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Capturing multimedia signals

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050059378

A media contents capturing system for capturing media contents from a display of a multimedia player, The media contents capturing system includes a display area selection element, a transceiver, and a processor. The display area selection element selects an area of the display. The transceiver is in communication with the multimedia player to provide data commands for receiving media contents data of the area of display. The processor is configured to send and receive data commands and media contents data from said transceiver.

Cymbidium 'LOVELY VALLEY Peace in the World'

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050060780

A distinct cultivar of Cymbidium plant named LOVELY VALLEY Peace in the World characterized by upright growth habit with particular vigor, free flowering, bright yellow-green flower with red lip, that is not normally characteristic of Cymbidium. Plant size is medium and leaves are intermediate in diameter. The intensely colored yellow green flowers are carried on a fleshy, erect spike without any arching character. Flowers will maintain quality with no obvious senescence for a minimum of 60 days.

Method and arrangement of grammar files in a presentation list

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050060278

A method (10) of arranging grammar files in a presentation list such as a drop-down list can include the steps of receiving (12) a system request to display the grammar files in the presentation list, and sorting (14) the grammar files by giving user defined grammar files greater priority over built-in grammar files and then sorting by a second criteria. The method can further include the step of displaying (16) the grammar files when a user selects the grammar files and distinguishing between a user defined grammar and a built-in grammar.

Soft tissue repair and regeneration using postpartum-derived cells

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050058629

Cells derived from postpartum tissue having the potential to support cells of and/or differentiate to cells of a soft tissue lineage, and methods of preparation and use of those postpartum tissue-derived cells, are provided by the invention. The invention also provides methods for the use of such postpartum-derived cells and products related thereto in therapies for conditions of soft tissue.

Multiple-speed power transmission for motor vehicles

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050059527

A multiple-speed transmission for use in an automotive vehicle driveline includes a torque converter, three simple planetary gear units, or two simple planetary gear units and a compound planetary gear unit, friction clutches and brakes, and an optional one-way coupling. The engaged and disengaged states of the friction elements permit the transmission to produce several underdrive speed ratios, a direct drive ratio, and several overdrive speed ratios.

Implant and agent delivery device

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050060019

The present invention provides a system (178) for delivering a therapeutic agent in combination with an implantable device (2) to maximize a therapeutic benefit offered by each. Preferably, the therapeutic agent is contained within a solid matrix form such as a pellet or gel to facilitate its handling and to regulate its rate of dissipation into the tissue after delivery. The implant device (2) is specially configured to receive and retain the matrix but permit blood to interact with the matrix so that the agent can be released to the blood in and around the device and the surrounding tissue. A delivery system (178) comprises an implant delivery device having an obturator (180) capable of piercing the tissue and an agent matrix delivery device (210) to place a matrix form, such as a pellet, into the interior of the implant (2) after it has been implanted. Preferably, the implant delivery device (180) and the matrix delivery device (210) are contained in one apparatus to facilitate delivery of the pellet into the embedded implant. The present invention is useful for treating tissue in any area of the body, especially ischemic tissue experiencing reduced blood flow. The present devices and methods are especially useful for treatment of ischemia of the myocardium. In treatment of the myocardium, the present implant device and matrix combination may be delivered surgically through the epicardium of the heart.

Self-aligned fabrication process for a nozzle plate of an inkjet print head

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050058946

A self-aligned fabrication process for a nozzle plate of an inkjet print head. A substrate is provided with an activated device and a first film is formed on the substrate. Then, a second film is formed on the first film. Next, the second film is defined to form a convex portion corresponding to the activated device, exposing a part of the surface of the first film. Next, a third film is formed on the exposed surface of the first film, covering the convex portion. The third film on the convex portion is then removed. Next, the convex portion and the first film under the convex portion are etched to form a via.

Liquid crystalline compound, liquid crystalline composition and retardation film

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050056811

To provide a liquid crystalline composition, which can be obtained by mixing a plurality of liquid crystalline compositions each of which can exhibit different liquid crystal phases from one another, being capable of exhibiting a biaxial liquid crystal phase, a liquid crystalline composition contains a liquid crystalline composition R which exhibits a liquid crystal phase having a positive birefringence; and a liquid crystalline composition D which exhibits a liquid crystal phase having a negative birefringence, in which the liquid crystalline composition R comprises a compound having a rectangular plate-like shape.

