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Method to extend millimeter wave satellite communication (75-98 GHz) and 3-10 micron laser links to wide areas in the temperate zone

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050090198

The inventor shows new, lower atmospheric attenuation in the 75-98 GHz satellite band. This lower attenuation occurs at 90% link availability. This opens up the 75-98 GHz satellite band immediately for users who can accept 90% link availability. The inventor then uses cloud autocorrelation functions to show compact switched arrays of ground sites to support availability requirements greater than 97%. This method applies to the new 75-98 GHz satellite band and the 3 micron-10 micron laser bands. These compact arrays would allow conventional availability to be attained in these previously unreliable and unattainable bands, at important temperate zone sites as New York City and Rome. The inventor shows compact square arrays with length of a side as typically less than 20 km, and discusses equilateral triangular arrays with similar lengths. Dual sites are shown to usually require larger separation distances.

Battery saver

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050088149

The present invention is directed to a circuit that is housed within a battery that preserves the chemical energy within a battery when an external load is accidentally left on. The circuit comprises of a momentary switch, a relay, a timer and a terminal, wherein the circuit is connected to the positive and negative electrodes of a battery. The circuit is described in the circuit diagram and functions in the following manner: (1) the momentary switch detects any movement outside of the battery and sends a pulse to the relay, wherein the pulse causes the relay to close, thereby allowing electricity to flow through the circuit to the load outside of the battery, simultaneously, the momentary switch will also trigger the timer to supply power to the circuit during a timing cycle, (2) when then timer's cycle is complete, the timer's output will go low and thereby cause the relay to open and halt the flow of electricity. The terminal would be connected to the positive electrode of the battery and would have a means for connecting to the external load.

Lead-free enamel composition, the corresponding enamels and glass-ceramic articles, a new lead-free mineral glass

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050090376

Objects of the present invention are: a lead-free enamel composition comprising finely divided glass particles, finely divided pigment particles and an organic binder, characterised in that the glass of said particles is a lead-free mineral glass, essentially having the composition below, which is expressed in percentages by weight of oxides:


Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050090947

A computational air data method and system for estimating angle-of-attack and angle-of-sideslip of an aircraft utilizing a detailed aerodynamic model of the aircraft, extended Kalman filters, inertial system measurements of body rates and body accelerations, and computation of dynamic pressure.

Pseudomonas virulence factors and uses thereof

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050089988

Disclosed are bacterial virulence polypeptides and nucleic acid sequences (e.g., DNA) encoding such polypeptides, and methods for producing such polypeptides by recombinant techniques. Also provided are methods for utilizing such polypeptides to screen for antibacterial or bacteriostatic compounds.

System for heating and cooling the interior of a motor vehicle

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050087333

A system for heating and cooling the interior of a motor vehicle, having a refrigerating circuit with a first climate control device (10) which is designed to heat or cool the front area of the interior, and with a second climate control device (12) which is designed to heat or cool the rear area of the interior. The first climate control device (10) has a first evaporator (14) and the second climate control device (12) has a second evaporator (16). The second climate control device (12) also has a first heat exchanger (18) which is connected via a heat transfer medium circuit (30) to a latent cold storage device (20) which can be charged with cold by a third evaporator (22) which can be connected to the refrigerating circuit.

Magnesium-containing compositions and methods for enhancing dehydroepiandrosterone levels

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050089581

Compositions and methods for using the same to restore dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) levels in humans are described. The compositions comprise magnesium chloride, a suitable solvent, a gelling agent and a glycerin. The compositions are administered to the skin of humans to enhance DHEA levels through the transdermal absorption of magnesium. The compositions can be administered in various forms, including as a lotion, an ointment, or as a bath additive.

Apparatus for putting a loading object in mouth by motion of jaw

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050086725

A loading object putting apparatus (a, b, c, d, and e) puts a loading object (e) in mouth by movement of jaw. The loading object putting apparatus (a, b, c, d, e) includes a headgear (a), an arm connecting means (b), an arm (c), a lever apparatus (d) rocked by a jaw, and the loading object (e).


Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050086919

A wobble drive system for a reciprocating cutter bar. The wobble drive is of an open streamlined design and employs precision components which do not require assembly shimming and adjustment.

Secure portable computer and security method

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050091552

A computer includes a processor, position determining means for determining the location of the computer, and control means for controlling the operation of the processor. The control means are in communication with the position determining means and control the operation of the processor in response to location information provided to the control means by the position determining means.

Adjustable-length compression spring and seat provided therewith

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050088021

A compression spring comprises a casing in which a piston is arranged for displacement, the piston being mounted on a piston rod. In the casing provision is made for two sectional casing chambers which are filled with pressure fluid, at least one of which being defined by the piston. A first operating valve, in an open position, connects the sectional casing chambers to each other and, in a shut-off position, blocks the compression spring. An additional throttle element ensures that an actuation and over-flow assembly between the sectional casing chambers is completely open only when the throttle element, with the valve pin tripped, is simultaneously moved by corresponding actuation into a position of release. Without any such actuation of the throttle element, there will be only throttled flow between the sectional casing chambers. Any inadvertent extension of the piston rod is thus precluded. This is an especially convenient and intuitive way of backrest adjustment in a seat.

