is formed and while the inner ply is in a flat configuration. The first and second plastic plies are disposed on the inner ply and adhered so that the second plastic ply substantially covers the inner ply and the first plastic ply.

Knocking determination apparatus for internal combustion engine

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050098156

An electronic control for determining knocking in an internal combustion engine having an intake injector for injecting fuel into an air intake port and an in-cylinder injector for directly injecting fuel into a combustion chamber. Knocking is determined based on an output signal from a knock sensor during a knock determination period. The electronic control unit alters the knock determination period in accordance with the ratio of the amount of fuel injected by the two injectors.

Factor IX: remodeling and glycoconjugation of factor IX

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050100982

The invention includes methods and compositions for remodeling a peptide molecule, including the addition or deletion of one or more glycosyl groups to a peptide, and/or the addition of a modifying group to a peptide.

Compositions and methods for treating a posterior segment of an eye

Pub Date: 2005-05-12

Pub Number: US20050101582

Compositions, and methods of using such compositions, useful for injection into the posterior segments of human or animal eyes are provided. Such compositions include corticosteroid component-containing particles present in a therapeutically effective amount, a viscosity inducing component, and an aqueous carrier component. The compositions have viscosities of at least about 10 cps or about 100 cps at a shear rate of 0.1/second. In a preferred embodiment, the viscosity is in the range of from about 140,000 cps to about 300,000 cps. The compositions advantageously suspend the particles for prolonged periods of time.