Delivery system for medical devices

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050060016

The invention is directed a delivery system for implantation a self-expanding medical device in a body which includes a control handle and a catheter portion. The catheter portion includes an outer restraining member which covers the collapsed, medical device, an inner catheter member having a distal end including a region upon which the medical device is mounted, and an outer sheath which is removably attached to the control handle. The outer sheath creates a conduit for the catheter portion to prevent the inner catheter member from moving axially when the outer restraining member is retracted. The control handle has a rotatable thumbwheel to actuate a retraction mechanism attached to the proximal end of the outer restraining member which moves the restraining member in a proximal direction to deploy the medical device.

Multilayer structure that includes an impact-modified EVOH layer

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050058845

The present invention relates to a multilayer structure comprising the following successive layers: a polyamide or HDPE (high-density polyethylene) layer; a tie layer; an impact-modified EVOH layer; optionally, a tie layer; and a polyamide or polyamide/polyolefin blend or polyolefin layer, the latter layer possibly containing fillers in order to make it antistatic; and such that the impact-modified EVOH layer is a blend based on EVOH and at least one modifier chosen from: a) functionalized ethylene/alkyl (meth)acrylate copolymers; b) products resulting from the reaction of (i) a copolymer of ethylene and of an unsaturated monomer X grafted or copolymerized with (ii) a polyamide; c) blends of a) and b); d) polyamides, preferably PA-6; e) blends of a) and d); f) elastomers, preferably EPR, EPDM and NBR, these elastomers possibly being functionalized; g) S-B-M triblocks; h) triblocks formed from a poly(butyl acrylate) block between two PMMA blocks; and i) linear or star S-B-S block copolymers, these optionally being hydrogenated (they are then denoted by S-EB-S).

Method and system for controlling a vehicle

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050060069

Apparatus for sensing a potential rollover situation involving a vehicle including an inertial reference unit including three accelerometers and three gyroscopes which provide data on vehicle motion, vehicle control devices arranged to affect control of the vehicle and a processor coupled to the inertial reference unit and the vehicle control devices. The processor includes an algorithm arranged to receive data from the inertial reference unit and control the vehicle control devices to apply the throttle, brakes and steering to prevent the rollover, optionally in consideration of the position of the vehicle as provided by a map database or location determining system.

Transcoders and methods

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050058201

Transcoding as from MPEG-2 SDTV to MPEG-4 CIF reuses motion vectors and downsamples in the frequency (DCT) domain with differing treatments of frame-DCT and field-DCT blocks, and alternatively uses de-interlacing IDCT with respect to the row dimension plus deferred column downsampling for reference frame blocks.

Electrodeless discharge lamp

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050057186

An electrodeless discharge lamp is disclosed that comprises a bulb with a substance for electric discharge sealed therein, the bulb having a reentrant portion protruding inwardly along a Z-axis direction; an induction coil arranged in the reentrant portion, the induction coil having a magnetic core and a winding wound around the magnetic core; and a drive circuit for supplying the induction coil with a power from 50 kHz to 1 MHz. The bulb has an outer diameter from 65 mm to 75 mm in a direction orthogonal to the Z-axis direction, and the magnetic core has a length L in the Z-axis direction that is 1.05 times or more a length L of the winding in the Z-axis direction, the length L being set to 41 mm or less.

Electrostatic discharge protection structures for high speed technologies with mixed and ultra-low voltage supplies

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050057866

An electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuit in a semiconductor integrated circuit (IC) having protected circuitry. In one embodiment, the ESD protection circuit includes a pad adapted for connection to a first voltage source of a protected circuit node of the IC, and a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) having an anode adapted for coupling to the first voltage source, and a cathode adapted for coupling to a second voltage source. At least one capacitive turn-on device respectively coupled between at least one of a first gate of the SCR and the first voltage source, and a second gate of the SCR and the second voltage source.