Method and apparatus for obtaining wideband performance in a tapered slot antenna

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050088353

An apparatus includes a slot defined by electrically conductive material, an electrically conductive element extending generally transversely to the slot in the region of a first end thereof, and a balun portion communicating with the first end of the slot, the balun portion having a high impedance and being configured to provide a selected degree of absorption of electromagnetic energy.

Plasma display device and plasma display panel driving method

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050088371

A plasma display panel (PDP) that has a T-shaped electronic structure or an electrode structure with adjacent parts of the scan electrode and the sustain electrode being broad, and parts coupled to the bus electrodes being narrow in a like manner to the T-shaped electrode structure is provided. The PDP has various discharge modes according to magnitudes of sustain discharge voltages. A frame is divided into a plurality of subfields with respective weights and is driven in the PDP. The subfields with low weights use low sustain discharge voltages to perform a discharge with a small quantity of emitting light, and the subfields with high weights use high sustain discharge voltages to perform a discharge with a big quantity of emitting light, thereby increasing representation performance of low gray scales.

Gastrointestinal stimulation device

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050090873

A fixation device for holding stimulating electrodes in electrical contact with the wall of a portion of the gastrointestinal tract is provided. In one embodiment, the fixation device includes an expandable member that fixes the electrodes in electrical contact with the gastrointestinal tract wall. Also provided is an implantable device and method for controlling the opening and/or closing of the pylorus. In particular a device and method is provided for stimulating the duodenum to control the closing/and or opening of the pylorus. Finally, a method is provided for treating obesity by controlling the pylorus to retain food in the stomach for a desired period of time, among other things to provide a feeling of satiety and/or to reduce hunger. One aspect includes controlling the pylorus's contraction by electrical stimulation of the duodenum.

Method for fabricating nanometer-scale structure

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050089463

In a method for fabricating a nanometer-scale structure by arranging nanotubes in a predetermined direction at a predetermined position, the method for fabricating a nanometer-scale structure comprises a first step of planarizing a substrate by etching a predetermined part by irradiating a focused energy beam to the sample, a second step of decomposing and depositing an organic gas into a columnar structure with an objective of determining the position and direction, and a third step of attaching and fixing the nanotube by using the thus deposited columnar structure as a standard of position and direction.

Flexible, adaptable loft city

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050086874

The essence of this invention is the allocation and use of space, both floor space and available volume, within the structure. The invention exists to create what is essentially a stacked array of building sites and internal passageways for subsequent build-out as housing, offices, stores and myriad other uses. The structure is intended to be built on such a scale as to provide space for an entire community, meeting its needs for residential, commercial, and public uses, while preserving potential open green space around the structure to a degree unheralded in the history of urban development. As a necessary consequence, such uses of this invention will result in reduced consumption of energy and other resources, reduced output of pollutants, and increased availability of free time to its residents.

Digital television system

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050089103

Disclosed is a digital television system carrying out modulation/demodulation by VSB(vestigial side band) . A VSB transmitter includes an additional error correction encoder designed in a manner that a signal mapping of a TCM encoder is considered, a multiplexer(MUX), a TCM encoder operating in a manner corresponding to state transition processes of the additional error correction encoder, and a signal transmission part including an RF converter. And, A VSB receiver includes a signal receiver part receiving a signal transmitted from the transmitter, a TCM decoder, a signal processing part including a derandomizer, and an additional error correction decoder part.

System and method for providing a substrate having micro-lens

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050088751

To provide a micro-lens substrate wherein a higher contrast ratio can be obtained when used in a liquid crystal panel and the like. A micro-lens substrate 1A includes a first substrate 2 with concaves for microlenses having a plurality of first concaves 31 and first aligment marks 71 formed on a first glass substrate 29, a second substrate 8 with concaves for microlenses having a plurality of second concaves 32 and second aligment marks 72 formed on a second glass substrate 89, a resin layer 9, microlenses 4 consisting of doulbe convex lenses formed of a resin filled in between the first and second concaves 31 and 32, and spacers 5.

Optical disk drive with adaptive compensator

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050088925

An optical disk drive for accessing data stored on a compact disc has a housing, a sled sliding inside the housing, a driving device for driving the sled, an actuator installed on the sled, a servo device for providing a push force to drive the actuator, a control circuitry for controlling operations of the optical disk drive, an adaptive compensator, and an error signal generation circuit. The actuator can move within a predetermined range on the sled, wherein the predetermined range includes a linear region and a non-linear region. It is desirable to keep the actuator within the linear region of the predetermined range. For this, an adaptive compensator is used to provide a supplementary force to the sled when the actuator is near the non-linear region.