Nucleic acids isolated in neuroblastoma

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050059001

There are disclosed a nucleic acid whose expression is enhanced in human neuroblastoma with favorable prognosis based on comparison between human neuroblastoma with favorable prognosis and human neuroblastoma with unfavorable prognosis, the nucleic acid comprising any one of base sequences set forth in SEQ ID NO:1 to NO:366 in the Sequence Listing, a nucleic acid comprising a portion of any of those base sequences, and an isolated nucleic acid capable of hybridizing to a complementary base sequence of the foregoing under stringent conditions. It discloses gene sequences relating to favorable or unfavorable prognosis of neuroblastoma and will enable the provision of their genetic information and the diagnosis of favorable or unfavorable prognosis.

Remote reboot method and system for network-linked computer platform

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050060529

A remote reboot method and system for network-linked computer platform is proposed, which is designed for use with a network system linked to at least one computer platform that is equipped with a special type of network chip and a special type of I/O control chip, for providing a remote reboot function to the computer platform. The proposed remote reboot method and system can be implemented simply by configuring existing hardware/software facilities on the computer platform with the additional installation of only a new functional module called SMI signal judgment module in the computer platform's BIOS, it allows a more cost-effective way of providing a remote reboot function for crash recovery of the network-linked computer platform.

Question-answering method and question-answering apparatus

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050060301

A question document is divided into predetermined areas, and it is judged whether each divided area is important, to thereby extract an important area. A reply example candidate likelihood value is calculated for each important area, the likelihood value indicating the degree representative of whether each reply example candidate corresponds to a question content. By using the reply example candidate likelihood value, important areas having similar meanings are combined to extract final important parts. A reply example candidate is selected for each important part from reply example candidates prepared beforehand. A reply example candidate reliability degree representative of certainty of each reply example candidate and a reply composition degree indicating whether it is necessary to compose a new reply are calculated, and by using these values, question documents are distributed to different operator terminals.

Air-fuel ratio sensor monitor, air-fuel ratio detector, and air-fuel ratio control

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050056266

An air-fuel ratio sensor monitor is provided which is designed to monitor reactive characteristics or response rates of an air-fuel ratio sensor when an air-fuel ratio of a mixture to an internal combustion engine is changing to a rich side and to a lean side. The monitored response rates are used in determining whether the sensor is failing or not, in determining the air-fuel ratio of the mixture accurately, or in air-fuel ratio control of the engine.

Variable focus system

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050057812

A variable focus system (100) that includes an electrovariable optic (EVO) (108) and a controller (112) operatively configured for changing the focal configuration of the EVO. The EVO includes a plurality of movable optical elements (164) that may be moved substantially in unison with one another so as to change either the focal length (f) of the EVO, the direction of the focal axis (132) of the EVO, or both, depending upon the needs of a particular application. The variable focus system may be used in conjunction with an image source (116) to construct a 3D floating image projector (500, 540, 560, 600) that projects a series of 2D image slices (IS1-IS7) of a 3D image onto corresponding respective image planes (IP1-IP7) in succession rapidly enough that a 3D floating image (120) is perceived by a viewer (104).

Liquid separator

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050056586

A liquid separator for separating water from a mixture of water and fuel includes a flow dispersion member which serves to control the flow of the mixture into, through, and out of the liquid separator. The flow dispersion member is placed between a flow inlet channel and a separation chamber and includes a plurality of flow paths that significantly reduces turbulence into and through a separation chamber of the liquid separator thereby improving the separation of the water from the mixture. Further improvement of the separation is provided by the unique arrangement of an inlet port so as to induce a circulatory motion to the incoming mixture and thereby separate some water by centrifugal action.

Systems and methods for fabricating microstructures by imaging a radiation sensitive layer sandwiched between outer layers, and microstructures fabricated thereby

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050058949

Microstructures are fabricated by imaging a microstructure master blank that includes a radiation sensitive layer sandwiched between a pair of outer layers, on an imaging platform, to define the microstructures in the radiation sensitive layer. At least one of the outer layers is then removed. The microstructures that were defined in the radiation sensitive layer are developed. The radiation sensitive layer sandwiched between the pair of outer layers may be fabricated as webs, to provide microstructure master blanks.

Latchless controller tower

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050055852

A controller tower positioning system for a work vehicle for securing the controller tower to one of at least two positions. The system employs a mounting bracket fixed to the floor or a frame member of the work vehicle, a movable controller tower rotatably mounted to the mounting bracket and a resistive element strategically mounted to the controller tower and the mounting bracket to provide resistance to movement away from either of the two positions and a toggle effect as the controller tower is moved from one of the two positions to the other. The controller assembly is physically restrained at the free end of the controller tower.

Vinyl control joint

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050055928

A Vinyl Control Joint assembly for concrete structures having an outer surface includes an elongated and rigid fin or plate place in the middle of the device for extending two inches into either or both sides of newly formed concrete at a pre determined location from the surface.

Work transfer method for transfer press and work transfer apparatus for transfer press or press

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050056522

A work transfer apparatus for transferring a work within a press or between presses is provided which includes at least one lift beam which is provided in parallel with a work transfer direction and which is movable up and down, and which is provided substantially centrally in a work transfer path and outside of a press working area. A carrier is provided at the lift beam and is movable along a longitudinal direction of the lift beam. A guide is provided on the carrier, and a sub-carrier is movable along the guide in a carrier moving direction by a linear motor which moves the sub-carrier in the carrier moving direction. A work holding unit which is capable of holding the work is provided at the sub-carrier.

Methods and preforms for forming composite members with interlayers formed of nonwoven, continuous materials

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050059309

Materials and methods are provided for producing preform materials for impact-resistant composite materials suitable for liquid molding. Interlayers formed of nonwoven, continuous fibers, such as spunbonded, spunlaced, or mesh fabric, are introduced between non-crimped layers of unidirectional reinforcing fibers to produce a preform for use in liquid-molding processes to produce a composite member. Curing of the preform provides increased impact resistance by increasing the amount of energy required to propagate localized fractures due to impact.

Filter device

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050056584

A filter device having two flow paths. The first flow path having at least one cap and fluid port. The second flow path surrounding the first fluid flow path and having at least one cap that overlaps the cap of the first fluid flow path. The second flow path also having at least one fluid port. The filter device providing a simple arrangement that is easily disinfected or sterilized.

Orbital machine for bending tubes

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050056071

The orbital machine for bending tubes (2) according to the present invention comprises a fixed base frame (3) on which is displaced in translation a guiding support (8) cooperating with a feed-off arm (13) driven in rotation around a horizontal axis and that forms an integral unit with a bending head (4) comprising two tightening semi-rollers (23, 24) that are driven first according to a direction opposite in direction from the axis of the tube (2) in a plane perpendicular to that of the bending plane XX of the tube (2), and secondly in rotation to achieve at least one bending on the tube (2), said base frame (3) comprising a loading device (5) allowing the tube to be bent (2) to be held first in a horizontal position oriented in the direction of the bending head (4) and secondly in a position that is fixed in rotation and in translation while the different bendings are achieved.

Aryl, heteroaromatic and bicyclic aryl nitrone compounds, prodrugs and pharmaceutical compositions of the same to treat human disorders

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050059638

Disclosed are aryl, heteroaromatic and bicyclic aryl nitrone compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing such derivatives. The disclosed compositions are useful for preventing and/or treating pain, neurodegenerative, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases or conditions in mammals.

Method of printing, stacking and binding pages

Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050058526

A method of printing, stacking and binding pages is provided. The method comprises the steps of: (a) printing on the pages using a printing station; (b) applying adhesive to the pages using an adhesive station; (c) delivering pages one after to another to a support tray, the support tray including an adjustable support surface and at least two side walls for guiding the pages into a stack; (d) vibrating the support tray during and/or after delivery of the pages, thereby aligning the pages in the stack; (e) adjusting the height of the support tray relative to a press device, such that an upper page of the stack is positioned at a predetermined level relative to the press device; and (f) applying a compressive force to the stack using the press device, thereby providing a bound stack of pages.


Pub Date: 2005-03-17

Pub Number: US20050057788

An autostereoscopic optical apparatus (10) for viewing a stereoscopic virtual image comprises a left image to be viewed by an observer (12) at a left viewing pupil (14 l ) and a right image to be viewed by the observer at a right viewing pupil (14 r ). The apparatus comprises a left pupil imaging system for forming the left image. A right pupil imaging system forms the right image.