End-to-end anastomosis instrument and method for performing same

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050087580

A surgical instrument for performing an end-to-end anastomosis of first and second luminal structures includes a housing having an actuator attached thereto and a selectively removable loading unit attached to a distal end of the housing which supports any array of surgical fasteners at a distal end thereof. The surgical fasteners are simultaneously deformable upon activation of the actuator such that a distal end of each surgical fastener secures each end of each luminal structure to complete the end-to-end anastomosis wherein the resulting eversion is exterior to the luminal structures.

Original data circulation method, system, apparatus, and computer readable medium

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050091521

An original data circulation system for storing or circulating original data which is digital information is provided. The original data circulation system includes an issuer apparatus, a user apparatus and a collector apparatus. The issuer apparatus generates originality information including first information corresponding to the issuer apparatus and second information corresponding to data and sends the originality information. The user apparatus verifies the validity of the source apparatus of the originality information and stores the originality information when he validity is verified. The collector apparatus verifies the validity of the source apparatus of the originality information and processes data corresponding to the second information when the validity is verified.

Hydraulic cylinder

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050086934

In a hydraulic cylinder having a shock absorbing function, and capable of stopping as desired by an accumulator disposed within a cylinder rod, the accumulator comprises an accumulator piston that divides the cylinder rod interior into first and second cylinder rod chambers, gas hermetically charged into the second cylinder rod chamber, and an accumulation port that is communicated with the first cylinder rod chamber and flows the operating oil from outside into the first cylinder rod chamber.

Annular ring antenna

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050088342

The antenna includes a substrate, such as a dielectric material, and an electrically conductive circular ring on the substrate and having an outer diameter and an inner diameter concentrically arranged. The outer diameter is less than {fraction (1/10)} an operating wavelength, and preferably about {fraction (1/20)} th , so that the antenna is electrically small relative to the wavelength. The inner diameter is in a range of /6 to /2 times the outer diameter, and preferably is /4 times the outer diameter to enhance the gain relative to its area.

Aspartic protease inhibitors

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050090546

The present invention provides an aspartic proteinase-inhibiting compound of the formula:

Low restriction engine brake and methods

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050087171

A vehicle engine brake has a body in which an internal passageway is defined and a valve member movably positioned within the passageway to selectively restrict flow through the passageway. The valve member is movable between at least first and second positions. In the first position, the valve member blocks a substantial portion of the internal passageway, thereby restricting exhaust gas flow through the engine brake in a flow direction. In the second position, the valve member allows flow through the passageway and past the valve member without substantial restriction.

Image display apparatus

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050088379

An image display apparatus is disclosed. The image display apparatus comprises a display panel in which are arranged a plurality of display cells each having an emission element; a driving unit which generates a data signal based on a grayscale value of an image signal and applies the data signal to the display cell to cause the emission element to emit light; a driving time measurement unit which measures a cumulative driving time of the emission element; a table memory which stores a compensation coefficient for compensation for aging of the emission element with respect to the cumulative driving time; and an adjustment circuit which uses the compensation coefficient to adjust the grayscale value of the image signal, for each of the display cells.

Method to offload a network stack

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050091412

A method to offload a network stack connection is presented. A request, which includes a list of resource requirements from each software layer in the stack, to offload the network stack connection is sent through the stack to the peripheral device. The peripheral device is a second processor that processes the offloaded network stack connection in software, in hardware, or a mixture of hardware and software. The device allocates resources for the list and sends a handle to each of the software layers for communication with the device. The state for each layer is sent to the device that includes state variables that are classified as a constant, a cached variable handled by the CPU, or a delegated variable handled by the device.

Display device for both two-dimensional and three-dimensional images and display method thereof

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050088516

A stereoscopic display device determines whether an input image is a two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) image, and converts the resolution of a display panel based on determination results. When the input image is displayed by execution of a specific program, the start signal, the end signal, or the inactivation signal of the specific program is detected. With the start signal of the program detected, the stereoscopic display device determines whether the program is a 2D or 3D program. With the end signal or the inactivation signal of the program detected, the stereoscopic display device determines whether the image to be displayed on the display panel is a 2D or 3D image. The display device converts the resolution of the display panel according to the determination results.

Compensated rod for a frequency dependent damper shock absorber

Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050087412

A frequency-dependent damper incorporates a compensated piston assembly to reduce the amount of static push-out force. The piston rod is a hollow rod with a compensator being disposed within the hollow portion of the piston rod. The piston rod is a hollow rod with a compensator being disposed within the hollow portion of the piston rod. The compensator is attached to the pressure tube of the damper such that the compensator slides within the piston rod during stroking of the shock absorber. The compensated piston assembly reduces the difference in cross-sectional area between the upper and lower surfaces of the piston.


Pub Date: 2005-04-28

Pub Number: US20050089397

An impeller clearance adjustment system for providing for a desired clearance between an impeller and a housing by adjusting a spacing (10) between a thrust housing (11) and a frame (12) using a plurality of evenly-spaced shoulder screws (21) locked into a screwed-in position by respective lock nuts (22). A shoulder portion (21 a ) of each shoulder screw (21) keeps the thrust housing (11) from coming closer to the frame (12) than the adjusted spacing (10).